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Who did Sebastian the dog really belong to in the Phantomhive household? One twin? Both twins? or family dog? And which twin was frightened of marrying someone that was scary as Aunt Francis, in the flashback scene? And when Lizzy wondered what has happened to Ciel in that one month, the manga used the word "You" instead of the words "Both of you". Why was it that if Yana did plan for Ciel to be twins all along, that no characters ever asked him, where his brother went?

I think the dog belonged to Vincent. But it was a family dog so it basically belonged to the whole family.

The one in Lizzy’s flashback scene was the real Ciel.

And when Lizzy wondered what happened to ‘Ciel’ in the Easter chapter…

…she was thinking about the Ciel who returned (our Ciel who she believed was the real Ciel) since he is the one she worried about.

As for the reasons why no one ever mentioned a twin I guess one reason was for plot convenience. But in Japanese, it’s not always so clear if one is talking about one person or two. So sometimes when someone talked about the ‘child’ it may have also been the plural ‘children’ and in such cases Yana intentionally didn’t specify it so that it could have meant both. I don’t speak Japanese myself but @akumadeenglish has written many interesting posts about that (see here for example). Also, there were instances when indeed the plural form was used.

Another reason may be that no one wanted to make our Ciel remember that horrible month. Sure, they mentioned his parents and that was one of the points I found a bit weird, too, that no one mentioned the twin. However, we don’t know what they all talked about during the time before the manga started (which was almost 3 years after what happened). Also, if most of those who knew both twins were actually aware of our Ciel’s true identity (Tanaka, Frances, Madam Red,…) maybe they didn’t even mention the twin since they thought our Ciel had his reasons for taking over his twin’s identity and didn’t want to startle him by mentioning the twin.


I was walking past a shop when an old woman stopped me and said, “Come inside. My dog likes you. He’s seventy-seven years old in dog years… same as me.”

Happy to oblige, I plopped down on the rug and pet the wee dog while his owner chatted away about her family back in Greece, convinced that we must be distant relatives if I was also of Southern and Eastern European stock.


Ani and Balto turned 5 on May 28th! I am so happy to have had you in my life for 5 years. You two have been my best friends, often my only friends, during all the things that have happened; the moves, my relationships, lots of uncertainty and heartbreak. Our adventures on the beach and on hiking trails, and our days watching movies and cuddling while it pours outside, everyday with you is treasured. How hard you worked alongside me and and all the medals and ribbons you both earned. I love you and we have a long list of of things left to do. I hope we have many, many years ahead, enough time to do everything on that list and more.

Happy Birthday Sweet Wonder Twins

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Nothing to see here… Just a totally normal boring video of two best friends trying to hear what’s going on upstairs.