Masked - Part 3

Word Count: 1917

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter x Reader 

Warnings: Language, some violence 

A/N: Finally Part 3! Sorry for the wait my weekend has been a bit hectic but I hope the word count makes up for it. Anyway, enjoy :) 


Masked Masterlist

Part 2 

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Ever since last night’s encounter with the masked vigilante, Tony and Bruce were holed up in the lab making sure Tony’s “ever so great” plan would run smoothly. They had enough on their plates already and the whole vigilante mess was getting old. With the world in some order SHIELD tasked the team with bringing in whoever this enhanced individual was. Though, they never thought a kid would actually become a huge thorn in the Avenger’s side. So if the team wasn’t on a mission their sole focus was on bringing in the unknown enhanced.

It was already known that SHIELD, as well as Fury, wanted to make you a part of the Avengers or at least part of SHIELD if that proved too difficult. No one was really opposed to the idea since you seem like a good person wanting to make the streets of New York safe. You shared the same traits Peter showed before he became an official member of the team and he hasn’t let the team down yet. Still, finding you was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Tony had programmed FRIDAY to alert him of any sightings of “a masked person with weird tentacle looking thingys” but half of the time you were already leaving the scene when they arrived. Everyone was beyond frustrated at this point, especially Tony. How could he find Peter so easily but not another kid probably his age saving the city? Hell, you even had alien looking enhancements that would make you stick out like a sore thumb.

“So you want to stage a fake robbery and hostage situation?” Bruce asked rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. After all the all-nighters Bruce pulled with Tony, he would have thought he’d be used to it by now but he was proven wrong as he drank his third cup of coffee.

“There’s not much we can really do and I’m tired of waiting,” He replied with his eyes glued to his tablet.

“How can we exactly stage a robbery?”

“I know a few guys and the NYPD owes me a favor anyway,” He smirked evilly.

Bruce sighed at his friend. “I’m not even going to ask.”

“Wise decision, now tell the team to meet us in the lab in five. I need to update everyone on the plan.”

Nodding, Bruce summoned everyone to the lab not caring how early it was. To no one’s surprise, Vision was the first there- followed by Steve who looked like he was about to go on a run. The others soon trudged in with unassumed faces especially Clint who was being dragged in by Natasha. Nudging Tony who was still glued to his tablet, Bruce sighed again.

“So are you going to tell us why you woke us up at the crack of dawn,” Clint muttered while fixing his messy hair. “It better be about that enhanced person or I swear-”

“Alright, birdie. Take a chill pill. Let me guess, you woke up on the wrong side of the nest?” Tony chuckled as Clint flipped him off.

“Boys,” Natasha warned.

“Anyway,” Tony said taking a few steps away from the smirking red-head. “Bruce and I were able to set up a little trap for our enhanced friend.”

Pressing a button on his tablet, Tony watched as his plans projected in front of everyone. Watching as the team read over everything, he couldn’t help but smirk to himself.

“So you want to stage a robbery? Wouldn’t that just cause panic?” Sam questioned.

“Have any other ideas?” Tony snapped back.

“Hate to say it, but Stark has a point. If we know the kid would show themselves in these types of situations we might as well give it a try,” Steve said.

As the team silently nodded, Bruce walked closer to the hologram. Highlighting a few main points, he cleared his throat.

“We have everyone either a few blocks away or right on the street of the bank. Clint, you- however- are going to be hiding in the back room with your stun arrows.”

“What about Peter?” Wanda asked in a quiet voice.

“Right after we’re done here, I’m going to call him. We have him set up in a diner a few blocks away. I’m sure he won’t mind missing school,” Tony answered.

“Worst-case scenario, if arrows don’t work, we have this,” Bruce said holding up a small needle. “It’ll knock them out for maybe an hour or two depending on how they process the drug.”

“This won’t hurt the kid right,” Bucky asked with worry laced in his voice.

