Hey everyone! You may or may not have heard, but we’ve got two AWESOME shows coming up next with with our best buds in Happy Body Slow Brain and the riff masters in Open Hand. One of them also has The Motel Life on the bill! So much good music that your brain is bound to melt! Check the flyers above, and you can click on the event pages below! 

March 7th @ Slidebar in Fullerton

March 8th @ Aladdin Jr II in Pomona

We need your help!

Hello friends! We know we have been lagging in regards to studio blog updates. Apologies, but truth be told, we’ve been super busy working on all kinds of awesome things that we can’t wait to share with you. Here’s one of them…

As you know, we’ve been working hard for the past month or so on a new 6-song EP. We’ve decided to start an IndieGoGo (same thing as a Kickstarter, just a little more artist friendly) campaign to help us pay for the pressing of the actual CD. You can read all the info over at our campaign page, but here’s the basic gist of it just in case:

  • We have different pre-order packages available for you to purchase ranging from $10-$100. 
  • Every dollar you spend will go directly into helping us pay for the pressing of our CDs.
  •  All the expenses for recording have come out of our own pockets up to this point, so any donation you make will help us greatly! 
  • Even if you don’t have the money to order our CD, you can help us by sharing the link to this pre-order with all your friends. 
  • Any help is much appreciated and you’re contributions will help our dreams become a reality. (Sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s the damn truth!)

We love you guys. We are seriously nothing without you. Let’s do this thing. Let’s get buff together.

-Aaron, Allen, Danny, Justin, Lonnie

PS. Expect another post to follow, this one regarding some show announcements! It’s going to be an epic #TwinSunsTuesday


Hey everyone! Just a quick video update regarding our IndieGoGo campaign. As you already know, we reached our goal a couple weeks back, but any extra help is always appreciated. There’s still other expenses that need to be covered, and with a month left to go in our campaign there’s still time for you to contribute (if you haven’t already of course!) Love you.

Twin Suns’ New EP

-Aaron, Allen, Danny, Justin, Lonnie


In this weeks edition of #TwinSunsTuesday, we just wanted to send out our sincerest gratitude to everyone that made last weeks tour not only a success, but loads of fun as well.

Thanks to Erica, Carla and Brandon Frost, Caleb, Nicole, Jason and Mom and Pop Delgado for all providing us with places to crash.

Thanks to Daikon, Tigress, Young Dad, Clouds Over Moscow, Steradian, Bad Water Fire Company, Uintahs, Bare Bones, Oranges, The Science Involved, and Amarionette for allowing us to share the stage with them and being all around AWESOME dudes.

Thanks to all the promoters from the venues for helping us book these shows and making our little DIY tour possible.

And of course, thanks to ANYONE that watched us play at any of the stops along the way. We’re forever grateful that you gave your attention to us.

We used to be just another band from East LA. Now we’re just another band from East LA that toured the West Coast hard, and made a bunch of friends along the way. We’ll see you all again soon!



Hello friends. We are excited to announce that May 27th will be the release date for our new EP. It’s been a long time coming, we know. But we’re hoping to make this show extra special, and completely worth the wait. You can find all the info in the flyer above and can click it in order to be taken to the Facebook event page.

We love you. Let’s get buff together.

Aaron, Allen, Danny, Justin, and Lonnie


New Shows!

And now…to announce some shows!

We’re excited to announce that after two months of being completely show-less we’ll be playing not one, not two, but THREE shows in the month of February! We’ve missed playing for you guys so much, we just had to book these three shows to make up for it! Let’s start with the one we’re most excited about:


We are super PUMPED to be a part of ACTIVATE, an arts showcase put on by RAWartists in Long Beach. This isn’t going to be your normal Twin Suns show. There are going to be all sorts of artists specializing in fashion, photography, visual arts and music. We feel honored that we were asked to join such an awesome event and we want you to join us! Unfortunately, it is 21+, but for all us older folk it’s going to be an amazing night. Even better, you can easily purchase tickets directly online! Make sure you tell them you’re there to support us though. Here’s the link to purchase tickets, as well as to the Facebook event page:


Facebook Event

Montebello Backyard Show

Before the ACTIVATE show, we’ll also be taking part in a special birthday celebration for our new friend Scarlet on February 18th. Yes, it’s a backyard show and yes, it’s open to everyone! We haven’t played a backyard show in years, let alone one in Montebello. Needless to say, we’re stoked! Here’s the event page:

Facebook Event

No Future Cafe

Last but most definitely not least, we’re making our return to No Future Cafe on February 24th! It’s going to be a special birthday show for our guitarist Aaron (and also our Team Mom Melissa!), so you know some special shenanigans are bound to go down! So far we’ve locked in our great pals The Ambient Light to help us celebrate and we’re working on getting a couple more of our friends to fill out the bill. We’ll make sure to let y'all when everything is set in stone! Keep an eye on this event page:

Facebook Event

That’s all for now, but don’t worry! You’ll be hearing more from us in the coming weeks!

Love y'all!

-Twin Suns

An Announcement

Hello everyone. A week from today we are entering the studio to record our new release. It’s going to be a six song EP which we will release early next year. We’re very proud of the songs we have and we can’t wait to share them with you. We’re going to be documenting the process so keep an eye out for videos, photos and blogs. We know it has taken us a while to get new music to you all and we want to thank you for sticking with us. We can assure you it will be worth the wait. Follow us to stay up to date:




Aaron, Allen, Danny, Justin, and Lonnie