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Kenzo Shirai’s 6 Eponymous Skills

  • Shirai-Kim (Shirai I, VT): round-off, back-handspring, triple twist
  • Shirai II, VT: round-off, back-handspring with 3.5 twists
  • Shirai III, VT: Scherbo with a double twist
  • Shirai-Nguyen (Shirai I, FX): backward layout quadruple twist 
  • Shirai II, FX: forward layout triple twist 
  • Shirai III, FX: backward triple-twisting double layout
Gymnastics Shorthand Guide: Vault

Hello and welcome to the first in a series of guides to gymnastics shorthand, also known as STC.  I’ll go in Olympic order, so starting with vault.  

As you know, there are 5 groups of vaults:

  • I: Handsprings with no salto
  • II: Handsprings with salto
  • III: Tsukaharas
  • IV: Yurchenkos
  • V: Round-off half-ons

There are only two basic ways you can get onto the vault: front handsprings, and round-off back handsprings.  This makes writing the first half of a vault very easy!

A few important things to note here: that upside-down Y shape is the symbol for a round-off, and is found across all apparatuses.  Best to remember it.  

Also, the squiggly vertical line denotes the number of twists (not rotations).  Two squiggles - so one backwards 3 shape - means one twist.  Three squiggles means 2, four means 3, and so on.  To make half twists, the next symbol should pass through the bottom squiggle, cutting it in half.  See how with the half twist, the arrow passes through the squiggle, but with the full, they’re directly connected?

Finally, where the twisting symbol comes in the sequence is actually important, because it tells you where it’s actually performed in the skill.  So in the round-off 1/1 on, you do the round-off first, the full twist in the back handspring, and then you hit the table.  Makes sense? This theme continues across all apparatuses, and is used to distinguish in-skills from out-skills.

Okay, so once our gymnast is on the table, she has to get off it again.  Let’s talk about repulsion without saltos (the flips are coming, I promise!).

It might look a bit complex, but don’t fear; it actually makes perfect sense.  That little . sign differentiates forward flight from backwards flight.  Again, this is true across all apparatuses.

The “v” sign means piked.  Unlike the other events, in vault, the default position is tucked.  If something is piked, you need to include the v.  We’ll get to straight (laid-out) in a moment.

Finally, take a look at how to add more twists.  Just add another squiggle, and, if necessary, put a line through it to cut it in half.

Congratulations, you can now write JO vaults.  But what about the real ones, with flips and fun? Here you go:

So, a front salto is an upside-down loop, and a back salto is a right-way up one.  I like to think of the back salto loop as looking kind of like a “b”, but honestly, I think that’s just wishful thinking.  You can add the loops together to make double or even triple saltos, a la Radivilov.

If your salto is piked, put that “v” symbol next to it.  Unlike with boring repulsion, Exciting Saltos have the “v” incorporated, like running writing.  With a straight vault i.e. most of them, make the line really long and straight.  This is actually convenient, because vaults like the Amanar have a fair few twists, and that long line makes room for them!

In all of the above examples, the twists have come last, because that’s how they’re performed.  Think about it as reading from left to right: the rotations start before the twists.  However, there are a rare few vaults where the twists come first.  Here’s an example: 

And believe it or not, you now know everything you need to, to write down every vault in the Code of Points! Just write down the relevant entry, then the relevant exit, as displayed above.

And now for some practice.  Give a couple of these a go.  Feel free to pause the videos or watch them in slo-mo, while you get the hang of it.

I think the other posts are going to come in instalments, FYI.  This is partly because I’m still learning myself, and partly because they’ll get wayyyy too long otherwise.

Happy STCing!

Sweet, Sweet Victory

You’re a could’ve-been Olympic gymnastics champion now training someone else for the US team. He’s the current Women’s Head Coach who wants to take over her training. You two have a competition to decide who gets their way.

also known as

“Fuck You for It”

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader
word count: 5186
author’s note: I threw a little bit of the movie Stick It in here too for plot reasons. I hope you don’t mind!

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Melbourne 2017 Gymnastics World Cup Day 1 Recap

I was lucky enough to watch training and warm ups today and witnessed lots of amazing gymnastics. Sanne Wevers of the Netherlands showed beautiful skills on beam with an awesome new mount sequence involving a back handspring mount connected to a Wolf Jump with a full turn connected to a full twisting back handspring. This connection gives Sanne 0.5 in CV and is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I didn’t get to record it because she only did it once or twice today. She also did mostly the same routine as her Rio routine including her great dance element sequence seen below.

