twisted pole


i think my adventure time shorts are giving me xtra strength xx
stoked about finally getting my own pole so i spent last 2 days practising and documenting moves. i’ll move on to spinning tricks soon bc spinning mode is still my nemesis

oh and i’ll also start posting my pole progress on instagram so if anyone wants to follow : martinaborisova
i’ll follow back my fellow polers : )

Tianshan Swimming Headcanon

He Tian is a professional swimmer and he would always go to the same public pool because of the super pretty lifeguard over there(aka Guan Shan). He Tian comes in the morning to do laps and hopefully, have some alone time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) with Guan Shan. While swimming, he would purposely show off his well-toned muscles and sculpted calves by exaggerating his mouvements in the hopes of impressing the man he fancies. Guan Shan, on his side, is slightly embarrassed to watch him swim because he knows that He Tian is a great swimmer so he would just glance at him while he pretends to read a book.

One day, the pool was filled with people so it was harder for He Tian to grab Guan Shan’s attention. Then, He Tian decides to fake drown just to see how Guan Shan would react. Guan Shan, who saw through his schemes, decides to take his rescue pole to fish him out of the water.

Jane was out of town when all the Avengers trudged in looking the least heroic Darcy had ever seen them. Without even speaking Clint stomps threw the common room where Darcy is lounging watching DogCops. Natasha follows silently but heading the same path her friend had taken. Steve came threw next giving her a grim nod and  heading for the elevator and likely the gym. Tony and Bruce had settled at the counter and Tony is already pouring shots in between sipping from the bottle. Normally Bruce would complain but he makes no comment and knocks back his first one before staring morosely into the second. Bucky flings himself down on the armchair and Sam takes the other end of the couch both oddly quite.

“I’m glad you’re home” Darcy offers softly. Sam doesn’t acknowledge other than his eyes glazing over looking exhausted. Bucky grunts and scratches absently at his stomach. Whatever happened must have been really rough for Bucky to not even wink at her. Before Darcy can decide on her next course of action the last Avenger comes in from the cold.

“I would eat and then meet you on the train grounds, Lightening Sister.” Thor’s voice usually fills a room. Even in his softest tones his words swell to seem fuller somehow than any non Asgardian’s. Darcy nods and is standing before she realizes. “The Armour you wear for Lady Natasha will suffice” and then he’s rooting around in the fridge, back to the others. Darcy looks around but Only Bucky is even paying attention and he just shrugs.

“Have fun Doll”


“Where did you get that?” Darcy exclaims in awe when she arrives in the gym. She must have been wrong about Steve because Thor is sitting alone beside a number of impressive looking mid evil weaponry. Thor looks up from the short sword he’s holding. 

“Anthony and I fashioned them when you mentioned your interest in taking up arms” He smiled lightly flipping the sword causally. “It was an good bonding experience to bend metal with the Man of Iron”  

Darcy steps closer and can tell the Tony works from the Thor works. Tony’s look impeccably sharp and deadly. All raw edges and gleaming in the sunlight pouring in threw the windows. Thor’s however, they look just as deadly but the handles are more interesting. One is a curving a leaves and stars and it reminds her of Jane. There’s a huge double headed halberd that has a wing on each blade and is connected to a twisting center pole that ends in a hawk like bird on the end. There are several smaller knives and Darcy could spend all day looking at the things he’d made with his hand. 

“Which of these calls to you?” Thor asks gently breaking up her look at all the sweet stuff trance. Darcy’s a little overwhelmed. She had jokingly told him she’d like to be a bad ass wielding claymore warrior like Lady Sif from the Norse stories but it seemed a tall order for her to not only hold one but successfully swing one as she was 5f3 to Sif’s 6f4.  Darcy’s lamenting the lack of Claymore and her stature when she sees it. 

It’s undoubtedly one of Thor’s because the hilt is engraved with lightning and runes. If she didn’t know any better she’d call it a long sword but it’s thicker than anything she knows the words for. When her fingers close around the hilt she surprised at how light it is. The weight it perfect and she closes both hands around the grip admiring the center ridge and shininess. Thor chuckles lowly. 

“I have told you that this is a highly personal request yes?” Thor speaks again and Darcy manages to stop staring at her new found friend. She nods. “The first weapons training Asguardian children have is with their father or mother, whichever is more skilled. Most of the time parents will craft the weapon together for their young and then the parent and child go on a trip together to learn. It is different with each house and each child. It is a very special thing Darcy” He says. Darcy nods again almost afraid Thor will change his mind. He waits however needing to hear her speak.

“Did you make this for me?” Darcy gestures to the weapon in her hand. He gives her a tight smile that reminds her of all the years he has lived. He nods. “It’s amazing, buddy, I love it. If you don’t want to do this it’s okay I can learn on my own and well spar or something” He chuckles at her babbling. He holds up a hand before she can talk herself out of this. The sun is beginning to set and the way it slams into their tower windows has her sweating slightly. 

“I did not know what to make of your request at first. But Anthony tells me you have no father or mother. I have long considered you my family, Darcy and I can not hope to replace that which you have lost but I should like to be your family as much as I know how.” His lower lips trembles just enough that Darcy’s heart instantly breaks. Whatever happened today has him in knots. 