“No, it’s completely safe. They may have a small headache for the first few minutes after they wake up but other than that they’re fine.”

“Everyone has their orders. Let’s move out,” Steve said.

“We better get this kid,” Clint yawned.

The robbery was starting to look like one sick joke once you busted through the vent inside the bank. Normally you expect guys in tactical gear with machine guns raised toward the ceiling as they yelled orders to the hostages still inside the bank. However, instead of hostages, you were met with an empty room and no criminals in sight.

“What the-” You muttered before an arrow flew by your head.

Shielding yourself from the electrical blast that came from the arrow, you took a few steps back trying to process what had just happened. Still holding your shield up, you watched as arrows bounced off it while sighing in annoyance. Your little group of friends tried to capture once again. Rolling your eyes, you found the source of the arrows.

“Hawkeye, nice you see you again,” You chuckled before sending a blast his way. After fighting you for so long he should know by now that his arrows have no effect on your shields.

As you watched the birdman fly back, you smirked and turned towards the door. Opening the door, you saluted the surprised officers. Adding a small skip to your step, you waved at some of the bystanders when a familiar gush of air blew pieces of your hair in your face. The Avengers weren’t a team that gave up so easily and since you just blasted Hawkeye into a wall they weren’t going to be happy campers.

“The Sokovian bastard,” You smirked at the blue blur zooming around.

“Mama it’s Quicksilver!” One kid cried out as you laughed to yourself.

Out of all the Avengers, the white-hair speedster was always your favorite to mess with. From what you could tell he was cocky about his speed and you used that to your advantage. Taking a note from a scene in the Incredibles you raised your hand and casted out a huge shield. Watching the speedster bounce off of the shield into a few cops was comedy gold. You had nothing against the guy but this bit never got old.

“Always look where you’re going kids,” You laughed as their tiny little eyes stared at you with amusement.

Taking a small bow as a few of them clapped, you shot them a wink before the room of engines rang through the air. Looking up at the sky, you found some familiar faces floating above you. The two tinmen had red lasers pointed at chest while the other bird guy flew overhead. Glancing behind you, you notice the witch and the AI slowly creeping up on you. Noticing that the team was trying to surround you, you stood there with your arms crossed.

“You’re surrounded put your hands where I can see them,” Mr. American commanded as the arrow guy slowly walked out of the bank with his red-headed friend.

“Now’s it’s a party,” You grinned. “Watch and learn kids, watch and learn.”

Sending up a blinding blast, you shot two of your tentacles out of you back towards your friends trying to sneak up on you. Knocking them into Sonic the Hedgehog - who was just getting his bearings - you shielded yourself from oncoming arrows. Directing one of the blasts towards Hawkeye and Black Widow you watched as they fell to the ground paralyzed. Now that the arrows were taking care of you dodged an oncoming shield and grabbed the two iron suits with your other tentacles. Throwing them to the ground, you used all the power you had and pushed off of the ground towards Falcon. Kicking one of his wing’s engines hard you watched as he spun out of control.

Laughing to yourself, you were about to make your getaway until you felt a large force on your chest sending you flying backwards. Hitting the street hard, you rolled over on the pavement trying to catch your breath. Slowly getting up you ignore the stinging sensation in your arm and wiped the sweat off of your forehead. At this point, most of the bystanders were being summoned away by police as news crews started to surround the scene. Most of the Avengers were down except for the few helping the others up off of the ground. But standing in front of your was none other than Spider-Man himself. Sure the kid looked small but he clearly knew how to throw a punch. Cracking your neck, you angrily stomped over to the spider-boy wanting to knock him back a few blocks. It was only fair after all.

“You know for someone your size you can clearly kick some ass,” He said with an oddly familiar voice as you sent an energy blast his way.

Hearing a familiar twip you watched him effortlessly dodge your blast and he swung back around to you. Running at him with your shield up you both flew backwards as the two of you collided. As the shield broke you were blinded by the light as you hit the pavement with a thud. Trying to regain your vision, you heard the same twip again and recklessly shot your arm out trying to hit your target.  

