Chibi Lala & Luni Lunar

Hi folks! Little OOC post here just to introduce you to my two little bubblies - Chibi and Luni, my twinling lalas. Chibi is of Moogle server and Luni is of Shiva server, so if you’re on either of those, feel free to come say hello! I’ll note they’ve two fairly different personalities - Chibi will likely ask what hill you rolled down to look such a mess and Luni will be happy with the introduction and offer you cake. Or both will burn you, we’ll see.

However.. In further of saying that I will be taking a leave from FFXIV until further notice, reasons I can’t discuss publicly as I don’t know who is reading but aye. I’ll try to still post whatever screenshots I’ve remaining of these two cuties, but until then - keep the smiles, light the matches and burn everything. All the love; Chibi & Luni.