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A.D has a big box in their lair labelled “letters from A.D”

There is only one instance across the whole show whereby ‘letters’ are significant: Alison and Bethany were sending letters to each other.

Although we only ever saw letters from Bethany to Alison, and never from Alison to Bethany, “did I thank you for the clothes in my last letter?” implies this indeed was a two-way conversation through the letters. 

Bethany is Uber A/A.D and the above box is her collection of letters that she kept from Alison DiLaurentis (literally A.D but not THE A.D). 

The fact that Bethany has kept these letters from Alison after all these years must mean that Alison DiLaurentis’ letters are significant to her. The letters prove that Alison only sent Bethany a yellow top so that she can kill her and fake her own death. (Then, Mona hit her, but she thought it was Spencer, like the rest of Rosewood. Hence she shot Spencer.)

Bethany is keeping the letters from Alison DiLaurentis because this is her motive: revenge. The letters prove Alison’s vendetta against her and Uber A is the smartest of all because she fooled Alison. Bethany is not dead. She is back for revenge. 

(Also in the first pic above we see a Spencer mask. I’ve got heaps of messages asking for proof of that claim, so it’s from 706. Maybe it was A.D who spoke to Hanna in 701 and not Spencer’s twin. Perhaps they were just wearing that mask? Who knows.)

Spencer's Radley Dream

We need to talk about the dancing girl at Radley scene again. I think this was heavily indicting Mary and her children.

I can’t quite figure it out yet but from what I see there are THREE bathtubs - one is to the side and there are two main ones. I think the one over to the side is representing Charlotte - somewhat “disconnected”.

The two bathtubs together I believe indicates Spencer and her twin. If you look closely you’ll see one tub is covered and one is not. This could mean soooo many things! The first thing that stands out to me is that perhaps one twin was covered up while the other was free. It could also mean that Spencer’s twin died at birth..

Remember the story Kenneth told Ali about her drowning in the tub as Charles watched her go under? Maybe it WASNT Ali - it might have been Spencer’s twin?

If you watch the video closely you’ll see the way Maddie is dancing somewhat shows drowning or not being able to breathe. This could also be a complete parallel to the Mary/Jessica storyline where Mary was “covered” up and took the blame for Jessica’s stuff up with baby Teddy.

What do you guys think?? There’s so much more to it I wish my brain was working properly to figure it all out!!!

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Star Trek - Rest In Peace - Part 3

All but one of these crewmen are Red Shirts. Two (Mallory & Rizzo) died in prior episodes under different names. Two died as noted but appeared in later episodes under the same names (perhaps twins?). According to several Star Trek reference guides, Thompson was the only female Red Shirt to die on the show.

“The Apple”
- Hendorff
- Kaplan
- Mallory
- Marple
“The Deadly Years” - Galway
- Rizzo
- Unknown (2)
- Leslie
“By Any Other Name” - Thompson
“The Ultimate Computer” - Harper
“Omega Glory” - Galloway

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So funny story, I left Tumblr for nearly the exact same time as you, so it doesn't even feel like you left. How crazy is that?

perhaps we’re twins PERHAPS WE’RE THE SAME PERSON

How did A.D get that letter?

Maybe one of the staff gave it to A.D at Radley while they were a patient or adopted there. It’s probable that the letter was addressed to A.D as she’s Mary’s daughter as well. Otherwise, why would a staff member hand A.D that letter? I’m guessing A.D is Spencer’s twin or Bethany Young. 

Perhaps even Melissa was adopted but I’m not sure about Melissa being Mary’s other daughter anymore. Why would Veronica adopt another one of Mary’s babies? Besides, Veronica claimed that she wasn’t aware of Mary’s existence until her pregnancy with Spencer. Did she lie?

So, who’s the 3rd baby? We probably won’t find it anytime soon based on recent episode’s ‘give-aways’ imo haha.

