S5E09, Slice of Life – Deleted Scene

“Okay, NOW she’s drunk.”

Idea by Zorand! In more ways than one, really, because this is also inspired by this joke he made in my IRC. And also this joke by licksdash, AKA /u/ DASHLICKER1991. Good times.

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Game of Thrones x Gymnastics | [5/15]

House Twistars: 

Furthest to the north, John Geddart sought refuge amongst the snow shrouded peaks of this untamed and desolate province. His explosive and arrogantly emotive nature were deemed too abrasive and ostracized him from other houses, but his boisterous presence is precisely what allowed him to flourish at this altitude. It was in this unforgiving climate that he discovered a prodigy among the locals, brilliantly gifted at an absurdly young age. With his rigorous training, more mentally than physically, she flourished with ease, both in strength and in grace, inspiring John to adopt the untamed stallion as his sidgel. His garish behavior and her premature but unrivaled talent brought them continuous fame and shed a bright light on this house in the distant north, reaping a rapid influx of bounty. The legend however speaks as a warning to overeager achievers, as John had a tendency to overzealously train the young prodigy, and as quickly as she reached the peak, she began to tumble down the mountain. Rumor has it that after an immensely disappointing individual performance at the most recent Olympiad, the house, already built on hastily assembled fame, began to implode, and the prodigy has broken ties. She is said to have roamed the northern lands, until reaching the warm shores of the coast where she’s being cared for by Lady Val. While House Twistars remains intact, the fate of its ambitious leader remains unknown. 


14 Gold [10 int /4 dom], 1 Silver [1 dom], 2 Bronze [1 int/ 1 dom]


A reportage on a Twistars meet earlier this month, with a small itw of Jo


Alyssa Al Ashari profile

National JO Champion from Twistars Gymnastics. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.