Just Midwestern Things™
  • the little gravel turn-around cross way thingies in between the sides of long rural highway
  • old white farmhouse paint with the flecks chipped off (you know the look)
  • that one random mint-aqua house by the creek
  • solar panels in the sideyard
  • large cornfields
  • s o y b e a n s
  • wheat swaying in the breeze while the sun’s overhead
  • an old bike leaning up against the bottom trellis part of an old farmhouse porch, next to the steps
  • grain silos out back of the house
  • rusty brown farm windmills
  • fences made of those wooden sticks jammed in the ground, with the chicken-wire metal netting nailed up between alongside the road
  • well water pumps, and the farm’s one (1) propane tank that’s usually uncomfortably near the house (why would you do that)
  • i n f i n i t e cargo trains on the train tracks, going 15 mph
  • gnarly, twisted trees along the side of the river
  • sun shining off the long, flat stretches of open highway with maybe. three cars on them as far as you can see
  • the stubs of cut hayfields glowing when the sun breaks through a little hole in the clouds on a dark cloudy day
  • the look and smell of rich loam dirt
  • all the leaves accumulating in one spot and making a carpet two feet deep
  • gravel mountains at the closed-down stone place
  • ~ suddenly, a quarry!!! ~ (where the hell did THAT come from??)
  • C O W S
  • not only is the river totally frozen over, but there are huge-ass chunks of ice all over the surface of the ice-frozen river. double ice. (where did they come from??)
  • abandoned old trailer home just sitting at the junction of the river and the highway, rusting and falling apart
  • the way you can always recognize river bluffs
  • that one mini-pony with its mini barn at the farm with all the cows
  • the tractor just rolling along the highway, slow as you like, even at the places where there’s twenty feet wide of grass on the side of the road that it could drive on
  • that one white birch in like, a twenty mile radius
  • hay rolls plunked down everywhere
  • fog laying across the tops of the cornfields at 5 a.m. before the sun rises and lights it on fire till it burns away

Visiting the New Gold Butte National Monument

The new Gold Butte National Monument covers nearly 300,000 acres of remote and rugged desert landscape in southeastern Nevada. The area is less than two hours from the Las Vegas Strip, but a world apart. Here dramatically chiseled red Navajo sandstone, twisting canyons, and tree-clad mountains of the adjoining Paiute Wilderness punctuate vast stretches of the Mojave Desert dotted with Joshua trees and desert shrubs.

The 99 mile long Gold Butte National Backcountry Byway provides access to a cross section of the area’s features and begins just south of Interstate 15 near Bunkerville, NV. The first 20 miles of the byway to Whitney Pockets are mostly paved and accessible by passenger vehicles. Other unpaved portions of the route can be accessed by high clearance vehicles and some may require 4-WD. Check visitor kiosks for area information.

The brightly hued sandstone provides a stunning canvas for the area’s famously beautiful rock art, and the desert provides critical habitat for the desert tortoise. The byway and other routes provide access outdoor recreation, and visitors to the monument can camp (undeveloped), hike to fantastic rock formations and hidden rock art sites, and visit the area’s namesake mining ghost town. Wildlife viewing and hunting opportunities are available and the area even has a population of majestic desert bighorn sheep. A full array of visitor services are available in Mesquite Nevada just north of the new monument. Stock up on supplies as no services are available on the byway or elsewhere in the monument.

Morrowind was a huge influence on my taste in epic fantasy.  The world you traversed was just so HUGE, and I found it all so fascinating.  And one of the biggest reasons I prefer it to the more polished Skyrim is that it was all just so STRANGE. Look at those buildings! What the hell is that! Can you imagine stepping into a world were that is seen as normal! This was the homeland of the Dark Elves, and as such, everything had this surreal organic quality to it.  Instead of living in castles, people lived in giant twisting trees.  Instead of traveling by horse back, you took this giant flying flea-thing.  Everything was just so otherworldly, and that’s what kept me coming back.

