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In your recent blooper video intro, I noticed your shirt said twisted. Is this an ode to the starkid production Twisted? Sidenote: Talyn is so adorable and I want their eyebrows.

Hahah no, it’s a shirt I picked up in Washington DC! It says Twisted Perspective! I WISH it was a reference to Twisted!! And you can let them know at their Tumblr! @tallykat3!

Concept: An X-Files-esque conspiracy thriller that’s basically two completely different games depending on which agent you’re playing as at the time.

When you’re playing as the Down to Earth agent, it’s a straight-laced police procedural adventure game - spot the clues, interrogate the witnesses, etc. Realistic graphics, subdued jazzy soundtrack, psychologically plausible personalities and motivations, and so forth.

When you’re playing as the True Believer agent, however, the game goes full gonzo. Many NPCs who appear human from the Down to Earth agent’s perspective appear as various supernatural beasties (werewolves, mothmen, etc.) and have completely different dialogue trees. Some areas become inaccessible because they’re barred by hazards that only the True Believer can perceive, while new areas open up thanks to doors and passages that don’t exist for the Down to Earth agent. The graphics and soundtrack become more stylised, more colourful, and more grotesque.

You can switch viewpoints at any time, unless you’re in an area where only one agent is present. It’s never made 100% clear which agent’s perspective is “real”, if indeed either of them are, and the gameplay actively obfuscates the truth; one puzzle’s solution might rely on the True Believer sneaking into a building using an entrance that only exists for her, then letting her counterpart in, for example, while another might depend on the Down to Earth agent’s ability to simply walk through an obstacle that only the True Believer can see. Items taken from one version of reality can freely be used in the other.

In the end, the twist is that there’s no twist. Neither agent’s perspective is proven wrong, and they go on with their lives, each thinking the other is crazy.

there were times i had wholeheartedly sunken myself into islam, ‘submitting’ completely and trying my best to follow the teachings, better myself, be sincere blah etc. but no matter how much i tried, it never sat perfectly well with me. i had so many questions and all of the answers when i asked came back to ‘yes, but allah is god, he created us and he knows best, so don’t question his eternal wisdom’. and i’d say okay, well i’m already believing in a god that i can’t see, i already have faith in a being i have no evidence of, let me just follow whatever he says to do and maybe one day the benefits will be clear. but my conscience would never let me. if allah said all humans are equal and they are only better than each other in terms of their worship of god, how much more and better they do etc, then why, why are men superior to women? they kept telling me ‘oh islam loves women, women are powerful in islam’ 

but why are men the guardians of women if women are so powerful? why is their inheritance worth less than their male counterparts? why are the dress codes much different -and harsher- for women? why is women’s testimony a joke? because a woman’s testimony counting as less than man’s even by a minuscule is a joke to me, a demeaning one. as if women do not have rational minds. as if women cannot even trust their brains. as if women are more mindless animals than rational, thinking humans. why can men have more than one wife? i always asked my mom and she told me i would make a very jealous wife. but why? why shouldn’t i want the person who has promised to spend their lifetime with me all to myself? why should i have to share? why does allah endorse men’s infidelity? my mom told me that men are more prone to committing zina because their sexual drive is higher than women’s and having more than one wife available to a man at any given time would make a him less likely to commit zina. to be honest, this broke my young heart. to think that my religion would condone my husband cheating on me and i would have to be pious and pretty, even smile at my co wife. how demeaning. how belittling. 

why does allah endorse rape? by bringing forth this twisted perspective that men cannot control their sexual urges - and like an animal- need to mate immediately they feel them, makes it seem like it’s okay for men to use women as a vessel for their pleasure. for their carnal needs and nothing more. why is it that this beloved religion portrays women as nothing more children-bearing-house-keeping-pleasure-giving-weak-willed-vessels to be controlled by men? that a woman’s place does not go beyond the four walls of a home-cell. passed down from man to man in her lifetime, from her father then to a demon disguised as a husband whom she must answer to, as if he is her saving grace and obedience to him will lead her to god? in fact, islam continually broke my heart. it is a sin to be a ‘bad wife’. but islam says that i must obey my husband because he is my guardian. that when i get married, my husband has the most rights over me, even more so than my father. are two people in a marriage not equal? that i cannot argue with my husband because we are both human and equal and my opinion is not less than his? that if i deny him sex, i will be cursed by angels? am i only a pleasure giving vessel? 

