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Castiel Wardrobe Upgrade Petition

This project was inspired entirely by this post.
When I drew how I thought Lucifer!Cas might change his wardrobe, I just had ideas pop and pop in my head faster than my snail-speed rehabilitating drawing skills could manage.
First, I thought “well, if Lucifer!Cas (in my mind) has a black, double-breasted, long, billowing trench coat, a good excuse is just to have Cas keep it when he comes back, right?”:

If everyone’s all about the little “Winchester plaid” lining in the collar of the current trench coat, why not just give him a Burberry plaid tie, maybe as a gift from the Winchesters? (Also, because it seems Misha likes Burberry? He has a few shirts from them, from what I can gather from Con pictures.)

Well, if the Winchesters ever let him live in the MOL bunker, they just might try to have Cas adjust to a Hunter’s uniform…

I thought he might hold on to the white shirt, like “Yes, I’ll wear your ‘uniform jacket and denim’, but I’m comfortable in this shirt.” (Anyway, it shows the tie that the Winchesters *in my mind* gave him better.)

OR, a leather motorcycle jacket?

The lapels of this jacket are similar to Cas’s first trench coat, so I think it’d suit him well. The epaulettes (the ornamental shoulder pieces) would add extra dimension in close-up shots.
Other variations of Cas in leather:

Ver. 2′s leather jacket’s shape is more similar to what Misha owns, and I again went with Burberry plaid rather than traditional plaid.
Ver. 3, honestly, I just wanted to draw Cas in a heather grey henley. I was going to go with a reddish-brown leather jacket, but in the limited spectrum of colors I have at my disposal, I couldn’t find a color that would work. I went for a less traditional light grey leather jacket, because… did I tell you I think Misha looks stunning in heather/light grey?

This is where I was about a week in pulling all-nighters in the sketching phase for this project, and my brain started to just go “Hey, what about that outfit?” (This is also where the crucial colors of my Copic markers died in the coloring phase, so I am bummed I can’t bring this to you in color.)
Here’s Cas in a variety of Star Wars costumes (special guest Sam):

Okay, please allow me to take my rare opportunity to brag: I’ve translated for Mr. Harrison Ford before! (a little bit before he signed for Star Wars: The Force Awakens) He was extremely respectful of others, patient, and so good, we actually wrapped early! I’ve worked with A-listers, but he is the one that really made an impression on me. Such a gentleman. So yeah, of course I had to draw Cas in Han Solo’s costume!
Back to the subject: since Jedi robes were, in part, inspired by kimonos, my mind initially wanted to draw Cas in a kimono, but my brain worked kimono= Japan= anime, and went “You know, Attack on Titan(進撃の巨人) has a great uniform.” Then I had to stop because this was getting out of hand, especially when I knew I was out of ink.
As an ending note, I drew my favorite outfit other than the first trench coat Cas has worn on the show and added my personal assessments from this project:

I was still bummed because I had finally pushed myself into coloring-mode and couldn’t color these in what I knew would work. I kind of panicked, and I looked at what colors were available to me, and as BBC SHERLOCK’s Dr. John Watson would say, “I’M MAKING DO!” (3x02), and well…

Sick!Cas was what I could do with the colors at my disposal. I’m not sure this would qualify as “Twist and Shout fan art”, but if I may be so bold as to tag it just in case…

This has been one hell of an unintended, grand art therapy project.

Please don’t repost this as your own, and, again, more importantly, I don’t want to fight. Please don’t reblog if you’re going to use this as ammunition for a fandom war.
Please be kind to one another. *fandom hugs*