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How long have you been planning for Coulson to be the Ghost Rider – and what was Clark Gregg’s reaction to finding out that news?

Jeffrey Bell: To say he was happy, it would be an understatement.
Jed Whedon: I think what he said when we told him was, “I didn’t think I could geek out more,” but he was like, “It seems I can.”
Jeffrey Bell: Yeah, that was what he said. [x]

The Brown Bottle

Pairings: Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader - A/B/O

Word Count: 3400+

Summary: Sam is rough around the edges, you do your best to avoid him until one night you discover he’s your true mate and instincts take over. This is really just a lot of smut and a little plot to ease things along. 

My twist on a/b/o dynamics.

Beta:  @just-another-busy-fangirl

Warnings: NSFW gif, knotting, mating, breeding, dominance, claiming, fingering, unprotected sex, biting, dirty talk, rough sex, some dom/sub overtones.

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You stop in your tracks, clutching an open hand over your abdomen.

“Shit,” you mumble under your breath as an afterthought. Shit doesn’t quite do this kind of pain justice. This cycle’s heat has brought what your mother, Millie (owner and proprietor of The Brown Bottle), refers to as The Real Motherfuckers. The kind of cramps that stop a woman unexpectedly while on her way to work well after sundown. The two generic suppressants you popped an hour earlier aren’t working as well as you hoped and you find yourself wishing you’d taken a third.

These are indeed The Real Motherfuckers.

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Thank you so much though ; o ; For your kind words and for sharing! 

Some of y'all reblogged multiple essay length metas about the meaning behind the colour of Isak’s pillow so excuse me if I don’t take your lectures directed at sapphic women for “reaching” with their Eva/Vilde headcanons in any way remotely seriously.



Pairings: Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader

Word Count: 3500+

Summary: You’re a bonded pair with three children and all Sam can think about is having more.

My twist on a/b/o dynamics. There’s a little fluff in here too, I swear it.

Kink Prompts: Mating/Breeding & Were-animal sex

Warnings: Breastfeeding(non-sexual, baby related), knotting, dominance, claiming, fingering, oral, unprotected sex (obvi), biting, dirty talk, rough sex, some dom/sub overtones.

A/N: Written for @impalaimagining‘s Smut-entine’s Day Challenge

Sam comes home late, just after two in the morning, shutting the front door carefully, cautious of waking you or his children. He’s a sore, bleeding and a little drunk but it’s been a good night.

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nightshadesydneylover150  asked:

Palpatine convinces Anakin that the only way Anakin can keep Obi-Wan is to make Obi-Wan an omega.

Anakin felt his hands go lax in surprise, staring at Palpatine as the man slowly sipped his steaming brew.

“…That’s possible?” He rasped out. “You can really…”

“Turn a beta into an omega? Quite.” Sheev chuckled deeply. “Quite, its simple Sith alchemy though the Force powers that go into it is rather powerful. If its done, you’ll have to feed your powers into him until the changes are done or he will die.” He waved his hand lightly. “But you are ample powerful so I see no reason to you fail seeing him through it.”

Sitting back, Anakin stared at his knees.

Force how often had he dreamed about Obi-Wan, pinned to a surface, gorgeous and flushed as Anakin stretched him out to prepare him with lube.

But with the idea of slick…

The primal part of Anakin’s mind howled at the idea, the krayt dragon inside of him snarling in pleasure and a demand to agree now, to agree to turn his former master into an omega and keep him beside him forever.

Before Padme had died, before Obi-Wan had betrayed him, he only kept to his fantasies of the older man since he had his alpha wife and never approached the beta.

But she was gone now, Anakin only had Luke and Leia with Obi-Wan in a cell where the former Jedi paced around, mag bracelets around his wrists that would lock together or fasten to the wall depending on what was needed.

“…A proper omega? Heats, womb, slick and all?” He whispered, feeling desire rush through his body.

“Indeed Lord Vader. I would require a few days to make the potion required but yes.”

“…Please make it Master.”


The days leading up to the potion being finishing made Anakin aggravated and snappish as he forced himself to be patient.

A skill he had not been very well known for even as a Jedi.

The only ones to not feel his wrath were the twins who he spoiled and adored, Palpatine and Obi-Wan who of course knew, watching him with wary, sad eyes from the other side of the ray shield that kept him contained in his simple cell.

And Anakin also dreamed.

Dreamed of Obi-Wan in his apartment, the man standing at the kitchen counter, a fresh claiming bite on his neck where the scent gland was. Soft and unassuming, smelling sweet and even in his dreams Anakin salivated as he gently pressed Obi-Wan chest down on the counter to ease the leggings down so he could touch the wetness, Obi-Wan so slick under his searching fingers.

He’d woken before he could finish the dream with a raging hardon and a need to see Obi-Wan.

Settling on the chair outside the cell, he watched his soon to be omega master, the older man still asleep on the bunk with one leg hanging off the bed, his foot exposed.

‘I could make him happy, once he’s bonded to me…he’d have the twins and me and I’d him. Breed him full and plump.’ The dragon in him purred in agreement.