it seemed to me that islam was all about submission but it would be better for you if you are a man because men are above women and children. the teachings of islam in terms of women is one i can go on about for days, and it seemed i was going to settle for a life of oppression at the hands of men, endorsed by god almighty so i could reach his perfect little heaven that i also may or may not reach for the slightest of things, even if i faced many trials and tribulations…

god said that he created man with a rational mind so he can think for himself, unlike animals. but why is questioning islam and allah a sin? why is questioning anything about this perfect religion a ticket to hell? and god said that he is the one that shows people the right path and he is also the one that leads them astray. so if he is merciful and loving and benign, then why, why would he create a burning pit of torture? if you are a god at all, why would you create a hell for your subjects if you really are merciful and forgiving? unless you are a bored, narcissistic jerk who wants his balls licked? why would you let people die unjustly in war, let children be blown to bits and die of starvation? why would you let the miseries of the world happen if you had the power to stop them? you mean to tell me that allah is all powerful, there is nothing he cannot do yet he lets people suffer in the most wretched of ways? why does this god who promotes goodness and the spirit of good actions not do anything about the sufferings he can help? what does he do on his throne in heaven, close his eyes and listen to the praises he’s being bestowed and ignore everything else? wtf? what a jerk???

submitting to islam is giving up on life. and i realized that was what i was submitting to. a life of oppression, unhappiness, misogyny, disrespect, mistreatment, silence, anguish. that’s what islam is. it’s like islam was concocted by some elites who wanted most people to suffer in a half-life, sacrificing and submitting with the promise that good things were yet to come in an afterlife, only for the elites to stay powerful and fulfilled and the rest oppressed.or maybe islam was made up by some of the most brilliant story-tellers, an impressive piecing together of bullshit. it makes sense that islam is man made. humans are brilliant at making things up. we love to engage our imaginations. but like all things human, surely there will be flaws. and if you see past the coat of ‘peace, loving, tolerant,’ bulllshit, you will see that islam is deeply flawed. horribly so. 

Hexes {Sirius Black x Reader} *REQUESTED*

This really gave me a hard time. Hopefully it’s not that bad. I tried my best, lol.



(Y/n) felt her anger boil up inside her quietly as Sirius approaches her in the courtyard. There was nothing else that could silence the raging volcano in her as she watches her boyfriend smile and laugh before waving goodbye at his friends. She had just returned from the Hospital wing after learning about what had happened to Bertram Aubrey, a Ravenclaw student Sirius hated. His head grew twice as large and it had almost given poor Madam Pomfrey a heart attack.

(Y/n) had an idea that could possibly be the reason why Sirius Black and James Potter had decided to give him that treatment and she was not letting him get away with it so easily. She balled her fists furiously as he ran towards her.

“(Y/n)!” He said, “Oh, I’m so glad to see you. Charms was awfully boring today and–”

“Really?” She said, acting as though she was interested.

“Yeah! And Professor Flitwick was–”

“Nothing interesting? No ILLEGAL HEXES THAT COULD INFLATE SOMEONE’S HEAD?!!” She shouted. Students began to look at them including some Slytherins who watched them from under a tree.

“I can’t believe you right now, Sirius.” She said, her voice low. She shook her head in disbelief while Sirius tried to explain.

“Look, (Y/n), you have to see it from my point of view. He was–”

“From your point of view? I can’t quite look at it from your twisted perspective besides mine! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?! WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU?!”

“He was beginning to get too close to you.” Sirius said. Everyone had gathered around them and as much as Sirius wanted to shout at them to mind their own business, he couldn’t.

