twirl! twirl again!


“Any sign of him yet?”
“Not since you asked 30 seconds ago.”
“Okay, he’s a giant gorilla! Who’s probably leading an army of giant gorillas! How can you NOT find him?” [x]


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 25


Sagolii Lynx Tribe Headcanon

As glassworkers as well as desert dwellers, members of the Sagolii branch of the Lynx tribe which X’rena/Syrena hails from have a fair fixation on heat and fire. Kits of the tribe grow up watching their elders incorporating flame not only into their glassblowing livelihood, but into their dances, and therefore their celebrations, mournings, rituals and ceremonies. Generally, this takes the form of fireside dances, but a handful of skilled members of the tribe utilize flaming poi.

Despite no longer affiliating herself with her birth tribe, Syrena still retains her love of her tribe’s native dance forms, and fire poi remain one of her two favourite dance props (with the other being isis wings).


Daughter came home yesterday, so first night was last night…it’s an exciting time- hopefully she’ll bring us some luck in the playoffs.