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Bee emoji reviews

apple going for the somewhat realistic interpretation, but those wings are just… wrong, and takes away from the rest of the image. 3/5

a friend. the innocent, humble friend that beesshould be portrayed as. i can overlook anatomical errors when it ends up being so damn friendly. 5/5

i appreciate the attempted art direction here, the top-down view is a unique twist, but mamma mia could someone at microsoft hold off from selecting the thickest black border available? 3/5

this bee is curious, inquisitive, and i’m sure they could warm up to being a good friend. 4/5

that’s one fat fucking bee. how does its small wings lift its fat body off the ground? i think this bee’s going to care about what we think is impossible. 2/5

this is a much more preferable interpretation of the top-down bee. reasonable line thickness, doesn’t look nearly as threatening. 4/5

similarly, this is acceptable. focuses more on gradients than flat colors, which i think is an interesting change of pace. 4/5

that’s a wasp. an aggressive, unpleasant wasp. that wasp is not my friend - it is a threat. and we shouldn’t be portraying bees as threats. 2/5

absolute adorable friendliness trumps technical anatomy. this bee is my best friend. 5/5

what the fuck is this shit


Dent de Man SS2014 Lookbook

Model: My Panda Shall Fly frontman- Suren Seneviratne | Photographer: Marc Hibbert | Stylist: Thomas C Toth | Set design: Thomas Bird | Set design asst: Joshua T Howell

Contemporary menswear with a modernly unique twist using traditional Indonesian printing techniques.

comprehensive rating of every octopus emoji

for your reading pleasure

the ratings are off to a notably curvy and rounded start.  not sure what’s going on with those eyes, but this octopus is making up for it with a very generous squish quotient.  7/10; would pet

such zazz!  such a definitive swagger!  i am particularly endeared to that ‘raise the roof’ gesture he’s got going on with his arms.  excellent octopus.  very good indeed.  10/10; would throw a party with

ah, the full-frontal approach to octopus imagery.  that classic octopus head shape is very well-represented here.  a good, solid octopus for all your octopus needs.  8/10; would introduce to my parents

to be perfectly frank, i’m ambivalent.  there’s some unfortunate shading going on here and all i can see is a rubbery pink stick-man with a disproportionate head wearing a cape.  despite it all, i can’t bring myself to say mean things about this octopus; she has a vivacious charm to her.  3/10; would give points for effort

i’m pretty sure this isn’t what an octopus looks like.  nice try.  1/10; would maybe wear as a novelty hat in an emergency

a wonderful and pleasing octopus.  htc is really shaking it up with these cool colours.  her eyes are wide with childlike wonder.  9/10; would read a bedtime story to

i cannot say a single bad thing about this octopus.  he is anatomically correct and possesses a lightness of spirit; an inexorable zest for life.  a swell guy and a fantastic cephalopod. 12/10; would leave him all my worldly possessions and wisdom in the event of my death, whenever that day shall fall

the manic pixie dream girl of the octopus emojis.  the many curls and spirals of her arms hold within themselves undeniable cosmic truths and wise tidbits of advice.  points earned for those delightful purple shades.  10/10; would go on a life-changing roadtrip with

twitter has gone for a unique twist in taking the cirrate octopod approach to octopus imagery- a roaring success in octopuses such as the dumbo and the flapjack- but have fallen short.  where are his little ears?  he needs those little ears.  give him the ears.  6/10; would fashion him a pair of little ears to wear

heavens to betsy!  what happened to his arm? why is it so long?  the poor baby looks so bewildered.  2/10; would subject mozilla to a brutal interrogation as to avenge this poor boy’s honour

remarkably angular for an octopus.  it’s lacking that important element of squish.  has a lovely, albeit biologically impossible, winning smile though.  5/10; would not criticise to their face

this is a shiny one.  on a closer look, her skin glistens with visions of half-remembered dreams.  her beguiling eyes and exuberant mouth-thing are only there for a false sense of security.  a very mysterious octopus.  where is she from?  8/10; would see in glimpses on the backs of my eyelids whenever i blink

Muchy’s Top Best Overwatch fics

I said I’d do it, so I’m doing it: Recs for the best Overwatch fics I’ve ever read, in no particular order of importance. 

