Hi everyone! So after talking it over with Gal we have decided to put Jaje and Rug’s adventure on pause for now. Hopefully their adventures will resume at a later date but for now it’s on pause. All questions about Rug and with Rug will be paused for now but I will get back to it. 

 The TWINS on the other hand will still be around to answer questions and terrorize, (I will catch up on answers asap) but I would like to direct you to another project I will be working on which involve Doppelers and indirectly the Twins. They know some things about the twins, and it’s a colorful cast of characters. @nextuniverseover is a sort of extension of the alien world, imagine it as the galaxy just outside of the WOY one, where characters interact and communicate with others like an ask blog! I’m working on it and so is the person behind @theskullshipgarden 
We’re still setting up all the characters but feel free to interact if you wish. There’s going to be alien versions of Duplex and Bonzai, and twins will be involved with that too. 
Sorry everyone about the pause but I hope maybe these things can tie you over!

🎂🎈🎉🎁🍦It’s our birthday we can dress like farmers if we want toooo. I think I’ll call this Davis’ in Dungarees 😂 p. s. She says I never get to choose the outfits again. Idk what she talking about, we cute! Love you Mommy! Thank you Nettie for the bomb pictures 📸 Tap for outfit details.

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Awesome art work from @simonacandini!

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My Padma and Parvati for this week’s Harry Potter Design Challenge! When I looked up their book descriptions pretty much all you get is they were called the prettiest girls in their grade, they wore their hair in braids, and apparently they wore silver “P” necklaces (I don’t particularly remember this part but Oh well). You never hear much about Padma but Parvati always came off as a giggly fun loving girl to me. Although they were identical twins I didn’t want to just essentially make them the same person as twins are often portrayed as in media. I figured since they were sorted into different houses they must have very different distinct personalities. So I decided to make Padma a bit more serious and preppy than her sister. Hope you enjoy!! :D (PS since I went with book descriptions for characters I also went with the book version of the ravenclaw colors: blue and bronze instead of blue and silver like the movies.)