twirly skirt

signs sense of fashion

aries: bold, out there, wouldn’t be seen wearing pastels. probably has a signature look.
taurus: changes with their mood, bright colours, lots of denim.
gemini: literally one day might be fairy goddess, then the next badass punk.
cancer: pastels, flowy clothing, dresses.
leo: model-esque, clothes that suit their body type and tones, dramatic and makes a statement.
virgo: simple, but not plain. probably wears ballet flats and peacoats a lot.
libra: flirty, romantic style, like twirly, flouncy skirts and lots of pink and red.
scorpio: similar to aries but changes more. probably has a leather jacket and combat boots.
sagittarius: always has hair in ponytail and wears clothes they can move in. lots of colours.
capricorn: clean-cut, professional, crisp. probably wears lots of black and white, and button up tops.
aquarius: unique, quirky clothes with simple colours then a pop of colour.
pisces: flower crowns and sandals. can be called hipster, but more boho chic.


I don’t even know. A dancing elf in Lothlórien. That’s about it. Three different versions, because I fell in love with how the skirt looked without the line-art and it melded better with the background that way. It started with a squiggle, turned into an elf (what I really wanted to draw was the swirling shawl), and then got a background because it looked empty.

I had planned to draw something completely different, but blank pages scare me a bit so I tend to squiggle on them, and then this happened.


So apparently it’s trans narrative day? Cool! I’m gonna try. Here goes:
So, my narrative is not like most dfab trans narratives you see, which is why it took so long to figure out I was trans. I was never a tomboy, pink was ALWAYS my favorite color (well, except for that phase where I said rainbow sparkly was my favorite color), I always liked dresses, especially ones with big twirly skirts. I was a figure skater, I loved powerpuff girls, I played with dolls and My Little Ponies, and I LOVE sparkly things. You’d think I was a very gender conforming cis girl right? Except, there’s one teensy thing. I always hated having breasts and curves and the private part I’m not gonna say the name of. When I was younger it was just written off as body image issues that come with puberty, but that’s not what it actually is. I’m 19 and I’ve finally realized I’m not a girl, I wear a binder now, and though I still have really bad dysphoria, I feel so much more comfortable when I’m wearing a binder. I’m not sure what exactly my gender is right now, since sometimes I want the other private part, which I’m also not gonna say the name of, and sometimes I just want nothing there. Right now I’m just calling myself transmasculine to make it simple, though I’m pretty sure I’m genderfluid between male and agender. I still sometimes wear dresses and makeup and the walls in my bedroom are still pink, and I have no intention to change any of that, and none of that makes me any less transmasculine.