[[In the Bones of Our Beast]]



Junkrat slips into the Omnium and finds treasure, he doesn’t know what it is but other people seem to know, and they want it. Bad. Bad enough to hire famed enforcer Roadhog to drag him in, kicking and screaming.

Relationship/s: Junkrat/Roadhog

What I enjoyed about the fic: 

Amazingly written outback adventures with good relationship development with trash mouse and street pig, with an actual treasure that makes sense, as opposed to the mysterious but undefined treasure in canon and other fics. 





The feeling started when they reached the edge of civilization.

Junkrat wasn’t familiar with the twisting sensation in his stomach, the constriction of his chest, and the tingling of his fingers when he held onto the belt of the man driving the motor bike. He knew it wasn’t fear, or anxiety, as he often did experience. It wasn’t the thrill and delight he feels when he blows something or someone up.

This kind of feeling was… Nice. Warm. Nauseating. All at the same time. It grew more sure as the bike accelerated and he held on tighter, the barren landscape blurring passed them, the dust and wind blowing through his singed hair, the roar of the engine ringing in his ears. He tried to brush it off. He tried to forget about it.

Business, it’s only business, he reminded himself. Nothing more. Never will be.

Oh, how he tried.

Relationship/s: Junkrat/Roadhog

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Another well-written Outback adventure story, just fantastically written, engaging, with good character development between our favorite trash folk. 



[[Bad Sun]]



When Blackwatch agent Jesse McCree is sent to kill a mysterious assassin known only as DRAGONSTRIKE, there are a few things he expects to occur.

Falling in love isn’t one of them.

Relationships: Mccree and Reyes, Jesse Mccree/Hanzo Shimada

What I enjoyed about the fic: 

The comparison of Reyes to the chessboard black Queen, as opposed to King, with Jack as King and Mccree as Knight. The exciting encounters between Hanzo and Mccree are also appealing, but the chess scene stands out, as well as the relationship between Reyes and Mccree in Blackwatch days. 


[[Watching You Run Into the High Noon Sun]]



Gabriel Reyes taught McCree everything he knows - not to shoot and kill, but how to survive by more than luck and aim.

McCree learns something else as Overwatch falls, fades, and then rises again: in this life, everyone leaves him behind.

He won’t watch it happen again.

Relationships: Mccree and Reyes, Jesse Mccree/Hanzo Shimada

What I enjoyed about the fic:

You will see a ton of AsheRhyder fic in here, just a heads up. They’re my favorite Overwatch fic writer of all time, and I will trust literally anything they come out with. And it began with this fic.

What I loved most about it was ridiculously, canonically competent Mccree. So many fics fail to think past the Cowboy and fail to maximize the potential of what it meant to be a Blackwatch, former gang member prime Black Ops agent, but this fic hit the mark with a Mccree that isn’t defined by his cowboy hat and boots, but not removed from the persona either. 

Also the relationship between Hanzo and Jesse here is very subdued compared to other fics, but beautifully done. For Mccree lovers who enjoy character studies, and anybody who loves good fic, this is the fic for you. Definitely in my top 5 best. 


[[Blue Roses and Salted Caramel]]



Hanzo hated Valentine’s Day and everything that went with it. This got exceptionally awkward for a man whose courier service saw business triple in the lead up to February 14th.

A series of ‘special deliveries’ between Mr. Jack Morrison and Mr. Gabriel Reyes drew his attention. Initially, it was because he wasn’t sure if it was the world’s most polite form of hate mail or the world’s most awkward flirting…

But then there was something about Mr. Reyes’ son, Jesse, that kept him coming back…

Relationship/s: Jack Morrison/Gabriel Reyes, Jesse Mccree/Hanzo Shimada

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Look, it’s Asherhyder again, haha. Though I should note that while I’d decided Asherhyder was my favorite writer in OW, I had no idea this was written by them until after I finished it (because I do not pay attention and didn’t notice the author name lmao)

I just could NOT STOP SMILING AND GIGGLING throughout this entire fic. It’s so fluff it’ll rot your teeth off, it made my pores clear, my crops flourish, I cried tears of healing as I read this fic. 