The competition began with Women’s Vault and Mens Floor. Both of these events had some really strong gymnasts and some unfortunate falls. Wang Yan of China qualified in first place to the final with a combined vault score of 14.216. She did a great Rudi and a Double Twisting Tsukahara, her landings were a bit low but she managed to not give too much away to the judges. Wang was closely followed by Emily Little of Australia who received great crowd support. She had a beautiful Double Twisting Yurchenko with a small step out of the line followed by a Full Twisting Tsukahara that was super clean with a tiny hop forward. Naomi Lee of Australia was in third followed by Caitlin Todd of New Zealand. Both girls had great amplitude on their vaults and I can see upgrades coming in the future for both. 

On the floor Kenzo Shirai led the way with a huge 15.100 on floor. He had a 7.1 D score but had steps and hops on almost all of his passes which resulted in the lower E score. He opened with an amazing Triple Twisting Double Layout followed by a Triple Twisting Double Tuck (seen below).

Shirai was followed by Mu Jile and Wataru Tanigawa which both had beautiful clean routines but with much lower D scores which kept their Scores in the low 14s. Mu Jile had a beautiful three and half twist connected to a Rudi to open his routine and Tanigawa had an amazing stuck piked double arabian. 

Next was Uneven Bars and Pommel Horse. Uneven Bars qualification turned out to be much closer than I expected. Luo Huan of China had beautiful clean lines and great difficulty to qualify in first place with a 14.400 (6.0). She had the classic Chinese bars skills including Healy, Ling, Healy ½ etc. In second place was Australia’s Rianna Mizzen who had an absolutely incredible routine. She begins with a combination of weiler kips ala Jordyn Wieber connected to a Maloney + Hindorff + Pak (OMG). She then transferred back to the high bar with a Van Leeuwen and finished her routine with a Toe 1/1 connected to a basically stuck full twisting double back. Liu Ting Ting was in third place in qualifications with a 14.066. She had a beautiful pak salto (seen below) but had struggles on some handstands but finished with a stuck double layout.

Pommel Horse was next and featured 2012 Olympic Champion Krisztian Berki who had a gorgeous routine showing off his beautiful long lines. He scored a 14.800 which I though was a little low to be honest. Weng Hao and Zou Jiangyou were the next highest qualifiers with 14.466 and 14.433 respectively. They both had pretty good routines for what I saw but I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have because pommel horse. 

The final event was rings which was a pretty tight competition as well. China’s Wu Guanhua qualified in first followed by Ibrahim Colak of Turkey and countryman Zou Jingyuan. This final should be pretty close between these three and Koji Yamamuro of Japan.

I was also lucky enough to meet Lieke Wevers and Mary Anne Monckton (who were both amazing). I also got to meet some of my gymternet friends @flippinover and @thehonoraryamerican. I’m looking forward to the amazing competition that should continue for the next three days.

Jackson: Gymnastics

Originally posted by got7ish

Request: Hi ♡ your blog~can u do a got7 jackson scenario where u r his gf and u are watching him practice with the rest of got7 and him and mark start to do flips and jackson asks u to try and u do but u are really good better than them they r shocked Fluff

(I hope you don’t mind, I changed it around just a little bit.)


Practice was over for the boys and now they were spread across the room doing their own thing. JB and Jr.  were playing rock, paper, scissors to see which one would have to wash the dishes after dinner tonight. Yugyeom was playing cooking mama on his phone while Youngjae watched, pouting every time Yugyeom would mess up.

Bambam was dabbing all over the place while Mark and Jackson were somersaulting and cartwheeling randomly. You smiled fondly, they were all genuinely happy to be together and it warmed your heart.

“[Y/N]. Check this out!” Jackson calls to you. He does a back flip and recoils with a front flip. He looks to you for approval and you clap.

“Very good, babe!” You smile, truly amazed at how flawless his flips were. 

“Watch this, [Y/N]!” Mark says. You watch intensely as he performs a round off-back handspring-back tuck. He lands on his feet smoothly and you clap enthusiastically.

“That was wonderful, Mark!” You can hear Jackson’s low growl and you can tell he’s a little jealous at your reaction to Mark’s tumbling skills.

“If it’s so wonderful, why don’t you do it?” Jackson’s pout is so cute that you resist the urge to pinch his cheeks. The challenge he gives you excites you. Gymnastics was your specialty, at least it was in high school. You stand anyway, never being one to back down from a challenge.

