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Welcome back from ur hiatus everyone *hug* we missed u !! 💙 here r my questions, 1. How r u guys ? 2. Sensei did ever play games with ur sons when they were little 3. Leo and Donnie how r Amy and kota treating Jiro now ?

Thank you! It’s good to be back ^^

Leo: We’re doing fine, thank you :)

Splinter: Yes I played small activities with them like hide and seek and such. *chuckled*

Leo: Well about that, you could say we’ve made some progress.

Donnie: Amy’s more open to Jiro now, after having a little talk and exercise with him she started to bond more with him like before. But Kotaro is still the same, he’s still not so happy with Jiro even after our small talks with him.


[07.26.2016] // Leaving the twins in Delancey’s house + Random pic of this night!

Hi guys! How’re you? I hope that you’re fine!
Today, we leave the twins in Delancey’s house in the morning, and before this, we passed in the park and we did our last pic with them (the last until a few days haha).
I will miss then very very much, and the kids will too! They was loving them, the twins are really so sweet and nice, they’re so quiet in the most of the time, and like very much to play with the kids!
When we was coming to home, we decided to do some pics of us, because we was feeling as teens lol
And really, it’s a long time that we don’t feel like this! and is really cool when we feel like this lol

Also guys, look my little puppy haha!
I did this pic and I stayed in love! I can’t with this chubby baby! Can’t believe that my baby is growing so fast!
Also, Mauricio is so anxious to meet the new sister! He says that he can’t wait to play with she, hold she and play with she! And really, I can’t wait to see them together! It will be very cute!

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked!
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you!
Have a great day/night!


*LEAKED* The audition tape of the Doctor that delivered Mary's TWO babies.






Some time ago I wrote about my thoughts how twins could be related to the Holmes family history. I came to the conclusion that Mrs. Holmes once had a twin sister who had an affair with Daddy Holmes. Four or five year old little William outed this affair unintentionally in one of his childish deductions. What followed was a family drama that ended in the death of the real Mummy Holmes (in a waterfall?). A deeply traumatised Sherlock repressed the memory of this tragedy completely. To avoid a scandal the twin sister took real Mummy's place - hence the very contradictory description of Mummy Holmes in the series. Further speculation involved the family dog as a possible problem because Redbeard was aware of the change and therefore he had to go. Full story here.

In the light of recent events - the TeaserTrailer - an additional thought arose:

What if it wasn’t the dog that caused the problem? What if the twin sister who had an affair with Daddy Holmes got pregnant? And to keep up the ploy the baby had to go. Maybe because several people knew that the real Mrs. Holmes wasn’t able to get pregnant anymore after Williams (Sherlocks) birth. So most of the pregnancy and the birth happened abroad and then the baby was put up for adoption. Four year old Sherlock would know very little of this - eleven year old Mycroft probably a bit more. And so somewhere in the world a little boy grew up - most likely under very bad conditions - who happens to be a half brother of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes.

A boy who goes by the first- or lastname of SHERRINFORD.

If ‘SHERRINFORD’ isn’t just meant as a distraction from something else - which is quite possible - then I highly doubt that we will be introduced to a completeley new character for him. No, if a third Holmes brother indeed turns up - already dead or still alive - we will know this character quite well I assume and most likely from the very beginning of the story - under a false name - and I don’t think it is AGRA.


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Rokha was waiting so long before she told Roghosh and Garla, who is their father and that he died (when they were small kids, she only said that he went on a war and didn’t came back yet). She said the truth on their 10th birthday. Roghosh, for who his uncle was always like a father was dissapointed when he heard his father’s story. But not Garla. She was proud and happy that Garrosh was her father and that Grommash (who always was next to her) was kind of her family too. Well, Hellscream’s blood flowed in her, for sure. Her scream was powerful like hell scream of Grommash. She was loud kid, and her brother knew it too well…