[[Cast a Long, Dark Shadow]]



Jack will never forgive himself for not noticing it the first time a prisoner dies while in the new Overwatch’s custody. He knows the signs better than anyone alive: Gabriel taught him how to see the invisible fingerprints Blackwatch left behind.

But someone is cutting off his access to the old Blackwatch records, and to manage that, there needs to be an active commander in the field…

Relationship/s: Jack Morrison/Gabriel Reyes

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Asherhyder again? Listen… you gotta read everything this person has written. Do it. Right now. 

This one may actually be my favorite of the lot, at least firmly in the Top 3. Short, but fantastic and poignant in less than 3000 words. Another amazing character study. Read it right now immediately, it won’t take you long. 


[[His Master]]



Master Genji teaches his student Zenyatta at Shambali Temple in Nepal.

And yet…

And yet.

Relationship/s: Genji Shimada/Tekhartha Zenyatta

What I enjoyed about the fic:

Just LOOK AT THAT SUMMARY AND TELL ME YOU’RE NOT INTRIGUED. A role reversal fic–or is it? One of the more heartrending fics on this list, and absolutely beautiful. In that space between sad and happy-poignant. You won’t regret reading it.


Update: additional fic as of 5/1/2017

[[The Desert Glacier]]



Hanzo Shimada is a one-year veteran of Overwatch. Having been assigned to lead and defend the reinstitution of an abandoned Watchpoint: Grand Mesa, he leads his team against Talon, deals with the pressure of leadership, and longs for the company of his precious cowboy.
Also: ghosts.

Relationship/s: Hanzo Shimada/Jesse Mccree

What I enjoyed about the fic: 

Don’t be fooled by the “Also: ghosts” like it’s a side note, this is one of the best supernatural mystery works I’ve read, and it’s a fanfiction. The supernatural element may not be front and center, but it’s one of the most engaging parts of an engaging and well-written storyline, and the fic reads just like those published mystery novels you love with a twist uniquely Overwatch.

[Still incomplete, but near completion]


Update: additional fic as of 5/18/2017

long is the road that leads me home



You can meet the strangest people on the road. Sometimes, the best.

Relationship/s: Hanzo Shimada/Jesse Mccree

What I enjoyed about the fic:

I can’t believe I forgot about his one when it was one of the ones I promised myself would be on a best fic list before I ever even made one. So here it is!

I love fics that are written with the descriptiveness of published novels, and this one does imagery right. It’s not too long – 17,000+ words, it’s all around fantastically and professionally written, with the fun and intrigue and delicious romance you’d expect from a fanfiction. 

It gives you the juicy bits slowly but in a way that keeps you satisfied. You get a taste of Mccree and Reyes’ backstory (with our favorite Papa Reyes back at it again), of Hanzo’s as well. 

It’s just fantastically well-written. I can’t describe it more than that, you have to read it to get the full experience. 


Side note: in case y’all think their name sounds familiar, yes, that is the same Asherhyder who created the Roommates webcomic on deviantart. A quality writer/artist who does quality work all around. Blessed is the Overwatch fandom for having them. 

Side note 2: there’s a fic series I forgot the name of, but I’m gonna add it to the list later. I’ll also be adding fics that I find striking as I go along. I tend to favor McHanzo, Reaper76, Genyatta and Roadrat, so if you think there’s a fic that should be on this list that isn’t, this is basically just a reflection of my fic reading preferences. 

i-am-excalibur  asked:

Hello Mr. Fox, I hope this is not too much of a bother, but I've been thinking about making a small little video game and I'm not sure where to start. If it's alright, could you give me a few pointers on this? Thanks!

Hm. I think a concept always needs to be first. After you get the concept, imagine all kinds of being which fit the theme of the story. Then, you flesh it out, and add unique twists others haven’t done, to make it feel fresh and new!


Sherlock Holmes on Elementary is definitely a jerk. But he’s also a good person with a deep sense of empathy. Let’s explore how Elementary fits into the legacy of Holmes Adaptions, and how the character is depicted in these complex, contradictory ways.

