Dain’s nicknames for Thranduil and his army


Pearl seems to have a hard time physically containing emotions (or controlling them at all). She shakes when she’s angry or really happy, does that spontaneous twirly thing when she’s gushing about the strawberry field. Then there’s the end of “So Many Birthdays” where she can hardly function when distraught.

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Visual Aids and Projections

Ok so I’m loving the font choices they made for everybody in the Hit the Diamond episode.

We got Steven’s big fun kiddie letters cus hes a kid who has big fun

Pearl’s fancy twirly and neat calligraphy because of course it is

Amethysts big and brash just like her

Sapphires fuckin swooshy ass fancy loops and frills like calm down there


FUCKING BORING ASS TIMES NEW ROMAN, LIKE WHEN THEY WERE PICKING FONTS SHE JUST WENT LIKE “I don’t give a fuck just give me the first thing that comes up on the list.” SHE JUST DID NOT CARE AND I LOVE IT.


harry is such a qt in this vid