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Name: Claudette
Age: 17
Country: Mexico

Hey! My name’s Clauds and I feed on memes, dreams and books. If it helps, I’m Ravenclaw (ENTP)
I love to read and I do debate at school. I’m interested in International Law and Relations which leads me to my third point: I’m studying a third language: French (hopefully I’ll get to learn more)
My hobbies include organizing stuff at my school (I’m at the Student’s Council), learning new things, watching nerdy films and starting tv shows (most of the times I don’t finish them) and dreaming, mainly.

Preferences: 17-20 years old.
Also, I’m probably looking a decent human being who:
*Likes to ask and answer tons of questions (I’m an annoying piece of trash who loves to learn from people and their culture) 💆🏻
*Is interested in a long term friendship (cheesy, I know) 👫
*Loved Shrek before it was cool 👀
*Is comfortable with the idea that I’m a Pro Life Catholic 🔆✝️ (Chill, I won’t talk about it unless you want to. Nevertheless, I mention this in case having a pen pal like this makes you feel uncomfortable.
If you have two (or more)out of this four weird points, feel free to contact me!
Gender is not an issue for me, though it would be interesting to have a boy pen pal.


Philippe & Henriette → 1x08 (Versailles 2015)

- You can still say no.

 - I want to go.

 -But why? 

- Because he asked me to…

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Name: Florence
Age: 17
Country: UK

I’m a 17 year old english girl. Currently studying for my A-Levels, it’s a blast I can assure you.

In regards as to why I’m interested in having a penpal, it effectively comes down to my enjoyment of talking to people. Getting to know people, what they’re intrested in etc. You know, classic cliche stuff. But, mainly, I guess I’d like to be a helpful ear, you know? For lots of kids my/our age, it’s just nice to have someone to talk to/exchange witty banter with. That’s my main reason for this I guess. Just wanna help someone out if I can, and I am always in the mood for more witty discourse opportunities.

As for my interests etc. - I love to read (classics rn), I love music (alt/dance/electronic. ‘cept not that crap they play at parties these days. that stuff sucks), I like films (favourite is 'fight club’. that twist man), and some tv shows. I like sport (hockey is my fave) also. And gaming. Love me some fps. Hobbies? Meh. Spending time with my friends. Baking (it’s cool okay). Music festivals. Typical young person shtick.

Preferences: Nah not really. Close to my age might be easiest tho. More relatable. Gender/sexual orientation/religion/star sign are not an issue. Except for Scientologists. Cannot take that shit seriously.

Although, a discussion on the topic might be illuminating. Scientologists welcome. 

ok i haven’t watched the new pll episode yet but i saw the spencer/wren/ezra scene in the airport which spencer doesn’t seem to be spencer but actually a twin.
well that’s quite a nice plot but how dope would it be if spencer had a double personality just like the main character of fight club? i guess it would be a plot full of holes but i still think it would be awesome tbh

  • Derek needs someone who experienced pain and loss but still knows how to smile
  • Derek needs someone who fills the silence
  • Derek needs to be rescued
  • Derek needs someone he can trust
  • Stiles needs someone who makes him feel useful
  • Stiles needs someone he can talk to
  • Stiles needs to be the hero
  • Stiles needs someone who trusts him

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do you think cat is going to die in the season finale? i mean, the chances of calista coming back for s3 is pretty slim... or nonexistent even... it'd break my heart to see cat die tho :/

I really don’t think so.  Part of that may be wishful thinking on my part, but I’m finding it really hard to believe they would bring her back for two full episodes just to kill her off in some grand way.  If they wanted to off her and Calista was adamant about not coming back, they could have done it offscreen.

Based on stills from the finale, they’ve taken great pains to rebuild and redecorate her office.  If she was gone forever, they would have left James’s things in there and not spent the money on all new furnishings.  Could they have filmed out of order?  Absolutely, but the office is significantly different than pre-destruction.

Now, for once, the Kermels have done us a favor.  Their constant need to remind the showrunners that “Karamel is Endgame” (massive eyeroll) has sent the message that the greater audience wants this nonsense.  We know that’s not true, but tone deaf is tone deaf is tone deaf.

The CW will want to inflict maximum damage in this tragic season finale, and they’ve been dropping Romeo & Juliet references all season like a rainstorm of anvils.  And while maximum damage for us may be the loss of Cat Grant, now that Melissa has seemingly climbed aboard the “White Boy Savior Express” (based on comments she made about Karamel at upfronts) they may actually believe that maximum damage is the death/exile of Mayo McManchild.  Good.  Let them think that.  If they want to yeet him to make the Kermel’s cry, you won’t get any complaint from me.  So long as Cat is safe. 

They only way I really see them offing Cat is if Calista marched into Greg Berlanti’s office and said “This is the last time.”  I just don’t see it.  By all accounts she had a good time.  She enjoys the show and the cast.  I kind of see these last two eps as a bit of a test run for next season.  We all know Calista values her time, privacy and agency.  And bless her for it.  The show did right by her in that way.  She was there two days, filmed two full eps with significant screentime.  She got in and out without the paps getting so much as a glimpse.  Her privacy was well-protected.  There’s a reason we call her Ninjalista.  If they can ensure the same comfort, privacy and respect for her time going forward, I see no reason she can’t hop back to the ‘Couve once in awhile.  Does that mean we’ll get her back full time?  Absolutely not.  But they know her value.  They won’t let her go unless there was no other option.

I am still crossing my fingers to the point of breaking and knocking on every available wood surface hoping that I am right.  Cuz lesbian jesus knows I’m wrong far more often than I’d like.

I’ll give you one last bit of hope.  I call my wife a TV psychic.  She can predict twists and turns in television shows in this weirdly accurate way.  It’s uncanny and sometimes a little scary.  So I asked her if Cat was going to die in the season finale and she said.  “That thought never even crossed my mind.”  And that’s the best evidence for Cat’s survival I’ve encountered so far.

Have faith. 

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