twist & diffuse


Favourite people ~ Louise Brealey

“Benedict just let me fiddle with his damp hair as a birthday treat. Apparently you have to ‘twist and diffuse’. Gulp.”


What Ben and Loo have to say about each other…

“One of my favorite bits from the first episode is when Benedict smashed through the window and lays a smack on my lips. In slow mo no less. It was a very movie star moment. It took a couple takes. (Giggles) It was all fun. All fun.“ - Louise Brealey discussing the snog between Molly and Sherlock

"I look forward to my scenes with her.  Have a giggle,” Benedict says of working with Louise.

“Benedict just let me fiddle with his damp hair as a birthday treat. Apparently you have to ‘twist and diffuse’. Gulp.” - Loo

“Look how pretty Loo looks…she’s gorgeous.” - Benedict

“Thank you, American friends of Sherlock, for all your wonderful tweets about Molly.  It was a bloody good kiss, no?” - Loo

“It’s a beautiful thing.  It’s just a lovely thing.” - Benedict Cumberbatch on the changing nature of Sherlock and Molly’s relationship

“Lots of you asking about how #Sherlocksnogs… Yes he kissed nice. It was all very thrilling. You know, WITH THE WINDOW SMASHING AND THAT. (…) Four takes, since you’re asking. *professional face* IT WAS TRICKY TO GET RIGHT (…)  You naughty girls. I love that you all appear to be watching that kiss on a loop. P.S. I told him the hair-ruffle was hot. (…) Alright, alright. Kiss fractionally more fun than slap. Both smashing. Now go to sleep, you bad, bad girls! So glad you loved the showX.” - Loo on the Sherlock kiss

Setlock Recap, 4.8.16

  • We got confirmation that yesterday’s scenes were being filmed in the studio. Arwel’s tweets about the cyclorama and the exterior of the 221B set seem to indicate that the 221B set is not yet finished. That fact, combined with his previous tweets and a picture today of what seems to be the sidetable from John and Mary’s bedroom, may indicate that the studio scenes they were filming were in John and Mary’s flat.
  • Someone on twitter said they weren’t allowed on set for filming yesterday because it was a ‘heated scene’, but that is 100% unconfirmed.
  • Arwel teased us with an east wind reference in a pic of University Hospital of Wales, but it may have just been taken when he was driving and not be indicating a filming location.
  • It sounds like Loo may have been filming again today.
  • Claire Pritchard (hair/makeup), Dominique Arthur (costumes), and Loo all tweeted things that seem to indicate that filming is now done for the week. Claire’s tweet also mentioned laughs, smiles, blood, sweat, and tears, but whether those are related to the process of filming or what was being filmed, who knows? She also mentioned twisting and diffusing, which is often used in reference to Ben’s hair, so that may be confirmation that he was indeed around this week, even if we never saw him.
  • ETA: Tom Guy (locations) tweeted a pic of the front door of 221B and said it was a “good first shooting week at this guys place,” but as it seemed from other tweets that the 221B set isn’t finished yet, it’s unclear if he means that literally or figuratively.