“Yes.” Her voice is thick too seeing his emotions. “Yea of course.” Thor shakes his head as if to clear whatever was bothering him, he wants to push it off a little longer. “So does she have a name?” Darcy smiles holding her weapon again and striking a pose.

“Not yet, little one, We’ll name her together when we finish.”


They practice until the sweat rolling down Darcy’s body has nothing to do with the Sun that has long disappeared. Thor shows her the correct way to hold position her top hand so the cross guard doesn’t chafe her knuckles so badly. He demonstrates a thrust and Darcy copies. He continues it shoulder muscles rippling with each ferocious jab and they repeat it until Darcy finally lets loose and completes the move with all her energy. Thor beams and they move onto perrys. 

Eventually Thor senses her tiring and calls it quits, passing her a bottle of water. Darcy is exhausted and aching in weird places her workouts with Nat don’t touch. It was incredibly difficult and she feels another flare of respect for Sif and her Claymore. 

“You would have made a formidable opponent had you learned as a child” Thor commends. “and will be sooner than I anticipate, no doubt” He winks with a secret smile. Darcy grins back. It was weird to say they bonded thru arms training but she really did feel closer to her giant bestie. 

“Did you like use Mjolnir to make this? Because I feel like that makes me pretty worthy be default. I fully expect a coronation on my first visit” She giggles. Thor barks out a laugh.

“Why wait?” He grabs his cape from where he’d tossed in on the bench and throws it around Darcy’s shoulders. The cape is heavier than she would have guessed and of course is a foot too long for her. It pools around her on the ground but Darcy stands a little straighter beaming up at him. “By the power granted me by this might hammer, I proclaim you, Lady Darcy, Princess of Asgard.” He grabs her shoulders and presses a kiss to her forehead. His lips linger and Darcy feels his fierce love and his emotional day surrounding her. She wraps as much of her arms around him as she can, keeping him in close. It seems so wrong that such a big guy could tremble in her arms, like a child, but his arms shake with tremors that the work out had pushed off. 

“It’s okay” She says softly. Hot wet tears splash on the top of her head and forehead. “It’s gonna be okay Thor, There’s nothing we can’t fix. It’ll be okay” She mutters gentle reassurances until he’s calmed and finally he pulls back with a watery snotty smile. It was mildly comforting to Darcy that even Thor was an ugly crier. 

“You are surely a blessing I have not earned little one.” He says. “Come let us name your blade” He smiles for real and grabs the hilt and presses it back into Darcy’s hands. She grips it expectantly waiting for instruction. Thor beams at the picture she makes, short, flushed, eager and in under armor gear and his billowing red cape. 

“So how bout Alfred?” She says awkwardly rocking on the balls of her feet. Thor laughs again and clasps his hands on the grip over hers. 

“Do your best to relax.” Thor says and that’s all the warning she has before their hands begin to glow a bright white color and heat flares up her am like she’s touched a car that’s been the hot sun. It’s almost too much to bare when Thor finally releases her and the white light fades to blue and the blue light rescinds into the weapon.  “Loki is not the only son to study with Mother” He smiles. 

Darcy spreads her fingers curiously to find two things. The first is that the dull silver lightning engraved on the grip is now an otherworldly blue and a name has been carved into the blade just above the rain guard, Thor peers at it curiously before beaming at her. 

“Eldr Hjarta ?” Darcy stumbles threw the unfamiliar words. “Fire something right?” She looks up into Thor’s eyes, thumb still rubbing the words. The lightning matches his eyes, she thinks. 

“Fire heart” He agrees. “It is a good name. My first one was called, Byrstr, or thirsty” 

Darcy laughs and the worry she held about Thor softens a little. He’s going to be okay. 

“Come let us spread the news.” He passes her the scabbard and belt. Thor is packing away the other weapons while she fastens the belt and blade to her side. 

“You’ll talk to Jane about whatever happened? and maybe Sam?” She asks. Thor hums noncommittally. “Seriously Thor if you can’t tell those two who can you tell?” 

“You are very wise, sister.” He huffs. “Very well, let us dwell on it no longer. Instead I should like to brag to Anthony that you chose a blade of my fashioning over his.” His smirk is playful and Darcy can’t help but giggle.


They enter the common room and Darcy’s so excited to show off her present she doesn’t really think before she speaks. 

“Bucky look at my sword!” She shouts the second she’s off the elevator pushing her hips  toward his face.Sam must have gone to bed or he’d be laughing at the bewildered owlish look on Bucky’s face. Bucky blinks rapidly at her pelvis for a moment before seeing the actual weapon 

“That certainly would explain a lot about you Lewis.” Tony sniggers from behind his glass. Darcy glowers. 

“As if I would call my hypothetical dick a sword!” She scoffs. “It’d be a Thompson gun” She smirks. Bruce chokes out a laugh and even Tony cracks a smile. 

“I happen to be a weapons expert Doll” Bucky winks with a smile. Darcy pats his head affectionately and beams at Thor..

“So am I Buck, so am I” 

Purple Boyfriends?

henlo errbady. this prompt is for @yesgay-briel who asked for something along the lines of “being so in pain that you cant scream” with klangst, so here we go! established relationship with lance as my poor kicking bag, as usual. thanks for the prompt! <3

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to tell everyone they were dating. No, not because a boy on boy relationship was frowned upon (they were in space, who the fuck cares about that?), but because nobody in the group should have been dating, period. At least not openly.