“So you hexed him, huh? Well, next time, maybe you should hex Remus too when he tutors me! Bloody hell, hex James too!”

“It’s not like that, (Y/n). You know it.”

(Y/n) looked away, her tears falling down her cheek silently. She hated crying in front of a lot of people but she hated it more when Sirius was the reason behind it. He tried to brush it away but she turned her back. He did not know why she was even defending Bertram. He saved her from a pervert so what was she mad about? He deserved it and that should make him the hero, right?

Sirius sighed and tried to speak to her gently, “Can we talk about this, please? Somewhere private? I don’t want to lose you, (Y/n).”

“Sorry, Sirius. You just did.” (Y/n) walked away, leaving him to stand alone in the middle of the courtyard with a furious expression on his face. His friends had returned after receiving news from their fellow Gryffindors about what had happened.

“Padfoot, calm down. Let’s go out, hm? Perhaps for some fresh air?” James said.

Sirius followed them without a word and as they were walking outside, all the students whispered around.

“Make them stop, Remus. Before I do something.” Sirius muttered in anger.

Remus did not say anything and took long strides, James leading them to a deserted patch of a nearby forest with a view of the lake.

As soon as they reached far enough, they sat down and Sirius began to rant while punching and kicking a tree.

“Stupid Aubrey. Posh, stupid Ravenclaw and his little smirk and stupid head. Can’t even get a girlfriend of his own so he steals mine. I bet you’re happy now, aye? Stupid, stupid–”

“Sirius, language please.” Remus said.


“Mm, much better.” Remus rolled his eyes.

“Padfoot, you’re hurting the poor tree. Besides, I took part in it too so it’s also my fault.” James said.

“No, no, James. He deserved it.”

“But what about (Y/n)? Did she deserve to get hurt?” Remus asked, the question lingering in the air. “She was obviously hurt about what you did. It’s not just about you hexing his head. It’s about you not trusting her.”

Sirius made no reply. It had just dawned on him the root of his problem which was mainly because he was feeling jealous and he felt like she had been spending more time with Bertram than him. He looked at his bruised knuckles which were now violet.

“So what, I apologize to her?”

“Well, yeah.”

“It’s not gonna fix anything, I’m sure. She hates me now.”

“But you haven’t even tried yet, Padfoot.” James said. After all, he was pretty much set on pursuing Lily Evans and he had never stopped no matter how much it infuriates her but Sirius only remained quiet throughout the day.

Miserable was an understatement to describe Sirius. Two days had already passed since his girlfriend broke up with him and he has been eating less. He did not participate in classes and no pranks were played for the entire week, sending Filch to celebrate at his demise. He had now realized his mistake on not trusting (Y/n) but now, he believed it was too late to take back what he had done. He spent his days depressed during detention with James and sometimes, they were even separated. Bertram Aubrey finally returned from the hospital wing but he was very traumatized and would often shake and shiver at the sight of Sirius.

He poked his food and flicked his mashed potatoes at first years, sighing constantly and pouting.

James watched him and put down his fork, leaning in to whisper at Remus.

“Moony, I think we should do something.”

“What do you suggest? Lock them in a broom closet until one of them comes out alive? I’ve told you many times, Prongs, my bet is on (Y/n).”

“No! Although, I agree on that one. But I think we should do something to help them.”

“I’m staying out of it, Prongs.”

“Look at Padfoot! He looks like a kicked out dog!”

“Because he is!”

“And look at (Y/n)!”

The two watched (Y/n) from the other side of the table, not eating as well. Her eyes were puffy as though she had spent the whole night crying and she was still wearing the necklace Sirius gave her for Valentine’s day. It was tucked out of sight under her shirt but the gold chain stood out.

“She still loves him, Moony, and so does our boy,” James whispered.

“Fine, but if she murders me, I will personally haunt you.”

“Wow, can’t wait to see what a were-ghost-wolf looks like.”

“You’re about to meet him very soon, Prongs.”

