twisted tunnel


Reader x Jon

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Rasmay swearing, Ramsay hitting reader

Part Two

You stumbled after Ramsay, Rickon’s hand clutched in your as best you could with the tight ropes in the way. When Ramsay jumped down from the horse your heart began to pound. The Stark’s had always been kind to you, Lady Sansa’s most beloved handmaiden and Arya’s loyal friend, Jon’s betrothed.

You knew that if you could you would risk your life and have Rickon live, the only kindness you could show the Stark house in the position you found yourself in. The twang of a blade being drawn had you flinching and when you glanced at Rickon you found him bracing himself for the worst.

“It will be alright Little Wolf.” You tried to comfort him but you both knew your words were untrue, there was nothing alright with being at Ramsay’s mercy.

You both jumped when Rickon’s restraints were cut and Ramsay pulled him away from you, it was then you let yourself look across the field and your heart sputtered, Jon was within you sights.

It took everything in you to keep your feet still, after fighting so long to get free of everyone who would do you harm it seemed ridiculous to be so close and yet so far to everything that mattered to you.

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Asking For Help

Request: “hi! i loved ur supernatural fic, i wanted to request one where ur a hunter and you’ve been working on a case for ages & ur about to finish but the Winchesters swoop in & start working it. You run into them at the scene of whatever it is & they don’t take you seriously until you pull a gun on one of them & pin the other to the floor. the monster pops up you were so focused on the boys & it takes you by surprise and they save you. After, you let them crash at yours & cheeky sam smut pls? thanks xx”

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2238

Warnings: smut

“And was your mother acting strange at all recently, before she left?” You asked the timid child softly. For 3 months you had been tracking the damn Changeling, but you had only figured out recently that this one in particular was fond of taking the form of mothers, rather than children.

“She…” the little boy buried his teary face into his grandmother’s sleeve, clutching to her as he croaked out his response hesitantly. “She hit me.”

The grandmother gasped, patting a comforting hand on his head as she shook hers. You were about to further the investigation when there was a ringing at the door.

“Who could that be?” The grandmother mumbled to herself, uneasily pulling the boy gently from her side to get up and greet whoever came to visit. You turned back to the shaking figure, reaching out a hand to hold his.

“Don’t worry Thomas, the woman who hit you wasn’t your mother. Your mother loves you too much to ever hurt you.” You whispered.

“Did Mummy get abducted by aliens?” His big blue eyes questioned.

“Kinda-“ You hushed as the grandmother came back in, accompanied by two tall men. You frowned, your guard already being put up as the two looked a little sketchy.

“Uh hi, think you might’ve been misplaced here, we’re taking the case.” The shorter one of the two relayed, flashing his badge. You narrowed your eyes, suspicious as to why the actual FBI would take an interest in a missing person’s case like this one.

“May I ask what your names are?” You inquired, placing an open palm in front of them. They both passed you their badges for inspection.

“Holt and Langdon.” The taller one chimed. You still viewed them suspiciously. You turned back to the boy who was now shaking, clutching the fabric of his pants tightly in his small hands. You walked over to him, crouching down to be at his eye level.

“I’ll be right back.” You cooed, giving his arm a comforting squeeze. He nodded, and you stood, walking past the agents while signalling for them to follow you outside. Once the door had closed behind you, you turned to them.

“I want the truth. You can’t be FBI.” You spoke sternly. “Hunters?” You asked.

The two shared a look, then slowly began nodding.

“I’m Sam Winchester, and this is my brother Dean.”

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Fight or Flight (Indiana Jones)

Pairing: Indiana Jones/OC

A/N: This was so much fun haha I effing love Indiana Jones. Let me know what you think!

Warnings: Nothing crazy or wild in this one!

“It’s incredible.”

Sweat trickled down the back of my neck as I stood with my hands on my hips, gazing up at the vine covered temple. Nature had reclaimed most of the structure, roots twisting up and covering the doorways while moss clung to the faded, time-worn walls. My pulse was thrumming beneath my skin, my entire body prickling with the anticipation of what I might find waiting inside. There was something about stepping foot in a place no one else had for centuries. It was bit of a sacrilegious experience, a moment I kept stored in the back of my memory for safe keeping…Aztec civilizations in Mexico, pyramids rising from the sands in Egypt, ancient tunnels twisting and turning beneath all of Europe. Each stood out in my mind, the memories serving as my own personal treasure.

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spooniefulofsugar  asked:

For the 4 word prompts. F!Ryder with whomever you'd like. "So, it was you" Please & thank you!

I hope you enjoy fluff, spoonie. That is not a pun, I swear!

The quartermaster had turned even paler than the sand. Sara’s hands balled into fists as she glared at her.

“Missing supplies? Again?

The guilt was almost immediate. Sometimes it felt like Sara knew everyone on Eos, but that was because she didn’t know any of them at all. She recognized the big ones; the important faces, and the names of those with influence - but she couldn’t claim any more knowledge than that. It didn’t matter that Prodromos was her pride and joy. It didn’t matter that she’d spent blood and tears to give this place a fighting chance.

She’d never so much as asked this woman’s name. She didn’t get to be rude to her.

“Sorry,” Sara muttered. She lifted her chin and flexed her fingers; took those deep, calming breaths that Scott always told her to take. “You want me to look into it, right?”

The quartermaster nodded. She didn’t look scared, precisely, but she was definitely nervous. A furious Pathfinder had that effect on people.

SAM spoke up on their private channel. “Travel on Eos will be considerably easier now that the Kett have scaled back their presence on the planet. It should not take long to fulfil the quartermaster’s request.”

“I’ll do it,” Sara sighed. “Give me the coordinates.”

The heat on Eos was more an annoyance than a hazard. Five minutes on Elaaden had a way of making any ordinary desert seem well and truly temperate, but Sara’s forehead was still sticky with sweat by the time the Nomad crested Sheartop.

“We’re almost at the quartermaster’s coordinates,” Peebee said from the backseat. She sounded a good deal more cheerful than Sara felt. “Down that path to the northwest, do you think?”

Jaal rumbled his agreement. “I believe so.” Unlike Peebee, he sounded a little nervous, but that was probably because of angle of the path in question. Anything more than a gentle descent fired up Jaal’s distrust of Milky Way tire treads - and the sandy surface probably didn’t help. “You’ll proceed carefully, right?”

Sara hoped he couldn’t see her smirk in the rear-vision mirror. “Of course.”

She took the slope at a good seventy or eighty kilometres an hour; not fast enough to send them off the edge of the narrow path, but enough to make Jaal squeak in alarm. The Nomad’s tires left the ground for a moment - several moments - and the adrenaline kick got the blood flowing through Sara’s veins again. Jaal gasped when the vehicle slammed back into the sand, kicking silicates up behind them like orange streamers.

Peebee snickered, slapping the panting angara on the shoulder. “See, Jaal? Carefully.”

For what it was worth, Sara did continue the descent with caution. The path was a winding one, curling around outcroppings and between towering, rocky pillars. The slope soon came close to levelling out. According to the quartermaster’s coordinates, they were exactly where they needed to be, but Sara couldn’t see anything.


“Is that a cave?”

Peebee crawled between the front seats to get a better look. “I think so! Let’s go take a look.”

“I recommend that you investigate,” SAM chimed in.

“Then let’s proceed on foot,” Jaal said shakily. Peebee giggled, clapping a hand over her mouth to muffle it, but Sara felt another flash of guilt.

“You got it, Jaal. Let’s go.”

The cave was several degrees cooler than the sun-drenched sand outside, and Sara was grateful for it. It was narrow, too, in contrast to the other sprawling caverns she’d seen on Eos, and the sound of their footsteps echoed back at them no matter how carefully they advanced. About twenty metres in, the tunnel hooked sharply to the right - then branched into two distinct paths.

Sara stopped. “Hmm. Scissors-paper-rock? Eenie-meenie-miney-mo?”

SAM responded before the others had the chance. “It would be more efficient to investigate both forks at once, Pathfinder. I do not detect any hostiles in the area. Perhaps you should proceed down the path to the right. Ms. B'Sayle and Mr. Amal Darav can investigate the path on the left.”

“You’re suggesting we split up. Have you been watching those horror vids Liam lent you? You know what happens when the team splits up.”

“Ugh,” Peebee muttered. “It’ll be fine! Quit worrying so much, Ryder.”

Sara raised an eyebrow at her. “Seriously?” She looked at Jaal, expecting to find an ally - but he was already heading for the path SAM had suggested. “Jaal!”

“I agree with Peebee,” he said calmly. “The kett are long gone from Eos, and if SAM detects no cause for concern -”

“Then we have nothing to be afraid of,” Peebee finished for him. She looped her arm through Jaal’s and led him away. With the sunlight cut off by the turn in the tunnel, the darkness was almost complete, but Peebee’s flashlight flickered to life a moment later. “Get going,” she called back to Sara. “What are you waiting for?”