Transcript below the cut

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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Just saw King Arthur and the theater was practically EMPTY???!!? Wtf!??!!?!!! This movie was so good you guys, and it’s being torn apart by critics because the lore doesn’t 100% match? *screams frustrations into void* Guy Ritchie took a legend that has been told over and over again for what feels like forever (and let’s be real, it’s been retold so much cause it’s a damn good legend) and put his own unique twist on it.

Personally, I was not going into this movie expecting a word for word reenactment of Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur or even T.H. White’s The Once and Future King. The trailer made it very clear that KA: LotS was going to have a different take on the story. And it was gooooood. Omg! This film was like if Lord of the Rings met Kingsman.

Here are some of my favorite things about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.
• The war elephants were just as fantastic and terrifying as I wanted them to be and more!

• The AWE-INDUCING AF Lady of the Lake *heart-eyes*

• The absolutely mesmerizing Sirens (like holy fuck I couldn’t look away they were SO COOL)


• Arthur growing up protecting/respecting women, not because he feels he’s a ~strong man~ who saves ~weak damsels~ and expects a reward for his actions but because he is genuinely sickened by men who disrespect women. Because he was raised by women and *gasp* sees them as *GASP!* people?? Revolutionary.


• How the sword got stuck in the stone!!!! So cool, what a concept, I love it!

• The ANIMALS and the Mage working with nature and all the imagery and the SNAKES!!!

• I legit cried when the Round Table was revealed like holy shit yeessssss.

• Excalibur is a literal powerhouse and we finally get see what it can do!

• The acting was top notch! (Jude Law gave me chills as King Vortigern)

• The soundtrack fed my SOUL hell yes!!!! So good.

• The fight choreography, with an *appropriate* use of slow-mo, gave me life!

• The story telling!!! Like, yes Guy Ritchie’s way of telling the story of King Arthur is amazing but I’m talking about the particular way the *characters* told stories *in the movie* like w.h.o.a. So awesome!!

• The cinematography! I couldn’t go two seconds without coming across a shot that I NEED as my TV and Computer background.

• The special effects. Have I talked about the animals and the MAGE AND THE LADY OF THE LAKE AND THE SIRENS AND EXCALIBUR AND THE COLORS AAAAHHHHHHHH

• The story line. Honestly, screw the critics for giving this film a bad review just because it didn’t stick the legend. IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO! They took the Legend of King Arthur and built off it to tell their own story and it was sooo gooodd!!

• The camera work!!! Omg the camera work!!! Hot damn.

I will say that I was disappointed in how the film fell into the trope of hurting and killing women as a means to motivate the male lead. That wasn’t cool. It has literally everything else going for it, but they tripped up here. This motivation device is used too often in all forms of media, and honestly I’m sick of it.

But! That was the only flaw I could find after one viewing, and the rest of the movie was phenomenal.
Please go see this movie!

Okay real quick! There’s something else about this movie that I LOVED SO MUCH but I’m not sure if it is considered a spoiler. It’s a bit more specific than the bullet points so to be safe, I’ve put it under the cut here. 

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Winchesterprincessbride Reads-A/B/O Edition

Everyone who knows me knows I am complete, utter A/B/O trash.  Especially Alpha! Sam.  He just does it for me in a big, BIG way. I know I often see people looking for A/B/O fic recs, so I’m gonna make some recommendations since I have read so many of them.

1.  Nice To Meet You- By @ilostmyshoe-79  -  Alpha!Sam yummyness! I have read this one so many times I can probably recite it by memory.  One of my all-time favorites. Kimmy is the bomb!

2. Claimed- By @ilostmyshoe-79 Another Kimmy masterpiece.  This one is Alpha!Dean, and another one of my all-time favorites. So I like Kimmy, so?

3. Moonlight By @cleverdame A/B/O and Daddy!Sam feels in the same story. Hells Yeah!!! This story has a sequel.  Blisteringly hot sexy times in this one! George is a Sam!girl after my own heart!

4. I Lost My Sock By @huntingandwritingthings  Who knew laundry could be so hot? It all starts when Sam’s sock end’s up in the reader’s basket.  I will never look at laundry as boring again!