‘I hope I don’t embarrass myself.” By now all the boys were watching you, excited to see what you were going to do. You stand with your hands by your sides before you take a deep breath. You jump for momentum and start to do a front tuck-round off- back handspring- layout twist. You land on your feet like a cat and smirk triumphantly.

“Yep, still got it.” You turn to the members to see their jaws on the floor. Jackson is the first to reach you, cheering.

“That was amazing!” You blush, the boys follow up with compliments. “Why didn’t you tell me you were great at gymnastics?” 

“I don’t know, it was never relevant. I cheered and did gymnastics in high school.” You shrug.

“You should teach us sometime.” Jackson says and you nod.

“I guess, but don’t sue me when you fall and break your neck.”


Hope you liked it, anon. :P

Crème Fraîche

pairing: ginny x pansy park(inson)
coffeeshop college student AU 
word count: 856 words
written for: grumpymalfoy
notes: 10 points if you can spot the bring it on reference

When Ginny scheduled all her classes to be in the afternoons so that she could take on all the morning shifts at the campus café, she did not factor in having to deal with Daphne Greengrass.

Daphne waltzes in at eight-fucking-fifteen on the dot every single weekday, blonde hair perfectly coiffed and lips perfectly glossed and skin perfectly unblemished. Ginny will, instinctively, huddle down a little in her oversized apron and fight the urge to rub at her freckles before promptly disintegrating into self-loathing for feeling that way.

She’s Ginny-fucking-Weasley. She plays varsity touch rugby and she’s fabulous.

Daphne then proceeds to order the same drink, every time: a skinny, soy caramel macchiato with a double shot of espresso and extra whip (then why the actual fuck does she want it skinny?), and cute latte art.

For real.

It’s going to be covered by whipped cream anyways and Daphne Greengrass wants cute latte art. At eight-fucking-fifteen in the morning.

Ginny always smiles as brightly as she can without actually throwing up before proceeding to make a non-skinny soy caramel macchiato, single shot, and with only a burst more whip than usual. She leaves out the latte art.

And that’s how she earns $7.60 every morning, like clockwork.

At least, until Pansy Park starts coming in with Daphne. Then she earns $9.30 every morning, like clockwork, in addition to dealing with the cloud of resulting frustration that Pansy wafts in with her like a spritz of Gucci Guilty.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do this beam routine for me. And would you include the 2013-16 CoP as well? (Plus signs mean Connection) Front Tuck mount + back tuck. Back handspring step out +back handspring + back tuck with a full, Switch ring+back pike, Arabian + back handspring stepout, L turn+ full turn+ stag jump, sheep jump. Onodi+aeriel to two feet. Front pike, to korburt. Front toss+ spilt jump+ sissone. Back handspring+ back handspring+ triple twist

in the current code:

Front tuck mount(D)+back tuck©

bhs(B)+bhs(B)+back tuck 1/1(F) +0.3 CV

Switch ring(E)+back pike© +0.1 CV


L turn©+full turn(A)+stag jump(A) +0.1 CV

Sheep jump©

Onodi(D)+aerial to 2 feet(E)

Front pike(E)+korbut(B)

front toss©+split jump(B)+sissone(A)

bhs(B)+bhs(B)+triple twist(F) +0.3 CV

Acro - FFEED - 2.6

Dance - ECC - 1.1

CV - 0.8

D-score = 6.5

If you were to switch the order of the arabian and the bhs you’d get an extra 0.2 in CV, and if you did side aerial+onodi or something instead of the onodi first you’d get another 0.2 in CV since it’s a rebounding connection and the way you have it set up currently it isn’t. Also, a B-level dance element after the front pike would give you an extra .1, but the korbut doesn’t add anything. You could also do a fhs+front pike instead for 0.2, and if you put it all together you could get 0.4 bc of the series bonus.

these are spirit fingers

or the 1D Bring It On AU drabble no one asked for. [insp.] shoutout to @haroldjagger for the kickass photoset! am i sorry for writing this? absolutely not.

At the center of the table, Louis, dressed in the Rancho Carne Toros cheerleading uniform, watches in exasperation, as Liam’s younger brother practically skips out of the gymnasium. He turns to Liam and Niall who both have megawatt smiles on their faces, voices hushed as they sickeningly purr over Jamie’s performance. Louis rolls his eyes, knowing nepotism won’t win them a sixth championship.

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