Sara sighed. “If I get eaten by an eiroch,” she yelled at the rapidly retreating illumination, “I’m telling SAM to blame you!”

“You are not going to be eaten, Pathfinder.”

“Whatever you say, SAM.”

She advanced slowly, her weapon at the ready and a prepared biotic throw dancing on her fingertips. Her flashlight went some way towards dispersing the darkness, but its pale beam only stretched about ten metres in front of her. She couldn’t decide whether she was grateful for the narrow path or resentful of it. If any of the monsters from Liam’s vids were going to leap out at her, she only had one way to run.

Sara flinched when her omnitool pinged. “What?”

“Oh, nothing.” Peebee’s voice was a little crackly - probably thanks to interference from the surrounding rock - but she still sounded distinctly pleased with herself. “Just wanted to tell you what a great time we’re having over here. We could hang out here for hours. How are you doing?”

Sara sighed explosively. She was ready to fire back something irritable - but she could see a glimmer of light up ahead. “SAM?”

“It appears to be natural light, Pathfinder. There may be a gap in the cavern ceiling around the next bend.”

Sara set her omnitool to silence incoming transmissions. A little sunlight shouldn’t have made her nervous, but something about this wasn’t right. Peebee was being too cheerful. Jaal was being too reckless. And SAM? Sara couldn’t put her finger on it, but there was something about the way he’d said hostiles.

But he was right about one thing: the was a gap in the ceiling. Sara rounded a twist in the tunnel to find herself standing in a cone of golden light, dust motes dancing in the air around her. There was a large provisions crate sitting in the centre of the illumination, an Initiative mark emblazoned on its side.

“Are these the missing supplies, SAM?”

“Yes, Pathfinder. The ID number matches that provided by the quartermaster in Prodromos.”

Sara breathed a sigh of relief - but something still didn’t seem right. She approached the crate slowly, reaching out to skim her fingers along the nearest surface -

And it moved. Only briefly, and only slightly - but it definitely shifted, skidding a half-centimetre across the floor as if something inside it had hurled itself against one side. Sara could hear a quiet shuffling coming from the crate. Panting, too.

This was not a supply crate.

“I swear to god, SAM, if there’s an eiroch in here -”

“I do not detect any eirochs in the area, Pathfinder, and we have yet to encounter one that would fit in a supply crate. Perhaps you should open it to confirm.”

Sara couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “SAM -”

“I strongly recommend it.”

Sara sighed one more time. Something was very fishy about this, but SAM wouldn’t try to hurt her. Taking up position slightly to the side of the crate, she used her omnitool to slice through one of the joints. The shuffling stopped while the tool whirred. She crossed to the other side of the crate, hauling on the severed surface as she went. It creaked open - reluctantly - until it finally hung free, secured to the body of the crate by only one of its four connecting sides.

Sara peered into the dark interior. She couldn’t see much. There was a small device secured to one of the inside walls.

“That is slow-release oxygen supply, Pathfinder.”

“Why would there be -”

She cut off at the tell-tale scrape of claws on aluminium. Something was stirring in the darkness. She could hear it breathing; hear it advancing. Sara raised her gun, preparing to turn tail and run if she smelled even a hint of eiroch breath.

SAM was talking again. “You will not need your weapon, Pathfinder.”

What the fuck was going on?

Then it charged at her, barrelling out of the darkness like a little torpedo; leaping up to bat at her with tiny paws and wet nose -

Wait. What?

Maybe it was a reflex, or maybe it was just shock, but Sara stumbled backwards. She fell on her ass on the cave floor - and then it was on top of her, licking at her ears and snuffling at her hair.

“Oh my god -”

It was a puppy.

Sara could have cried with joy. She pushed it away just long enough to clamber up onto her knees. The puppy scrunched up its tiny face, worrying at her wrist as it tried to get in close again. It was an ahdi, by the look of it, with a brightly coloured dorsal fan and blunt little teeth. It didn’t have any fur, but Sara could live with that. Like adult ahdi, its skin was thick and leathery, but it came in rolls like a tiny, furless pug. Its eyes were huge and glinting, and it leaped at Sara the moment she let it go, snuffling at her neck as it tried to climb onto her shoulders; whining like a baby when she refused to let it lick her face.

A voice rang out behind her. “I see you found my present.”

Sara froze - then spun around, clutching the puppy to her chest as she searched for the source of the voice. When she found him, she wanted to cry again.

Reyes was leaning against the wall of the cavern, half in shadow and half in light, smiling that self-satisfied smile of his. “Do you like it?”

“What are you doing here?” The puppy managed to squirm high enough to lick Sara’s chin - and tears of joy pricked at her eyes. “And yes. Yes, I do.”

Reyes’ smile widened. He pushed himself off the wall. “Good. SAM couldn’t tell me if you were a dog person or not.”

“Hang on. SAM was in on this?”

Sara knew she was probably imagining it, but SAM sounded a little sheepish. “Mr. Vidal and I were in agreement. It has been too long since you took time for yourself, Pathfinder. He suggested that a surprise might be in order.”

“So you got me a dog?” Sara put a hand over her mouth to shield herself from the puppy’s assault on her chin. “Wait, SAM - so it was you? You took the supplies?”

Still smiling as if he’d never been so pleased with himself in his life, Reyes knelt down on the ground beside her. “Not exactly. We borrowed this crate from Prodromos, but we didn’t actually steal any supplies. SAM fudged a few numbers here and there.” Sara must have looked horrified, because his expression turned mollifying. “Hey - we had to get you to come out here somehow. You’d never have agreed to take the time if you thought it was a personal outing. SAM can fix the books up later.”

Sara glanced down at the puppy, heart pushing up against the bottom of her throat. He was pawing at one of the clasps on her armour. “He can’t live on the Tempest. Kallo will have an aneurysm.”

“Then he can live with me. That was my plan all along, you know.” Reyes smiled again, and Sara’s heart threatened to crack in two. “To give you another reason to visit me.”

He kissed her, lips slow and soft and gentle; fingers skimming up her arm to tilt her chin a little higher. Sara giggled helplessly into his mouth, scrambling to stop the puppy from climbing up between them. It was bouncing around in her arms, yipping in excitement.

“Oh my god. I think I’m going to cry.”

Reyes pulled back. He looked alarmed. “You aren’t allergic, are you? Can you be allergic to ahdi?”

Sara snorted a laugh. She hooked one arm around his neck, dragging him down to her lips again; clutching the puppy with her other hand as it squirmed and yipped and sniffed. “No.”

She kissed him again, wishing she could stay here forever. She wished she could show him just how loved her made her feel.

“I’m just happy.”

A Whole New World - Chapter 1

A not so normal day - Part 2

Bucky X Reader Werewolf AU

Summary: In a world of werewolves you are the scapegoat of your pack – the Hydra pack. When another pack attacks, you become a captive in the famous Avengers-pack. Is it a jump from the frying pan into the fire? Or will you find somebody to love?

Warnings: fighting, domestically pack abuse, swearing, violence, mention of a nasty trap

He was James Buchanan Barnes. The Alpha of the Avengers pack. One of the most powerful men in the world.

You gulped. There had always been rumours about him circulating among the pack. After all, he had been the protégé of Nick Fury, the pack’s former Alpha. So your pack had of cause been interested what happened to him, even after leaving the pack. Over the past years, his pack had had a massive gain of power. Today, they were the mightiest pack in North America. James Barnes was almost a legend. You never thought to ever meet him face to face. Not only because the Avengers lived near Miami and Hydra in the Rocky Mountains.

“Do you know where your Alpha tarries at the moment?”, Barnes asked. You jolted out of your thoughts. “Not without fail. But I know where he was before I came here.”, you answered cautious. Despite the kindness he had shown you, you didn’t quite trust him. “I want to make sure this battle ends as fast as possible. The easiest way is to capture your Alpha and make him surrender. If it works, nobody else will be hurt or killed.”, he explained.

You took time to weigh your possibilities. Helping them would mean to betray your pack. A crime that wasn’t taken lightly. But it might save lives. To refuse helping Barnes might get you killed and continue the fighting. With the very same result. Your pack would be defeated sooner or later. The only thing you could have an effect on in your current position was how many of your pack comrades would be hurt or killed.

You sighed. “I will help you. But you must promise me not to kill anybody.”, was your firm answer. One of the women huffed, but you ignored her. Barnes was in charge. If he gave you his word, everyone else was bound to it as well. The Alpha mustered you intensely, but you refused to show any weakness. Not now. This was important.

