twist and rip my heart out

So I decided to reread Twist and Shout, God knows why but here I am, and I got to the part where Dean and Cas are at Cas’s place eating the spaghetti. Then Dean saw the drawing of the lungs and then he asked what a pulmonary edema is and Cas answer that’s it’s fluid inside the lungs.


Foreshadowing much????

I didn’t even notice this the first time because I was too busy sobbing my heart out

So the other day in my 5th period class I was listening to music and my friend started talking about milk because he knows it annoys me now and then Cant Help Falling In Love came on pandora and at the same moment Misha tweeted. Today, when I was getting dressed, a dime fell out of my pocket and I almost started crying when I realised the date on it was 1981 and that my jeans were made in Vietnam, I dont know if the universe is out to get me or if Twist and Shout has completely ruined my life. 

I was sincerely considering rereading Twist and Shout over the summer

until I remembered that last time I read that shit I cried so hard I literally could not breathe and tears filled my eyes to the point that I had to take breaks and start reading in smaller increments because I could not see through the tears and it took a good 5 minutes before my eyes were clear enough to continue. not to mention I found out how it felt to have my heart directly ripped out of my chest with the force of 78 wild gorillas and my insides were jelly by the time I finished reading it at 5 in the morning on a school night and I fell on my bed praying for death because I could not physically move or get the strength to do anything except lay there and reteach myself how to breathe properly and function like a normal human being

I’ll probably still reread it anyway