So, when Lance and Keith decided they were going to try dating for a bit, they didn’t immediately rush off to tell anyone. Sure, there was the slight unease of coming out to five other people (though Lance swore that nobody else on the ship was straight), but it was mostly because they weren’t quite sure what they were doing, themselves. That’s why they had waited a few weeks before telling anyone—they were mostly confused, and scared.

Oh, that and the fact that somehow, their enemies had found out about it.

Yeah. That was the biggest issue.

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Anytime, Sweetheart: Part 13

Pairing: JDM x OFC, Rob Benedict x OFC (RPF)
Features: Ackles & Padalecki Families, R2, Misha Collins, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, and other OFCs

Series MasterList

Summary: (I’m horrible at summaries, but let me try): Kylin Ackles runs to her brother’s house after leaving her abusive boyfriend of 3 years, where she meets Jeffrey. Events unfold that bring them together, as well as push them apart.
Warnings: Emotional abuse, Physical Violence, mentions of rape, cursing, drinking, recreational drug use (weed), Strip Club, RPF, Age difference, Gifs, Sexual content, etc *NSFW18+

(A/N: This is strictly a work of fiction that I came up with off the top of my head. For fictional purposes  his S/O & Son are not mentioned. I love him and his little family, though, so no hate intended. This is the first time posting anything on Tumblr, but I couldn’t get it out of my head since my ao3 fic is currently on hiatus because writers block. Feedback is appreciated. unbetaed, all mistakes are mine.)

TAGS: @jml509 @jesbakescookies @daddy-kink-confirmed @jeffreydeanneganstrash @xagateophobiax @sorenmarie87  @aquivercactus @jdmfanfiction &&tagging @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll, @natasha-cole because this is what ya’ll fuckers did to me. && @angelsandhuntersgalore because of the Robbie and it’s the right thing to do. 


   Something definitely wasn’t right. One week of us staying with Norman turned in to two, and Jeffrey consistently got more and more distant as the days passed by. Both men would be on set from 5:30 in the morning to late in the evening, and so exhausted by the time they arrived back that they would eat whatever dinner I had made silently at the table before passing out in bed within an hour. More often then expected I was left alone, which didn’t bother me because Norman always left me his truck if I wanted to go anywhere. He also had failed to mention that he had a pole in one of the bedrooms that he had converted into a gym, and that’s where they found me one afternoon when they came home early. 

   "What in the fuck?“ Norman’s reaction as I twisted and twirled up and down the spinning metal was priceless.

   "Holy shit!” Jeffrey screeched in concern when I let myself free fall to the floor from my place against the ceiling head first. 

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Peep Show

This is just a little birthday present for one of my favorite Tumblr Bitches, who coincidently is a Bastard, not a Bitch :) I adore you either way!

Happy Birthday @angelsseb I hope you had a great day! Sorry this is so short, I didn’t know it was your birthday until earlier today! Hope you enjoy my fumbling attempt at a little Tom/Loki action….. Ehehehe!

Warnings: m/m oral sex and stripping…. and bad writing….. Birthday smut!

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Their Girlfriend Is A Professional Pole-Dancer: TWICE

Anonymous said: Hiya! Could I please request a Monsta X (and maybe Twice if I can ask for multiple?) reaction to their girlfriend/significant other being a professional level pole dancer, or experiencing seeing them practice pole for the first time? Please and thank you and I hope you’re having a beautiful day full of your biases!

I hope you enjoy this love! Monsta X’s version is here! Hope you have a great day!

Nayeon: She was relaxing with you, cuddled into your side when all of a sudden, you got a text from your friend, asking for a video of your pole-dancing routine so they can practice as well. Even though she respects your privacy, her eyes scanned your phone as you sent the video. She was confused as to why there was a girl on a pole and why you sent that to your friend. When she asked you what it was, you just told her that you pole-dance as a hobby and that if she wants, she can watch the video. So, your night consisted of her fangirling over your videos. No matter what you do, she will remember it and use it to her advantage for flirting. Having a talented pole dancer as a girlfriend made her happy, so she’s going to show that she loves it. 

Originally posted by nayeoh

Jungyeon: Internal and external screams are her reaction to actually seeing this. One day, you were assigned to help your students with the routine on a date night, so you just took her with you to the studio. She sat there, watching you show the routine. Even though the music was loud, you could hear the screams over it. She didn’t expect you to be so good at pole-dancing, so this was a large surprise to her. Even after that night, she would be mentally screaming about the routine she saw and how wonderful you looked. Hopefully, she will finally process the fact that you actually pole-dance for a hobby so she can tell you how proud she is to have you as hers, always making sure you knew that. But don’t worry, she will let you live for just a few minutes before she praises you again.

Originally posted by blankjiace

Momo: Being a dancer herself, she would have such a special feeling of pride and joy after finding out that you pole-dance. She didn’t mean to find out about your hobby, it just happened.  One day, her curiosity got the better of her and she started to snoop in your phone. Yes, she respects your privacy, but she was bored, so she tried to find a strange selfie to forward to her and set as your contact. But, what she found was a video of your pole-dance routine, which made her shocked, as she didn’t know this. She would immediately go and praise your dancing, admitting her snooping and getting scolded. Even so, she would still be happy since she has such a talented person as her girlfriend. Whenever you brought up your pole-dancing, she’d immediately get giddy and compliment you on it, no matter what. 

