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That’s it for our Shakespeare with a Sci-Fi Twist cycle!  In order of publication: 

OPHELIA by @bethanyhagen

SPEAK TO IT by @nataliecparker

SP34R.dll by @lindsaysmithdc

Call Sign by @authorwrightnow

The Wayward Sisters by @zoraidacordova

The Ghost of Titania by @lorimlee

So Sweet a Changeling by @shvetathakrar


NOTHING NATURAL by @dianahurlburt

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Episode 34 isn’t fucking around.  "Poison" plays immediately, meaning trauma time is here again, and the camera is right back to extravagant art framing, making symmetrically cropping these screenshots needlessly difficult.

Pop quiz: whose tears are those?  If you guessed Anthy - you’re wrong!   Akio is really broken up about this whole situation.

As she leaves him to his post-coital mumbling about comets (stars cannot be owned, they need to be free, just like him, and his dick), he asks: “and yet still you torment me?”  Anthy gives him the bittiest of smiles and departs.

Anthy’s whole job is taking the blame for her brother, so the fact that Akio thinks this whole sitution is her fault should come as a surprise to nobody, but what kind of elaborate justification could he have ginned up to support that reading?

Let’s ask the Shadow Puppet Girls.

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Game of Thrones’ shocking "twists" grow emptier by the episode
Ramsay is a psychopath, and no one's ever been able to see his psychopathy coming, not even Littlefinger. This means he can function as a pure expression of the Game of Thrones' will. Need a shocking but ultimately shallow moment? Why, here's Ramsay to kill someone or rape someone or torture someone! He Isn't a character; he's a collection of brutal tics, designed to generate think pieces (like this one!). So what can you even say? Ramsay having his dogs devour a minor character and a baby is, on the one hand, a vile, detestable scene that is everything this show becomes at its worst. It has no reason to exist, it's cruel for the sake of being cruel, and it uncomfortably intersects with the moments when the series has been cavalier about violence against women. But at the same time, it's such a thinly veiled attempt to push buttons that I rolled my eyes at it. What should be provoking a visceral emotional reaction in me, one way or the other, just left me scoffing at Game of Thrones' brazenness.
By Todd VanDerWerff

britticisms  asked:

If Jo were a guy, I would absolutely call him whiny. I've done so numerous times for other articles I write. Point being, whiny is never a good look for a main character.

i havent read ur other articles but i’ve read this one. i wasnt trying to come at ur neck if that’s how u’re taking it.

“whiny” is usually gendered and skewed towards women and how we handle our “issues.” i had a reaction to that particular sentence so i pointed it out. must be all those sexist reviews i’ve been reading of the white queen…

anywho——personally, i wouldn’t use “whiny” to describe jo’s character drama. self righteous, self centered, hypocritical, etc. but these things would be a LOT less insufferable if the writers actually treated danny and lacey like characters instead of plot points for her story.

all of which u already go over in ur article which i already said was a great read…

JYP New Girl Group “TWICE” Finalised With A Twist #JYPUTROLL

Ok, full recap is not happening until a few days time but JYP’s new girl group TWICE has just been formed with the twist of the century.

Not only did JYP suddenly decide that TWICE is going to become a 9 member girl group after announcing the 7 members of Jihyo, Jungyeon, Nayeon, Sana, Mina, Chaeyoung & Dahyun based on performance + online etc votes -  thus adding Tzuyu in and then….




While I am crying tears of freaking joy for our JYP dancing queen for finally making it and for JYP Japan Line to debut together as they dreamed, I’m feeling so bad, SO BAD, for Minyoung.

Like seriously. While I know she got haters and she is not my bias, god is this cruel. Girl was never eliminated, delivered in 2 more missions after Momo was gone, led Major team for the final mission….

Can we also talk about how her eyes glimmered with hope at the mention of TWICE now being 9 members, and having more hope after Tzuyu was chosen that the next will be her.