anonymous asked:

Do you guys have arguments like a married couple? ... Do the kids see it?

Master Splinter: *sighs lowly* Yes they have… In one occasion when they returned from one of their missions, Leonardo had done a risky move to lure the kraang away from the others by becoming a distraction and almost getting shot in the head by their laser cannons. When Donatello found out it got out of control.

Master Splinter: Sadly the children heard the argument…

And not too long after, about 2 days I presume, Michelangelo started to confront Raphael about his true feelings about their parenthood duty.

Master Splinter: Rosabella heard the fight as well. But I am glad to know that when the children cannot depend on their parents for something, they come to me.

The poor children were mostly scared about what would happen next after watching their parents yell at each other like that. But I know it is only a temporary thing. No relationship is perfect.

proudprincess asked:

Which signs of twin sisters and twin brothers would get along the best?

That one is kind of hard. It goes along with like-sign compatibility which is pretty unpredictable. If I had to guess I would say:

Gemini- Because of their association with twins which could increase the likely hood of them being close, plus Geminis are communicative and flexible.

Virgos- I read many articles saying how two Virgos could make great friends or lovers, maybe this is true as twins.

Cancer- Because of how important family is to them and they are receptive and empathetic.

Taurus- Because of their strong ties to loyalty.

The other two water signs, Pisces and Scorpio- Maybe because they are so intuitive and receptive they could have an almost mind-reading bond if they were twins.

Worst (just guessing):

Aries- Because of their competitive trait.

Leo- Because of their competitive trait, their need to stand out as well as their strong individuality. 

Aquarius- This sign is known to be distant from family, they have a huge need for change and individuality which could drive them away from a twin.