5. Political Animals By yours truly, @winchesterprincessbride  It’s my list so I can put one of my own stories if I want! Alpha Sam!/Omega Reader (duh!) where they hook up in a bar and reader bails, only to cross paths later at a debate where their parents are opponents.

6. Together- By @kittenofdoomage  This is Alpha!Dean and it is angsty as all get out. But it’s Kitten, so you know it’s DAMN good! Some trigger warnings so check before you read.  

7. Starting Over By my favorite redhead, @oriona75 This is an A/B/O AU featuring Alpha! Tahmoh and Omega Reader and it’s really good! This was one of the first A/B/O’s I read and I remember thinking to myself, What the hell is a knot??? Oh how far I have come LOL!

8. Alpha looks like an Omega By one of my buddies in the A/B/O trash can, @dr-dean  This one is 12 chapters in on AO3, and it has a unique twist.  The reader is the Alpha, and DEAN is the Omega.  SO GOOD, and the spin makes it different.

9. The Arrangement By @helvonasche If you know Hel, you know she writes some damn fine smut! Sam and (OC Charlotte AKA Chuck) make an arrangement to get them through her heats and his ruts.  Dean and Donna are a couple in this also, which is a plus!

10. Of Hyacinths and Cookies By @madamelibrarian - Alpha!Sam/Omega!Jess .Even though I knew what was going to happen, I wanted the ending to be different somehow.  Knowing didn’t make it any easier.  So touching and sweet and sad.

11. Brown-eyed Girl By my pal @jotink78 AKA Sleepy Jean.  This little gem is her first attempt at A/B/O.  SJ doesn’t do smut, and you don’t even notice. It’s Alpha!Sam. (Are you guys sensing a pattern here ?? :) What happens when Sam saves an Omega from an assault and realizes he wants her for himself?

tagging @jotink78 @madamelibrarian @helvonasche @dr-dean @oriona75

@kittenofdoomage @huntingandwritingthings @cleverdame @ilostmyshoe-79

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 | Pt.6 | Pt.7

Lookee what my brain coughed up~~

Peter stays the night again. The man cooks for the two of them, Stiles finishes his homework, Peter uses his shower and poaches more of Stiles’ clothes, and they end up in the fort again, knees and arms knocking together, blankets piled on top of them.

“Should we be expecting your father tonight?”  Peter enquires idly, not sounding like he cares much either way.

“Mm, no, he’s working on a case out of town.”  It’s instinct to check his phone, but there’s no text message waiting for him, and that’s to be expected too.  He sends one off to Scott though, just to check in, just to ask how he’s doing after everything that went down.  He doesn’t get a reply this time either, which doesn’t surprise him one bit.

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spider emoji review

sleek and elegant. everyone hates on apple emojis but i like most of them and she is no exception. excellent attention to detail with the legs too. a little lacking in personality though.  4/5

the shading or whatever art term describes those grey parts is just so weird to me. she is not a Friend and i don’t trust her. 1/5

i like the addition of the dots but hate the fucking border. someone needs to stop microsoft honestly 3/5

fuck samsung this looks like a beetle with eight legs. the colors are awful and her tiny fucking legs will not hold up her body. 0/5 

a better-executed version of the facebook one. the eyes truly show her beautiful personality and her muted black color scheme is very striking!! 5/5

I actually like the design a lot on her. very unique twist on the spider design. but she doesn’t really have personality. she’s beautiful but she’s not my friend. 3/5

I LOVE HER!! So beautiful and so soft!! i adore the minimalist design!! i don’t even need to see her eyes i already trust her with my life. 6/5

love the smile but she’s pretty ugly. like i can tell they tried to make her seem friendly but she’s just a lil unsettling. love the perspective though very different. 2/5

i love spiders but this one seems sinister. i support and respect her but i would give her her space. also weird shading. 2/5

How to tell if something is a deconstruction or a darker and edgier version using two examples.  Spoilers for stuff the internet has almost certainly spoiled already.

Evangelion : Teen is manipulated by his bastard dad and a questionable government conspiracy into piloting a mecha that contains his dead mom’s soul to save the world.

