twisted mettle

Twisted Mettle #20: Epilogue and Acknowledgements

“Where Are They Now?”
Written by Ray Davies
Performed by The Kinks
From the album Preservation Act 1, 1973

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Twisted Mettle #19: The Game Ends Here

Oh, so that’s what the impassable area was for! This is where we’ll be doing our final battles. Mighty and Bunnie burst through the crystal barrier. The Chaotix and Freedom Fighters enter the corridor, with Timothius and Rick tagging along. Tim allows you to save and heal, and Rick offers items for sale.

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anonymous asked:

To me, the most brain-numbing thing about Twisted Mettle (which I didn't know existed until you posted about it) is that damn near everything about it (especially the art style, for some reason) screams "made in the mid-to-late 90s" BUT IT'S FROM 2008. ~RADIX

It’s probably because the art was made to work with RPG Maker 2000 and the people who were doing the art didn’t optimize the graphic files correctly, so they look… yeaah. There are several artists who did work for Twisted Mettle, and you can tell which ones had a firmer grasp of art programs than others. For instance, this graphic is great-

(Oops spoiler? I haven’t seen this graphic in game yet, I just saw it inside the picture folder)

There isn’t any degradation of image quality.

And then there’s this.

It’s not a bad picture, but… looking at the colour it’s obvious they had no idea how to correctly save the image.