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Do you see a future with tabitha, or are you still not ready to settle down?

as a young sim i feel that i am simply incapable of making such huge life decisions!!
but i’m definitely not ruling out the option bc tabitha truly is one dynamite gal and while the prospect of one day living with her excites me immensely, it also unnerves me a little too.
i sense the future has lots of interesting twists and turns in store for me…


Didn’t feel like mapping today, so i decided to work on a sideboard. I don’t like to do things exactly the same, and like to add my own twist, so I combined 2 styles and broke out my artistic licence to create something influenced by both, but not like either. This is sort of part of a future (think very distant future) set. It is still in the early stages (think embryo) and will not be seen for a long time. But i was proud, and wanted to share. 

Trans Girl Swimming Suits!

It’s almost swim season, which means Tanning! Hot models! Splashing! Fun! And….. Dysphoria. 

A keen awareness of your body can come around seeing people and their gorgeous cis bodies. I know how hard it is to wear a bathing suit when your dysphoria gets in the way. 

This is all in your head so thankfully, there are ways to help!

An idea from (yes I’m bringing this up AGAIN) Boy meets girl is a bathing suit worn by Ricky, the trans fashion designer who made her own bathing suit:

Ricky (Left) is wearing a one piece twist top bathing suit which excellently defines her curves and accentuates her chest (she’s obviously got a good amount of breast tissue but this can work for anyone) It’s a very versatile choice and can sometimes be found in Mastectomy stores!

A great choice for a top is my preference, a flounce top. It’s super duper cute and good for flat girls:) There are a lot of varieties and choices. It can be a lot of cute patterns and it’s a really fun and flirty idea that really brings out your shape

And for the bottom, a swim skirt is my favorite option, it can be plain, patterned, tight, flouncy, crochet, or anything and it can hide anything.

Another option is swim short shorts as I’d call them. they look cute and the cut doesn’t draw attention to between the legs!

Here’s another possibility, the little black swim dress. not only does it accentuate curve and breasts, It also is discreet down below.

Here’s another one piece, but this one is about the design, the V shape creates an illusion of your curves being bigger, which is always nice:) The look makes a very balanced body, and plays to the hourglass look.

If you’re happy, calm, and confident in your body, you’ll always look beautiful:)

If you’re looking for more advice and support, start Here:)

American Horror Story 👌

Panoorin niyo rin guys. For sure magugustuhan niyo rin HAHAHA hindi siya nakakatakot, may part lang. Ang maganda kasi don puro plot twist at kailangan mo talaga mag focus habang pinapanood mo kasi mas maiintindihan mo bawat Episodes.

Actually tapos na ako ng season 1 episodes 1-5 and ang masasabi ko lang, SHET ANG ASTIIIIIIIG hahaha yes. Astig talaga ng mga nangyayari. Ayoko mang spoil kasi baka papanoorin niyo tas mababasa niyo to. Hahaha

Kaninang madaling araw ko pinanood yung ep1 tapos pag gising ko sa umaga nood agad ako hanggang ngayon. Feeling ko matatapos ko yung 12 episodes ngayong araw tapos season 2 na bukas 😂 hay sarap malibang. Hindi boring buhay ko, di puro tambay sa dash. So yeah. AHS 👌

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Can you do a one shot where the reader gets angry at Dean so they wish him a happy Mother's Day on purpose and then regrets it later?




I hope you like it, Love <3 Thank you so much for the request and staaaay hydrated!

mad max was pure unadulterated auscore porn the bad dad from round the twists fat bare chained nipples and tom hardys speech impediment which made him only ableto speak in grunts and inaudible gutteral groans gave me a massive hard on three and a half stars