Originally posted by 0ncelovestwice

Sana: Blushes and fangirl mode activated. She was also someone who didn’t mean to find out about your hobby, just kind of stumbling across it. Of course, this curious bean would look around your house when she arrived a little too early, even earlier than you. What she was expecting to find was random forgotten clothes or lost accessories, but she found a box with scribbles across it. When she opened it, she found your pole-dancing supplies, examining the strange box. Within it, she found a photo of you teaching your first pole-dancing class, your form perfectly bending and twisting with the pole. She wouldn’t be able to process this and fangirl when you got back. Because of her excitement, you took her to one of your class and she would flail and blush the whole time. Having such a beautiful and talented girlfriend made her feel overjoyed.

Originally posted by alltwice

Jihyo: You told her of your hobby out of the blue, since it randomly came across your mind. The two of you were sitting down, holding hands and being generally cheesy with one another when you remembered that you never told her that you pole-dance. So, you told her, her smile stretching to gape. This fact was a surprise to her, as she didn’t expect you to actually pole-dance. Because of this type of dance being so difficult, she was interested in knowing how you do your hobby. You brought her to the studio to show her your routine so she could see what you teach. As you professionally did the routine, she would admire you, her mouth hanging open as her eyes widened. With you being so good at that, she was incredibly proud to be dating you. 

Originally posted by 9477

Mina: She would get so shy once she found out that you pole-dance as a hobby. The way she found out was when she was going through your photo albums with you. One picture caught her attention: a picture of you with your new studio, the poles behind you shining. Asking you what the picture was, her eyes would widen as you told her that it was when you got your studio to teach pole-dancing. Because of her interested, you decided to let her watch some videos. This would cause her to blush and fangirl, as you played videos of your routine. She was happy and proud that she’s dating someone so cool, becoming a fan of your dancing. 

Originally posted by kyuteu-k

Dahyun: Full of grins and cheers for your dancing. One day, as the two of our were relaxing, you received a call from a student, asking if they could go to the studio to rehearse the routine. Because of this, you tried to end the date night short, but her pouts got you to take her with you. When you showed the routine, she would sit there in shock, admiring the way you pole-danced so effortlessly. She couldn’t process it until after the routine and you slid off the pole. She would cheer telling you how well you did and how she’s lucky to have you. Instantly, she’d become you biggest fan. Everytime you pole-danced, don’t be surprised that she’s close by, cheering you on. 

Originally posted by tw9celand

Chaeyoung: Confusion and disbelief would be evident on her face since she never expected you to be so good at pole-dancing. Another snooper, finding out your hobby because of her curiosity. During a movie night, you fell asleep before she did. While taking pictures of your sleeping face, your phone buzzed, catching her attention. Even though you two respect each other’s privacy, she was curious as to why your phone buzzed. So, she grabbed your phone, unlocking it. It was a student asking for the pole dance routine. She’d sit there, scanning the text as you slowly woke up. Her face would go through many expressions and while you scolded her, she’d ask to see your routine, only to freak out ad cheer once she saw it. You’d never live it down since she’ll now forever praise you. 

Originally posted by blankjiace

Tzuyu: She’d probably fangirl and gush over you. One day, you were watching your routine on your phone when she sat beside you, the video catching her attention. As discretely as she could, she would watch the video, eyes widening and mouth gaping as you professionally spun around the pole. She didn’t expect you to be so good at it. You noticed her spying eyes and hid your phone in your chest, scolding her for peeking. Ignoring your nags, she complimented your dancing, pinching your cheeks once you blushed. Pole-dancing is a hard thing to do and for you to be able to do it so well made her extremely proud of you. No matter what, she’d praise you and compliment you, telling you how she was s lucky and happy to date you. 

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I hope you enjoyed this! If anyone wants anything else, just request away!

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Don't Need Candles or Cake

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: some big fat birthday smut for hump day

Word Count: 3,164

Imagine: You have quiet the surprise in store for Dean’s birthday 


A/N: So I know Dean’s birthday passed, but I had started writing this after I finished Happy Birthday, Dean, and then got caught up in life.

But better late then never.  

And in case anyone wants to know where I got inspiration (NSFW). It was only after rewatching this video a ton of time (on the train on the way home), that I realized that you could see my screen in the reflection of the window I was leaning against, which explains the weird look the guy across from me was giving. 

Listen to Pour Some Sugar On Me

Yes, the title comes from Jeremih’s “Birthday Sex”

And as always, practice safe sex kiddos. 

Your heart pounded in your chest as you waited for Dean to walk in. 

You had left a note on the bed you shared twenty minutes ago.

Come find me. 

Was all there was to it. Not hinting as to what awaited him when he found you. 

You had begun thinking months ago about what you would get Dean for his birthday, and one day, it hit you. 

You don’t know what made you think of it, but as soon as the idea had been planted, you knew you had to follow through.

So you snuck away to one of the spare bedrooms, knowing Dean would never have any reason to be in here, and began setting up your surprise.