Just them a strong force grabbed your arm as your vision returned. Before you could react, you felt a needle pick your arm as you yanked it free from Spider-Man’s grasp. Ripping the needle out of your arm you felt the ground sway beneath you.

“W-What was t-that,” You muttered as your legs gave out from under you.

“I got you,” He said quickly catching you before you hit the ground.

Trying to get up you slowly felt your whole body before numb as your eyes began to droop. Grabbing his arm in a last attempt to get up, you felt all the strength you had to leave your body.

“You’re ok,” He said looking at your panicked face. “Just let it happen. Nothing will happen to you.”

That’s when the familiar voice clicked. Your eyes widened the best they could as you cleared your throat.

“P-Peter,” You croaked losing consciousness.

Watching his eyes widened as well, black dots started to fill your vision as Peter took off your mask. This wasn’t good at all. The cute boy you just met is a part of a team trying to arrest you and most likely lock you up. You knew what the Accords were and they weren’t pretty. Hell, it even broke the Avengers a part for a brief time. But there you were unmasked as staring at the face of the guy you were just starting to like.

“(Y/N),” He said in disbelief.

Before you could respond your world went black and then you saw nothing.

Part 4

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Modern Glasgow is by far one of my favorite series of all time. So imagine one of (or all of) the bairns bringing home a stray, muddy, flee infested animal (of your choice) then Jamie and Claire's reaction.

“Have you seen Julia?”

Jamie looked up from the desk in his study. William’s head remained bent, sitting beside his Da, concentrating on his math homework.

“No – last I heard she and Murtagh were off on one of their treasure hunts. Have ye asked Mrs. Crook?”

Claire pursed her lips. “Because she always gives her some sweets before she leaves? No, I haven’t – that’s a good idea.”

“Dinna fash, Claire – ye ken well that Murtagh will always bring her home safe.”

She sighed, drawing the plaid shawl tighter around her shoulders. “I know. Only, she’s not used to being out in the countryside yet, and she’s not as familiar with the landscape as the other kids, and – ”

Jamie pushed back his chair, gently ruffled William’s mop of dark curls, and stepped around the desk, crossing the room to grasp his wife’s hands. “She’ll be fine. It’s a warm day, the sun is shining, and ye ken that she just loves exploring.”

Claire rewarded him with a tiny smile. “She is adventurous, I’ll give you that.”

Julia Helen Diana Beauchamp Fraser – their blond, four-year-old surprise – had been inquisitive since the day she was born, upstairs in the laird’s bedroom at Lallybroch. Even before she could walk, she adored being read to by her parents or doting older siblings. And her favorite stories were those of finding buried treasure – whether that of Vikings, or pirates, or trolls, or dragons. And ever since they took her to the archaeological museum in London during their visit last year, she’d been fascinated by the prospect of digging around to find her own buried treasure.

Now that they were living at Lallybroch full time – having left their cramped flat in Glasgow for the spacious rooms and rolling hills of the ancestral Fraser estate – Julia relished the thousands of hiding places that the streams and fields and ponds provided. And Murtagh – the loving, doting godfather/grandfather that he was – loved accompanying her as she explored the land where he had grown up. And surprised her with burying “wee treasures” now and again – special rocks, or aluminum cans full of marbles, or glass jars filled with rolled-up papers – and helping her carefully “eksavate” the item before she gleefully carried it home.

It appeared that the two of them were off on another expedition today – but they’d left right after breakfast, and it was now past lunch –


Jamie smiled as Claire visibly relaxed at the sound of her youngest daughter’s voice. He bent to kiss her cheek and returned to William – who was ruffling his hair in frustration over his arithmetic – and she turned into the hallway, quickly stepping toward the kitchen, hoping to avert Mrs. Crook’s habit of feeding fresh warm cookies to Julia every time she returned from one of her “twips.”