Can I not just go to your place? Can we sit on your twin sized bed across from eachother and talk? Can we just stay up all night and speak about life—what makes up our past, what we hope for in the future, what makes us truly happy and truly sad? Because I want to. More than anything, this is what I crave.
—  So many thoughts on my mind right now

Dating both weasley twins and also being the secretary at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. Your sitting at your desk answering phones when you peer down at the twins threw the office window. The dynamic duo are taunting Ron about the price of a prank item. You have to take a moment to see this for yourself as you walk down the odd stair case.

“Its on me Ronald! you’re brothers are just being gits”
“Thanks y/n!  knew i could count on you!”

You wrap your arms around the twins’s waists, coming between them they chuckle and kiss your head.

“So we’re gits now?”
“Darling we’re wounded!”

George clutched his chest as he pretended to faint, Fred pressed his hand to his had and made a swooning noise.

“If i didn’t know better i’d say you two were trying to make me feel guilty!”
“Well of course not darling,but no more giving away our products!”

You kiss both of them on the cheek as you walk off towards where a woman was waving someone down to help her. Fred and George gave each other a sly smile as the looked at the pair of sweet silver bands they had in their pockets, engraved with each twins initial. Perhaps later tonight they would give you a surprise… 


So along time ago I posted this photo (on the right) that clearly hinted to Spencer having a twin. Going back to the story that Ali told about the two twins I noticed from someone else’s photo that the dolls she is playing with has two brunettes appearing to possibly be twins and a blonde perhaps Cece. But I also noticed the outfit one twin doll is wearing is identical to the outfit Spencer has on in my photo I posted about her being a twin! Coincidence??? I think it’s too spot on to be a coincidence!


Loki blinked. The face staring back up at him was one he recognized, even if only in childhood recollections or distant memories of a young, raven-haired prince. His youth seemed so long ago that he felt as if it were lost in the shroud of the most recent years of heartbreak and chaos.

“I think it is you who resembles me, young one.” Loki answered and, with more hesitance than he would customarily have around children, he crouched. He searched the green eyes that gazed back at him and saw a shadow of himself reflected in their depths. Surely this had to be one of his twins. Perhaps even a young incarnation from another branch of Yggdrasil that had found its way into his universe.

But, regardless of the rational explanation for this occurrence, he was riveted by the innocence and wonder he saw in the younger Loki’s eyes. They lacked darkness and weariness. Every embedded fragment of agony seemed absent from the one before him.

Loki’s eyes stung and his jaw set.

“You are Loki.” He murmured, with as much gentleness as he could muster through the tightness in his throat, “How did you come to be here?”

The younger Loki was fascinated, looking up at the man who looked like him, but just…older. An adult. He wasn’t aware of the possibility of meeting his twins yet from other universes, but his mind was bright and started working on the explanation. Víllr, as he sometimes called himself because of not wanting to tell people his real name, smiled and didn’t take his eyes away from the now crouching man. 

When he said ‘You are Loki’, his eyes widened a bit but he was just more intrigued. Yes, he was! How did he know? Was he Loki too? 

“I am! And I don’t know. I was running away…” he didn’t tell from what or who, “and did something and teleported to other part of the city. Or is this the future? Are you me?” He asked excitedly. 

“Oh I should have studied about this already!”

Kuroshitsuji 127 theory...

So I’ve seen some rumours flying around and am loving them…

A few I’ve seen are suggesting that Lizzie is a potential attacker but couldn’t really explain why… So my two cents on that:

- Let’s say the twin!ciel theory is true. That there were two brothers. That our!ciel was the shy one and twin!ciel was the outgoing happy Ciel. Lizzie realised when one Ciel came back what had happened, but with the hopes of seeing one of the twins smile again (perhaps realising that twin!ciel had died), she stuck by his side. We already know how strong this damn girl is.

