twist and locs


Oh my ovaries 😩😍 how adorable!
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Goddess Locs in under 4 hours??? Let me show you how.


“tell the black girls
how special powers
are interwoven
in their braids and cornrows.
god gifted
in the tips
of their twists and locs.”

Model: @showmedmani
Ph: @drewzyseason  

When you’re writing your black female characters, you can’t half-ass it. When you’re writing them getting ready for bed, mention them wrapping their hair and putting on their silk bonnets. Does your muse have natural hair? Show her maintaining it. Write about her twisting her locs, write about how long it takes for her hair to dry. Does she have braids? Does she wear weave? And if so what type is it? Did she do it herself or did she go to a beauty salon? Or did a friend do it for her? 

Does she speak AAVE? Can she code switch? Does she have a heavy accent? Mention her putting on lotion so she ain’t ashy. Mention her greasing down her baby hairs. Mention her at beauty supply stores. 

If you’re going to write a black girl, write a black girl with her whole experience. Don’t half it for the sake of your comfort.



I made this playlist for the music loving black girls with their hair all wrapped up. Each streaming service has a different tracklist. I hope everybody loves it! Pls Share!

Cover: @kilahmazing @mominatu @ashleyblaine

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Apple Music Playlist
Spotify Playlist
Soundcloud Playlist

Non sexual things your man would appreciate...

A hot meal after a long days work….

Fix his food on a real plate….

Acknowledge his efforts…

Start the shower for him…

If he’s running late from work on date night…don’t complain, just have his clothes ready. After all… he’s doing his best to get there…

Twist his locs(if applicable). Don’t know how? Learn for him…

Don’t complain about things he can’t change…

Surprise him with things that he likes but will never buy for himself…

Don’t just say you miss him…show him…

Learn or have him teach you about his favorite sport…you may like it as much as he do…

Believe it or not he appreciates the truth😳

Simply ask about his day…and actually listen.

Keep his secrets and never use them against him in heated moments.

Build his self esteem…encourage your man to do great things and he’s likely to produce great things.

Don’t ask him if he want you to do nice things…just do them.

Baby, you look tired…do you want me to rub your back? -VS- Baby you look tired, lay down let me rub your back…This makes a difference 👀

Never make him feel like you don’t need him or he’s expendable…

Believe it or not…most of us secretly or not so secretly love affection…

Allow him to be who he is…yes there’s room for us all to improve but don’t attempt to change his core values…

Write I’m notes or love letters…text are fine but a handwritten message is so much more personal…

Workout with him…

Embrace, encourage and support his growth…

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