She rounded a corner and entered the ancient, cavernous kitchen – to see Julia facing away from her, wisps of hair escaping from her small blond braids, clutching something tight. Murtagh was hanging up their coats by the door.

“I’m here, love,” she said gently. Julia quickly turned – and what Claire thought was another grimy jar of old coins started to squirm in her daughter’s tiny grasp.

“Is that – ”

Julia rushed across the room to show off  her prize. “Itsa kitten, Mama! We found him by the millpond – he doesna have a collar, Muwtagh says he must be a stway. Can we keep him?”

Claire exchanged glances with the filthy, irritated cat – no bigger than a kitten – which promptly tried to claw its way out of Julia’s tender grasp.

Claire knelt and swiftly gathered the cat against her thick shawl. “Well, we’ve got the dogs in the house, but no cat. Will you take care of it?”

Julia rocked back and forth in her tiny boots, vibrating with excitement, nodding furiously. “Aye, Mama! I’ll take vewwa good care of him!”

Claire glanced up at Murtagh, chewing through his third fresh cookie. He gave her a look that said, What, can ye expect me to say no to her? before brushing some imaginary dirt from the sleeve of his sweater.

She was outnumbered. Jamie and the other kids would love a cat. There was no reason not to.

“All right. Let’s get him all cleaned up, then. Have you thought of a name?”

“Aye! Muwtagh had an idea! It was – ” she frowned, struggling to remember.

“Adso,” he chimed in, speaking around a mouthful of chocolate.

“Adso?” Claire was surprised – in all her years as an honorary Scot, living in a culture full of unusual names, that was one she’d never encountered before.

“Aye. Adso. That was a cat we had here at Lallybroch, when I was a lad. He was – he was Ellen’s cheetie.”

Something shifted in Murtagh’s eyes – as it always did, at the thought of Jamie’s mother – and Claire tactfully decided to let the matter drop.

She turned back to the kitten, which had embedded its claws in the thick wool of her shawl. “Julia, love – get me that stool, will you? The first thing you need to learn about a cat is that they absolutely hate taking a bath.”

Unky Dee Weekend

Charlie-Unky Dee drabble

Warnings: none

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Authors note: Something to get me out of my life rut. Companion piece to Fresh Dirt. Got way longer than expected.
“Unky Dee! Unky Dee! Wake up!” Someone was shoving his shoulder as Dean rolled over to look at his clock. Seven am.

“Char, it’s seven. And Saturday. Why are you up so early?” She pouted, crossing her arms in the most adorable way.

“It’s my Unky Dee weekend. Mommy and daddy are on vacation. We get the whole weekend together and you told me that we could go to the gardens and the park today.” Dean sat up, rubbing his eyes.

“Why seven am?” She frowned, hands on her hips just like her mother.

“You told me you would make me Mickey pancakes.” Dean smiled.

“That’s right monkey. I did tell you that. Come on.” He scooped her up as he stood. “Let’s go make Mickey pancakes.” Charlie was the perfect little helper, and when Dean flipped her Mickey Mouse pancake over she squealed in delight, so excited she accidentally rested a hand on the hot griddle to get a closer look. She screamed loud enough to cause Dean to drop the spatula.

“Charlie! Are you okay?” He snatched her up, bouncing on the balls of his feet and smoothing her hair. “Here, let me see munchkin.” He pulled on her arm lightly until she let go of his neck, and examined her hand. “It’s just a little burned. You scared me kiddo. Come on.” He took her to the sink and ran cold water over it until her sniffles subsided and the skin was no longer an angry red.

“I’m sowwy I scared you Unky Dee. I just hurt my hand.” Tears welled up in her eyes again, and Dean hugged her close.

“It’s okay Char. Let’s just make that the only injury this weekend okay?” She nodded. “Remember,”

“No twips to the emergency room,” she recited. Dean smiled and sat her at the table.