(Prophesized shout out to A Drift of Souls)

Dark Zodiac

All things considered dark (not necessarily negative), strange, or occult associated with the signs.

Aries- Dragon, angry entities, bloody weapons, fire, rage/wrath, blood-lust, war, steroids, counting cards, risks, possession, thorns, enchanted weapons, hell hound, knights, and armor.

Taurus- Greedy or selfish seduction, lady in white entities, twisted or spooky trees and scary forest, violent Earth elemental, hexed treasure, werewolf, singing ghost, gemstones, black rose, black diamond, trolls, labyrinth, and magical items especially jewelry.

Gemini- Evil fairy, dark fairy, Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, old insane asylums, evil twins, con man/woman, trickster, magic words, rumors, dark colored butterfly, enchanted books, and getting lost.

Cancer- Witch craft, spells, tarot cards, grudges, curses, Frankenstein Monster, full moon or moon magic, haunted houses and areas, cloak, witches hat, black cats, sea monsters, nostalgia, cursed or magic mirrors, magic candles, and the past.

Leo- Radioactive waste and danger, scandals, evil king or queen, haunted opera/theater, mutation, pyramid, magical statues or monuments, temples, sand storms, rain dances, sun dances or worshiping, supernatural energy, and fire magic.

Virgo- Dr. Frankenstein or any mad scientist, good girl/guy gone bad, general corruption, herbs and potions used in magic or spells, gnomes, dark sex, sinister deals, dead garden, an enchanted garden, and man-eating tree or plant.

Libra- Love potions and curses, ravens, werewolf, the night sky, dark beauty, lust, genie, Dorian Grey, harpy, sacred smoke, masquerades, Queen of Hearts, bad dreams, magic lanterns, and charms.  

Scorpio- Vampires, dark seduction, mystery, fortune teller, black widow, black/dark magic, underworld, voodoo, snakes, masquerades, tarot cards, black and white photos, secrets, dark sex, ravens, scorpions, dark still pool, and necromancy.

Sagittarius- Gypsy magic, fortune teller, traveling magician, traveling salesman of “medicine” and potions, wildfire, dark unicorn, dark circus or carnival, gambling and risk, General Zaroff from The Most Dangerous Game, and aggressive centaurs.

Capricorn- Horror, Gothic design, Victorian age, steampunk, spider webs, death, grim reaper, mad scientist, gargoyles, poppies, bats, a corrupt leader of a cult or underground organization, cave, dark humor, mine, graveyards, abandon buildings and places, and skeletons.

Aquarius- Dark science fiction, mad scientist, dark unicorn, storms, a corrupt leader of a cult or underground organization, magic keys, owls, Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera, corrupted technology, meditation, chaos, dark rebellion or revolution, thunderbird, aliens, portals, and dystopia.

Pisces- Ghost, mist, fog, Ouija board, medium, fortune teller, tarot cards, sea monsters, sirens, evil spirits, healing crystals, dream-catcher, nightmares, water spirits, addiction, false trust, drugs, poison, and illusions.


6.05 - Live Free or Twihard

it’s framed as being so violating.

And that’s the point, isn’t it? I mean, this episode enjoys taking a shit on Twilight, and it takes glee it, making fun of the phenomenon and the books and the movies and everything in between. 

But Twilight’s more than that. What is Twilight really about? Sexualized vampirism.

And what does Supernatural do with concepts? Like turning a merry Christmas into stabbing people to death with their own tree, it twisted that. 

So here it is. Sexualized vampirism. 

And it’s so violating.

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

“Instead of growing twisted like a gnarled tree inside myself, I am able to dance out my anger and my frustrations.  Yes, I have danced about lynchings, protested in dance against Jim Crow cars and systems which created sharecropping.  I have attacked racial prejudices in all forms…” —Pearl Primus, Dance Magazine, November 1968.

Learn more about Pearl Primus.