filedotexe replied to your post: i learned how to turn plants into rope…

tutorial af

here’s a good video showing how it’s done with milkweed fibers (skip to 2:00 for the close-up action) but it turns out it’s the exact same method as doing a nice rope twist on natural black hair, which i guess i would have known if i asked some black people invasive personal questions about their grooming routines. on straight white people hair it seems to be used to add some fancy texturing to buns and braids and stuff. 

you take two strands, twist the top one away from you, then wrap it towards you, then do the same to the second strand which is now rotated to be on top. with plants you just splice in more stalks when you’re running short. 

anyway! it’s cool when a crafting technique is applicable to a bunch of different stuff. also funny to see some big gruff survival dude busy with the same shit as a cute little girl. 

diet-twist asked:

The density of blood is 1060 kg/m to the power of three, blood of 1000 kg/m to the power of three. You could recreate blood density by putting sugar(if you want to dye it a color I don't know of food coloring adds density) and if you dye it a certain color a Kanaya Maryam(or any rainbow drinker) could pretend to drink troll blood.