“I can’t promise not to kill anybody in case we are detected. But we will do our best to avoid it.”, the huge Werewolf finally said. You nodded. There would be no better offer than this. “If our Alpha is still where he was when I saw him last, we have to cross almost the whole cave. It won’t be easy, but I know some hidden paths that will make this way easier.”, you informed them. Two or three of the Avenger Werewolves cursed.

You turned on your heels to lead the squad through the tunnel. It made you really tense to have potential enemies in your back, but you had to trust them for now. And you had to be the first since none of them knew where the traps were. And you also only on paper as there had never been a reason to enter it. After all, it had been abandoned. For years.

After the last twist of the tunnel, one of the warriors overtook you. Hastily, you grabbed him by the collar and yanked him back. He whirled around and bared his teeth. “Drop it, Pietro. I’m sure she had a very good reason for this.”, Barnes ordered. The young man with silvery-blonde hair immediately did as ordered, but still glared daggers.

You took a woodblock you had left there and tapped on the stone floor. Exactly where the young man would have set his foot at the next step. A huge steel trap snapped shut with a sickening loud, metallic clank. The woodblock was joint disguising neat. It was large and strong enough to detach somebody’s knees. Every single Avenger gasped in shock. “You don’t want to run into this.”, you said.

Pietro – who now looked rather pale and like a boy around your age than like an actual warrior – just nodded. Seeing such a nasty trap and knowing that it had almost killed him had scared the living daylights out of him. “Very effective.”, Loki said dryly when the steel trap re-activated itself and disappeared in the stone. Barnes growled. “First your legs and then your head. If you aren’t lucky enough to die from the blood loss.”, he stated.

“The design is from Rumlow himself. It’s still in the library.”, you told him. “Zhat’s insane.”, Pietro said, still out of breath. He had a heavy, East European accent. Your ears picked up when you heard footsteps come closer. “Hide behind the corner.”, you hissed. This time, they followed your order without questioning it. Only seconds after the last tail had disappeared, two Hydra Soldiers appeared at the entrance. Armed with guns and very fraught.

“What are you doing here?”, one of them snapped when he spotted you. You did your best to look as frightened and small as possible. “I…I wanted…to check…the old tunnel. The trap…it almost killed me.”, you stammered. One of the men snorted derogatory. “Silly girl. Move your poor ass to the others. We evacuate”, he said. “I…I need a minute.”, you answered, still playing the frightened young woman who had been almost killed mere seconds ago.

The Warriors exchanged a glance. “We can’t stay and wait. If you need time to recover, you’re on your own.”, the second Warrior said. You simply nodded. They were playing into your hands, just as hoped. After about half a minute you called for the Avenger squad to join you again. “What was that?”, asked Barnes. He was visibly angry. “I’m not the most popular person in the pack.”, you answered casually.

“The purpose of Warriors is to protect the pack. That includes every single member. No matter their popularity.”, the Alpha growled. “That’s how your pack might handle it. But Hydra is not the Avengers.”, you reminded him and got over the trap to show them how to do it. One after the other, the Avenger Warriors managed to join you without activating the trap again and getting themselves killed.

“As soon as we enter the cave system itself, nobody talks or the warriors might detect us. The echo can go pretty far in there and those who live here are used to it so they can say very accurate where a sound comes from. None of you will be able to do that. So you have to keep a close eye to what I do and copy it exactly. Other ways, the Warriors will find us.”, you instructed the squad.

“Is it a good idea to do this, James? I trust your judgement, but this is dangerous. For all of us.”, the dark-skinned man raised his voice. He had to be a high-ranking pack member to call his Alpha by his actual name. “It seems like we don’t really have a choice than trusting her, Sam. And she showed her trustworthiness by saving Pietro from that trap. Who don’t want to risk it leave now and join the others on the outside. Leaving through that tunnel should be harmless.”, the Alpha said.

Each and every one of them shook their heads, even Sam. “No way we leave you alone in here.”, the Warrior said. The loyalty of these men and women warmed your heart. “Let’s get started.”, Barnes ordered. A nod in your direction was the sign to lead them wherever you thought Rumlow was.

Sneaking through the cave set your nerves on edge permanently. You had done it countless times in the past, but this was different. Now you were responsible for the lives of six other people. More than half of the way you neither heard nor smelled Hydra Warriors anywhere near. Until you had to cross one of the main tunnels.

You heard them. A rather large contingent of Warriors. They came from a tunnel that was parallel to yours and flew into the main tunnel as well. It took you a moment to pinpoint exactly where the Warriors were. Then you pressed yourself firmly against the wall. Barnes and his Warriors followed your lead. You were closest to the Warriors. If they noticed the presence of somebody, you had a chance to distract them from the Avengers.

Already after a few seconds you could hear how they bended around another corner so nobody would pass your hideout. But you stayed pressed against the wall so everyone else did as well. With the Hydra Warriors on alert even the quiet rustle of clothes might be enough to backstab your presence. You didn’t want to risk it.

Not until two full minutes had passed you allowed yourself to relax slightly. “Vhy did you wait so long?”, Pietro hissed. He was of the impatient kind, this much you knew. “As I already said, these tunnels echo. You don’t want a dozen Warriors on edge come looking who is in here.”, you answered hushed. “Silence now. We’re too far to let this go wrong now.”, Barnes ended the conversation.

During the second half of the way there were more Warriors you had to avoid. It became difficult to get forward and took lots of time. But finally you reached a little tunnel that was very close to the library. Along the way it had even been confirmed that Rumlow, Zemo and von Strucker still were in the library.

“The best way to keep you out of trouble is to pretend we took you captive, Little One. Sooner or later the Warriors might tell your Alpha that you have been in the old tunnel and he’ll find out that it’s been the way we came in here.”, Barnes said. It was a kind of last debriefing before the actual attack. You had never thought to be part of it. “You’re right. Especially since I told him that you would take that way.”, you answered thoughtful.

“Seems like we have a smart captive.”, Sam interjected. You felt yourself blush. Being praised was nothing you were used to. “Everybody get ready. It took us long enough to get here.”, Barnes ordered. The Warriors drew their weapons. The Alpha produced a combat knife, everyone else guns. He took a position directly behind you so you could feel the heat radiating off of him. His knife was placed at your throat. It still made your heart beat fast and hard, but somehow you trusted the man enough to not lose your mind.

With the Warriors at both your sides, you entered the library. The vanguard had their backs to the doors. “Get out of here!”, Rumlow hissed without even bothering to turn around. “Actually, we are here to talk about your surrender.”, Barnes said casually. The three Hydra leaders whipped around when they heard the unfamiliar voice. “Of cause you managed to get captured. Worthless little Omega.”, Rumlow snarled.

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Emison baby?

Ali is my girl… Let’s just make that clear, and any person she wants to be with I will ship! So Emison, bring it on… 

For those of you who are angry over this storyline, ummmm this show has done some pretty twisted things, why is this off limits? How many people have been murdered? How many times have these girls been tortured mentally and physically – that’s not off limits? No because it’s thrilling… so enjoy the twisted ride marlene is taking us on…

Besides, a rollercoaster is a lot more fun with twists, turns and dark tunnels… 

Glassy face, streaming tears,
My frame was shallow and bent;
Night would rage, velvet blanket of love -
The stars tonight
only brightened my fears.
Green eyes loomed,
glistened and swayed - 
Ones I’d forever refused to trust,
and surrender to lust;
But what difference did it make,
to silver twice twisted, burned and melted,
lost and wandering, faded to 
shattering rust?
Serpentine routes
led me to you - 
laboured breaths,
instant deaths;
tina, my love,
please send me far above; 
Shatter my pain,
shatter my thoughts;
lock me away
from venomous rain -
A phoenix dances beneath my lids,
spiralling reds, coppery golds,
fire in my heart - 
fire leaves me cold;
wings arched, wings fly
lift me to a maddening sky; 
monstrous sunset, bloodied and bruised,
numbed, lulled,
my mind has fused
with phoenix tears and phoenix flight; 
better than dying
toxic and broken,
to a villainous night.
—  Traitorous night 
Jotaro Aquarium Date (Part 4 Time)

((I wrote this based on a trip I took to the aquarium and I tried to make this fairly detailed given it’s Ocean Man lol. But yea, I based it off the Baltimore Aquarium and the Dallas Aquarium if you guys wanted to know and the relationship is up to interpretation. Also, dedicated to @jotarohasadirtysecret, a new friend!!!!))

Under the cut because it’s 2K+ words

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When The Devil’s At Play// Mark Tuan (Part 8)

Originally posted by jordragon

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre:  Supernatural

Summary: You weren’t supposed to be here anymore, you were supposed to be long gone, but for some reason you had gained an extra ten days on this earth and you weren’t going to waste them.