“That’s right. Here’s your Mickey.” While she ate happily, Dean cooked himself a couple, drowning them in syrup. He laughed when he saw Charlie wrinkling her nose at the syrup.

“Syrup is sticky and gross, Unky Dee.”

“Well it’s not too bad, especially when you-” Dean cut himself off, not completing the sentence he had started. Charlie squinted at him, head tilted, and Dean responded by shoving a too big bite into his mouth.

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, Unky Dee,” Charlie said, causing Dean to almost choke.

“You sound just like your mother,” he managed to get out after a coughing fit.

“Well, mommy’s always right,” she said, grinning up at him. Dean chuckled.

“That she is.” He glanced down at her plate. “Look at you! You ate all of your Mickey! Good job monkey!” Charlie giggled. “You ready to get dressed?” She nodded, pushing herself from the table and climbing out of her chair.

“Can I wear my jeans and sparkly purple shirt with the mermaid on it?”

“You can wear anything you like. Last one to brush their teeth is a rotten egg!” He yelled, and Charlie shrieked in delight, her short legs running as fast as they could go to the bathroom. Dean chased after her, threatening tickles if he caught up. She shrieked again, making the turn into the bathroom.

“You’re a rotten egg Unky Dee!” She laughed when Dean finally got to the bathroom. He laughed with her and helped her brush her teeth, pulling out the step stool so she could reach the sink. Finally on the road, Dean popped in one of his favorite tapes, nearly driving off the road when Charlie sang along with the music.

“How do you know the words, monkey?” She looked at him in the rear view mirror, grin fading from her face.

“It’s one of your favorites. I hear it all the time. Did I do sumfin wrong?” Dean shook his head, glancing to the road again.

“No, monkey, nothing’s wrong. I’m just surprised, is all.” Charlie smiled again and went back to staring out the window, singing along to Stairway to Heaven.

It was a beautiful day, which meant the gardens were crowded. Charlie sat on Dean’s shoulders, looking at all the pretty flowers and bugs, until Dean heard her tummy growl.

“You ready for lunch?”

“Can we do burgers?” She asked, looking down at Dean.

“Of course we can. Let’s go.” After a burger and a shared milkshake and their favorite diner, Dean and Charlie were finally going to the brand new park Charlie had been dying to visit.

Dean managed to score a parking spot under a tree, and had barely unbuckled Charlie when she was off running to the slides. Dean let her go on her own; the park was designed for kids under the age of 16 and had that shredded-tire mulch to break falls. Dean sat, left ankle on right knee, arms draped over the back of the bench and he watched Charlie play and interact with the other kids.

“Which one’s yours?” He turned to find a beautiful woman standing next to the bench, hair tied up in a bun. She had on a white tank top and shorts, aviators covering her eyes and sandals on her feet. Dean sat up, removing his arm and gesturing for her to sit. He looked for Charlie, finding her brown curls on a seesaw.

“Brown curls, purple shirt.” The woman followed his gaze and smiled. “But she’s not mine. Niece,” he explained, seeing her confused face.

“She’s cute.” Dean smiled and nodded.

“She is. Yours?”

“Blonde, blue shirt.” The kid she mentioned just so happened to be the kid Charlie was playing on the seesaw with.

“He’s cute,” Dean said.

“Thanks, and he’s mine,” she added and they both laughed.

“Dean,” Dean said, sticking a hand out.

“Lindsey,” she replied.

“Cute name. Cuter owner,” he said. She blushed, brushing stray hairs behind her ears. They fell into easy conversation, talking about everything under the sun until Charlie came up with Lindsey’s boy, who was trying very hard not to cry.

“Unky Dee, Andrew has a splinter in his hand. Can you fix it?” Dean held his hand out, Andrew shyly placing his hand in it. The splinter was huge, partially sticking out but too shallow for Dean to grab with his fingers. He pulled out a leatherman, opening up the needle nose pliers.

