Master takes off his shirt
  • Kitty: *takes twistable crayon and flips over *

  • Kitty: *Pretends to draw on the back of master white shirt*

  • Master : Kitten…what are you doing ?

  • Kitty: nothingggggggg…

  • Master: *stern voice*tell me the truth. 

  • Kitty: drawing …. 

  • Master: Tell me you aren’t serious.

  • Kitty: ……

  • Master: …..

  • Master: WELL?

  • Kitty: *quietly* I’m drawing with invisible ink 

  • Master : oh so you flipped the crayon over ?
  • Kitty : oh no I’m using the crayon side 

  • Master : *stern voice * Now if I see there’s marking on my shirt you’re going to be in trouble missy. 

  • Master: *takes off shirt*

  • Kitty: * gets super excited master taking off his shirt *

  • Kitty: *starts feeling up on master nice body*

  • Master: kitten, did you just do all that for me to take off my shirt ? 

  • Kitty: yes master 

  • Kitty: *rubs face in masters chest* 

  • Master: you’re so cute 

  • Master: *rubs kitty’s head*
How My Mom Almost Got Me Suspended in 5th Grade

Okay story time, so today, I passed by my elementary school and I told my mom “Do you remember how you almost got me suspended because you so fucking dramatic” and she was playing it off and just laughed. 

So here is the story. 

So yo girl was into many shit in 5th grade, my ass was active as fuck. I was in Karate (forced to retire but thats another story), schools Broadcast, schools newspaper, and all that shit. So I lived in a ghetto neighborhood and we didn’t have all that fancy resources other elementary schools had. However, I was blessed with having 2 parents who came to this country working their assess off and they eventually ended up in the medical field. So they had some money and I had the nicest stationary, I was that bitch in school with nice ass erasers, pencils, twistable and other stuff. So my school was going to have its first ever student council, and my ass wanted secretary because my best friends were going to be President, the other was gonna be Vice President, and our clique wanted to be the student council. 😂 BUT OBVI we had people running against us so it was everyone for themselves. My opponent was this bitch name Jennifer Diaz. She hated me like she had beef with me. Anyways, I did my campaign and my mom bought cheap stationary and we put it in a bag and it had “Vote for *my name* for Student Council Secretary” and she had food. In my head I’m like please Jesus Christ let me win. 5 weeks later, I was the winner. She was hella salty and I mean hella salty. We were in the same class and everything it was awkward as fuck. 

So one day, school was over but I realized I forgot my pencil pouch. So my ass waddled back to my classroom and I saw Jennifer looking through my cubby and I’m like “What are you doing” and she just looked at me and smiled. Im like okay…. and she left the room and I went to my cubby and she fucked up my cubby bih. she fucked it up so bad!! SO my ass organized it again and I found my pencil pouch and went home and I told my mom about Jennifer but she didn’t pay much attention 

The next day I was told to stay after school and I saw my Broadcast teacher, my journalist teacher, the vice principle and everything and Jennifer ass was there crying. They called my mom and I was there with my backpack and shit waiting to see what happened. My mom came in worried and she sat down and the vice principle was saying Jennifer saw me stealing other peoples pencils and when she walked in on me stealing supposedly I cut her with the pencil sharpener blade. My ass was shook. Like is this bitch serious. She removed her long sleeve and showed the cut marks and my mom fucking flipped. She told the girl “Sweetie you did that to yourself don’t be that pathetic to pin it against someone else, I can refer you to places that can help you. Anyways Ms. Espineda did you even heard my daughters side in the story” and she said no because she believed Jennifer and my mom was pist because no one was hearing me out. My broadcast teacher and my journalist teacher was like we should hear the whole situation and then Jennifer bitch ass was like “always taking the stars student side” and I think my teacher had Vietnam flashbacks of her childhood or some shit because she told me “You are guilty you must be Jennifers servant for one week” and YOOO MY MOMMA GOT PIST. She was like “Are you a stupid fucking bitch this aint no slavery up in this shit y'all got me fucked up I didn’t move to this country got my citizenship, went to school to learn English and medical terminology, just for you to say that. I RATHER YOU SUSPEND HER ASS FOR SOMETHING SHE DIDNT DO”and everyone was shook. So no one moved and my mom got the printer paper from the ladies office and wrote “*my name* is suspended for a week for something she didn’t do because this school doesn’t like hearing two sides of a fucking story” and my mom got the paper and gave it to the principal. Shit was a scandal for a whole 2 hours lmao. Until they decided to check my cubby and backpacks and they didn’t find evidence. I was able to continue my activities and lord my mom kept pushing for suspension. 😂

