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As ring-tailed lemur twins begin to get older they can sometimes become too much for mom to handle by herself. Zonker (yellow collar), who was a baby himself last year, can now often be found helping his mom by carrying one of her infants and entertaining them when Sobe (red collar) needs a break.

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Parakeet twins Paprika and Pepper !

or pepi and pepa for short 

these two have the thickest Scottish accents ! 

The two cant live with out each other and do everything together . Inspired by the twins from the movie “white chicks” (but not as self centered)

Also i wanted more burd characters and i love parakeets ! I may make a cockatiel character that’s the one friend that can handle their attitude. and end their fueds

Over all they are very sweet and not as self centered ,they do care for their friends but prefer to stay in their bubble.

Lesbian Comedian, Breast Cancer Survivor, & New Mom, Tig Notaro Shares Photo With Twins

Stand-up comedian Tig Notaro is best known for her hilarious comedic bit about being diagnosed with breast cancer which eventually led to a double mastectomy. Since then, she’s been nominated for an Emmy and sometimes performs topless to raise awareness for breast cancer.

With so much success in her past, Notaro can add another life goal to her list — to be a mom. On June 26, Tig Notaro and her wife Stephanie Allynne, became mothers to twins via surrogacy. In a post on Facebook yesterday, Notaro shared a photo of her children for the first time. She also did so in a way that did not hide her mastectomy scars.

With the caption, “This is my life,” it’s clear how happy Notaro is as a mom. Congrats to Notaro and her wife Allynne on their beautiful babies and we wish them all the luck in life.