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Release Date : 2016-02-09
Casts : Morena Baccarin, Jed Rees, Leslie Uggams, Andre Tricoteux, Brianna Hildebrand, Ed Skrein, Gina Carano, Taylor Hickson, Paul Lazenby, T.J. Miller, Ryan Reynolds, Karan Soni
R | 1h 48min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Rating : 6.9
Distributor: Fox

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More Knowledge = Confusion?

(That movie was AWESOME, btw. SO MUCH LOVE.)


I was having a conversation this evening with an ENFJ friend, and we were talking about how our first or initial instincts are often correct but then how we feel inclined to look up more information and only wind up doubting our initial assessments and becoming lost in confusion due to over-thinking our hunch.

I feel like this happens a LOT with typology.

Obsession with finding your true type, and with explaining away everything you do, say, think, or do, through cognition can mean you go way off into no man’s land without a map home. There comes a point when your brain is crowded too much with information and opinion for you to trust your instincts.

You know who you are.

Maybe not on a surface level, but there is a type out there that you are drawn to, that felt right until someone else (or extra information, or endless self-analyzing, or nitpicking, or attentiveness to details, or questioning, or insecurity, or self-consciousness) pulled you away from it.

There comes a point when you have to stop asking for help. Or stop reading. When you have to look at yourself not as individual functions, but as a whole and unique person – free of stereotypes but in terms of who you are.

Stop sweating the details. Pick the type you feel you understand the most, that resonates with you, and let yourself breathe.

obsidian-coffe asked:

Annie has decided to marry the only ad carry she likes to support: Graves. (Completly platonic, and if you could add some TF/Graves that'd be much apreciated!)

She put on her best dress for this, dressed up Tibbers in his fanciest bow tie, and walks like a girl on a mission. No skipping today, she was doing this like a lady.

After all, she was getting married!

Except she couldn’t find her groom, and it was making her really mad. She puffed out her cheeks as she scoured the Loading Lobby, unable to find him. But his friend was there, so she went to him instead.

“Hello, lil’lady.” Twisted Fate greeted kindly, tipping his hat to her. “You’re looking all dressed up, pretty as a pearl. Special occasion?”

Annie giggled, pleased he thought she looked good. She had better! She threatened Lux to help her with her makeup!

“Yup! I’m getting married!” Twisted Fate raised his brows, surprised.

“Are you now? Who’s the lucky man, then?”

“Mr. Graves!” Annie informed him, bouncing on her heels and hugging her bear, not noticing the expression on his face. Jax cackled like a madman until Riven shoved him in the side with her elbow.

“What ‘bout me?” Graves drawled as he left the bathroom, brow raised as he moved to light his cigar.

The cigar disappeared in a pop, and Graves scowled at the ceiling. The Riot Games logo continued to glow, unaffected by his rage. Annie stopped bouncing, suddenly caught shy, face red and hiding it behind her bear.

“Mr. Graves… You’re the best ADC ever! And I’m the best support ever! That’s why…” She rummaged around inside Tibbers and pulled out a ring pop, cherry, by the looks of it. She held it out to him, bashful. “Will you marry me?”

Malcom Graves stared blankly at the candy ring presented to him, then at Twisted Fate with narrowed eyes, as if he were responsible. Twisted Fate stared back, shrugging. Jax was wheezing, and Annie was losing patience.

“…Hey! Marry me!” She snapped, tone getting darker with a slight whine. Tibbers’ eyes lit up, immediately attracting everyone’s attention.

“That’s a lil’ fast to pull on a man, Annie,” Twisted Fate cut in just before Graves spoke. “Maybe you should wait a couple of years, Malcom’s the shy kind. The type that needs to be wooed.”

Graves looked at him like he lost his mind, but the mage ignored him, still with his charming smile. Annie frowned, considering, then huffed.

”That’s dumb! I-” They were interrupted by the sudden warp to the Fields of Justice, and suddenly everyone was in a hurry to get their items and go, with Annie huffing and puffing up a storm behind them.

“Tobias, I’m gonna kick yer ass. Wooing?”

“Well, I had to put in work.” Before Graves could quip something back at him, Twisted Fate was already heading towards midlane. Graves sighed, ignoring the little girl trying to make eyes at him. This was going to be a very long game.

sylpphire asked:

Oh wow, Mason and Axel sound like pretty close names to me for Dipper, sounds fitting

I know people talk about Mason being a candidate for Dipper’s real name, I don’t think anyone has brought up Axel being a possibility though.

( My weird reasoning for Axel or Mason in case no one else saw my tags on that one post- )

#hmmmm #well let’s see.. #Ariel and Alex.. #A + L + E are in both names… #Mabel and - #Axel? #5 letters in Ariel and Mabel #4 in Alex and Axel #ariel and alex don’t really rhyme like mabel and axel though #but then again maybe Mabel and Mason? for the Mason reference maybe-