- Let’s then say that Bravat has told her that twin!ciel never died. Assuming Orion is in fact a ‘saved’ twin!ciel - whether through blood or through being a partial bizarre doll perhaps - Lizzie may even have seen him sleeping and breathing. Meaning she has a reason to stay and look after him. Especially knowing our!ciel is strong enough to cope by himself whereas twin!ciel is likely running low on blood…

- So what would then provoke Lizzie enough to attack our!ciel? If Bravat knows that Sebastian is a demon, and perhaps even knows the reasoning why Sebastian was called (if he has twin!ciel, it’s not too hard to put two and two together.) then perhaps Bravat has told Lizzie that our!ciel left twin!ciel to die. That our!ciel wanted the place to be destroyed and nearly 'truly’ killed twin!ciel in the process.

- Also, I don’t think this secret has died with Agni. The single frame on page 14 with Agnis and Somas hands touching suggests to me that Soma now has the picture. I imagine that whatever this picture is will reveal the twin!ciel.

- Which then means there’s two ways for this to go.
Path one: Soma doesn’t forgive Ciel. Soma runs to Edward who would naturally take Lizzies side anyway. After explaining what he knows, Edward and Soma team up with Lizzie to take our!ciel down. They take basically all of our!ciels blood to transfuse into twin!ciel. Sebastian then takes his soul and either potentially ends the series or it goes further by twin!ciel summoning Sebastian to handle the Undertakers ongoing bizarre doll work.
Path two: Soma does what he says, forgives Ciel and becomes his 'Agni’. They work together to find the attackers, to take revenge, bring the blood transfusions to a stop and potentially having our!ciel fight it out with twin!ciel. Not clear on how this would end…

These are straight up huge stretches 😂👌🏻

“Friends” [2] [Seth Rollins]


may I get a part 2 to the friends one? she and seth get married in vegas, dolph tries to win her back but seth makes him pay for what he has done to her. she joins the shield as their leader and their manager. even though they work for the authority, they still get cheered no matter what?

AJ Lee looked down at the wedding photo on your phone, then glancing up at you with a perked eyebrow for an explanation.

“Vegas wedding,” you clarified, hiding your smirk. “It was his idea, don’t look at me like that.”

She shook her head and lightly chuckled. “I just thought you’d be more of the.. fairytale wedding type.”

“Eh,” you shrugged. “Not really. I’ve always liked going against the rules.”

“Now that I definitely knew,” she grinned. “Alright, I’ll catch you after my match with Paige,” AJ scooped up her sparkling title. “Later, nerd.”

“See ya,” you cheered after her, smiling as she skipped away with a tight grip on the belt slung over her shoulder. You wander around the arena for a moment, going nowhere in particular, before finding yourself wound up with The Bella twins who were eyeing the screen carefully, watching the match that was playing out in front of them. Brie waved you over, big grin stretching her lips and crinkling her eyes as she squealed at the sight of the rock on your finger. 

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Cori’s DP Headcanons: 1

Sometimes people point out to me the stupid things about this phandom and I can’t help but try to solve them…

Why would Danny go out of character to ‘take away’ his powers during Phantom Planet?


I always knew where the Portal was.  It was like a distant noise that drummed against my senses.  A mindless drone that was both entrancing and completely mindnumbing.

I remember, back when I first got these powers, that I would spend nights sitting up and staring at the Portal.  That empty hole, with the swirling green mist, and the sparkles of light, and that quiet, vast hum that seemed the fill the entire universe.  The energy curling from the Portal would waft across the lab and caress my skin, soothing and welcoming.  When I’d fall asleep in class the next day and Sam or Tucker would ask, I’d always blame it on a ghost chasing me around town.  

The Portal and the song it sang - that was my secret.  I didn’t want to tell anyone, and I never did.  Not Sam, or Tucker, or Jazz, or even the ghosts.  Although the ghosts would understand better than any human could, they wouldn’t ever understand what it’s like being half-and-half; how my human side and my ghost side interact.  

I always figured that the Portal and my ghost were one and the same, in a way.  Connected, like some odd sort of twins.  As long as the Portal was up and running, my brain was working, my ghost was happy, and the world spun neatly on its axis.

