AHHHH! Colors stimulate my brain so much. I got a lot of joy out of just doing rainbow color swatches of these #crayola #twistables. Most of them can be layered and blend pretty well but some of them fight each other. Playing with inexpensive colors like these is helping me remember things so I can work back up to expensive #prismacolor stuff. I don’t want to do #art or #drawing with stuff I can’t afford until I feel my skill is back up where it should be. So I’m playing with inexpensive stuff for a while.

Okay so here are a few swatches of the Crayola Twistables. Since I draw with my mouth, the plastic casing is really necessary but I can still have the crayon texture. Not eating crayon wax because of my disability is a good thing! Thumbs up on the handicap accessibility on this product. #crayola #twistables #crayons #art #disability #arthrogryposis #quadriplegia #drawing #swatches