My “little space” collection was severely lacking so I treated myself to a Toys/Babies R’ Us shopping spree!! I call it my “little & middle starter kit” and it contains (from top left to bottom right:

1. Kinetic Sand in purple
2. Crayola Bath Dropz
3. Two teddy stuffies
4. Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations
5. MLP Activity Book
6. Crayola Twistables (littlespace!)
7. Prismacolor Pencils (middlespace! Already owned)
8. Enchanted Coloring Book (already owned)
9. Harry Potter Coloring Book (already owned)
10. Hello Kitty Sippy Cups
11. MLP divided plate & utensils
12. Hello Kitty & AWC pacis (already owned)
13. Nintendo 3DS with Animal Crossing New Leaf (already owned)

I think it’s the perfect mix of little/middle happy things and the bestest way to start my collection!! :D I can’t wait to keep adding to it! YAYAYAYAY! :D <3

One time in 5th grade we had an exchange student named Soon-Yeong from Korea and we all thought he was the new class pet so we asked him lots of nosey questions that he didn’t understand and in return he gave us scented twistable crayons and shiny anime stickers as tribute then we found out he was really good at soccer so we took him out to play and he kicked the ball so high it hit a seagull flying by and it fell into the playground and we all crowded round to see if it was dead and after that Soon-Yeong was our hero.

To this day no one knows what happened to the seagull.


What’s in my pencil case ?


• Twistables ‘crayola’
• Pen ‘Bic Cristal’ 0,7 mm
• Scissors
• Eraser
• Sharpener
• Post-its
• Ruler
• Highlighter 'Stabilo’
• Glue Stick 'Pritt’
• Mini stapler
• Correction pen
• Candy dispenser 'Pez’

& that’s all cuties✨💕👋☺️

Yeah, i know I’m a very very small studyblr but this is one of the favs posts I read from another studyblrs.
My pencil case is not like a big deal but it has a lot of stuff and it’s sooo pretty.
This is what I’m carrying everyday to the university and with this I make my notes.
Pencil case: stûck
Color pens: InkJoy by PaperMate (in all the shades that exists)
Pencils: Crayola Twistables. Pelikan medium and a Stabilo HB.
Pens: Gel pen form B2P, a normal black pen and a pen from the physics school.
Pencil sharpener: Faber-Castell
Eraser: Maped large eraser and a Maped regular size.
Highlighter: From Sharpie.
A random purple pen (I don’t know were it comes from)
USB: Kingston.
Clips and paper holder.
And that’s all. I really enjoy doing this and I hope the people around enjoy it too.
Thanks and see ya. 🌟

So I drew one of Porters visuals from his live tour about a month or so ago and I’m just now deciding to post it because I’ve been really scared of negative criticism.

 This was drawn out on 2x3ft poster board and I took a picture of it with my phone and put it through photoshop to make it look less “drawn”. If any of you would like to see the version I haven’t put through photoshop, I’ll gladly post it.

This was drawn with colored pencil. Approximately 5 red, 3 black, 1 brown, a couple orange and I have no idea what else because I gave up caring. (After realizing that a knife works better as a sharpener than an actual sharpener.) The head was drawn with Crayola Twistables.

It also turned my floor red.

I’m really sorry that the watermark is there but I’ve had people claim my recreations as theirs a few times. So better be safe than sorry.

I hope everyone likes it. I’m very proud of it.