Author’s Note: This series is based of the Voltage game Ten Days With My Devil.  The prologue will follow almost the same patterns as the prologue in the game did, but with a few major changes, and after the prologue the story line will go off on its own. I hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara

Prologue||Part 1||Part 2||Part 3||Part 4||Part 5||Part 6||Part 7||Part 8||

Part 9||Part 10||Part 11||Part 12||Part 13||Part 14||Finale

Soon enough, you felt Yugyeom stand fixed on the ground. Hopping off of his back, you turned to the others as they landed as well. The area seemed secluded, for the most part.

“Where’s this ‘Gate?’” you asked Yugyeom as he looked around, eyes squinting to see if he could see in the distance.

“Guys!” Jackson shouted, running over to you as he sighed, “Why are you here? I thought I was guarding the gate by myself?”

“We’re staying at my Parents’ home in the Demon Realm. I assume you haven’t looked at your phone?” Jaebum questioned, crossing his arms over his chest, “You’re supposed to answer the phone whenever any of us call.”

“I’ve been looking for Mark. I’ve actually been really focused, not one distraction here.”

“Then, why is there a small group of animals hanging out by the gate?” Jaebum asked, pointing to what seemed to be two trees leaning in towards each other. Next to them were a small flock of animals; bunnies, birds, and chipmunks.

“I got lonely!” Jackson pouted, “But I didn’t see Mark at all. He hasn’t come by. Does he know?”

“I left four voicemails, six texts, and even some voice messages telling him that we were staying at Jaebum’s house in the Demon Realm. If he doesn’t know after all of that then obviously he’s somehow gone blind and deaf.” Youngjae said, tucking his phone away into his pocket, “I also texted Bambam too. Jinyoung just used his power on me, and I suggest we get (Y/N) through the portal before he uses it on her. It may shock her a little so she should be sitting down at least.”

“Agreed,” Jaebum sighed, walking over to you and pushing you towards the trees, “Jump down.”

“Jump down?” You questioned, “What do you mean?”

Looking down, you saw a small trap door, covered in grass. Sighing, you opened the trap door, a latter placed right at the top of it for you to climb down. “What’s with you guys and trap doors.” You murmured, slowly climbing down as the other three slowly made their descend as well.

“I’ll stay here and wait for Bambam, Mark and Jinyoung to come,” Jackson hummed, closing the trap door and sitting on top of it.

“Alright,” Jaebum sighed, pressing a switch and turning on what seemed to be very dim lights to lead the way, “Come on guys, hurry. We can’t be down here for that long.”

Nodding, you all walked briskly through the tunnels, twisting and turning as if it were some type of maze, until you reached what seemed to be a larger gate.

“Now this,” you said, pointing to the large, black metal gate, “Looks like an actual gate, and not a trap door.”

“It was installed by Marks dad after a lot of the Demons looked for refuge in the Human Realm during the war,” Youngjae explained as Jaebum slowly opened the Gate, revealing a dark sky above you as you walked through it.

The Demon Realm seemed close to what you imagined; dark, with dark skies and large buildings, all the while being slightly warmer than the Human Realm, but not by too much. Though it was a little bit scary, it was also simultaneously beautiful, and all of the boys seemed happy to be there.

“The house is just this way,” Jaebum sighed, shoving his hands into his pockets as he walked forward, ahead of the rest or the group to lead. You walked next to Youngjae, a small smile on his face as he turned his head towards you.

“So, you and Mark-Hyung, eh?” Youngjae laughed a small bit, causing you to blush. You wanted to push Youngjae’s shoulder slightly in a joking way, but if you did that, he’d be able to read your emotions. Did you like Mark? He’s never given you a reason to dislike him. He was always sweet to you, although you’ve only known him for three days or so, he seemed to be one of the more reliable boys, and you felt safe whenever you were near him. You respected him for sticking with Youngjae as long as he has been, even though it meant switching Realms to stay with him, and you also respected that he won’t give up and he won’t give Seokjin the Angel Realm to rule over.  

“What do you mean?” You asked softly, looking around the Demon Realm in attempts to avoid Youngjae’s stares. The Demon Realm was almost parallel to the human Realm, just a little darker. There were still flowers littering the grass-filled areas and trees standing tall, people walking the streets normally with their children.

“Can you not tell?” Youngjae hummed, turning the corner with you trailing close behind, “He has a soft spot for you.”

“I’ve been told,” You murmured, rubbing your arms slightly, “But I don’t understand how. I haven’t known him that long. What was he like before I came around?”

“Even quieter than he is now, believe it or not,” Yugyeom interfered in your conversation, “He didn’t talk much. Only to Youngjae, and sometimes to Jackson. And he always wanted to be alone.”

“Yeah. He locks himself in his room a lot. Or he used to, at least,” Youngjae hummed, “But as soon as you came, we’ve seen more of him in the house than we ever have. “

“He’s really generous to the one’s he cares about, which is why he’s always giving you his clothes,” Yugyeom murmured.

“He told me it was because he was used to putting them in that room because he lived there before you guys set up his room,” you said, a slight blush on your cheeks as Yugyeom continued to talk.

“That’s true, sort of. He used to live in that room before we set it up, but he only lived in that room for a couple of days. It wasn’t enough time for him to wear so many clothes that we would have to do a load of laundry.”

“Alright guys, shush. We’re here,” Jaebum hushed. Looking at you slightly, he squinted his eyes. “You,” Jaebum murmured softly, pointing to you, and then to himself, “If they ask you what your relation is to me, say you’re dating one of the boys. You are new to the Realm. If they ask, say you haven’t found your power yet.”

Nodding slightly, Jaebum led you around the corner of the street. There you saw what seemed to be a mansion, fenced off with what had to be at least a seven foot gate. The house itself seemed lighter than the Realm itself, painted a nice white. Jaebum opened the gate and allowed you all to slide through it, closing it behind himself as he entered.

“Welcome to m-“

“Jaebum??” You all heard as soon as you entered the gate, a woman dressed in what seemed to be some sort of long dress standing at the front door with a large smile on her face, “Is that you?”

“Hi mom,” Jaebum smiled at her, walking over to her slowly while he engulfed her in his arms, pressing a kiss to her forehead. Keeping her in his arms, he turned her around to face you and the boys. “This is my team. Only three of us are here right now, the other four are still up in the Human Realm. This is Youngjae and Yugyeom.”

Jaebum’s mom waved softly at the boys, but her eyes stayed fixed on you. Walking over to you, she smiled softly, “And what’s your name, my dear?”

“I’m (Y/N),” You smiled, sticking your hand out slightly, but before you could, Jaebum’s mom pulled you into her arms, giving you a tight squeeze as she giggled.

“You’re so beautiful! Jaebummie has never brought a girl home before,” she hummed.

“Jaebummie?” Yugyeom chuckled, earning a death glare from Jaebum as Jaebum walked over and patted your head.

“She’s a close friend. It’s okay that we all stay here for a couple of days, right?” Jaebum asked softly as Jaebum’s mom released you from her tight grip.

“Of course! I’m fine with it. But your dad may not like it,” Jaebum’s mom whispered. Shrugging, she looked at Yugyeom and Youngjae, “Well, come on in!”

Following both Jaebum and his mom into their home, you were greeted with servants as you walked through the door. All of them greeted Jaebum formally, wide smiles on their faces as he greeted them back. You looked around slightly, pictures littering the walls of the family; Yugyeom already around and giggling at all of Jaebum’s baby pictures.

“Hyung!” Yugyeom chuckled, pointing to one of the photos, “You were so cute!”

“Get away from those,” Jaebum groaned, pulling Yugyeom over to him by his shirt. “I’ll show you all to the guest rooms.”

Nodding, you followed Jaebum close behind as he led you three up the stairs. As you all walked through the hallways, Youngjae grabbed your arm softly.

“Hey, Jinyoung wants to use his power on you now to get stuff that you may need. Is that okay?” Youngjae asked softly, pulling you over to a secluded part of the hallway as Yugyeom and Jaebum continued forward.

“Sure?” you asked, “Is it dangerous for him to use it?”

“No,” Youngjae said, sitting you down in the hallway with him next to you, “It’s just scary at first. But don’t scream okay?”

“Okay…” you said softly. What could his power be that it would make me scream?

“Close your eyes,” Youngjae whispered softly.

Following his orders, you shut your eyes. Seconds later, you felt your body shift, and suddenly, you were back in the boys’ room in the Human Realm.

“What?” You asked, “Why am I back here?”

“You aren’t,” you heard in Jinyoungs voice, “But I am. Now, hurry up and tell me what you need before I get caught.”

“What? What do you mean? I’m literally standing in my room,” You questioned.

