twisted south

to have and to hold | (m)

 pairing: min yoongi x reader x kim taehyung (taehyung’s pov}
genre/warnings: smut, cuckholding, threesome (sort of, I guess)
• words: 7,893 
→ summary: Taehyung’s about to help Yoongi out with a very different type of kink…
 note. flashbacks indicated by italic paragraphs. 

» take 1 | 
readers pov +

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anonymous asked:

If freelancer had been run better what do you think the relationship between the twins would have been like?

Honestly, I don’t think it would be all that much better. Mostly because the twins had issues before they got into Freelancer; Freelancer just actively worked to make them worse.

You see, North and South have the same kind of problems me and my brother had when we were younger, which is the reason I think they would have been the same out of Freelancer.

So context. I’m not a twin, but my brother is so close in age to myself that we were often thought to be twins (I got told “happy birthday” on his birthday more than once) and while we didn’t look alike, in our younger years we attended a small school which meant everybody knew we were siblings. At the time, I liked to talk about my brother a lot, telling stories about him to amuse my friends and entertain. I was also overtly protective, and thought it was my job to keep an eye on him. My brother on the other hand, wanted everyone to stop associating us together. He wanted his space, which I was always in, he wanted teachers to stop comparing me to him, which they always did, and mostly he just wanted me to stop telling stupid stories about him for lunch, which I did. In short, I was the busybody suck-up who was wound tighter than a string, and he was the cool kid who tired of being compared to his loser sister a grade older.

Sound familiar? 

Now obviously North and South aren’t me and my brother as kids, but they do have the same dynamic. North is the overbearing, high achieving, polite guy, who can’t stop poking his head in his sister’s business. And South is the sister who isn’t as “nice” as her brother, isn’t as “composed” as her brother, and “oh my God, can she just exist as South for once instead of North and South!”

I digress. Long story short, they’re problems were always there. Freelancer just made them worse. And while Freelancer being run better might have not caused everything to get as bad as it did, it wouldn’t solve the root problem here, which is a pair of people who need space. North to learn that he needs to give his sister space and stop treating her like a kid, and South to define herself as herself, not North’s sister. Freelancer being run better wouldn’t solve that problem. They’d still be “the twins.”

The only way I can see it improving in Freelancer is if they were assigned to different squads entirely and given names that didn’t make it obvious they were related. Squads that interact sometimes but mostly function as separate units, meaning while they’d still see each other, they’d also have spaces entirely their own where they were defined as their own people. It’s give them both room to grow and enough shared space that they don’t entirely break off from each other’s lives. And if that happened, they could be like the relationship I have with my brother now, which is far more functional, close, and healthy than the one we had as kids.

welcome to red team

word count: 1,532
notes: for the rvb bingo wars, red team gets a freelancer. go red team! thanks to moop in the red team chat for one of donut’s terrible euphemisms :)
implied grif/simmons, implied carolina/york, possibly hinted at grey/sarge
canon typical stuff.
description: blue team has a freelancer, and now red team has one, too.

you can also find this on ao3!

“So,” says Simmons, “what did you say your name was?”

“Agent South,” she says.

“I thought… I thought Agent South Dakota was dead?”

“Nah,” says South, glancing over her shoulder. “Wash is pretty bad at killing people. Or, them staying dead. Look at your friend Bagel, or whatever his name is. The one in the pink armor.”

“It’s lightish red!” exclaims Donut, planting his hands on his hips. “And my name’s Donut, not Bagel.”

“Right. Sorry. Don’t get your panties in a twist,” says South, not sounding all that apologetic. She lifts her shoulders in a shrug, then glances at the one in red armor – Sarge, if she’s remembering correctly. “So, what do you say?”

“I dunno, missy,” he says gruffly. His voice reminds her a little of the Director’s. “You see, we don’t need a Freelancer! These applications are closed.”

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peter doherty covering other artists’ songs:

Korean Word of the Day

꼬다 = twist

  • 꼬부리다 = bend
  • 꼬불거리다 = wind, be curly
  • 비(비) 꼬다 =  twist, give a sarcastic twist to one’s words
  • 꼬리 =  tail
  • 꼬리치다 = wag its tail, act seductively
  • 꼬리밟히다 =  be caught in wrongdoing
  • 꼬불꼬불하다 = to do winding, to do zig-zagging
Member Berries Reflections

So far, so good.

Like, kind of wish they talked about creek? But I’m honestly happy that every moment they DON’T mention it, it remains canon.

New season looks super funny. I’m obsessed with callback jokes and I feel like this seasons gonna be full of them. And full of GIRLS omg.

I’m excited, and what a twist.