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TwinSpirit is an indie soul artist that I began listening to several months ago. She is such a beautiful, soulful spirit in her voice, in her music, and in life overall…LOVE her! Check out her latest album “My Beautiful Ugly” right now!

In the meantime, listen to this cut from her album titled “Enough” right here…such true, amazing lyrics!!!


Yesterday at mole de Mayo, always having a good time with my sister #mole #twinspirit #pilsen #chicago


To Buster Strickler, and poor life choices! Madder music, stronger wine! #BFFL #twinspirit

Ok as promised here is another great track
This one is by #twinspirit
Love her music
She’s also great live!
This is one of the first tracks I heard by her
Get her album my beautiful ugly
For sounds on here my faves are def “I am”
“no panties no bra”
And “man of my dreams”
#love #music #rulesandregulations #rules #regulations #live #great #share #soundcloud #narelleakc #saturdayshare
TwinSpirit - My Beautiful Ugly - Album Sampler

My Beautiful Ugly is part of a movement. A SELF LOVE MOVEMENT.

TwinSpirit’s goal with the release of ‘My Beautiful Ugly’: “My desire was, is, and always has been to inspire others to self discover and reconnect with who they are at the core. To peel back the layers. Revealing, embracing, & loving yourself, period. Finally allowing you to see and reconnect with the U of YOU. No makeup, no mask, no expectations, no fashion statements, no agendas, no pretending, no dogmas, just the pure raw You…the Soul. In all its natural organic beauty”

TwinSpirit is merely an artist who hopes to impact the world in a positive way doing what she loves to do…“CREATE”.







NEW VIDEO: “Enough” By: International Soul/Jazz Artist TwinSpirit (That’s me…hehehe. hearing it still makes me giggle blissfully)

from the “My Beautiful Ugly” Project.

~An Anthem of Self-Love~

“Embracing that I Am all I need, Finding Beauty in all I see.

Embracing the light, the love, the joy. Finally know that I’m ENOUGH” ~ TwinSpirit

Love starts first with loving yourself.

Enjoy the New Single and PLEASE SHARE!!

To Hear More Selections from The” My Beautiful Ugly” Project visit this link:


Rules & Regulations By: TwinSpirit from “My Beautiful Ugly” Album


Get Myself Together By: TwinSpirit from “My Beautiful Ugly” Album