It was a lot of work setting up, the biggest pain being securing the damn thing to the ceiling, but once you got it installed and ready, all there was left to do was practice. 

And practice. 

And thank god you kept your laptop locked, because you’re sure Dean would have found out what you were doing by now–or at least had a few questions for you–if he saw your Youtube history. 

So now you stood against the cold metal, standing a good six inches taller in your clear platform heels, the red lace teddy doing nothing to provide any warmth against the dampness of the unused bedroom. 

“Y/N?” You hear Dean’s voice call from the hallway, and your heart starts racing.

You had never done anything even close to this before, and you were terrified of looking like an idiot.

But it was too late to back out now. You hair was tousled, makeup dark, and Dean was only a few feet away. 

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Talking about Raúl and pole dancing …

imagine Cabaret with a modern twist–and pole dance elements. I can totally see it. Like when the Emcee introduces the girls during Willkommen, they’re gliding down the pole, each one doing their little trademark thing. And during the last chorus he does some swirls on it himself, all flirty and teasing………. ASDHAKHJ fuck me

Originally posted by lafbaguette

Patching Up

Imagine Billy gets hurt and you have to care for him.

Author: Me!

Content: Fluff.

Characters: BillyxReader

(I’ll be honest, this isn’t what I originally wrote! The drabble I came up with was turning into a five page thing, so I had to scrap it and cut it down to something else to meet my own rules for drabble length! :D Still, I hope you enjoy it to all those that requested and were waiting for it).


Sunshine bursts through the small doorway of the tent, washing you in comforting warmth. But still you shiver, exhaustion and fear gripping the edges of your mind like a fog.

It only clouds your thoughts more as you stare down at Billy, spread on a makeshift canvas bedroll. You’d done your best to wash away the blood and sand that stained his skin, but it only revealed how pale and ill he looked. The sight of it makes your stomach knot so tightly you can barely breathe.

“What were you thinking?” you whisper at his sleeping form, gently pressing a cool, wet cloth on his brow.

As the fabric touches his skin, he gasps and his eyes shoot open.

You flinch in surprise, but jerk forwards as the large man tries to struggle into a sitting position.

“Stay still!” you order, frowning as the wounds on his side you’d spent so long cleaning starts bleeding once more at his sharp movement.

He hisses loudly in pain and you help him to sit himself up, though he wobbles a little and you put a hand on him to keep him steady. His gaze flicks frantically around the tent before landing on you, and you see then tension in his body soften.

“What happened?” he asks, his voice cracking. You hand him a mug of water, which he gulps down gratefully.

“You were on deck,” you say, taking the mug back, before moving your focus to cleaning his wound again, “one of the new crew was struggling with the anchor…” Your words trail when you see the memory flood his face, his handsome features twisting into a wince.

The pole had slipped free of the man’s hand, sending the wheel swirling around in a flurry. Billy had dragged the man out of the way, but had taken the force of the hit instead.

“How is he?”

You frown and sit back. “Seriously? You’re sat here with a chunk taken out of your side, not able to move for the bruising, and you’re asking about him?” You scoff a laugh. “Why am I not surprised?”

His lips curve into a half smile at your reaction, before he jumps as you press a little harder on his wound trying to clean out the sand.

“You don’t play doctor very often.” His gaze flicks up to meet yours.

“I wouldn’t do it for anyone else, you know that.” The honesty in your voice makes your words catch in your throat and you feel heat on your cheeks, so turn away to hide it.

He catches your hand as you move, and you twist back to face him. His grip is firm but soft, the touch sending a wave of warmth flooding through you and making the chill that had seized you before dissipate.

“Thank you,” he says, his thumb rubbing along your palm. It’s an innocent touch, but you think it might set your heart exploding in your chest.

You smile, unable to hold it back. “Of course.”

He lets go of your hand, and it falls to his chest. He carefully lays down, his eyes falling shut, and you can feel the steady beat of his heart beneath your fingers. It’s a soothing rhythm, one that calms your fears.

He’s going to be all right.

The realisation hits you like a hammer against glass, and the adrenaline you’d been running on all day and night finally cracks. Fatigue grips you and you can’t help but flop down beside Billy.

The gap you’d left between you and him is suddenly closed when he shifts himself close. You barely move as his arm curls around you, and instead you revel in the feel of it, allowing your eyes to flicker shut.

You’d never slept better in all your life.

A Campfire, A Guitar, and A Diamond Ring (Patrick Stump)

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” I ask doubtfully, glancing up at the clouds gathering above our heads.

“ Babe, I told you, the clouds will pass and it won’t rain on us, I promise” Patrick says, pulling a duffel bag out of the trunk.

“ For the sake of us, and our stuff,” I reply, gesturing to our tent, chairs, and bags piled on the ground next to us, “I hope you’re right”

“ Relax (Y/N), this weekend is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not stressful” he says, hugging me from behind.

I instinctively lean back onto his chest, “ I know, i’m sorry. It’s just been a long week”

“ It’s okay, that’s why we’re here” He says, placing a kiss on my temple and stepping away from me.

He grabs the tent from the ground and moves over to a flat area to begin setting it up as I survey our campsite. Flat clear area, but pretty well secluded by the trees, a place for fire already set up with a ring of stones, and right off of the shore of the small lake, all in all the perfect site.