“No, I’m standing in your room,” Jinyoung whispered. Suddenly, you saw yourself moving, but you didn’t feel yourself picking up your legs. You looked over to your desk, and before you knew it, you felt yourself looking up at the mirror above it. But, when you looked up, you weren’t the one staring back at you; It was Jinyoung.

“Am I in your body?” You asked, feeling something grip your actual leg instead of Jinyoungs.

“No, you’re seeing everything through my eyes,” Jinyoung said, quickly walking away from the mirror and grabbing your phone from off of your bed. “I grabbed some of Marks clothes for you. That’s okay, right?”

“U-Uh, yeah,” You murmured, attempting to process what was happening at that moment. You were seeing things through Jinyoung’s eyes?

“Alright, I’ll be at Jaebum’s in an hour.” Jinyoung said simply. Suddenly, your eyes shot open, and you were face to face with Youngjae, who was smiling widely.

“Wasn’t that weird?” Youngjae asked, a soft chuckle escaping his lips as he stood, pulling you up with him.

“Yes,” you agreed, smiling at Youngjae softly as he motioned you forward.

“Come on, the guest rooms are this way.”

You followed Youngjae down the hallway, walking passed closed doors until you found one that was slightly open. Pushing it open, Youngjae revealed Jaebum and Yugyeom chatting, Yugyeom laying on the bed as Jaebum threw a pillow at him, causing Yugyeom to laugh.

“Yah!” Youngjae shouted, “Why are we throwing pillows?”

“Yugyeoms irritating me,” Jaebum groaned, rubbing his temples slightly.

“Of course,” Youngjae chuckled. “So, who’s sleeping in here?”

“Well, as big as this house is, we only have a limited number of guest rooms, which means some people will have to sleep in the same room. Yugyeom and Bambam are going to share this room, You and Jackson will share the room next door, and then Jinyoung, Mark, and (Y/N) Will have to sort out who gets the last room. “

“They can have that room,” You said softly, “Maybe there’s a couch or something I could sleep on?”

“My mom will not allow you to sleep on our couches,” Jaebum chuckled, “She’s going to treat you like royalty. If she sees you asleep on our couch I have no doubt that she’d offer up her own bed for you to sleep in. Just suck it up and sleep in the same bed as Mark or Jinyoung. It’s only for a night or two.”

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)? I thought you’d want to sleep in the same bed as Mark,” Yugyeom chuckled softly. You groaned, taking the pillow Jaebum had thrown at him and hitting him with it as well.

“Why do you all insist that I have a thing for Mark?” You groaned, sitting next to Yugyeom on the bed as he continued to chuckle.

“Because it’s obvious that he likes you, and we like to tease him about the things he can’t have,” Jaebum said, sitting in the chair that was near the desk while Youngjae sat on the floor.

“Well that’s rude, don’t you think?” You asked, “And what do you mean, ‘things he can’t have?’”

“Because Mark won’t be able to save you, even if he likes you. If he tries, he’s going to be terminated, and I know that the last he wants is to be terminated by his own mother.”

You didn’t know what, but once Jaebum said that, you felt something inside of you pinch. You felt your cheeks heat up, goosebumps rising on your skin as you looked at Jaebum.

“So, we like to tease him with the thing he wants, but can’t have. And that’s you.”

A few hours had passed since you arrived at Jaebum’s home, Jinyoung arriving with bags of clothes and other necessities for the stay and Jaebum’s home. Mark, Jackson, and Bambam still hadn’t arrived, but Bambam had told Jinyoung when he left that he would come to Jaebum’s home soon.

“We need some sort of incentive for Mark to come to the Demon Realm.” Jinyoung stated as he tossed a bag towards you, “And I think (Y/N) would be the perfect incentive.”

“What are you thinking of, Jinyoung?” Youngjae asked wearly, laying back on the couch as you all gathered in the living room, waiting for the other three to arrive.

“Maybe she could call him? I don’t know. But I feel like he isn’t going to listen to any of us.” Jinyoung sighed.

“So what, you want me to call Mark and say what exactly?” You asked, crossing your arms at Jinyoung looked at you slightly.

“‘Oh, Mark!’” Jinyoung began, making his voice high pitched in attempts to mimic you, “‘Won’t you come to the Demon Realm? I’m scared and I miss you.’ Something like that, to butter him up so he’ll come.” Jinyoung said, raising his eyebrow at you.

“You expect me to act as some Damsel in distress so he’ll come?” You ask, rolling your eyes as Jinyoung dug through his pockets, “No way.”

“Come on (Y/N), take one for the team,” Jinyoung chuckled, sliding your phone he took from his pocket and tossing it to you.

You groaned softly. “I’m not saying what you told me to say,” you murmured, opening the phone and scrolling to Mark’s number, “I’ll just tell him to come to the Demon Realm, that’s all.”

Pressing ‘Call’ and pressing the phone to your ear, you waited to hear Marks voice at the other end of the line. Part of you was scared that maybe he wouldn’t answer. What if he was in trouble and none of you knew about it?

After three rings, the line went silent, but you weren’t put to voicemail either.


glazelazer  asked:

what quest would be for the seer of mind in the land of mazes and hieroglyphs?


You are the Seer of Mind on your planet, the Land of Mazes and Hieroglyphs (LOMAH).

Winding and twisting like the tunnels connecting the intricacies of the mind, you find yourself faced with a maze of incalculable size. The consorts that found you - each one appeared to be worried and acting on someone else’s orders - led you here after you leaped through the first gate above your house. They claim that a great treasure awaits you at the end, but they’re obviously hiding something. What that “something” is, you have no idea, but you’re willing to take this risk. Bad move. You’re no more than one step into the maze before the walls behind you shut with a thunderous thud and the torches lining the walls go out in a gust of wind. You’re lost, without direction, without aid, and without sight. That is, until the walls start to glow. Slowly at first, but over time, you clearly see a faint glow emanating from writing on the walls. You approach one and see a shape depicting a key glowing a deep green. Another down the wall shows a small figure waving, illuminated by a faint blue. A third even further down is a bright purple and shows a figureless creature with bright eyes. You gather that this is what the consorts were afraid of. Your job is to use these pictures on the walls to figure out what happened and to use their light to reach the end of the Land of Mazes and Hieroglyphs.

Comics are the one thing I keep meaning to talk more about, especially with all the hoops I now jump through just to keep up with my monthlies. (Think being a comics fan is tough? Try buying all of your issues sight unseen from Scotland.) So I figured I’d kick off the conversation by chatting about a couple of titles I’ve been pulling of late: 

We(l)come Back

Mali and Tessa have lived hundreds of different lives throughout time, caught up in an eternal cycle as they take part in a war so old that neither side remembers what they’re fighting for anymore. As Mali wakes up in her newest life, she suddenly becomes self-aware and starts to question everything, especially why she continues to fight. But elsewhere, Tessa is already on the hunt…

Jason Bourne with added dashes of past life regression therapy, We(l)come Back often feels like a paper-and-ink version of those high-concept shows Fox will launch to modest fanfare, then Jimmy Hoffa after a dozen episodes: tough female leads, plenty of action, and an intriguing mythology teased out just enough to keep people hooked. Initially drawn up as a limited series, WB made the jump to an ongoing run almost immediately; whether the premise can keep pace remains to be seen, but seven issues in, this is still slick entertainment. 

The Spire

The Spire is a mountain of metal and stone that rises out of the middle of the desert, containing a vast city of twisting tunnels, grinding elevators, ancient machinery, and is home to over a million human and non-human residents. Shå, the last of the Medusi, is responsible for keeping watch over them as Commander of the City Watch, despite the fact she isn’t shown any respect due to her race. When a string of grisly murders is committed just as a new Baroness of the Spire is about to be sworn in, Shå will have to find the serial killer and bring them to justice.

I’ll admit, I added this one to my pull list entirely off the strength of that first issue’s cover art (see above). Thankfully, those instincts panned out, as this is probably one of my favorite reads of ‘15/’16. A spirited strange-fantasy police procedural, The Spire gets big returns in pairing the charming, off-handed weirdness of its setting with sympathetic characters and some particularly sharp writing (see above, again). And now it’s been nominated for an Eisner Award, so clearly you can judge a book by its cover.


300 years since humanity was brutally subjugated by the alien race known simply as “Management.” Two years since these invaders abandoned Earth to return to their home world. Following her participation in the brutal massacre of human-alien hybrids left behind by Management, resistance fighter Marta Gonzalez declines to join the new human government and starts her own private detective agency instead. When a human-alien hybrid who survived the massacre is abducted for sinister political ends, Gonzalez is forced to confront her own bloody past and acknowledge the fact that the transition from oppression to emancipation is anything but clean.

