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7 Cute And Easy Ponytails for Summer

By Lynette Neo

1. Classic High Ponytail

Does your ponytail moves lower at the end of the day? The solution to this everyday problem is to support your ponytail using hair pins! This tiny step will help you to create a higher and longer lasting ponytail!

2. Messy Ponytail

Since our hair always get messy before the day ends, why not make it messy at the start of the day! The key of this messy look is to tie your ponytail just by using your fingers. Try to loosen your ponytail and add some hair spray to keep it messy all day long!  

3. Bump / Fuller Ponytail

Sick of classic ponytail? Try tying two ponytails to create hair bump and fuller ponytail! You can also blow the upper part of your hair using hair dryer before tying it to create bigger bump!

4. Curly Ponytail

No one ever goes wrong with a curly ponytail. This look is suitable for both normal days and special occasions. You can also try matching this hair with cute or vintage accessories and outfits to look extra girlish! 

5. Twisted Ponytail

To achieve this twisted ponytail look, pin most of your hair at one side and twist it. After you are done twisting it, tie a ponytail at the end and use a small amount of hair to wrap the rubber band section!

6. Braided Ponytail

Braids and ponytails are lovely in their own way and it gets even better when you combine both elements! Whether it is three strands braids, french braids or fishtail braids, you can combine any type of braid you like with ponytail!

7. Bubble Ponytail

If you have really long hair and you always like to add fun elements in your style, bubble ponytail is one thing that you shouldn’t miss. Bubble ponytail is easy to create and it gives you the quirky and adorable look. Finish off this look with fun looking beachwear and voilà! The perfect look for summer!

These are the 7 ponytail ideas for this summer! If you enjoy reading this article, feel free to like or reblog to share it with your followers!

Cinders - Chapter 12/36

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I hope you’re all ready for some angst CUS HOT DAMN.

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SUMMARY: Trapped within your anger, the Vagabond and Cheshire find themselves screaming as Ryan and yourself try desperately to break through. 

WC: 2511

Standing outside of what you remember to be Ryan’s room you tentatively knock, the movement inside stopping at the sound of your arrival and nervous energy wafting underneath the door. You wait a moment before knocking louder, your crutches digging uncomfortably into your skin while you hold yourself upright. An irritated sigh hums from your lips, before you bang angrily on the door for a final time, “I know you’re fucking in there.” Nothing, no sound, no movement, and no answers greet your insistence, only more anxious atmosphere. Grumbling, your frustration is fuelled on by the aching in your body left behind from the dwindling pain killers. “Get your ass out here” you spit, suddenly furious.

Though the Vagabond serves as the darker embodiment of a gentle man, he had become a stronger imposing force post joining the Fakes, part of two personas living within a single body and an unforseeable consequence of the incident you had both experienced in Greece. The events go unspoken between you, walled off within your mind; but you couldn’t avoid its effects. You’d both been thrown into states of immense anger and irrationality; struggled to find your way back in a single piece, your personalities forever shattered.

One man was gentle, loving and compassionate, whilst the other was stubborn, rash, and cruel defense mechanism, perfectly complimenting the Cheshire that had purred inside of you in your rage. Long ago you’d loved each in every possible way, the Cheshire and the Vagabond, Y/N and Ryan; a perfect team so in sync that they could take on the world. However, dealing with the Vagabond outside of the Cheshire had always been difficult, two sets of characteristics that would mix to the point of explosive confrontation. Still, as your anger grows you let the Cheshire stir inside of you; embracing an anger you had long since abandoned.

“Vagabond, open this fucking door!” With a harsh punch your knuckles crack the wood, the surface caving around your fist with a spray of splinter. Quickly the door is yanked open, your heart leaping when you finally see Ryan stood before you; looking rather confronted. “I can’t talk to you right now” he says, his voice stern. Glaring, you ignore the aching in your chest as you stare into his brilliant blue eyes, trying to calm the fluttering in your stomach. “Yeah?” you demand, poking him in the chest with the end of your crutch, forcing him back into the room; “well too fucking bad.”

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