I smile, and squat down near my bag, rummaging through a minute before pulling out a bluetooth speaker. I connect it to my phone, play twenty one pilots, and move over to help with tent.

“Having trouble?” I ask with a laugh as I see Patrick struggling to connect two poles together.

“Well i’m like 95% sure these go together, but I also lost the instructions” He says. I let out a playful exasperated sigh before helping him. I twist the pole in his hand, sliding it into place almost immediately. He looks up at me in shock and I raise my eyebrows at him.

He cracks a grin, “I knew there was a reason we were dating”

“ Ah yes because my ability to set up a tent for one of the two times we’ve ever gone camping totally justifies a three year relationship.” I tease.

“ Well, I guess you’re pretty cute too” he smirks

“ Careful Trick, or you just might be sleeping on the ground outside tonight”

He playfully gasps and I laugh at his expression. After another solid half hour of struggling with the tent, we finally finish it. We throw our sleeping bags and duffel bags into the tent, set up the chairs next to the fire pit, and we are finally done setting up our site.

Hot from the set up, we decide to swim. After changing, we stroll down to the water’s edge and into the first few inches of water. I smile, relishing in the warmth of the sun and the feel of cold water on my toes. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and immediately feel a rush of cold water splashed onto me. I shriek from the cold, and open my eyes to a laughing Patrick.

“ Oh no you did not just do that! You’re ON!” I yell, kicking a wave of water at him.

He laughs, easily darting out of the way. The fight continues for a few minutes, until an unbalanced kick from Patrick sends us falling onto the ground. Well, Patrick fell onto the ground, I mostly fell on him. We both look at each other in shock, before bursting out in laughter. I push myself off of him, but immediately re settle, straddling his stomach and trapping him on the ground.

“ Well look at this, Mr Stump, it appears I have the upper hand”

“And I am not mad about it, not even a little” he replies with a smirk, I let out a laugh.


“ Truce” he agrees.

I lean down and kiss him, before jumping up and offering him a hand.

He stands, brushes the sand from his back, before bending down in a deep bow.

“May I offer m’lady a high quality piggyback ride back to camp?”

“Why yes, yes you may, good sir” I reply, copying his formal tone.

He grins at me and me and turns around. I brace my hands on his shoulders and jump, his hands reaching down to support my legs, which immediately wrap around him. My arms encircle his shoulder, and I place a kiss on his cheek as he makes his way back up to the campsite. He drops me down at the tent, where we change into pajamas and decide it’s time for a fire. I stack the firewood in the middle, and start the fire, while Patrick runs back to the car for his guitar. We brought chairs, but decide against them and throw some towels down on the ground, next to one of the logs set up, and lean our backs against it. We relax, enjoying nature, each other, and the music Patrick’s playing. After a little bit, Patrick sets the guitar aside, and scoots next to me, throwing an arm around my shoulder and urging me closer, to which I happily oblige.

After a few minutes, Patrick breaks the silence.

“ (Y/N), there’s something I want to say.” he says quietly.

I break away from his embrace and turn to face him, sitting cross legged, slightly concerned he has bad news. “ What is it Trick?”

“ From the day I first met you, three and a half years ago, I knew you were special.” He begins, holding my hands in his. “You were bright, funny, and sweet, but also had fire in you. You care so much for others, you protect the people you love, and you’re so strong. They day you agreed to be my girlfriend was the best day of my life. The last three years have been amazing. You support me and my music, you get along with all of my family and friends, and I couldn’t imagine getting through my life without you.” He pauses, reaching out to wipe the tears on my cheeks, and then tugs on my hands, pulling me up to a standing position with him. “ And I know that life will never be perfect, but I also know that it will be a million times better if you’re by my side. I have loved you for years, I love you now, and I will love you for the rest of time,” He reaches into his back pocket and lowers down on one knee, “ (Y/N), will you marry me?” he finishes, opening the box a smiling up at me.

I grin down at him, covering my mouth with my hands as I realize what is happening. I place my hands on the sides of his face, and he stands up. “Yes Trick, Yes! A thousand times yes!” I say, catching the sight of his huge smile before he pulls me into a kiss. We break apart, laughing, and he pulls the ring from the box and slides it onto my finger. I gasp as I see it, It’s small, simple, and absolutely beautiful. Patrick glances up at me, concerned.

“Is it okay? We can get a different one if you don’t like it” he says quickly.

“ No Trick, I love it , it’s perfect” I reply smiling, “ and so are you.”

I pull him into a hug, unable to stop smiling out of sheer joy. Finally, after several more minutes of kissing and laughing, we decide to sit down. We settle into our original position, snuggling next to the campfire, and I turn my head so i’m facing him.

“ And for the record,” I whisper, “ I have loved you for years, I love you now, and I will love you for the rest of time.”

Patrick smiles, placing a soft kiss on my lips, and rests his forehead against mine. And when I look up into his eyes, all I see is love.


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Based on Prompt by @peggdaniels: Hi! How about the reader is Avenger with the same set skills as Natasha, but she’s excellent at archery too and Bruce and Tony trat her like their little sister? Plot twist: She is Pole and when she was a little girl she was kidnapped to the Red Room in Russia (and her family killed) and she was in Red Room while Nat was but reader escaped before the “ceremony” and she’s homesick and when team finds out about it they learn Polish or something to cheer her up? Thanks!

