twisted firestarer

Who the “Fourth Cat” Should Have Been.

Can I just say how ridiculous I find the whole plot twist with Firestar being “the fourth” is? They tried to cover it up with cats saying “and our clan has never needed saving more than now”


Said “FIRE ALONE” he was not alone at all.

In my opinion, if they really wanted a fourth cat plot twist, they would have pulled from Tallstar’s Revenge.

The prologue would have been long ago, of Quince telling Scourge, Socks, and Ruby the story of Jake’s grand adventure with Tallstar. 

The fourth cat would’ve been the grandchild (or child) of Scourge, Socks, or Ruby, who kept the story of Jake alive. 

Imo it would’ve been cool if one cat was born in each of the main four clans who was a kin of Firestar’s “kin,” or cats whom were close enough to be family.

Shadowclan would’ve had one of Tawnypelt’s kits (Bramblestar is kin). Riverclan, perhaps one of Mistystar’s kits could have lived (Bluestar was close enough to be kin).  In Windclan, the only thing I could think of would be Tallstar’s sibling’s kits, as Tallstar always considered Firestar to be his kin due to Jake.

Now that would’ve been interesting af. Every clan thinking they have the sole savior? Trying to keep it a secret? And Thunderclan, for once, is not the savior.