As the two constructed a plan, unbeknownst to them, Sirius had already stood up and left the hall. He was not feeling hungry so what was the point in staying at the table? He shifted into his animagus form as soon as he was out of sight and walked to the tree where he and (Y/n) would hung out on Fridays. He lied down and whined before falling a sleep.

(Y/n) gathered her things and walked outside to accompany her friends to pick out flowers. Lily had insisted they gather a bouquet to send to her sister, hoping it would cheer up (Y/n). Of course, this was all part of Remus’ plan. He knew where Sirius went after looking at the Marauder’s map and he decided to involve Lily Evans as well. The girls went out and looked around for flowers while (Y/n) stayed by the lake.

James, Remus and Peter watched her from behind a bush when a black dog approached her.

“Hello there. Where did you come from?” She petted the dog as it sat down by her side, its chin resting on her lap. “You know, you remind me of someone. His name was Sirius and he’s such a jerk sometimes but I love him, you know? I wish I hadn’t broken up with him.”

She continued talking to the dog as though it could understand her. He quite enjoyed having her rub her fingers on his head and stomach, his tail wagging uncontrollably.

“Look! He’s wagging his tail! I think it’s working!” Peter said.

“Great! Now he should know that she still loves him!” James said excitedly.

“Yeah but I feel like something’s wrong.” Remus said, watching the two closely and that’s when the three of them saw the unbelievable. Sirius was now standing behind her but the black dog remained by her side. The three were more than confused.

“I don’t know who you’re talking to but I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” Sirius said, kneeling down and holding her hands. “You’re right. I was a jerk and I shouldn’t have done that. Please forgive me, (Y/n). I still love you but it’s alright if you don’t want anything to do with me.”

“Don’t be an idiot, Sirius. I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that in public and I’m sorry too. I just wish you’d trust me.”

“I know, I know. I’m really sorry.”

She pulled Sirius in an embrace and brushed his hair softly. “I forgive you, Sirius. Let’s not fight again, alright?”

He pulled back and placed his hand on her cheek, kissing her forehead before whispering, “So are we still dating?”

“Of course, baby.” She smiled and this time, she kissed his lips lightly which he eagerly returned.

James, Remus, and Peter went out of hiding and clapped their hands at the couple while Lily sent a bouquet of flowers to them. They pulled apart and watched their friends cheer for them before sharing another kiss.


I see lots of weekly/bi-weekly/monthly fic recommendation lists going around, and I think this is absolutely wonderful exposure for writers from their peers and those who may not write, but sure do enjoy reading. 

A great thing about the lists I’ve seen is their focus on certain categories of fic - very ideal for readers to sort what they’d like to read; thing is, I haven’t personally seen one that focuses solely on the quality of the writing.

You know - Character dimension. Writing with clever readers in mind. Crazy crisp dialogue. Incredibly tight plotting. Big emotion.

So what’s the scoop on The Nail?  

Keep reading

Wow, chapter 94. This is really thematically dense and powerful stuff.

If I see anything more about this story somehow being nationalist or imperialist, then I might just sigh my lungs out.

This story is pretty damn pacifist instead. It’s the system and the war that’s the enemy and the characters we root for fight and wish for peace and freedom.

It’s not a single person to blame. It’s not the Marleyan people that are evil. Reiner’s father was Marleyan. It’s not the Eldians who are to blame. It’s whoever is keeping this system up that’s to blame.

Has anyone asked why horrible systems like this are the way they are? Where does all this come from?

There isn’t much room for gray when it comes to Nazis, conflicts related to them generally are the most black and white wars will ever get, but it’s another thing for a story to paint this oppressing force as equally human to all the much better human beings suffering under it.

All of those negative emotions you feel? Anger, hatred, selfishness, yeah, these things have pretty human sources, too and understanding that will probably lead to a much better future where these feelings could be prevented from being blown out of proportion and hurting others.

This chapter didn’t do much to characterize those who lead the system any further, but we saw that back in the Uprising arc - and the story didn’t condemn them because it told us that not a single one of them deserved what Zackly put them under, as human and understandable his hatred might’ve been.

