twist graffiti

title Fracture
summary The jagged edges we leave behind
pairing itasaku, tobisaku, hot messes

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Sakura unblocked his number and called him. Legs crossed. Nails clicking against the armrest.

He picked up after two rings.

“I must be dreaming for Haruno Sakura to be calling me,” he drawled.

“You said you would come find me. I don’t like to be kept waiting,” Sakura simply said before she hung up.

She tapped her cigarette over the ashtray.

“You think that was a mistake?” she asked. Tenten didn’t turn away from the window. The glaring neon lights filtering in colored her face in alien ways. The shadows under her eyes deepening, somehow. The hard line of her jaw responded before her voice did.

“You should have let me slit his throat all those years ago,” growled Tenten.

Sighing, Sakura raised her cigarette to her lips. Drew in a long breath. Exhaled. Smoke spilling in every direction. Sakura closed her eyes.

“Maybe you’re right,” she replied. She got to her feet. Heels tapping on the floor.  Sai slipped her clutch into her waiting hand. He adjusted his tie and then checked the cuffs of his shirt.

Sakura paused by the mirror to check her hair. Wiped the corner of her mouth where a bit of her lipstick had smeared. And then she pulled the neckline of her dress down a bit. Her gold body chain did a good job of drawing attention there anyway. The tiny charms tinkled against each other when she moved.

“So, are you going to sit here brooding or are you coming with us?” Sakura then asked. Sai opened the door. The sounds of laughter and chatter spilled up from the bottom floor. Sakura stubbed her cigarette out in the crystal ashtray. And when she looked up, Tenten was on her feet, ripping off her bowtie and black vest. She reached behind her to pull out her revolver to count how many bullets were in the chamber.

“Brooding is more your thing, isn’t it, Aunt Cheng?” Tenten replied, smirking. Sakura smiled in return.

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“I wanted the art work to look really different. I wanted it to represent the East Bay and where we come from, because there’s a lot of artists in the East Bay scene that are just as important as the music. So we talked to Richie Bucher. He did a 7-inch cover for this band called Raooul that I really liked. He’s also been playing in bands in the East Bay for years. There’s pieces of us buried on the album cover. There’s one guy with his camera up in the air taking a picture with a beard. He took pictures of bands every weekend at Gilman’s. The robed character that looks like the Mona Lisa is the woman on the cover of the first Black Sabbath album. AC/DC guitarist Angus Young is in there somewhere too. The graffiti reading "Twisted Dog Sisters” refers to these two girls from Berkeley. I think the guy saying “The fritter, fat boy” was a reference to a local cop.“

-Billie Joe Armstrong on the album art of 1994’s "Dookie”