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Brad Creasser is a camera operator for SPN.  I’m guessing that’s him 2nd from the left. 

It’s like they’re not even trying anymore.

Edited to add: probably Kathryn, Cliff, Misha, Jensen in photo.

Twisted info and links!
  1. You can see the entire show here or watch the playlist here
  2. You can buy the original cast recording here.
  3. You can buy the piano and vocal sheet music here
  4. You can buy a bunch of Twisted merch from AATC here
  5. You can pre-order the Twisted DVD here


  • Twisted is 133 minutes long, which is 2 hours and 13 minutes. 
  • There’s going to be a DVD, which you can pre-order now. It will be released on December 6th, which is next Friday!
  • The Twisted DVD will contain extra stuff, like Behind the Scenes footage, a featurette, etc. 
  • The cast and crew list is here, but if you’d like to know who plays who, there’s a cast list in the description box of this video
  • The music team has been absolutely incredible in creating sheet music, but that’s not all they’re doing. There will be an extra EP that is coming that will contain some demos sung by AJ Holmes, the composer, as well as some other StarKids (most likely Britney Coleman and Carlos Valdes, whose versions played in the theatre after the show). 
  • The show definitely contains some adult language and suggestive themes/ideas. It’s a very strong PG-13, probably even R-rated. Consider that when deciding whether or not you should watch it or who you should watch it with. 

Just as a reminder, this will not be a spoiler-free blog. We will be tagging everything with “Twisted” and “Twisted spoilers”, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, blacklist those. 

I’m so happy that this incredible musical is finally out there for everyone to see and here. I’m sorry that some of this has been a bit late (I’ve been doing Thanksgiving stuff), but I will definitely be answering questions tonight and for the foreseeable future about all things Twisted and StarKid. Enjoy the show!


You know what would be an amazing twist ?
Mrs DiLaurentis with a twin and Alison and Hanna as cousins.
Aka Ashley isn’t Hanna’s mom but Jessica’s twin is.
This would explain why Alison and Hanna look so much alike and have been mistaken for each other.
Honestly I’m so down for this and if the writers went with this. Then congratulations. They finally did something smart and amazing and really twisted. 😍❤️