This is the entire conflict of Mikasa’s flashback, except on a massive scale.

Eren wasn’t wrong to go help Mikasa, but he was wrong to dehumanize to the point of not even allowing them a chance of redemption or imprisonment. Naturally, there are threats that just have to be taken out because they are simply too great, but criminals are human beings very much like every single regular person and their twisted perspectives have human sources.

In other words I have a lot of thoughts on the series in general.

I’ll have full thoughts out once the Crunchyroll version is out.

they have instilled fear among us, sowing seeds into the core of our humanity, sprouting distrust and hatred among our own kind.

they have stolen our freedom, our joy in our safe places, our sense of security outside the corners of our homes, leaving only debris of terror and weeds of endless worries at the crumbled buildings and crime scenes.

they have twisted our perspectives, urging us to extinguish our hope.

or so they thought.

in the end, they will never succeed.

the bonds of our unity have strengthened, as we sing along to the lyrics, only echoing love out of our lungs, fighting fear face-to-face, the songs serving as our prevailing battlecries.

displays of humanity are evident in times of crises, producing selfless saviors, exemplifying only kindness in such sacrifices.

indeed, it is a brave new world out there, and nothing will change that.
—  dauntlessness amidst the menaces
Rewatching 6,741 knowing it’s all about locating TM is blowing my mind

Literally every detail is Samaritan pulling an ‘Inception’ trying to get Shaw to reveal the location of the machine but Shaw just keeps deflecting it all like the badass genius she is.

  • Shaw knows not to go to the subway or to directly get in contact with the team so she uses the number system to get them to come to her without tipping them off to what’s happening
    • “Don’t you have anywhere to be?” “I’ve got a few friends… but I’m towing bad news behind me so I can’t go see them yet”
    • “I’m not really gonna kill you I just needed to make it look good–set up a flare for some friends. They tend to show up at imminent murders”
  • Whenever she wakes up without having known where she was taken she asks where she is first, because the simulation wouldn’t know. She also listens to the others talking about her not being trustworthy to remind her that she really isn’t. 
  • She makes the focus taking down Samaritan, not saving TM, so she’s always moving away from it.  
  • Any time someone suggests taking her to the machine she gives an excuse as to why not or comes up with a detour
    • “Wanna take a fieldtrip? Say hi?” “I dont know. If I step out of here they could pick up the scent”
    • “I’ll come find you, bring you back” “No, you can’t, you’re hurt”
    • “I think we lost them. We gotta get back to the machine” “We need to make sure first”
    • “but first we need to get you to safety” “nothing is safe”
    • She also makes sure to be fully armed at the diner and reveals herself suddenly so there’s no way for them to need to go to the subway to get weapons
  • The location is only ever mentioned vaguely
    • “to the machine”, “to safety”, “home”, “somewhere private”, “where Finch is”, “there”
  • the simulation always manages to put Shaw in front leading the way because again, they don’t know where to go.
    • “I’ll watch our tail. You lead the way”
  • the simulation tries to hurry it up by putting Harold in danger
    • “we’ll be there to back you up as soon as we can”
    • “Harold’s alone, unprotected. Don’t worry, I’ll watch our tail”
  • And I think Shaw only killed John and was going to kill Root because he figured out what was going on and Shaw told Root what was happening, therefore Samaritan interfered and killed them before they could tell the others and get in the way of finding the machine. Also why she hides from the cameras. 
  • Also, Shaw uses her safe place and Root as a totem, reminding her to stay focused or that this isn’t real. It’s also smart to cling to Root in a romantic way because they obviously wouldn’t do that around the others or in the subway hideout. 