Nothing in this plot is out of the ordinary for a mecha show at the time.  Teen pilot, asshole government, and abusive dad are all pretty much mainstays of the genre at the time.  Having the mech be his dead moms soul is slightly less common, but still hardly groundbreaking.

The unique twist is that Shinji is a fucked up wreck of a human being because the situation is fucked up.  This is a deconstruction.  It takes the plot and plays it straight, showing how fucked up the average mecha plot is, and what a huge disaster would actually come from that premise.

Madoka : Magical girls are given powers by a small mascot creature to fight  monsters.  Except the monsters are former magical girls, and the mascot’s real goal is to endlessly sacrifice magical girls to slow entropy.

This isn’t a magical girl plot.  At all.  Even those series where the mascots turn out to be evil aren’t based on a horrible, inescapable, system of constant strife.  The only recognizable part is the transformations and powers, and even then only superficially.

The twist is the plotline itself.  This is a darker and edgier version.  There’s no commentary about the genre or tropes within the genre, because the plot is unrecognizable.  The reactions of the characters to this new plot speak only to the universe they’re in.  Not magical girl shows as a whole.

I now return you to the rest of the internet that will ignore this.


A bunch of doodles for my special Tiefling boy, inspired by @annalandin and their teifling variation designs! I didn’t put a very unique twist on stuff myself but i liked the light blue and purples!

Btw, there’s some notes on the art if anyone wanted to read them;;

By the by, as we chat books, I wanted to share a couple of my fave fairy tale-style ones with my Oncer friends! And non-Oncer friends who like fairy tales too! Yay fairy tales!

(Note: none of these are smutty, but still wonderfully romantic!)

(Note 2: if you have some smutty fairy tale recs, my inbox beckons.)

(Note 3: feel free to reblog with your own fairy tale book recs!! I love recs!!)

There are two authors that really just kill it for me. Both feature strong female leads, good villians and tension, nice UST and unique twists on classic fairy tales.

Under the cut for length:

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[!] About Us

Who We Are

Have you ever heard of the term pay it forward? Well, this is similar to that, but with our own unique twist! 

We are blog dedicated to sharing the love across every kpop fandom on Tumblr. How we plan on doing this is by accepting messages from anons where they leave a small statement or prompt and it’s up to the Tumblr community to take the prompt and turn it into a masterpiece! 

Our goal is to make everyone’s day just a little bit better by doing this random act of kindness. Whether you read or write, this is a community for everyone to spread the love!

How it Works

Making a Request

  • Having a rough day? Going through something in life? Or maybe, you just want a little cheering up? 
  • Go on anon and send us a message with a little phrase/prompt as well as a member/group/pairing and we will leave it up to the Tumblr community to claim your prompt! 
  • All unclaimed prompts will be put onto a list for writers to look over and claim, and if your request isn’t claimed within 30 days? You can opt to send in something else and have it deleted - or, of course, one of our admins will consider writing it for you!

Claiming a Request (AKA - Writing it Forward)

  • Wanting to write a request you saw on the blog? If you really want to turn that prompt/phrase/inspiration into a writing, send us a message letting us know which prompt it was and we can make sure to note that it has been claimed!
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anonymous asked:

do u know of any trans keith fics? was just wondering since I don't see many : )

dudeee there are over 80 trans!keith fics I couldn’t possibly link them all, I will however start up a tag. i hope you enjoy these ones to start with. 

 EDIT: I got an ask just explaining that I come off a bit rude when in this post and I just wanted to clear up that I was just surprised at the number of trans!keith fics I promise I’m not a bad person!>

Tick Tock by Ididntsignupforthisshit (30/30 | 117,477 | Mature)

Keith knew that his luck probably had little to do with Paula the Bobble Head. In fact, he had a sneaking suspicion that it had to do with the constantly ticking timer creeping up on his left thumb. A Soul Counter, as most called it. It was a natural phenomenon occurring in humans. In each person intended there was an ever present timer, constantly ticking down until the time where they would find their soulmate. When the timer would reach zero, a second tattoo-like marking would appear on the person’s skin – their Soul Mark. This would appear on the person’s soulmate in much the same place. Each pair’s Soul Mark was unique to just the two of them.