Alex Paknadel’s last title for Boom!, the ambitious Matrix riff Arcadia, boasted imaginative set-pieces, but a sprawling cast and relentless location-hopping often left it feeling just a bit too widescreen-epic for its own good. His new noir-inspired yarn, Turncoat, is a more focused affair, though not one shy on the ideas, either - its post-alien NYC, astew in fungal infection, bad blood, and conspiracy, is one of the more intriguing settings this year, ably rendered by Artyom Trakhanov’s expressive, appealingly grubby artwork. 

Let’s say that you are a skeleton, and that you don’t know how or why.  You hide your… condition under expensive clothes, scraps of dead tissue, and a great deal of cosmetics, but at the end of the day you can’t say you are satisfied with your current lot in life.

So you steal some necromancy tomes from the archives of the local zombie cult,  climb down to a nice deserted ledge in the sub-city Catacombs, and start reading.  Two of the books you snagged stink of black magic (more so than you would expect, anyway), so you quarantine them just a bit further down the side of the cliff as a precaution in case they are cursed.

Let’s say your silent study session is interrupted by a shadowy sneak snatching your stash!

So you jump down from your cozy reading ledge to beat them up and maybe reanimate them as your eternal undead lackey if you are feeling charitable.  They stab you in the neck with a wickedly serrated dagger, but you don’t care - under all the extra flesh you are a skeleton.  You engage in a brief fistfight on the side of a chasm, but your skele-fu just isn’t up to snuff today and you are unable to steal your ill-gotten gains back.

Let’s say you happen to remember ‘Wait a second - I’m also a wizard.  Fuck.’  You say so out loud and then use death magic to reinforce and strengthen yourself.  Faced with the power of calcium your necromantic might, they bolt.  This is a very understandable and honestly quite common reaction.

So you chase them, and for several hours a very irritating game of cat and mouse takes place throughout the undercity.  

They can’t outrun you, because you are a skeleton and don’t eat, sleep, breathe, or tire.  You can’t catch them though, because you are a skeleton and dexterity is not part of that particular package.

They can’t lose you in the dark and twisting tunnels because you can taste the wretched energy pouring off the stolen books and know these paths like the back of your metacarpals.  You can’t use that to ambush them though, because as a sneaky rogue they are crafty and knowledgeable in the ancient art of evading ambushes

Let’s say you eventually catch up and see your prize sitting undefended on the edge of a ravine.  ‘Wow’, you think, ‘That is such an obvious tra-’  The sneak springs from her hiding spot and kicks you off the cliff.  

Of course, your skele-fu is much improved by your enhanced strength and hours of intense frustration.

So you do the sensible thing and drag her right over the edge with you.  You don’t mind, because you are a skeleton and you are starting to worry that this messes with your perception of physical danger a little bit. Fortunately, the squishy human manages to cushion your fall, and you hit the bottom of the ravine with a crunch.  You aren’t entirely sure which one of you it came from - both, probably -  but then again you don’t really care.    After all, you are (unfortunately, for now and possibly forever) a skeleton.  Oh well.  You finally caught the sneak!

The sense of triumph is fleeting.  Like someone once told you, every silver lining by definition has to bring an awful lot of cloud along with it.  You did not notice earlier, because in addition to not breathing or eating you also do not feel, at least not in the same way that you used to.  

You look like something the cat dragged in.   Your expensive clothes and once passably-alive skin are utterly ruined - sliced to ribbons doesn’t do you or your attire justice, and what is left is stained with all manner of unspeakable things.  You did just spend the last several hours running through caves and sewers.  

Let’s say that, unlike much of the rest of you, these things are not so easily replaced.

So you kick the unconscious?  dead?  thief a few times for good measure (as it turns out, you are NOT feeling charitable today) and begin what is sure to be a delightful and very very long journey back to your books.

Setting - Magic: The Gathering
System - FATE/Dresden Files

In which my fledgling lich has her quiet evening rudely interrupted.

The basic outline for a DnD/Pathfinder Campaign:

The Shakespeare Campaign


War, terrible war, has come to the Italian Coast!

In the West, King Lear has died along with all of his heirs and the throne of Illyria stands vacant. After a brief struggle for control among the nobles, Duke Orsino has gained the support of Illyria’s nobility and now intends to place himself on the throne by marrying the last living member of Old Lear’s family: Lady Olivia.

To the East, the island of Messaline has taken advantage of Illyria’s succession crisis to declare itself independent of their rival. Even now, the Duke of Messaline plans to travel to get aid from mainland Europe. As the campaign begins, the Duke and his twin children, Sebastian and Viola, travel to Aragon to ask Don Pedro for money and arms.

So the two nations call upon their allies across the Mediterranean to stand with them and prepare for war. Italy’s kingdoms are divided, some siding with Messaline and others with Illyria. If shots are fired, the conflict could spread as far as France and Spain.

Only the Doge of Venice, a wise man who knows the cost of war, seeks a diplomatic solution to the madness. To this end, he has hired the pirate captain Antonio to take his airship Portia, and find the mighty wizard Prospero, who disappeared from Milan on the twelfth night of June.

But some people whisper that there is an unseen force behind this war, an inhuman mastermind who plots a terrible revenge upon Prospero, Italy, and all Mankind!

For reasons all your own, you have answered the call to join Antonio’s expedition and have prepared yourself to set sail for an adventure that will take you to undiscovered countries.

You enter the small tavern described in Captain Antonio’s letter and across the hustle and bustle of sailors and barmaids, you find the Captain sitting at a table near the rear of the building…


Welcome to the Shakespeare Campaign, a Pathfinder Campaign featuring characters and settings inspired by the plays of William Shakespeare.

As a participant in this campaign, you are about to take a journey through the mind of a master of the English language. This setting is designed to try to capture the essence of the source material and create a high fantasy environment based on the Bard’s more fanciful tales. So before playing, Players and Game Masters are encouraged to watch and or read a few Shakespeare plays to brush up, although it’s not necessary.

The main plot of the campaign is based around the idea that, with a little editing, five of Shakespeare’s plays could occur in the same universe with shared characters: Romeo and Juliet, Merchant of Venice, Two Gentleman of Verona, Twelfth Night, and The Tempest. Other characters from other plays also make appearances and connections between characters in different plays are created that didn’t exist before. For example: Captain Antonio from Twelfth Night is now the same Antonio who nearly lost a pound of flesh in the Merchant of Venice, Valentine from Two Gentleman of Verona is apparently a distant member of the Capulet family, and Petruchio from Taming of the Shrew is a Montague and he’s Romeo’s cousin.

As for the Campaign’s time period, players are going to have to give us a little leeway. Most of the setting occurs a fictional “Clockpunk” interpretation of the 1500s English Renaissance but with deliberate adjustments and anachronisms throughout. By the late 16th century, the Italian Renaissance was long dead and the romantic, enlightened Italian characters of Shakespeare’s comedies simply didn’t exist anymore. So much of Shakespeare’s writing covers a bygone age, even at the time that it was written hundreds of years ago. Even though this game officially occurs during the height of Shakespeare’s writing period, the Italian characters will make no mention of the various outside countries that owned or invaded Italy at the time because this isn’t the real Italy, its Shakespeare’s idea of Italy.

Trust us; it isn’t as weird as it sounds

So keeping all of this in mind, prepare to enter into a world of passion and pain and humanity and loss and romance. A world divided by race and class and history and mystery. This is a world with Ghosts, Wizards, Witches, Mischievous Fairies, and Murderous Kings. An age that existed in the mind of one man (or multiple men or a woman using a pseudonym or aliens depending on the interpretation) the world of the Shakespeare Campaign!

Before we move on, here are a few words from the man himself:

And let us, ciphers to this great accompt,
On your imaginary forces work.
Suppose within the girdle of these walls
Are now confined two mighty monarchies,
Whose high upreared and abutting fronts
The perilous narrow ocean parts asunder:
Piece out our imperfections with your thoughts;
Into a thousand parts divide on man,
And make imaginary puissance;
Think when we talk of horses, that you see them
Printing their proud hoofs i’ the receiving earth;
For ‘tis your thoughts that now must deck our kings,
Carry them here and there; jumping o’er times,
Turning the accomplishment of many years
Into an hour-glass: for the which supply,
Admit me Chorus to this history;
Who prologue-like your humble patience pray,
Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our play.

(From Henry V, Prologue, Act 1, Scene 1)

Playable Races

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 7

Humanity in this campaign, as in real life, is a multifaceted race of many cultures. Primarily this campaign will deal with Europeans, it would not be impossible for every human race to find its way into the lands of Shakespearean Europe. Players who play a human are encouraged to use a name found in one of Shakespeare’s plays or a period appropriate name, for example : Baltus, Cordelia, Malvolio, Helena, Hermia, Iago, or Falstaff.