“This may hurt, but I’ll do my best to make it quick okay Andrew?” Andrew nodded, looking at Charlie, who took his other hand in hers. Dean quickly pulled it out, and Lindsey was waiting with Neosporin and a bandaid.

“What do you say, Andrew?” Andrew looked shyly at Dean, smiling.

“Thank you Mr. Dean for fixing my hand.” Dean ruffled his hair.

“No problem, kid. Be safe, okay?” Andrew ran off, but Charlie stayed.

“Will you push me on the swing Unky Dee?” Dean picked her up and spun her around.

“Of course kiddo. Let’s go.” He turned to ask Lindsey if she’d like to go over with him, but she had gotten up and was leaving with Andrew. Dean wanted to call out to her or go over but Charlie was tugging him over to the swings and he lost his chance.

Dean pushed Charlie on the swings until she started to get droopy eyed, and he carried her back to the Impala. When he got there, there was a note stuck on the windshield. He got Charlie all buckled before he plucked the note from under the wiper.

“I’d like to see you again sometime if you’re up for it. Pretty sure Andrew likes Charlie, too :)” the note wasn’t signed, but there was a number at the bottom. Flipping it over, Dean smiled. “P.S. This is a beautiful car with a more beautiful owner.” He tucked the note in his pocket and climbed into the drivers seat. Charlie was knocked out before they got out of the parking lot, and stayed asleep as he carried her inside. Once he tried to put her in bed though, she woke.

“Can we watch tangled?” Dean laughed, walking back to the library.

“Sure. Let’s do it.” Five minutes into the movie, both were sound asleep, and that’s how Sam and (Y/N) found them the next morning, home early from vacation. Dean was on his back, left arm tucked under his head and the other around Charlie.

“He loves her,” (Y/N) said.

“She loves him,” Sam replied, noticing a piece of paper sticking out of his pocket. He carefully pulled it out, holding it so (Y/N) could read it too.

“Seems like they had a good day,” (Y/N) said, smiling at her brother-in-law and daughter.

“That it does,” Sam said, pulling a blanket over them.

#StopIFPI2k15 - Uploading tour videos (that stay) on Youtube

As we all know it’s been three months since the tour kicked off in Japan. Since then, we’ve been experiencing some disappointing stuff whenever videos of it are uploaded. Within hours they’re down and accounts are extinguished. We’ve complained, we’ve written open letters and nothing seems to work.

In light of that, it got me thinking: usually, Youtube robots take videos down by recognizing their digital imprint. But to use that same method to take concert videos down would be (almost) impossible, since each one of them are amost unique. So, I’ve decided to do a little experiment: I’ve uploaded the video for All Too Well at Staples Center a few days ago with a title that has almost nothing to do with Taylor, or The 1989 Tour: Sailor Twips Random Tour 2015 - The Scarf Song

(Sailor Twips is my homage to Taylor herself who filed 1989 songs in her phone under that so it wouldn’t get caught or anything, I’ve decided it was fitting)

The video is still there. So is the Style video from the same concert that I also uploaded.

What does that mean, exactly?

It means that the filter that IFPI uses to take down videos is by their title and/or tags. If it has anything directly related to Taylor and/or the tour on the name, description or tags, it will probably be taken down.

What to do?

When you upload it, make sure that you don’t have anything related directly to Taylor/her songs/the tour on its name and/or tags + description. To make sure it all ran smoothly, I’ve changed the name of the file that I uploaded beforehand to the same title that I was going to use on the video (not willing to take any risks). Then, share it with all of your friends so they don’t get stuck with those 30 seconds clips :)

It sucks for the searching sake, yes.

But it makes the life of people like me, who lives abroad and isn’t hopeful that will get a chance to see the tour in person to actually see it (plus: guests and wildcard songs. I’m not confident that any of those would make it to any DVD/movie/TV special or whatever when we had a bunch of covers on the Speak Now Tour and just a few of them made it to the CD/DVD), a little bit more happier.