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A very interesting theory for Goblin is that the Grim Reaper is actually the Queen and Sunny is the King. In episode 3, there was definite foreshadowing when the Grim reaper asked "how do you know the king wasn’t reincarnated as a girl?“ The gender reversal completely caught me off guard, but it would also explain why Goblin and the Grim Reaper have this instant chemistry and despite his claims, they clearly care for each other. Of course, this raises even more questions, especially about how the Goblin said that “to become a Grim Reaper you have to have committed enormous sins in your past life?” What huge sin did the Queen commit? Was that background story we saw from Shin’s perspective distorted and there was actually another story underneath the surface? The way things are going, and IF this turns out to be true there is potential for a lot of twists and jaw dropping answers to our mysteries and I am 100% here for it.


Pictured here: the exact same expression Syaoran wears when he finds out who stole the cookie from the cookie jar. 

Guys, Syaoran and Sakura would be the worst in any game that involved trying to figure out when people were lying or bluffing.

And I can speak from experience because so am I ok. 

 I didn’t see this plot twist coming a mile away. I’ve literally been reading this story arc for MONTHS and it didn’t even cross my mind once that it would be Tomoyo. 

But that aside, my favourite thing about this part of the page is that it reads like one of those REACTION! moments in anime, where the screen splits into everyone’s shocked faces and lingers on how surprising the previous announcement was. Except that Kurogane isn’t even slightly surprised. Not even 1% surprisal. And Sakura is straight up unconscious. 

It’s fantastic. 

I'm going to come out and say it...

I genuinely liked this episode. No, we did not get Johnlock on the show, but was anyone seriously expecting we would? This is the BBC we’re talking about. Want your Johnlock fix? We’ve got thousands of fanfics and fanart for that. We’ve created our own AU and got in so deep we mistook it for cannon. No. What we got instead was beautiful cinematography, an amazing soundtrack, two of the best male leads out there (if not the best). Plenty of action. Clever puzzles. A bit of insight into the relationships between the characters (under life and death circumstances no less!). A couple of jaw dropping plot twists. And an ACD homage ending. After all: though the world explode, these two survive and it is always 1895.

Imagine your OTP

Your OTP are getting ready to have/adopt a baby. Person A starts freaking out because “oh my god what if I forget to feed it or change it WHAT IF I DROP IT!” And generally panicing about it. So Person B calls up their parents and 2:00 am saying “I know it’s early but they’re really freaking out, you can’t laugh but will you PLEASE tell them they won’t drop the baby.” But plot - twist the parents actually dropped Person B when they were a baby. Person B is outraged while Person A can’t stop laughing.

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For the meme thing, 6 + 16, Lirry?

things you said under the stars and in the grass // things you said with no space between us

He’s teasing Liam. If you could call it a he. If you could call it a person at all. It’s hard to see him clearly considering Liam only manages to shine his mobile’s light on him very occasionally.

He’s got a person-like shape to the whole of him, and a dick-like shape between his legs. He’s got long hair, that Liam can see floating behind him as he runs. A flat chest, though, marked over with green etchings Liam can’t quite find a way to describe with words. He seems to be a boy.

And he’s teasing Liam.

He runs sometimes, deftly picking his way through roots and rocks and leaves that has Liam stumbling after him. Sometimes he’ll swing up on a branch, twist until he’s perched there. Then he twists, drops like he’s going to fall off the branch, and he disappears with a loud crack.

The first time Liam saw him do that, he thought he was seeing things, thought he’d gone ‘round the bend a time or two. Now when he does it, Liam’s just irritated.

He should get back to camp. They’re going to start looking for him soon – maybe, hopefully – but every time Liam even thinks about the direction of the camp, his mind swings a full 180 and he’s shooting off after his forest friend once more.

He can hear echoes of his own words playing back at him, like some cruel flashback, don’t go wandering off into the forest alone. Some Eagle Scout Liam is. This is blatantly irresponsible of him and very much against the rules.

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          “Thank you,” she said to Keelie as she flung herself and Petrah into the air.

They fell for a heartbeat, twisting and dropping too fast, but then Abraxos was there, his claws outstretched. He swept them up, banking along the side of the canyon and over the lip, rising into the safety of the air.

   Keelie hit the floor of the canyon with a CRASH that could be heard across the mountains.

                                                           She did not rise again.

thetattooedpotato said: you should make an edit of the scene when Manon saves Petrah from falling. Or anything about Manon, there’s a shocking lack of edits about her. Thanks! <3

Timeless Theory Time!


It was so good and I’m gonna cry if they don’t get a season 2 :’(

Anyway, after watching the season finale, my creative little mind started reeling with theories after all the new information we got + that plot twist they dropped at the end (that the fandom had theorized as a possibility, and got confirmation…yay fandom!). Seeing as I theorize best at random points of the day, I won’t post them all at once, but in nice short readable posts. Otherwise this post would go on forever and no one would read it. 

Drayden and May//Parks and Recreation


Drayden moved silently through the underbrush, trusting skills he’d honed observing dragons in the wild to conceal his presence as he stalked his current prey. All around him, oak trees and low bushes recreated the forests he’d spent much of his younger years moving through with disturbing silence for his size.

Nearby, the branches rustled and a rumbling cry shook the very air like distant thunder. Drayden immediately dropped flat, twisting himself underneath a bush and keeping still as though his life depended on it. After a moment, the disturbance passed and he continued moving once more. Not long after, he reached his destination.

There, in the clearing, was his target.

“HAHA! I HAVE YOU NOW!” Drayden leaped over the sidewalk and put his prey in a headlock. The Alolan Exeggutor looked unimpressed as its trainer hung a good five feet off the ground with his arms locked around its neck.