Alternate rules: To add a little spice to the game, GMs are encouraged to allow players from different races to have different problems/benefits related to their culture. For example, Jews in Europe were heavily persecuted and discriminated against but their long history of Jewish mysticism and scholarship might make them natural mages and sorcerers.

Italian (Default)- +1 to all tests involving navigation, cartography
Asian- may suffer -1 social when dealing with European NPCs, +1 to all tests involving guns
Danish or Norwegian- +1 resistance to cold
French- may suffer -1 social when dealing with British NPCs, +1 to all tests involving Charm
British (English or Welsh) - +1 to all tests involving bows and swords.
Scottish- +1 to all tests involving clubs or large swords.
Moorish- may suffer -1 social when dealing with European NPCs, + 1 to Intelligence
Jewish- may suffer -1 social when dealing with European NPCs, +1 to all tests using Magic
Spanish- may suffer -1 social to all British NPCs, +1 to all tests involving naval warfare

Note: Since race can be a tricky topic that can distract from play, these rules should be considered strictly optional.

Grecian Elves
“Swifter than the moon’s sphere. I serve the Fairy Queen.”- A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 2, Scene 1

The enchanted woods around Athens are home to many mythic races: satyrs, centaurs, nymphs, dryads, and even treants. But none are as numerous and as respected as the High Elves of Athens. It is assumed that they are descended from the Greek Gods themselves, born into the world from the union of Aphrodite and Hephaestus. They are long lived, beautiful, and possessing the kind of wildness not found in most other High Elves. Their chief is Oberon, King of all the woodlands and fields from Athens to Arcadia and using his powerful magic he stands watch against the dark things of the world, a source of harmony wherever he goes. Oberon’s marriage, however, is not a source of harmony. He and his wife Titania have a fierce, passionate marriage with loud disagreements, endless threats of divorce or dissolution, and rampant infidelity on both sides. While they have never failed to ultimately reunite, their marital strife tends to be a huge source of upheaval in Woodland Society. A few rough patches are normal in a marriage, 1200 years of rough patches is the definition of a toxic relationship. Many political factions have risen up in the Forest Realm as a result of these disagreements with various courtiers leading factions in favor of the king or in favor of the queen or both at the same time. For this reason, many elves prefer to go off wandering for decades, returning when the sectarian violence caused by Oberon and Titania’s “passion” has died down.

Note: Most Grecian Elves prefer to name their children after small, natural objects that bring them pleasure. For example: Cobweb, Pease Blossom, Mustardseed, Bee Wing, and Hawk Feather

Scottish Dwarves
“Does he have such a high opinion of you because I’m so short?”- A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 3, Scene 2

While most Dwarves prefer the mountains in places like Iceland, Russia, or the Alps, there is one breed of Dwarf who digs deep in the Highlands and builds up mighty strongholds alongside black lakes. The Scottish Dwarf is a mighty being, who stands 3 inches taller than all other Dwarves. For this reason they are called “Glenn”, which means “Deep” in old Gaelic. While they retain much of the Old Dwarvish ways, the Glenn have certain cultural distinctions that only their kin lay claim to. For one thing they do not dig as deeply into the earth as other Dwarves and their mines are often large open air pits instead of twisting tunnels in mountainsides. Furthermore they tend to wear kilts, like their human neighbors, and carry swords. They have a fondness for human ales and consider it superior to the thick liquid bread favored by other Dwarven kingdoms. They even enjoy the bagpipe and drum, also like the human Scots who share their lands. But unlike the Scots, the Dwarves do not assemble in clans and instead maintain the complex “stronghold government” of their Dwarf kinsmen. Dwarves live in a stronghold (which is a mine, a city, and a fortress all at once) and each of these strongholds are ruled over by a Thane or Earl, and he is ruled over by a Lord, who is himself ruled over by the High King. This rigid hierarchy was originally designed to keep the peace among warring nobles but lately that peace has been in shambles when a dwarf named Macbeth seized the throne and ruled the land as a mad tyrant. The nobles, now led by an alliance of wronged parties, revolted against Macbeth and his Half Elf Wife, Lady Macbeth. In the throes of madness, the King exiled many of his enemies both real and imagined and created a large Glenn Diaspora who now wanders the world in search of shelter.

“In black ink my love may still shine bright.”-Sonnet 65

Elves (and some Drow) are very beautiful creatures and thus attract the attentions from many different races. As the focus of so much passion, Half Elves have become increasingly more common, much to the chagrin of many Elven monarchs who dislike seeing their bloodlines mixed with mortal peasants.

“If you prick us, do we not bleed?”–The Merchant of Venice, Act 3, Scene 1

Half Orcs are a pathetic people, looked upon with disdain and generally feared as brutes descended from other brutes. Many Half-Orcs find themselves dropped on the doorsteps of orphanages or sold into slavery by human mothers who either regret consorting with Orcs or had not choice in the matter to begin with…

Egyptian Tengu
“Like a white dove in a flock of crows.” – Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, Scene 5

The mysterious bird people of Asia seem alien and monstrous but have a rich cultural heritage that stretches back centuries. Many of the Western Tengu are descended from a small colony that travelled across Asia to the Mediterranean and settled on an island near the African Coast. Known among their people as the Horus Flock, these Tengu had close relations with the Egyptians and were a common sight in the court of the Ptolemy Pharaohs. Anthony and Cleopatra were known to have several Tengu in their body guard. To this day, many of the Egyptian Tengu still wears the clothing of their ancient ancestors and worship the old Egyptian Gods. Sadly, this colony of Tengu died out mysteriously and the location of their island was lost. The remaining members of their race live in scattered communities across Southern Europe in small working class neighborhoods. Considered hard working, but strange folk, the Tengu tend to live quietly.


“All that glisters is not gold”- The Merchant of Venice, Act 2, Scene 7

As the very first scientists, Alchemists set off in search of the impossible dream of endless wealth only to instead find endless knowledge and the science that would ultimately become chemistry. While the Alchemists in this campaign could indeed turn lead into gold, they are just as likely to heal an injury or cure a sickness…or make a poison…

“If Music be the food of love, play on!”- Twelfth Night, Act 1, Scene 1

Minstrels and Bards and theatre folk were very important to the society of the Renaissance, spreading thoughts and ideas across borders and cultures. Some Bards even traveled on the road and put on plays, some built grand theatres to entertain countless masses of people. One even worked at the Globe in London…

“And, upon this charge cry ’God for Harry! England and Saint George!’”- Henry V, Act 3, Scene 1

Gone are the knights and paladins of old and in their place rises a new class of hero: the Cavalier! Charging forward into battle, past the frontlines and towards their goals, the Cavalier is a dashing figure who swings a shining sword that glints in the sunlight. Don’t bother wishing them luck…for they need it not.

“Now, God be praised….”- Henry VI, Act 2, Scene 1

Religion in Shakespeare’s Europe had a complicated history. Yes, it was indeed a source of conflict, war, and strife. But it was also a source of comfort and social bonding that assured the meek that their toil would not go unrewarded and reminded the powerful that the defense of their people was their sacred duty.

Sample Real World Alignment Chart for Cleric PCs
(Monotheistic Religions can apply their deity to any “Domain” within their alignment; Polytheistic Religions should merely chose one of the appropriate gods in their pantheon and apply it to that domain.)

Christianity: Lawful Good
Judaism: Lawful Good
Islam: Lawful Good
Hinduism: Lawful Good
Egyptian Pagan: Lawful Good
Buddhism: Neutral Good
Norse Pagan: Chaotic Good
Taoism: True Neutral
Greco Roman Pagan: Chaotic Neutral
Satanic Worship: Lawful Evil
Typhon: Neutral Evil
Great Old Ones: Chaotic Evil

Note: Since human religion can be a tricky topic, use of the Cleric class and the religious alignment chart should be considered optional only.

“Come not between the dragon and his wrath!”- King Lear, Act 1, Scene 1

Though they were hardly cut from the same cloth as the noble Cavaliers or the Paladins of ages past, many a sell sword found work during Late Renaissance thanks to the dozens of wars that raged across Europe at the time. The difference between a Fighter and Cavalier was often money, Cavaliers are typically noblemen and Fighters were usually just good with a sword.

“…knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.” –Henry VI Part 2, Act 4 Scene 7

Christian Monastics were well known in Europe and there are still many wandering friars and clergy willing to travel across the world in search of a place to spread the word of their God. But not all Monks have to be Christian. A Monk PC could be a Hindu Fakir traveling West to see where the Silk Road ends, or a Muslim Imam who wishes to increase his knowledge of Allah’s beautiful creation, or even a Shaolin Buddhist in search of the ultimate source of enlightenment

“Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps.”-Much Ado About Nothing, Act 3, Scene 1

Despite centuries of settlement, a portion of Europe remained wild and unsettled. Wild wolves still roamed the Iberian Peninsula and wild deer run through the fields in the British Isles. So men and women with the skills to live off the land are still a prized part of society who could help provide food and faster routes of travel. Rangers in this era have an advantage over nature that their kind have never had before: the Musket.

