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Magnus and Alec | Shadowhunters Season 2 | Comic-Con Trailer 

The Mist (TV) really wrote in a character who is mentally ill, gay, and abused by his father only to have him be a villain based off of those traits. Someone writing the script decided hey, I know what’s a good idea, have ONE character representing mentally ill people, gay people, and abuse victims and have him turn out to be a rapist because literally no one loves him because of the formerly mentioned traits. What the hell.

okay but i fucking love how the alliance switch with rosita went down bc you fucking know that everything wasn’t gonna be ok after wynonna was all “i’ll shoot you last” but tamara was so good bc she showed how much rosita didn’t want to take this road, she was crying and she looked so upset and i’m really excited because the dynamics??? are gonna be so interesting in s3??? bc LISTEN i am a sucker for an angsty lowkey antagonistic character who has a connection with the protagonists 


Philippe & Henriette → 1x08 (Versailles 2015)

- You can still say no.

 - I want to go.

 -But why? 

- Because he asked me to…

ID #45844

Name: Claudette
Age: 17
Country: Mexico

Hey! My name’s Clauds and I feed on memes, dreams and books. If it helps, I’m Ravenclaw (ENTP)
I love to read and I do debate at school. I’m interested in International Law and Relations which leads me to my third point: I’m studying a third language: French (hopefully I’ll get to learn more)
My hobbies include organizing stuff at my school (I’m at the Student’s Council), learning new things, watching nerdy films and starting tv shows (most of the times I don’t finish them) and dreaming, mainly.

Preferences: 17-20 years old.
Also, I’m probably looking a decent human being who:
*Likes to ask and answer tons of questions (I’m an annoying piece of trash who loves to learn from people and their culture) 💆🏻
*Is interested in a long term friendship (cheesy, I know) 👫
*Loved Shrek before it was cool 👀
*Is comfortable with the idea that I’m a Pro Life Catholic 🔆✝️ (Chill, I won’t talk about it unless you want to. Nevertheless, I mention this in case having a pen pal like this makes you feel uncomfortable.
If you have two (or more)out of this four weird points, feel free to contact me!
Gender is not an issue for me, though it would be interesting to have a boy pen pal.

  • Derek needs someone who experienced pain and loss but still knows how to smile
  • Derek needs someone who fills the silence
  • Derek needs to be rescued
  • Derek needs someone he can trust
  • Stiles needs someone who makes him feel useful
  • Stiles needs someone he can talk to
  • Stiles needs to be the hero
  • Stiles needs someone who trusts him