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Natural Hair || DIY Jumbo Senegalese Twists - Protective Styling

My Natural Sistas writes:

My Senegalese Twists Tutorial & Experience! This style saved my #naturalhair at the end of the school year! I had soooo much going on, and styling my hair was the last thing on my mind. This was my first time installing these so please bare with me.

And check out our Havana Marley Twists tutorial using the Invisible Method here.


Here’s a quick little “How To” video from Twisted Sista. I use their 30 second Curl spray as well as the Curl activator. I love it!


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You can find these products online, at Target and for the month of August….the products are a $1 off at Walgreens!

Straight Hair FAIL

So ya’ll knew I was going to attempt to straighten my hair for my birthday?! I have to say that the experience was definitely a learning process on what my hair can and CANNOT do. So I began this straightening process by washing, conditioning, and blow drying my hair as I normally would. I twisted the small sections up after blow drying to ensure they remained detangled overnight. The next day, I split those smaller sections into even smaller sections to flat iron them. Before bringing that flat iron anywhere near my hair, I was sure to use a heat protectant! My product of choice was the Urban Therapy Twisted Sista Straightening Thermal Perfector Spray.

I used the chaser method when flat ironing to ensure that my hair was as straight as possible, and after I was done with that piece, I pin-rolled it. 


a fail. That’s what happened. 

Honey, as I began to take down those pin-curls my hair immediately began to frizz and puff back up. 

Being the “smart” person I was, I completely forgot to trim my ends, although I don’t feel as thought that would have helped this hair situation. I was just so POOFY! I found a way to re-mix the hair style I originally had by pinning one side of my hair back to rock my pseudo-fro. 

My hair actually didn’t turn out bad in my opinion. By now, I have learned to love my hair no matter what it does, even if it is completely the opposite of what I had expected. That night, I flat twisted my hair using ONLY A SMALL AMOUNT of the Shea Moisture Organic Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

I didn’t want my hair completely reverting back so that is why I stress using a small amount. I think I liked this style more than the other one. Excuse the following photos of my crazy friends and I, for we were having too much fun at this event the day before my birthday:

The last picture, of course day three of my straight hair, had to be my favorite. I kept re-twisting my hair using the method MsTanish1 on YouTube used when straightening her hair. You can find her video here. Of course this lasted for about two weeks, and then I had to say bye-bye to my fabulous twist out. 

Now I know you all want to know if I got heat damage, right?

WELL I DID, but it wasn’t that bad. See the proof below:

That’s it. That one little piece of hair that was probably going to get cut anyway was the culprit. Overall, I’m not scared of straightening my hair again, but next time I may go to a professional natural hair stylist who gets paid too much money to do it better than me. 

Until Next Time, 

Peace and Blessings


Perms 'n' curls

So if you haven’t guessed from the title, I got a perm!


Basically I love wavy hair but when I scrunch dry mine, because it is so heavy the wave falls out and no amount of hair gunk can keep it in. So as part of my reinvention of myself, I decided to do something that means I can have my wavy hair whenever I feel like it. And so the perm was done.

It cost £22 from Cutting in Style and so far I’m really loving it. It is a body perm that I have had done. 

Here are pics:

These were taken just after my hair had been washed. What the hairdresser said was not to wash my hair for 24-48hours after the perm was done so that I don’t wash it out, so this was the first time I had gotten to wash and style it properly since then.

And it isn’t so hard to style. I have to dampen it on a day-to-day basis to reform the curls after sleeping, and I can’t sleep with my hair down or I end up with an afro in the morning (somethign I found out from experience the day after I had it done…which was a shock). But other than that it is quite easy to look after. And I really love how it looks.

The only problem is though that it costs a lot to maintain it. I had to get a totally different set of hair care products which cost me another £50…needless to say there was a hole in my plastic after all this….it was worth it though!

These are the products I bought: 

Back row from left to right: Wella Shockwaves Curles and Waves mousse (for that extra hold as and when I want/need it); Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner” leave-in conditioner (because just conditioning isn’t good enough…I have stripped my hair of so much moisture and damaged it a lot because of the perm so this will revitalise it); Redken Fresh Curles shampoo and conditioner(because a normal drugstore brand would be too harsh for my hair, I need to get special salon quality stuff now); spray bottle (to damp my hair every morning and reform the curls)

Front row left to right: Urban Therapy Twisted Sista 30 second curl spray (which helps lift the curls up in-between washes); Bed Head Foxy Culrs Contour Cream (maintains the curls and fights frizz); Urban Therapy Different  Hair Serum (to fight the frizz between washes or when I'm out)

The shampoo and conditioner are quite good…I don’t need to use a lot of it, even though my hair is so long. The hairdresser was very clear on this: A 50p size amount of shampoo and a 20p size amount of conditioner. Any more will make my hair look greasy and will make it heavy. She also said the conditioner should only go from mid-length to my ends, not on my scalp…which was totally new to me, but makes my hair need fewer washes in a week.

The leave-in conditioner is good, in that combined with the normal conditioner my hair does feel rather soft and nice, and it is huge! As I only use a little I reckon it will last me for ages! But it does have a weird smell which I don’t like…but this gets covered by the smell of other products when in my hair.

The Foxy Curls contour cream is put on when my hair is damp just after a wash and it kind of holds the curls together. It smells so good! Seriously if it tasted how it smelt I would eat it it is that yummy! It has this fruity bubblegum smell to it and I love it. I was originally recommended another product for this part of the hair regime but it had a bit of a stronger hold which left my hair feeling a bit crunchy (for lack of a better word) so I went for this one which has a weaker hold and leaves the hair feeling a bit more natural. Again I only need a 20p size amount of it so this will last for a while too.

The Twisted Sista spray and Different Strokes serum can be used on wet or dry hair. Generally I use these as part of my everyday routine (at least for the spray…the serum I only use when I am frizzy). I really notice a difference from just wetting my hair and wetting it and then using the Twisted Sista on it. With Twisted Sista my curls almost spring up and look more bouncy and curly whereas they sometimes look a little lank with just water. And the serum is only for when my hair is frizzy but i literally only use the teeniest amount because it is really concentrated and in a large dose will make my hair look greasy.

I also had to get a wide toothed comb and can’t be too rough on the brushing out of knots because if I am I will brush out the curls. This was the hardest bit for me because I am used to being really rough to get out of the curls, so for me this takes longer.

It’s also a bit of a leap from paying very little attention to my hair to having this extensive haircare regime to look after it, which will get more intensive once I get the last item on my list which is an intensive moisturising treatment that I need to use once a week). But at the same time, it pretty much stays looking good all day, which is an awesome jump from before when my hair woudl get knotted and look ick a few hours in if it was down.

All in all I love my perm and am very happy with how it turned out. I will be colouring it soon to get it perfect, but I am genuinely chuffed by the results.

So what do you all think?