And then there’s just all the things that are slightly off only in the way that Shaw would twist them from her perspective…

Seriously. The writers are brilliant. This show is amazing. 

aro / ace ppl should absolutely be included in the community ? why .. is that … a debate ?

i understand why some people choose to defend self-diagnosis but i cannot stress enough how inaccurate and potentially dangerous it is to yourself to throw a label on you dont understand and live under it by definition

2 web articles and a wikipedia readthrough on OCD are not enough to diagnose you with the disorder, and they certainly dont stand up to the 7+ years of schooling psychiatrists go through to provide that same diagnosis. having questions, assumptions and theories are good but you should never take them for fact until they are observed by a licensed professional. i had symptoms that made me a potential candidate for aspd, autism, and a bunch of other things according to the internet when in reality i have ADHD and anxiety. your own bias is automatically applied to how you read the symptoms online and you will twist your perspective of yourself to apply them to you if you want the diagnosis, that is literally how it works

the point of a psychiatrist to provide an objective, third person educated view on your mental state and make an assumption without bias. if your psychiatrist is biased (for a number of probably disgusting reasons that i wont go into) then they shouldnt be a psychiatrist and that is a totally different ball park. its so so important to know that you see yourself differently from how you are and your own view of yourself can be totally different from what it really is, especially if you do have a mental disorder

tldr; if you have a question about your mental state, keep it a question and dont label yourself until you have a medical opinion on the matter

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You're disgusting. Rooting for a black man to die so that your non existent ship can rise. It's been 6 years, with 6 seasons and they're still not going canon. Seriously when will this end, it's becoming pathetic.

Nonny, you should try reading the comic- Ezekiel does die in the comic, let me link you. Morgan too.

We know Scott Gimple and TPTB follow the comic closely- they admit it all the time. So thinking Ezekiel and Morgan will both die, as they have already done in the comic is a reasonable conclusion.

You clearly do not know me at all, Nonny, or else you would read my posts and understand I happen to like both characters.  Liking a character has nothing to do with expecting them to die.  

In fact, I posted in October 2015 at @twdzone , before 6.01 even aired, that I expected my favorite character, Glenn, to die at Negan’s hand in 6.16 and the season would end with Lucille coming down and the screen going to black. 

Read through my archive and see the facts around which characters I like and my continued support of Richonne, Morgan and may other characters. I stand behind my posts and if you took the time, you’d realize just how wrong you are, Felicia. 

You don’t care about truth or facts Nonny, you just revel in being ugly and hateful behind the cowardice of your device screen. That’s so boring and been done much better by others. Up your game, you need the practice!

Your comment is much more anti-Caryl, than pro anything else. I like Caryl, what they had in past seasons and what they might have going forward if the ship goes canon. 

One ship getting something takes away nothing from any other ship. Not in polls, on magazine covers or anything else.  There is no “winning” or “losing” in shipping and enjoying the fandom IMO.

Why can you only be happy if fans of another ship are disappointed? That’s fucked up in every way.  You have a twisted perspective, reaching out to someone behind the cowardice of an anon and taunting a total stranger. You must be such a joy to be around every day. I pity your friends, family and co-workers.  

Perhaps some calming chamomile tea might brighten your day a bit?  I suggest 3 gallons to start, or perhaps some lovely photos of puppies, kittens or other sweet things to balance your sour bitterness. I hope you have a lovely afternoon. 

“Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.” Obi Wan

There is no positive reciprocation from Rey. Do not twist her perspective to justify your theory. Skywalker or not, a romantic relationship between them will not be profoundly satisfying. Balance in the force is not supposed to be a concept where two people on opposite sides of the force unite; it’s a journey where the individual must face to control and embrace their strength in the light, in the darkness and their choices, all together. If you place them together without embracing their wholesome nature as individuals, but as a “coin”, you are observing a conditional form of relationships. If one of them dies, balance is lost. It’s not love, because the very feeling of it is unconditional. And what is more powerful than genuine, healthy love for the self? How can you love others if you don’t love yourself? Believe it or not, this is something both Rey and Kylo have a long way to go, especially Kylo. If there is one thing the sith got correct, is that the Force will ultimately set the person free of its chains.

When you use their force connection as evidence without a confirmation of what kind of connection it actually is, your theory is not holding itself in solid grounds. Oh, and grey Jedi is debunked by your favorite man, Pablo Higaldo.