Obi-Wan was his, his, his, HIS.


With his wrists stuck to the wall by the magnetized cuffs, Obi-Wan peered at the cup of steaming liquid being held out to him by Vader, a small frown on his face. “What is it?” He questioned warily for the second time.

“Something that will make things better.” Anakin replied, a note of impatience growing in his voice. “Obi-Wan, just drink it, its going to make everything so much better, I promise.” He cajoled carefully.

His frown growing, Obi-Wan felt his stomach squirm before he opened his mouth, knowing that if he rejected it, Vader would refuse to let him see the twins for weeks, his only company the droid that provided him food and Vader.

Yellow eyes sparkled in glee as Anakin placed the rim of the cup to his lips and tipped it slowly up.

Despite the smoke coming from it, it was cold, almost icy as Obi-Wan swallowed the almost sickly sweet concoction that had a similar thickness to hot chocolate.

Closing his eyes, he drank all of it down to the last drop before Anakin pulled away the cup and set it down, the alpha staring at him with anticipation in his eyes.

For a moment nothing happened and then Obi-Wan gasped as pain blossomed in his midsection, feeling like he was being cut into without anesthesia.

He doubled over, barely feeling it when the Sith loosened his hands from the walls and pulled him into his arms, pure Force being slowly feed into Obi-Wan as his body changed.

Oh Force it hurt, it felt like he was being squeezed and pulled and he screamed into Anakin’s shoulder, hands scrambling desperately to press against his stomach, as if that would help, as if he was trying to force his body to stop the pain.

His body eventually tapered of into an ache, his face pressed to Anakin’s shoulder where he had coated the cloth with snot and tears as he tried to figure out what the potion had done to him. And then he took in the change, his eyes widening in shock. “…Anakin… what did you GIVE me?”

“Sith alchemy. Oh Force you smell even better then I thought you would.” The blond was burying his face in Obi-Wan’s hair, sniffing and nosing him.

Obi-Wan was no longer a beta, he was an omega now, his nature changed by the Dark side.

Tying the knot

Let me start by saying, it’s not what it sounds like. :P

Didn’t mean to turn this into an actual one-shot, but it just got away from me. @msmanga14 sent her request in a message, so I couldn’t post an ask, but here’s the request: How about 22 & 27? If that’s okay? 22 (tie a cherry stem with your tongue) 27 (go commando) with NaLu! 

Hope you like this! Sorry it doesn’t focus a lot on the commando part, mainly the cherry stem thing. I got so carried away I almost forgot to even add that part. 

Summary: Fairy Tail was known for its teamwork. So, why was Lucy surprised when Natsu asked if she wanted to work together to tie a cherry stem with their tongues? I don’t own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. 

Rated: T, for foul language and adult situations. 

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Friendship/Romance

Word Count: 2.4K

Read on or AO3.

“Okay Natsu, truth or dare.”

The dragon slayer tapped at his chin as if he was thinking, but judging by the glint in his eye, Lucy knew he wasn’t going to pick truth.


Lucy looked around her apartment, wondering what she could make him do. Her eyes landed on her fridge, remembering there was something she always wanted to try. ‘Maybe I should have him try first? See how hard it is…’

Getting up, Lucy made her way over to her fridge to remove a jar of cherries. She brought it over, smiling as she set it on the ground. “I want you to tie a cherry stem with your tongue.”

Natsu snorted, clearly underestimating the challenge. “Piece of cake!” He opened the jar, taking out a single cherry. Lucy watched as he popped it into his mouth, pulling out the stem as he chewed on the small fruit. After he swallowed, he put the stem back in her mouth.

Lucy didn’t bother holding back her giggles as Natsu grew more and more frustrated with the stem, his lips twisting as he moved it in his mouth, trying to maneuver it with his tongue.

She fell backwards in a fit of laughter when she saw fire coming from his mouth, the stem disintegrating in the flame. Natsu let out a roar as he picked out another cherry, trying again.

By the time Natsu went through five more cherries, Lucy was crying from laughing, her stomach cramping in the process. She couldn’t help it. Natsu looked too cute trying to tie that knot.

“H-here,” she giggled, taking a cherry for herself. “I’ll try.”

“It’s impossible,” Natsu muttered, tempted to knock the whole jar over in his aggravation. The only thing stopping him was the knowledge that Lucy would kick him if he messed up her floor… again.

Natsu turned his glare to Lucy, watching as her mouth moved, her lips pressed tightly together. His cold stare slowly faded, replaced with a lazy grin as he watched her struggle. Somehow, knowing Lucy couldn’t get it either made him feel a little better, even if that thought made him feel guilty at the same time. What could he say? Sometimes he could be a sore loser.

“You’re right, this is impossible.”

She pulled the stem from her mouth, seeing the bends along the red line. She was about to get up and throw the stem away when she froze, unsure if she heard Natsu correctly. “What did you just say?” she asked, shooting him an incredulous look.

Natsu raised a brow, as if he was wondering why she was looking at him like that. “I said, maybe we should try to work together to tie it. Isn’t teamwork our best strength?”

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