Sugar Rush Bio

Name: Mark Paul “Markie” Butterman

Age: 16

Grade: 10th

Height: 162 cm

Hometown: Maple Town, Sugar Vale

Special Talent: His aim is so good he seldom misses when he shoots or throws something at a target, be it b-balls, airplanes or pellet guns, anything he shoots always seem to find their mark. Also, he can perceive people well based on their facial features, in short, it’s hard to lie to the dude unless you keep a straight face. He isn’t too bad with defending himself with hand to hand combat either.

Likes: Friends, Helping people, Games of any kind, Sports that require aim, Racing

Dislikes: Friends getting hurt, Liars, Annoying people, Bullies, Crowds, Math, Being called short

Personality: He’s one of the nicest people you can ever meet. Seldom found without a smile, and thus is easy to read whenever he’s upset. Never turns down anyone requesting his help with something if he can help it. He isn’t afraid approaching anybody to talk to as well, although he does get nervous around popular girls.

But when pushed too far, his nice attitude melts into a cold, calculating and sarcastic persona that even the meanest school bullies break a sweat. Also, calling him short repeatedly will result in the same attitude.

Appearance: His hair’s fairly long for a boy, with an unusually long bang that covers the left side of his face, and the color’s a unique shade of brown that people have compared it to maple syrup. Has unusual deep blue eyes that calms people down when stared at. He’s also got fair complexion with a rosy tinge to it, and whenever he gets flustered, he reddens easily. At school he wears the regular school uniform, black jacket and pants with yellow buttons, but instead of the usual white undershirt, he wears a butter yellow shirt underneath. Also wears yellow and black Chuck Taylor Sneakers.

His casual clothing is composed of a yellow t-shirt worn over a dark brown long-sleeved shirt, and khaki jeans. He’s also seldom seen without the bright yellow coppola on his head.

Hopes for after High School: Markie keeps his eye open for any opportunity to have a stable, high paying job, but if given the choice, he would still want to have a job that allows him to practice his talents.