A/N: Sorry y’all, I’ve been hella busy.  I’m writing a column this quarter and it’s just taken a little while settling into a schedule.  Here’s my first stab at a Natasha fic, so I hope it’s not terrible.  Love you!

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Vladmir Nabokov describes it best: “No single word in English renders all the shades of toska. At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning.”


You grunt as Tony knocks you to the ground for the fourth time.  You push yourself up off the mat, ignoring Tony’s proffered hand.

“You ok, (Y/N)?” Tony asks.  

“Fine,” you say.

“Because this is the point in sparring where I’m normally on the floor, covered in bruises, begging for mercy.”

“I’m fine,” you repeat.  “Just…distracted.”

“Distrac-”  You cut Tony off as you sweep his feet out from under him.  He hits the mat with a resounding thud.

“Don’t know why you’re complaining, you hate it when I’m focused,” you smirk, offering a hand to the wheezing Tony.  He shakes his head and remains spread out on the ground, staring up at the ceiling.  “You gonna get up, old man?”

“I’m done,” he groans.

“I knocked you down once,” you tease.  “Steve’s 90-something and he can go all day.”

“I’d like to remind you that my powers are all-natural,” Tony retorts.  “You and Spangles have other shit in your veins.  I just have blood and alcohol.”  You stiffen, knowing that Tony didn’t mean to hit a sore spot.  

“All right,” you reply.  “I’ll see you later.”  You dart out of the training room, unaware of the second set of eyes that follow your retreating figure.

Once in the safety of your room, you peel off your workout clothes and step into the shower.  It always takes a second to adjust to the warm water; growing up, you had only been allowed cold showers.  

“J.A.R.V.I.S., play some music,” you ask quietly, hoping the notes will drown out the memories threatening to come flooding into your mind.  You finish your shower and slip into some cozy pajamas, humming quietly to yourself as you absent-mindedly brush your hair and wander back into your bedroom.

“Your form was off.”  You whirl around to find Natasha, sitting nonchalantly on your bed.  Your heart drops, partially because you weren’t able to detect her entry, the other half because…your heart always beats a little bit faster when the redhead’s around.

“Tasha,” you scold.  “Don’t scare me like that.”

“You didn’t realize I was here?” she asks, her eyes widening.

“Maybe I was going easy on Stark,” you shrug.  “It’s not exactly a fair fight, me and him.”

“Maybe,” she says.  “Or maybe you were distracted.”

“I just said that,” you lie.  “Tactic.  Got him to let his guard down.”

“As if you needed to,” she says, arching an eyebrow.  “You don’t need to wear the mask, (Y/N).  Not now, not with me.”

“The mask?” you ask archly, trying to keep your voice steady.  “I’m not sure I can tell the difference anymore.”  You notice the way Natasha’s eyes soften, the way she swallows deeply.

“Yes, you can,” she says quietly, patting the bed next to her.  Wordlessly, you sit down next to her, curving into her side.  This is new, something you’ve never done before, but it feels natural.  “What’s on your mind?”

“We have the same training,” you reply.  “You tell me.”

“You know I don’t use that,” she says softly, and you just barely pick up on the note of hurt.  “Not on you.”

“I can’t stop using it,” you say.  “Even when I don’t want to.  It’s not something I can turn off.  It’s like it’s always there, always whispering things I don’t want to know.”

“Like what?” she asks gently, and you feel her fingers, feather-light, brushing gently through your hair.  

“The way Steve jumps at loud noises in the morning,” you say quietly.  “That’s how I know when he’s had nightmares.  The way Tony’s hands shake until he downs his first drink of the day.  The way Bruce constantly looks over his shoulder, like he’s still afraid someone will come lock him up.  All the things I wouldn’t know if I was normal, but because I’m not…I do.”  Natasha’s silent.

“I miss home,” you admit.  “Poland.  That’s why I’m out of sorts.  I miss home, but…”

“But?” Natasha asks, her voice curious but 

“But I don’t remember home,” you say.  “At least, not the way I should.  It’s fuzzy, like there’s a layer of film over it, and they’ve faded over time.  I don’t know what they did to me in the Red Room, but it’s like the memories are corroded.”

“You’re lucky you got out,” Natasha replies.  “I can’t remember anything before the Red Room.”  As if of its own accord, your hand snakes across her stomach and drapes itself over her waist, like you’re trying to hold onto her, trying not to lose her.

“I’m sorry,” you say.

“Don’t be,” she replies.  “This is my home now.”

“The Avengers tower?” you ask.

“No, right here,” she says.  “You.”  

“Tasha…” you breathe, searching for words.

Moje slońce,” she says and your eyes widen.

“My sunshine,” you translate.  “You speak Polish?”  She nods and keeps going.

Jesteś moim powietrzem,” she says.

“You are my air.”

Nie moge żyć bez Ciebie.”

“I cannot live without you.”

Kocham życie bo dalo mi Ciebie.”

“I love my life because it gave you to me.”

Jesteś calym moim życiem.”

“You are my whole life.”

Kocham Cię.”  Your eyes dart to hers, then away, then back.  Her brows furrow.  “Did I say it wrong?”

