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Twist and Shout...

Well. I just finished it and I’m..I’m actually dead inside. I cry every time I hear that damn song. I will never get over it and for anyone who is reading it or will read it, I have some advice.
1) DON’T FIGHT YOUR FUCKING TEARS. They will occur. Multiple times.

2) You will never look at beaches, Polaroids, or Elvis the same again.

3) PREPARE. That’s all. Just..prepare for..everything.

4) Good Luck.

5) You won’t regret reading it because it’s a beautiful piece of art and I truly believe it’s something everyone should read, Destiel shipper or not, read it.

While researching Hamlet I read that his legendary counterpart married a Scottish Queen famed for killing all of her suitors until him, swearing eternal devotion to him then quickly remarrying to his killer in battle.

Is it bad that it immediately made be think of how Hamlet and the Scottish Play would turn out if Hamlet and Lady Macbeth teamed up to kill Claudius and take over the throne?

For the Sara is Charlotte theorists out there

You know how Sara was watching Alison at the school, like maybe she’s been following her around, so maybe she’s interested in how Alison is doing. Why would Sara want anything to do with Charlotte’s sister? But if we say Sara is the real Charlotte, it makes sense she still wants to be close to Ali. 

The other thing i noticed was the scene where shot from the back it seemed like Sara was Black Hoodie, maybe it’s a hint that she is really -A aka Charlotte. 

Sara isn’t my favorite character but she’s all over the storyline, the writers keep trying to make her relevant, so that leads me to think there’s more to her story (because there isn’t much to her story now to being with, she’s supposed to be red coat and black veil but we definitely didn’t get enough insight on that)

Lección de último minuto, patrocinada por Angie: No siempre se gana. Si perdieron su fc, o su plot, ¿sabían que hay muchos otros de donde elegir? No vayan a tirar bardo al rp, ni a quien les ganó lo que querían, ni a nadie más que no es culpa de ellos. Si empiezan a estresarse y enojarse por cosas de rp déjenme decirles ya están graves, relájense y disfruten que para eso estamos acá. ¿o no?


Whoa been a LONG ass time since I’ve watched/listened to this

Definitely worth a listen/watch if you’re into super creepy and twisted shit 🤘🏻