twisted kind of bliss

Right Now (Minghao smut)

Can I request a Minghao smut?? :) I’m bad at plots so I guess something like.. I don’t know. Him cooking without a shirt or catching him jerking off.


You had been cooking all day for Minghao while ignoring every message that he sent to you.
He was being super clingy together, sending you several messages and calling every 5 minutes.
You could barely focus with your phone going off all the time so you had switched it off until you finally finished your cooking.
You wrapped everything up nicely for him since it was Christmas and you thought it’d be cuter.
You smiled at your work and left to walk to his house, he didn’t live very far but the distance was enough to make your legs hurt a little.
You couldn’t stop smiling while thinking of his reaction when he sees that you made him his favourite meal and cookies. He was such a kid.

Eventually you reached his house and stood on your tip toes to reach his doorbell. It rang very loudly throughout the house, which you noticed was strangely not silent like usual.
The loud Christmas music could be heard from outside and you smiled thinking he could be dancing dorkily to his favourite festive song.
You assumed he couldn’t hear you desperately pressing his doorbell and invited yourself in.
Inhaling the scent of cinnamon and his aftershave as soon as you walked in.
His house was entirely covered in decorations and pretty colourful fairy lights.
You wanted to surprise him so you left his loud Christmas music playing and dragged your feet up the large steps, way larger than they needed to be.

You made your way to his room.
The door was only open slightly and it was dark, only being lit up slightly by the fairy lights he had across his ceiling down to his wall.
You were about to enter his room when you heard a whimper. You stood still and furrowed your eyebrows, staring into his room through the slight crack.
He was lying on his bed with his head thrown back and eyes squeezed shut. He was biting his lip harshly as his hands moved up and down on himself.
He tugged harshly and twisted every once in a while, trying to feel different kinds of bliss.
His thumb slid across his slit and it caused his eyes to shoot open, he shifted on the bed slightly and looked down to his hand moving. His lips parted and he moaned and whimpered. His breathing got faster and his chest was moving quickly.
You felt so attached to looking, you couldn’t move.
Your thighs were pressed together and you were grinding onto nothing to feel at least something, not wanting to disturb Minghao from the show you were enjoying.
Minghao’s hand started to move faster and his head threw back while he released into his hand.
His white liquid shot out in strings onto his stomach and he gulped down a breath he was holding onto.
His arms moved to both sides of him and he stretched out while grabbing his phone on the bedside. He smiled and started typing on the small touch keyboard. He had finished and pressed send. You were still mesmerised by him, until you heard your phone in your pocket, and it was loud.
The ringtone ringing through when you received his message, your eyes widened and you hid behind the almost closed door. You mentally cursed to yourself and flashed worry through your head.
“Y/n?” Minghao’s voice called out.

You heard the shuffling around his room and you jolted away from the door, running down the hall and stairs quickly hoping he wouldn’t hear you through the loud music still playing through the house.
You left without picking up the food you made and managed to reach your house quickly.

You were scared but you didn’t regret watching him.


LISTEN, this is the best smut I’ve ever written
and I was excited when I got this request.