“Where we are, there’s daggers in men’s smiles…”- Macbeth, Act 2, Scene 3

The 1500s saw the rise of the Golden Age of Piracy on the oceans and organized crime in the city. A person who knows how to be subtle and pick a pocket or two would be highly prized by the proto crime lords of the Elizabethan Era.

“Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.”-Macbeth, Act 4, Scene 1

Every society has someone sitting at the edge, even magical societies. Witches perhaps don’t quite fit in with the stuffy world of magical colleges or libraries. Here at the edge between the wild and civilization, the Witches hunch over their cauldrons and whisper words to their familiars…

“For I can here disarm thee with this stick and make thy weapon drop!”-The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 2

While the Renaissance was an exciting time for the advancement of human knowledge, it was still a time when mankind had a strong belief in magic. When people whispered old words over stones to tell their fortunes or buried locks of hair to keep their beloved close. Magic still rules the day.

A (Role) Play Game in Seven Acts

Act One
Venice: A Pound of Flesh

You and your fellow adventurers are hired by the Doge of Venice to follow Captain Antonio on an expedition to find the lost Milenese wizard Prospero. But before you can depart, it seems one of Captain Antonio’s sins has come back to haunt him…

Dramatis Persone

The Doge

Act Two
Verona: A Pox on Both Your Houses

You first travel to Verona to meet with two friends of Captain Antonio’s: Valentine and Proteus, two gentlemen of Verona. But upon arriving in the city, you discover that there will be no warm welcome for the entire city has gone mad! The Prince’s nephew Paris and his cousin Mercutio have died by violence! Tybalt of House Capulet has been murdered! The only son of Old Montague has committed suicide and alongside him the only daughter of Old Capulet. Chaos spreads across the land! And now the city has taken up arms in revolt, each side blaming the other for these young deaths…

Dramatis Persone

Streets of Verona
Prince Escalus
Pertruchio of House Montague
Valentine of House Capulet
Proteus, Valentine’s friend
Old Montague
Prince’s men

House Capulet
Old Capulet
Lady Capulet
The Apothecary
Mad Men

Act Three
Athens and later the Forest of Arden: All the World’s A Stage

Athens is under Goblin attack and the mighty hero Theseus calls for aid. All the lands of men and Elves empty of soldiers to fight off the green horde and the crew of the airship Portia answers the call to action. Perhaps if you join the fight you can meet the Elven King Oberon and ask him a favor….

Dramatis Persone

Grimwhisker the Gnoll
Spider-eye the Goblin
Goblin soldiers
Gnoll warriors
Athenian Hoplites
Elven Warriors

Frederick the Usurper
Duke Senior
Frederick’s Men

Act Four
Scotland: For Whom the Bell Tolls

As your party heads towards Denmark, a terrible snow storm forces the airship to land in the wild Scottish countryside where you are rescued by a tribe of Scottish Dwarves. Inside a darkened stronghold, the Dwarven Thane Macduff tells you a story of murder and evil…

Dramatis Persone

Castle Macbeth in ruins
Thane Macduff
King Malcolm
Siward of England
Dwarven Warriors
English Soldiers

The Dark Forest
The Wyrd Sisters
The Mysterious Shade
Drow Bandits
Sycorax’s Tengu

Act Five
Denmark: Something Rotten in the State of Denmark

After finally making your way to the castle of King Fortinbras, you find that Prospero and his company have already come and gone. But there may be some evidence of their ultimate destination in the deserted castle of Old King Hamlet. “But you mustn’t go there,” The courtiers’ whisper, “that is a terrible place…”

Dramatis Persone

Castle Fortinbras
King Fortinbras

Castle Hamlet
Shades of Hamlet, the King, the Queen, and others
Dire rats

Act Six
Sicily and later the Isle of Prospero: The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of

On your way to Prospero’s old island home, you stop in Sicily at the home of Leonato, Governor of Messina, to attend the wedding of his niece, Beatrice, to Sir Benedict, a lord of Aragon. It promises to be a merry affair and a good rest after a long journey. But an Oracle from Delphi sent by King Oberon arrives and gives a terrible warning…

Dramatis Persone

Don Pedro
The Elf King’s Soothsayer

Prospero’s Island
Caliban’s Children
Sycorax’s Tengu

Act Seven
Illyria: Or What You Will

The final villain of the plot stands revealed: Sycorax the fiendish witch and mother of Caliban. She seeks Prospero to avenge the death of her son and she doesn’t care who she hurts on her way to that goal. Now you race against time to avert a terrible, terrible war. So Antonio turns the airship toward Illyria, charging through the naval blockades to house of Duke Orsino…

Dramatis Persone

Duke Orsino
Countess Olivia
Sir Toby
Prospero the Fool
Sir Andrew
Orsino’s Guards
Olivia’s Guards
Sycorax’s Tengu Warriors
Sycorax’s Tengu Ninjas
Baphomet, demonic husband of Sycorax

Imagine being held prisoner with Fili and planning out your life with him when you think you're about to die but then Thorin saves you both

For egrubbs101 :)


Captured by orcs you and Fili were sitting in a two dirty wet prison cells which were placed next to each other. The odour of the orcs filled your nose making it difficult to breathe, the air was heavy and every breath felt forced, it was as if were breathing with a jumper over your nose. The wall between your and Fili’s cell had a small window in so you could see each others faces.

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anonymous asked:

How did u get into the catacombs and what did u do there? I just love learning about the catacombs!!

We were tipped off by one friend of a friend about an unsealed manhole leading to the underground network of the French electrical company, network that in turn leads to the catacombs. We climbed down and passed a high, small hole in a closed door, then a narrow passageway in which we had to crawl (they call it a “cat flap”, those who are used to come to the catacombs). Then we were in.

We came with backpacks, torch lights, water and alcohol, paper maps and digital maps on our phones, and a notepad and pens to write down our twists and turns.

The tunnels were dark and dirty and wet, stamped with the names of the streets under which we walked, and there were more stairs there, rooms too, large or small, a lot of paintings and tags and engravings on the walls; water sometimes up to our knees, mud, dust; the smell of mold and sand and night. We stopped everywhere, to light up and take in these urban wall frescoes of sorts, to listen to the echoes of canalizations and anonyms, to think about our next move. We were merely tourists in there, and were very careful for the first few hours: one of us wrote down every way we chose, and the numbers we saw engraved on the walls; another stuck to the map and orientated us in the labyrinth.

We wanted to see the big rooms, one of them an ex-Nazi Bunker, another like an underworld living-room with stone tables and sofa, another one with an ancient fountain filled with underground water; we were alone a long time, only the faint murmurs of living ghosts in the belly of the galleries, and we walked deeper and deeper into the warren. We met people after a while, tourists like us or cataphiles able to tell us where we could find curiosities and exits. We came across the tomb of a man who found himself lost in the catacombs and died there and was found eleven years later (it’s a rendez-vous point today). We met moving groups, but also groups drinking and smoking and laughing in small rooms, listening to music in the candlelight. We were dirty and exhilarated, perhaps a little lost too. After two or three hours, we found a group we liked, with a boy who knew the catacombs like the back of his hand it seemed, and stayed with them and shared our liquors and theirs, the cigarettes and the experiences, and talked about our lives and about the catacombs and what we mustn’t do, what we must know, what we could discover the next time we came.

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Deep in the Crystalspine Reaches lies the lair of the Aeternum, twisting tunnels carved out of the amethyst rock of Arcane lands. At the heart lies a cavern with a grandiose pool of water, gleaming crystals littering its shore. Among the crystalline waters slumber countless gold coins, gems, and other precious metals the clan has hoarded, a giant crystal embedded in the center of the lakel. And from atop this crystal is where the Lord of the Aeternum rules his clan, his onyx scales starkly contrasting with the dancing colors of his surroundings.

Mulling over lore stuff, wanted to draw where my clan leader spends all of his time. Quick sketch thing.

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A Court of War and Starlight: Part 48

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I climbed up to the roof and spread my wings, leaping off the ground and beating my wings until I hovered over the top of the summer manor. It took a lot of focus on effort, but I was determined to see the incoming forces–to know what we were dealing with.

More Attors–I could see them flying toward us from the southwest, their ugly forms sullying the warm Summer sky. Below them, rows upon rows of lesser fae, beastly, monstrous …

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