We made a whole, in a way, the Portal and I.

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((*monotone* Startin’ some reeaaal draaammaaa.

Well, this one’s been a long time coming, and you get a nice healthy dose of Once-ler’s over-sensitive hormones in it. That boy sure does love to tantrum. I think his ‘being bashed up by his boyfriend’ has made him a little soft but he’ll be okay! HE’S A STRONG BOY, WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!!

I love you guys for still being so devoted to this, thank you so much for being so awesome when I’m so sucky at delivering D’x

Enjoy your OTP fuel xxx))

Once-ler: *after a long while of being bedridden, he’s very pleased to have a walk around the jail. He remembers how scared he used to be when walking around the prison before him and the warden became boyfriends, now it’s more like a stroll in the park, since he knows that the inmates wouldn’t dare to touch the wardens beloved partner. He’s still aching a bit, his back and his head, and he has a few visible and dark bruises on his body but he’s doing well to ignore them. At the moment he’s just pleased to be up and moving again, he also can’t believe that eventually he’ll have to tell the Lorax about this too and the little guy will probably freak out again. He makes his way to the prison yard and leans on the of the railings around it, it’s on a higher level around the yard so he’s completely out of harms way, like a sort of balcony and the sight of inmates slaughtering one another in the yard below is the breathtaking 5star view. He peers over the railing taking a lot of serious thought into how he’ll fix up his business again. These days he tends to wear a softened version of his green outfit. That suit, despite it being the absolute description of fashion and charisma, is fairly heavy and Oncie’s body is understandably quite delicate at this time. So he’s in a white shirt tucked into his trim, black trousers, that match nicely with a pair of expensive slip-on shoes. His elbow-length green gloves are rolled over his sleeves and up to just passed is elbows, and his black and green diagonally striped tie nicely finishes off his smart-casual-but-not-too-casual look.

*Watching him from a while away, standing on top of a small building, are two residenst of superjail who have been paying attention to the chemistry between Once-ler and the Warden. Not too much attention, they always have other things to do to occupy themselves but since their efforts of breaking the Warden and the Once-ler up utterly failed due to the Once-ler simply coming back, they wonder if they can maybe talk some sense into Oncie instead. They are out of earshot, and talk amongst themselves.*

Twin 1: It appears the Warden’s little love-bird has made a full recovery.

Twin 2: Mm. A shame. The Warden has been getting far too soft recently.

Twin 1: Agreed. Perhaps it is time to end this little game they are playing.

*They disappear, then reappear either side of the Once-ler. The Warden has mentioned twins before, but nothing beyond that.*

Once-ler: *As they appear he suddenly jolts and screams a very high pitched and girly scream. He staggers back and falls on his ass* Wha-! Who-!

Twin 1: Calm yourself, green one. *They both raise their hands*

Twin 2: We are the twins of Superjail, and we come with the gift of wisdom.

Twin 1: Sage wisdom.

Twin: 2: You may liken us to your Earthly ‘Buddha’. *They keep their distance, remaining as unthreatening as possible*

Once-ler: *raises an eyebrow ar him* Uuuuurh, okay? …. *rests on his arms with his hands behind him to hold himself up* Yeah, I’ve heard of you, the Wardens mentioned you before.

Twin 1: *Looks to his brother* Our reputation precedes us.

Twin 2: Only good things were said, we assume? *They look to Oncie, seeing what they have to work with before they start winding him up.*

Once-ler: *pushes himself off the floor and stands up* Well, not exactly; he says you were irritating him or winding him up or something. *gives them a friendly smile but he’s still quite cautious; he doesn’t know who these guys are so it makes him want to be friendly towards them but its also the very reason as to why he’s hesitating*

Twin 1: Well, that is understandable. *They’re both standing as rigid as ever, but they sound calm and it’s clear that they just don’t know how to behave normally, than it being due to any nervousness* He is a difficult person to get along with.

Twin 2: As you know. It is good to see that you have recovered so fully.