The Lion’s Den by Gigapoodle (20/? | 91,128 | Teen And Up)

This story is, ultimately, an exploration. It is not a story that is heavily driven by plot, nor is it a story full of action, nor is it a story that is going to blindside you with unique twists - and it does not strive to do that.

This is a story about people, living their lives, dealing with the world around them in the only way they can - by learning, by growing, and by taking the world and making it their own.

This is a story that starts on a random autumn day in a coffee shop, with two irritated boys who can’t stop snipping each other over a damn cup of coffee, and blossoms out from there.

This is a story about Keith, the loner who learns he no longer has to be alone; and Lance, the charmer, who learns that it’s okay to not be okay.

//underage drinking


A Quarter Past Midnight by Gigapoodle (1/1 | 14,266 | Teen And Up)

When Keith found himself standing in front of a hulking blue metal lion, of all things, surrounded by a hexagonal shield like it was straight out of a straight-to-DVD sci-fi movie, he simply guffawed. If this was what the higher beings were trying to guide his hand towards, they could shove that hand up their asses.

This love won’t ever be convenient by Lynn1998 (23/23 | 78,078 | Explicit)

*Complicated by Avril Lavigne plays in the distance*

//homophobia //transphobia //internalized transphobia

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Hello there! I'd like to pass along a recommendation for a fic I recently came across that deserves a ton of love. It's a new A/B/O WIP and the author has been updating regularly. It's got a unique twist on the trope that I have not seen before, the world-building is really well done, and it is just a great read so far. An Accident of Time by Pickitup on AO3. Thanks!

thanks for your rec

An Accident of Time by Pickitup

Boys weren’t omegas. Not outside of blue movies, or bluer songs, at least, the kind of anecdotes too ribald even for soldiers to tell. Girls were omegas, sometimes, but rarely, even in those days. Dying breeds, he guessed. When he was the asset it had stopped entirely, he had thought it all over: feels sick thinking of what they would have done to exploit him if he had suffered back then. But now, 2014, eating three meals a day, sleeping regularly in a safe bed, the old ghost has come back.

Novakid slang/headcanons:

Novakid might be based on cowboys and Westerns, but they’re still people made of living plasma who probably never saw the American West, so naturally their slang is different, right?
So instead of shut-eye or sleep, they’d “catch a dimmer,” since they don’t have eyes, kind of go into energy-saver mode instead of sleeping, and their lights get dull.
When most creatures are threatened, their energy consumption goes up thanks to fight or flight. I guess Novas would burn more, too? Maybe they’d look paler as the colorful gases shift to raw energy. They get hotter, too. Do not hug a scared Novakid. Might also mess with their magnetism, so you get both “scared pale” or “scared stiff/soft”.
These are just general ideas, of course. I’m sure there’s more out there.

And naturally, being long-lived space nomads (until they inevitably get in over their heads), Novakids would pick up all sorts of phrases from whoever they live near and give it their own unique twist. Two Novakids who spent their lives in different star systems might have totally unique dialects adopted from a ridiculous hodgepodge of slang from other races or just weird turns of phrase that just kind of stuck around out of habit. I can definitely imagine Novakids having a sort of bar game where two Novas try to outdo each other with really strange sayings and stories they’ve picked up in their travels.

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But seriously whatever happened to the idea that girls could be tomboys instead of making a fucking sexual identity out of it?

It’s a resurgence of sexism and people not understanding what “ordinary experiences” are anymore.

You’re trans if you’re a girl that isn’t overly feminine, you’re trans if you’re a boy that isn’t overly masculine, you’re trans if you’re sometimes overly feminine/masculine and sometimes aren’t or the opposite, you’re trans if you go through an ordinary puberty that makes your body changes feel weird or uncomfortable, you’re asexual if you don’t want to have sex constantly, you’re asexual if you don’t currently want a romantic relationship and aren’t obsessed about falling in love, you’re bisexual if you can admit that members of both sexes can be beautiful or handsome, you’re whatever “special” label you want if you can convince yourself that your ordinary experience of being an ordinary human being can be twisted as “unique” in some way.

I find it pathetic.