twisted: achmed

A commission done for my wonderful sister, Lindsay. c: (She loves Joe Walker’s performances, especially Achmed.)

You can check out all of Team Starkid’s amazing musical productions here:

(I recommend starting with “Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier” or “Holy Musical B@man!”)

My 42 Year Old Uncle Just Texted Me...
  • My Uncle: Knock knock. Whose there? Me. I kill you.
  • Me: location location location
  • My Uncle: Stop touching meee!
  • Me: Saddam's mustard gas was nothing compared to a Walter fart1
  • My Uncle: Infidel!!!
  • Me: Did you see a white light? No but I saw a blue Prius!
  • My Uncle: Oh lets see. A... C... Flemcchk
  • Me: That's not a car it's a lunchbox!
  • My Uncle: Holy crap!!!
  • Me: Walter says I'm just a stinking Halloween decoration!
  • My Uncle: Look at my ass it says made in China.
  • Me: They didn't say they'd be all female virgins did they?
  • My Uncle: I can have Clay Aiken
  • Me: The suicide hotline. That was dark was it not?
  • My Uncle: Where did you come from? Your friggin suitcase!
  • Me: Is that a nice facility? It used to be! What happened? New guy.
  • Is this a normal relationship???



2:11 - Dammit

3:56 - Oh Shit

4:00 - Son of a Bitch!

4:15 - My arm is stuck…

5:44 - Fuck! Marnell…!

The funniest parts of the video… ha