Twin 1: This time.

Once-ler: Hmm, yeah, the forth time really. But it’s fine *flicks his wrist at them* I guess I’m a quick healer *walks passed them and back to the railing then leans over it again*

Twin 1: *They turn as he moves but don’t take a step towards him* You are not the first sexual partner he has had.

Twin 2: You come at the end of a long line of predecessors.

Twin 1: But congratulations- you are the first male. Perhaps that means you shall last longer than those that came before you.

*They exchange looks, then Twin 2 speaks with a nod*

Twin 2: You would be the first to survive a month.

Once-ler: *looks up a bit, he’s surprised that they know about the Wardens sex life, but considering this is the Warden he realises that it’s not really the thing that is kept private very well.* Uuhm… yeah, well, I seem to be hanging on fine.

*They both take a small step forward, and adopt slightly more casual, if forced, poses*

Twin 1: Perhaps you are not familiar with the concept of death. Many humans do not appreciate it in its entirety.

Twin 2: It is not like your genocide of the trees. They grow back.

Twin 1: You will not.

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Unexpected Nights(Part Two!) - George Weasley X Slytherin!Readership

A/N: this is quite long about 1000+ words, nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy!

Part One

Prompt List // Masterlist // Request Here

The Gryffindor boy closed his eyes, reminiscing the moments of the night before. He hadn’t really forgotten much of last night. If he was honest, he remembered every second of it. George wanted to forget it, instead it consumed his thoughts. She had consumed his mind.

The Slytherin girl looked across the room, watching as Angelina Johnson place a hand on his shoulder. It was just a one-night stand.Pansy tapped on her shoulder, “You alright?”

She nodded and faked a smile. Y/N picked at her food for the rest of lunch. Someone sat in front of her and cleared their throat. She slowly looked up to see Fred. As much as she disliked George, she at least had the common decency to tell the difference between him and his brother. Most just dismiss them as FredandGeorge, which she could tell bothered the two.

“Hi,” she muttered, looking back down at her food. Other Slytherins from around the table gave her a stares of confusion and anger of sorts. Many muttered insults under their breaths but it never bothered her. He bit his lip, “You two need to talk.”

“What’s there to talk about? It was a one-time thing. It doesn’t matter–”

“Well it clearly does to George,” he cut in.

Y/N rolled her eyes and stood up, “Whatever you say..” She readjusted her tie, “Now if you excuse me, I’ve got potions to go to.”

The ginger laughed raising an eyebrow, “Double potions with Gryffindor?” Her false smile fell to show her true emotions. “What?”

Fred got up and began to walk off, “See you in potions, Y/L/N!”

Y/N dropped her books on her desk, causing Professor Snape to snap his attention towards her. She muttered an apology and began to drum her fingers against the table. The class had been empty, since she decided to come extra early. Her heart was pounding, she new Fred was up to something. Then again, he always was.

She squeezed her eyes shut, silently praying that the class would run smoothly. Of course, that was unlikely. The scratching of chalk echoed through the empty room. Eventually, the sound was drowned out by the groups of students chatting and through the room.

Y/BF/N sat in the seat right besides her. The room was divided in half, Gryffindors on the left and Slytherins on the right. Class began five minutes earlier than normal, due to Professor Snape starting before all the Gryffindor students had taken a seat.

“Today we will be creating a quite difficult concoction,“ his gazed turned to the Gryffindor side, “if you’re up for the challenge.” Stifles of laughter emerged from the back of the class. Which, Professor Snape ignored since they were Slytherins.

As Snape’s voice droned on, Y/N averted her eyes to George who’s smile returned to his face. He was definitely happier than he was in the Great Hall. The two made eye contact and she watched his smile falter, but immediately forcing a new grin to appear on his freckled face.

