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Okay but honestly I have so many feelings about Newsies right now. I’m in love with them all.

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So I'm stalking your blog lol ok. I saw somebody request single parent mc or s/o. I think you said no because it didn't apply to your rules, which is understandable. ANYWAYS, could I request some Jumin, and 707 hcs about mc or their s/o that's a single mother? (I'm trying so hard to get Jumin's route rn lol.)

We know that this two sweet boys will not care if you come with extra sauce.So let´s get that out of the way and start.


  • He was an only child, your son was an only Child. PERFECT MACH!
  • Your son respects Jumin so much and wants to be like him.
  • Jumin doesn´t care and dress your son like him (I love kids with suits THEY ARE SO CUTE)
  • And BANG! You have a mini Jumin. It´s so funny to see Jumin and your son together because If Jumin had a purple tie, your son had one too. If Jumin was drinking coffee, your son doing it too. If Jumin got out the newspaper, your son will get the newspaper (even if he doesn’t understand it).
  • Literally doing everything jumin did.
  • Dad brings Son to work are on Wednesdays.
  • Jumin feels great to have a “Fan” and finally can understand Zen.
  • BUT (Here it is the plot twist) one day.
  • Your son watches one of Zen´s musicals and now he admires Zen more the Jumin and wants to be like Zen.
  • Zen loves how your son is obsessed with him and not with Jumin.
  • Now you have a kid that wants to he an actor and WAIT! Is that eyeliner? And did you put cologne? ZEN!!
  • BUT (Second plot twist to give it a little bit more spices.)
  • Then your Son notice the “DEFENDER OF JUSTICE! GOD 707”
  • And your kid wants to be a hacker, rule the world and eat HBC and Dr. pepper (Obviously you don’t let him eat just that because you’re a good mom)
  • NOW! Copy paste and your son did that same thing with Jaehee, Yoosung and any adult that he founded.
  • Jumin is a little bit sad that it was just a phase, he really like to be admired by your son.


  • So sentimental when he sees how sweet you are with your kid.
  • (You know what? Let´s make Mc have twins)
  • You have twins and they are so adorable, they are a mess but you love them.
  • He thinks of how could his child life with Saeran could have been.
  • Plus, your twins are like Saeran and Seven.
  • Seven will do everything for your kids to have the best life.
  • The best dad every.
  • But he tries so hard that scares the twins.
  • So it gets hard to get there trust.
  • You had work and left them with Seven.
  • Your sweet boyfriend was planning a very complicated plan to get your kids trust but they were in a bad mood. 
  • Let´s say that twin 1 took without permission the Juice of twin 2 and twin 2 hide twin 1´s favorite toy, that mad Twin 1 angry and didn´t say anything until mom wasn’t there (IN Seven´s house).
  • After 15 min. in Seven´s house, Twin 1 yelled at twin 2, and twin 2 hit twin 1 and twin 1 kick twin 2.
  • The thing is that they got fiscal.
  • Seven notice this and separate them telling them “What are you doing?”
  • And you know what kids do in that situation (Blame the other. So there was a lot of “He started” or “He got too far”)
  • After all the drama Seven said: “STOP” very loudly and that made the twins get a jump scared “You both have the blame on this. OK?” no response from the twins and just faces of shock because Seven was always gentle and submissive with them, “I said OK?” the twins nod “Look, you are brothers wanted or not. Maybe sometimes you have fights or don´t get really well.” Seven looks at the couch where Saeran was sleeping “One day you will get apart and it will be one of the most heartbreaking moments in your lives because you share everything with them and they are one of the few people that you can trust. Remember that you are twins, more important! You are family and you have to watch each others back, ok?”
  • Silence.
  • And the twins put this face

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Twin 1: Stop being so melodramatic


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Twin 2: Yeah! It was just a little fight is not like a big deal.

Double HIT

Twin 1: We know that you had problem with your brother.


the Twins at the same time: BUT WE ARE NOT YOU.


  • Seven thought that after his pep talk, the twins will see him like the “Defender of justice” but now they think Seven is a drama queen.
  • You can hear the laugh of Saeran on the distances because of the big fail of his brother.

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