“No, you didn’t,” you reply.  “Sorry, I just…it’s taking me a minute to process.”

“Oh,” she says and you hear the hint of fear in her voice.

“Tasha, I love you too,” you say gently and her eyes snap up to meet yours.

“You do?” she asks and you shake your head.

“Of course I do,” you reply.  “But be honest, do you really know Polish?”

“Some,” she says.  “I’m not gonna lie, I brushed up before I came to visit you.”

“What did you do, Google ‘romantic Polish phrases?’” you tease.  

“Pretty much,” she says.  “I hedged my bets and also learned some comforting stuff.  Like, masz ochote na lody?”

“Would you like some ice cream?” you translate with a smile.

“Exactly,” she says.  “Polish is a Slavic based language, like Russian, so it wasn’t too difficult.”

“Why’d you do it?”

“To cheer you up,” she says matter-of-factly.  You shake your head and lean forward, placing your lips against Natasha’s.  She kisses back, the taste of chocolate on her lips.

“I see you started on the ice cream without me,” you tease.  “Is there any leftover for me?”

“Of course,” Natasha says, shoving you playfully.  “I can get it.”  She shifts and you stiffen, the thought of her leaving you injecting you with a wave a panic.  Natasha turns to you and wraps her arm around you, planting a kiss on your forehead.  

“Don’t worry,” she says quietly.  “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Then wha-”  Natasha puts her phone up to her ear.

“Stark!  I’m in (Y/N)’s room.  Bring us the ice cream!”  She hangs up and tosses her phone away.  “Ice cream’s on its way.”

Septic-Spies Part 1 - “Mission Statement”

YAy!!! NEw AU!!! Thank you whoever gave me the name idea!! So yes this’ll be a tickle series, it’ll probs have more parts than Beanie boy, but unfortunately no tickles just yet! You get to meet the cast of the protagonists!! So please enjoy!! (Also part 2 may go up today as well… im in a mood)

Warning: Profanity

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despite what you’ve been told (pt 3)

sometimes when I’m writing a fic like this it just goes and does things on its own and i’m left to stare at it like “Oh. Oh. That’s what that’s about.” so here’s an interlude with Phichit bless everything

Read Part One | Part Two

A little over eighteen months ago Phichit shoved an advertisement under Yuuri Katsuki’s nose with a grin and watched him read over it, blinking behind his glasses at first, then wide-eyed with interest.  Phichit gave it about twenty minutes to settle in, watched Yuuri curl up against the rink barrier, protein bar stuck in his mouth, green-guarded skates tucked under his thighs, tapping the web address from the brochure into his phone.

Then, “Let’s enroll together!” Phichit said, rocking back and forth on the bench, and Yuuri’s expression shifted from curiosity to vague horror.

“N-no, I’d rather not.”

Two days later Phichit tried again, but his roommate shuffled away from him, waffling, “It’s really not me, you know?” and pretended to study until Phichit dropped the topic.

But he’d seemed intrigued at first, Phichit thought, then after another two days of frowning to himself he realized the problem and tried again, after draining his water bottle mid-practice, this time holding up his pinkie when Yuuri came to a stop at his side.

“If you enroll with me, I solemnly swear to put my phone away, not take a single picture, and never tweet a word about it.”

Yuuri wasn’t wearing his glasses, so his squint might have looked more suspicious than it actually was.  “Really?”

“Of course!”

There are probably people who think Phichit is genuinely incorrigible and unscrupulous when it comes to social media, but he does actually recognize that boundary between teasing your friends in ways that are harmless and actually hurting their feelings.  So when Yuuri smiled and linked his pinkie with Phichit’s and said, “Deal,” he made sure his word was as good as the gold he’ll one day wear around his neck.

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Shattered Glass and Broken Reflections

Well, this is a lovely day for today is mysteryprof’s birthday!

Because she’s a really awesome person and wonderful writer, I wanted to do something for her celebration of another year around the sun. I asked her for prompts, and I wrote her fanfiction for her birthday! This is the first one, where she requested something with a mirror theme, thinking that Placid would have a fear of mirrors, as he is plagued by a fear of his reflection. Enjoy, and happy birthday, Prof!

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So often I am asked for advice on ‘how not to love someone’ on ‘how to learn to let go’ or ‘they’ve moved on and I haven’t’.

The truth is there is no advice to give, you can’t tell your heart not to love your best friend even though you are merely a speck of dust in their universe. You can not learn to let go of something that will remain in your heart for the rest of your life. You simply can’t unlove someone who for so long was the only important part of your existence. I understand it now, I realise the strength you have when you watch someone you love, fall for someone else. I realise you aren’t wrapped up in everything you’re not meant to be, but rather you are consumed by all the things that are still a part of your very being. The truth is you don’t just 'move on’ when they have. You learn to live with the pain. You learn to fill the gaps in your heart with everything you possibly can, but that remedy is only temporary.

The real truth is everyone who is still wrapped around their old lovers or their best friends or their 'could’ve beens’ is fighting a battle with themselves. They are cars twisted around telephone poles, it’s a hard thing to swallow and the damage is inconceivable.

—  I was thinking about us today, but mainly you and I feel all the pain you do. I’m still here. S.e.s