Even if there is light in Kylo Ren, he constantly rejects it. He is lost and unbalanced, yet remains convinced of his actions. A villain without humanity in his thinking is not an interesting character.

In The Clone Wars, we learn that Mortis wanted Anakin to take his place and keep balance in the force as The Chosen One. But because of his attachments, he ultimately chose to refuse. He only accomplished the prophecy when he sacrificed his life for his son, ending the sith. HIS. SON.

No romance there.

When you use the concept as a “viable” way to inspire the “light” in the other being, you are simply telling me in prettier words that you can use love to fix the broken. This is why Anidala is important, albeit flawed in its execution. Love and romance can’t always rescue. Anakin still abused Padme, and was ultimately responsible for her death.

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I offer all the yarn and books I bought as a way of buying myself time. I offer the cotton wool in my brain. I offer my organs as they fail one by one. I... I need a reason to keep living. I've mathematically eliminated so many.


Fuck Netflix








This show had a unique twist on the perspective of black/Puerto Rican teenagers in the ghettos of New York based in the 70s. These kids strived for their dreams that seemed impossible, despite the odds being against them. This show captures the cusp of the turning point in black music that gave birth to rap & hip hop, it gave credit to the culture that created it. Which shapes the music that everyone listens to today.
There has never been a show with such drama, dark humor, romance, lgbt characters, political topics and everything connected perfectly. With black/Hispanic actors on top of that.
Netflix never gave this show a real chance with it’s lack of advertisement.

The Colors of a Bruise


Michelangelo ultimately obeyed his scientific sibling’s suggestion that they refrain from upsetting their father further… refrain from explaining that after five days of being declared “missing in action” they found out Leo and Raph weren’t captured by the Kraang, but rather by Shredder’s henchmen.
As dire as things were they finally knew without a doubt where their missing brothers were, and… thanks to April’s intuition… that they also were okay. So without further delay Donatello forged a plan to get them out, and it was agreed that it would be far less stressful for the rat if they explained the situation after Raph and Leo were safe again.

No Mutanimals either. It was a stealth mission pure and simple: get in, grab their brothers, run for it. No rushing in on a blaze of glory, no confrontation whatsoever…

the situation was far too dire for that kind of risk.

“Are you sure we shouldn’t have brought Leatherhead though?” Mikey whispered, ignoring the fact that Donatello had successfully brought them past the first line of defense and it was now too late for second thoughts.


Leonardo sheathed his gauntlets as he stepped out of the practice room, still overflowing with physical energy even after the long sparring session had come to an end. Despite the fact that his muscles were free of heaviness and aches sweat clung to his black mask as new concepts and twisted perspectives clicked together in his mind, cemented in place by every new move Master Shredder had shown him.

He took the painkillers Stockman provided, as they helped numb the pain of his oncoming migraine.

“Hmph, that went well” he mused earnestly, watching his sibling from the corner of his eye as he swallowed the pills and followed them up with a glass of lukewarm water “Don’t tell Master Shredder I said this, but I didn’t make much sense out of his words during yesterday’s training”

He took a fresh towel from a nearby basin and started roughly cleaning off the sweat dripping down his brow

“I do now though. The way we were used, the weakness we suffered, the opportunities ahead, our true potential, it’s all coming together… I’m just mad at myself for taking this long to catch on”

Leonardo let out a heavy sigh and threw the sweat-soaked towel back in the basin with the sharp precise flick of his arm, hoping that a bit of talk would help organize his thoughts and answer the questions he wouldn’t dare ask his new sensei face to face.

i will fucking fight people who try to trash samflam by telling people things that are blatantly false like “maris development was dumped for hot yuriz” when thats really not true and that would be obvious to anybody who actually watched the show

basically ill fight anyone who makes claims about samflam but never watched it/watched it actively trying to find something that they can twist to their own perspective on why its “bad” (its not, unless the genre shifts arent your thing which is understandable, but ignoring the entire sub arc with mari lashing out at moe and trying to figure herself out and apologizing is not “dumping her character development” that literally IS her character development bitch)