“We will be creating the Amortentia Potion. Now can anyone tell me what that is? Anyone? Y/N?“

Her head shot up with widened eyes, “Uh yes, Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the world.” Professor Snape grinned and grabbed a pink bottle and spilled the contents into her cauldron. Steam arose in spirals from her cauldron and other students looked at it in awe. The potion had a mother-of-pearl sheen and it glowed throughout the classroom.

“Now, explain the smell.”

She cleared her throat and glanced around the room. All eyes met hers besides the ones she wanted to see. George was quietly chuckling at joke Fred told him. Y/N shook her head and began to explain, “Well, the scent differentiates for each person. It varies based on what the person is attracted to. For example, I smell,” she leaned in to catch a whiff of the Amortentia, “butterbeer, new books, and,” she paused at the scent, “burnt popcorn?“

Little did she know, George was paying close attention to what she smelt. When she made eye contact with him he quickly looked away and began to bite his nails. Which was a terrible habit that he had not planned in stopping. The professor then passed ingredients around and clearing out Y/N’s cauldron. He had expected them to create the potion as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

George and Fred ignored what he said and were constantly whispering and filling the room with laughter. Of course, Snape came around making snarky remarks about the two. “You Weasley’s will never get anywhere will you?”

The twins grinned, “Perhaps not, Professor.” He narrowed his eyes at the Gryffindor boys and decided to split up the two. Snape called Y/BF/N to work with Fred while Y/N was told to work with George. As the two switched spots, Fred placed a hand on her shoulder and whispered, “You guys need to talk about last night.”

They remained silent, Y/N mixing in pearl dust. Meanwhile, George looked at the ingredients with confusion. He was constantly glancing at her cauldron then back at his. More accurately, he was trying to catch glimpses of Y/N but she kept her focus on the task at hand.

“Merlin, talk to me!” Y/N jumped at his words and continued to stare at her cauldron. Her body stiffened and she slowly began to look at him. He heard her mutter an apology and bit his lip. “Please just talk to me.”

She gazed into his chocolate brown eyes and gulped. “C'mon, let’s just be honest. You didn’t expect more than a one-night thing. So let’s just get over it and move on.” He raised an eyebrow, “So that’s it? The kiss didn’t mean a thing to you?”

“You were drunk! You didn’t even remember what–” She paused. George averted his eyes to the floor. He fiddled with his fingers, getting ready to get yelled at. “How do you even remember that?” She whispered.

George ran his fingers through his ginger locks, “I tried to forget. Trust me. I’ve been trying to move on for years now. I can’t, alright? Apparently, feelings don’t work that way. I’m sorry–”

She pressed her soft lips against his, which caught him by surprise. He smirked deepening the kiss. George placed a hand on her cheek, brushing a hair off her face, but soon enough they pulled away. As expected, students were staring and whistling at the two. “Couldn’t wait until you got out of the room, I see,” Professor Snape told to the class, earning snickers from behind the room.

Y/N pecked his lips and inhaled his scent. She looked at him, smiling widely. “What is it, love?”

She laughed, “Burnt popcorn..”

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…Okay so uh.

I’m not sure if this is what you wanted. I had an idea and just sort of ran with it. It got really long so I separated it into a few parts too. I hope you don’t mind and I hope you like this.

Part One

(Next (coming soon))

The first thing Vivi realized when she woke up was how much her head hurt. The second thing she noticed was that this was not where she remembered being before.

The third was that she was alone. “Guys?” She called out and turned to get a better look of her surroundings. The air was heavy with fog but she could at least tell that she was on stone ground and she could faintly make out a building in the distance. “Mystery? Arthur? Lewis?”

Still no answer. They wouldn’t just leave her so that meant they were probably alone and had no idea where they were either. The building was the best place to start, she guessed. As she made her way over, Vivi wracked her brain as to what could have led the four of them to this point. They were on a case looking into why all the workers at a construction site were mysteriously disappearing (Vivi had remarked quietly to her team that’s what happens when people try to knock down abandoned buildings).

They’d gone into the building, walked around for a while…and then nothing. The next thing Vivi remembered was waking up wherever this was.

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