Holllaaa. Second attempt bc I deleted it the first time. 
I am in a super emotional mood, and I really miss this girl. So there’s a few things I need to say. For starters, we are both straight. Okay,
This is me and Delia. (twistedtorture) We are complete dicks. But my god I love her. Like wow, she is the definition of perfect to me, Everything about her just perfect. I am so lucky to have her. I don’t really have words for her. 
I will always love her, like fuck I dont even care what she says or what she does or anything. I love her no matter what, fuck everything else. No matter how much I might push her away sometimes, or she might do the same to me one day, I will never not love her.
My god, this was better the first time i swear. I just, I really really love being your friend. And you. I love how your sarcastic, and how at night you get honest, and how you get defensive, and how you love pizza and your chocolate milk, and how you’re always the last one to know if you like someone, and how your hands are tiny, just everything. We haven’t even been friends for two years yet, and I have endless memories. We have spent an insane amount of time together, and I dont regret one second of it. Even though I might not show it very well, I never don’t want to be with you. Never. I dont even want other friends. I jsut want to be with you all the time because that’s when I’m happy. You make me happy. 
No matter what happens between us, no matter how far apart we are emotionally or physically I will always love you, I would do anything for you, even if I dont show it. Which I tend not to. And ye, I’m so so so sorry that I’m not so good sometimes. And that I dont reply, or be there for you like I should be, I really, really am.  But Ily 666716977eva. Dont forget that yo’ okay?
You are always going to be my first wheel <3

So this is me and my best friend Megan (twistedtorture)She turns 15 today. I love her to bits, like wow, how perfect can you get. I’m so lucky to have her man, I mean she’s a sassy bitch, but she’s more then that. She’s beautiful and she’s funny and she’s intelligent and she’s kind (when she wants to be) and she can almost always bum you out, and shes the only person who can calm me down almost instantly and yeah. I love how our friendship started from a stupid human centipede joke and now it consists of teasing each other over who we like, making sex jokes and like, cuddling. She deserves so much more then she gets, and I hate that she doesnt see that, but I hope things will get better for her soon. Happy birthday Megan, I love you 666716977eva <3

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Megan, the only Megan i knew wasnt really Megan. 
She was Delia. 
Online she was Megan, In real life, Delia. 
She was, she is, beautiful. 
I met her in year 9, &decided to stay by her, Idk i just thought she was so beautiful, I didn’t want to let anything hurt her,even herself. But now I think, i know, I hurt her. 
I had one job and I fucked it up. 
Enough about me, “Megan” 
She was different, you could see that immediately. The way she was always laughing, joking around, she stood out. Not in a way that I Initially liked. But that was just Delia, faking it. Online, Megan, you saw the real her. Sad, sassy, gorgeous through it all.
People online loved her, I never understood why people in real life didnt. I wanted to be as close as i could be, to both Delia and Megan, she became my best friend. Lucky lucky me. 
She ditched the name ‘Megan’ online. 
Now shes just Delia. 
But not a fake Delia, maybe a little confused in herself, but much more Delia i think. 
Everyone loves her, 
She speaks her mind, she gets excited about the things she loves and annoyed at the things she hates. She doesnt laugh as much as before, but she laughs just enough to be real.
She’s even more beautiful now because shes more her than ever. (I think)

Shes the most perfect person alive, if she will let herself be. 

Seriously look at her when she smiles in this gif. Shes perfection. She deserves the world.

Hi. This is my wife. I have like no followers right now, so this probs wont geet nay notes. But i dont care. Her face needs to be on my dash. She is literally the prettiest person i have ever been lucky enough to socialize with. I hate to know that she doesnt see thatin herself. She is so amazing and funny and she just gets on with people naturally. Or doesnt sometimes. But thats reasonably entertaining too. She means more to me then anyone ever has. I could never forget her. She has gotten me through this year and has made it something i dont want to forget. She is so pretty and amazing i cant even explain im so lucky i get to see her every day. Theres so much she has done for me and so much i want to tell her one day. I care about her so much and anyone hurts her i will literally ruin their lives. Tbh she deserves alot better then me. Yea thats all for now. Ily. <3
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