Taylor Swift, spinning her way through the eras

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Poetry by my-fickle-muse

who knew


          t  w  i  r  l  i  n  g  


          f       l     y      i       n       g

or when










(or when)

        R   e   A   L   i   t   Y


                                B /R /e /a /K /i /n /g


t   w  i  r  l  i  n  g




r e a l     t h i n g

(l  i  k   e     d   r   e   a   m   i   n   g.)

You know what I really want...

I want to see a kurotsukkiyama fic where it focuses more on the Kuroyama and Tsukki helping them get comfortable with each other.

Tsukki would be a pretty good wingman actually.

I want to see a completely smitten Tsukki watching his two favorite people fall in love with each other.

Imagine all three of them going out on their first official date probably and they’re all dressed up nice to go to this party Bokuaka is hosting and they’re so excited and cute. Yams is expecting to just watch the both of them dance together but instead, Kuroo asks him for a dance. He looks unsurely over to Tsukki but all he does is shrug.

It’s cute, really. Kuroo is trying really hard but Yams is very awkward because it’s his first relationship with anyone, much less two people.

Tsukki quietly watch them waltz awkwardly across the dance floor and he’s so… he’s so in love with them. It brings a smile on his face to see a nervous Kuroo and flushed Yamaguchi dance with each other.

That unsure, shaky hand Kuroo has settled on Yamaguchi’s waist and Yamaguchi’s too tight grip on Kuroo’s shoulder. They’re both fumbling and trying to match each others style and it’s possibly the cutest thing Tsukki’s ever seen.

He can see them slowly falling in love with each other and it’s beautiful and heartwarming. He sees their fond and endearing looks given to one another and feels something stir inside his chest. It couldn’t possibly be jealousy but maybe satisfaction and contentness.

Watching them felt like the moon seeing the sun and stars meet for the first time. Two lights made of the same atoms and dust finally seeing each other. The stars twinkling bright because they have never seen such a huge and bright star before and the sun beaming because such tiny stars can shine so bright and light up the dark sky.

Bokuto and Akaashi walks up to him and they congratulate him on making Kuroyama happen he’s just so grateful for everything. For being able to see them smile so freely against each other now as Kuroo spins Yamaguchi flawlessly across the dance floor like they’ve known each other their whole lives, like two missing pieces of a three piece jigsaw puzzle.

What once used to be pain and jealousy is now love and happiness before Kei’s eyes.

“I’m happy for you that they’re getting along just fine,” Akaashi says and Tsukki nods along.

“Yeah, me too. It makes me feel… strangely happy and at peace.”

“Well you know what,” Bokuto says as he slings an arm around Tsukki’s shoulder, “you guys deserve it, all three of you. This whole relationship thingy is working out fine Tsukki. I’ve never seen you guys this happy before. Congrats!”

Tsukishima can’t help but smile in return as he hears Yamaguchi’s giggles and Kuroo’s soft chuckles as he runs a hand through Yamaguchi’s soft, silky hair. Tsukishima just can’t get enough of them.

He was the moon and Kuroo is his sun while Yamaguchi is his stars.

(Pssst, the whole sun, moon, and stars thingy was originally gonna be tsukki, hinata, and Yams but I bailed out cuz yams has to be hurt so, here ya go. The newer much fluffier and cuter version :))

I feel stagnant,
Like air in a closed room.

I’m moving,
Though only twirling around the same spot.

I stand still,
Captured in this place.

I’m changing,
But I’m hostage to my feelings,

For you.

—  Alias