Happy Blackout Day everyone! My name is Sophia and I’m a writer. I’ve written a scifi mystery novel about a space detective named Cosmo! Check out the official book trailer here!  I decided to write my scifi novel because I felt so frustrated over not being able to find scifi books with characters that look like me. You can find it on amazon in print and in digital format!  I also have a store on zazzle where you can buy official merchandise for my book.   

why is it just selfies on blackout days… why not some black history, black poetry, black art, or stories of black ppl doing amazing things in and out of their communities… WHY JUST A SELFIE?.. y'all got soooo much pull on the internet but ain’t doing shit with it but reposting a selfie. i’m down to support blackout but not by just reblogging a damn selfie.

Horror Story with a Twist Concept: The Cannibalistic Couch

A group of small-town teenagers discover an old incantation to summon “The Cannibalistic Couch.” They think it’s all fun and games until they find themselves being chased all over town by a demonic couch with razor sharp teeth!

The Twist: The main protagonist finally discovers that the Cannibalistic Couch’s name is, in fact, accurate. Which means it only eats other couches. Not people.

The only reason it was chasing the teens at all is because deep down it’s basically like a giant puppy that just really wants to find someone to love it and sit on it.

happy blackout.

wanted to use this picture specifically because you can see the perfect little coil of hair in the back, & how full my lips are, & how big my forehead is.. all of these features.. all of these predominantly BLACK features that I’m so proud to have. I wouldn’t trade this for anything.