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“Why Tamy Should Have Had A Boy

Please excuse how long winded this is going to be and let me start by saying that I don’t think Heartland is going to do a bad job of Tamy’s daughter, I just think that they have decided to skip a lot of opportunities by giving Ty and Amy a girl, since there’s no guarantee Heartland will last long enough for them to have a second child (if the show even decides that it’s worth it to have Amy be pregnant for a second time, unless Amber Marshall herself got pregnant and they decided to work it into the show, much like they did with Michelle Morgan).

Reason 1: No one has a son, except for Tim and Shane, and they don’t count, because, despite the Shane heavy season 5 and several mentions of him afterward, Shane and Miranda have basically fucked off into the sunset and we have no idea if they’re dead in a ditch somewhere or not (season 11 story line, maybe?). We’ve known Katie since she was an infant; we have seen the family interact with a young granddaughter (and the twins were sweet and Julia Baker is, frankly, captivating and there could have been no better casting for Katie). If Heartland goes long enough that we get to see the baby past infancy, they’re not going to be able to imitate Katie’s personality. Granted, Heartland is good at writing dynamic and different female characters, but they’ve also known to stick to the “tried and true” methods. I think it would have been interesting to see how the family interact with a son/grandson/nephew. Especially since, aside from Georgie’s friends, we don’t have any young males on the show. And Jack with a little grandson! My heart melts when I think about it! Lisa and Katie and he and the grandson on little outings to Maggie’s? Aww. Also, we all know how Lou likes to be a bit of a know it all and give all the unwanted advice in the world. Well, there’s some generalized baby advice that Lou can give, but there are differences in raising sons and daughters and that difference is what Amy and Ty really need to tell Lou that they’ve got this, because they really are in an element that Lou hasn’t been in before.

Reason 2: Ty’s past. This one is a no-brainer. Ty has survived Brad’s neglect and Wade’s abusive drinking, which landed him on probation. It was only through knowing Jack that he got to know what having a real, honest father was like (“You’re more a father to me than he (Brad) ever was”) and that speech Jack made to Ty while he was in the hospital in 10x17? They’ve got such a good relationship! It would have been so much better to see Ty step up and be a better father to his son, because I think that situation would bring more parallels to Ty and maybe give him more anxiety about following the sins of his father than being a good man, and Jack would be able to be there to support him. (Is my Jack love apparent yet? Anyway …)

Reason 3: Amy imitation. Amy’s our main character, and I love her to pieces. She’s flawed and problematic and kick-ass and amazing and I love her. The thing with Amy is she’s our main character and the one we spend the most time with, and so, it naturally follows that we, the fans, compare to her a lot. Georgie is a perfect example of this, especially when she first joined the show, but even now, people complain way too much that Georgie’s a copycat of Amy. (I don’t think that’s true. I think it was natural Georgie tried to imitate Amy when she first came to Heartland because Amy was her role model, Georgie loved horses, and she was just a little girl. She’s really come into her own now and I don’t think the comparisons are necessary.) I think that Heartland gave Amy a daughter to try and draw parallels to Amy and Marion. So, here’s the thing: if the baby gets old enough that we get to see her develop her personality, people are going to complain that she’s either not enough like Amy or that she’s too much like Amy. Heartland is setting themselves up to fail. At least with a son, even story lines that we have seen are going to have a fresh spin on things because it’s boy in place of a girl and that brings about a new dynamic, from friendships to relationships (again, if we got that far).

It’s not that I don’t trust Heartland to do a good job with Tamy’s new family and their little girl, I’m just sorely disappointed that they are relying on the tried and true again instead of striking out on a new path. Rinse, recycle, repeat.”

“Watching the finale, it’s painful how dead the chemistry between Amber and Graham is now. Katie’s birth ep was hijacked by others, sure, but, in their interactions, Peter and Lou felt like they were a couple, in love and later glowing as new co-parents (and I don’t even ride with Pou that way, never have). Between the chemistry and iffy blocking, Amy and Ty felt like roommates that don’t even like one another, but were trying to pretend they were BFFs for one’s labor for some reason. :(”

“I still don’t understand why this baby was necessary. We’ve already done most of the kid and new-parent stuff with Katie. There really isn’t a single good storyline reason to have tied Amy down with a kid already.”


Nicola: “We were doing our rehearsals…and we were doing this particular scene…Colin ends up cowering behind me, kneeling on the ground…and I’m standing there ready to be shot….there was a moment where we just finished that scene and I just felt these teeth sink into my buttock.  …And of course, it was Colin’s!”

Colin: “It was one of those moments when you do something and you think ‘Why didn’t I engage my brain before doing that?’”

Nicola: “It wasn’t in the sense of painful, but it was very present.”

Colin: “A very friendly nip, which was entirely inappropriate.  …the big mistake I made …I bet [Kevin] a fiver that he didn’t dare bite Nicola Bryant’s bottom.

Nicola: “Which [he] did when we were rehearsing the part where [he] gets stuck in the gastropod goo. And I’m running there going sort of like “How can I help?” and he said “Well, you know- ACK!” and at that point, ANOTHER set of teeth!

Colin: “And he got an uppercut for his troubles!”

Nicola: “He did!”