Twins and Astrology

The differences between the charts of twins are often not significant, yet twins can be very different in how they approach the world. Given this, how does astrology explain the differences between twins who have nearly the same chart?

Twins are two people who enter life under the same energies to learn lessons and accomplish tasks related to those energies. However, one twin’s lessons and task may be quite different from the other’s. This is not only because the lessons and life task indicated by the themes and other chart factors are broad enough to encompass many possibilities, but also because the signs will be expressed differently depending on the amount of experience each twin has had with those signs in former lifetimes. A sign representing gifts in one chart may represent lessons for the other twin.

When there are outstanding differences in how twins express the signs in their charts, a difference in soul age may be the reason. When this is the case, even the most developed sign in the less advanced twin’s chart may not be as developed as most of the signs in the more advanced twin’s. The less advanced twin will be faced with the lessons of each of the signs in the chart and with fewer talents and resources, while the more advanced twin will have some talents and a stronger focus on the life task than on lessons.

On the other hand, the twins could be similar in soul age but have had very different past life charts and experiences, which caused them to develop along different lines. When this is the case, their talents and lessons may be complementary: one twin’s strength is the other’s weakness. They might each be learning what the other has mastered. With the same family, upbringing, and age, twins are ideally situated to learn from each other. Because their shortcomings are different, their growth will occur in different areas.

Varying levels of experience with each of the signs and differing soul ages explain many of the differences between twins. However, gender plays an important part as well. Whether children are born male or female in most societies has a profound effect on how they will be raised, how they will see themselves, and what opportunities will be made available to them. In our society, males find it easier to express the fire and air in their charts than the earth and water. The opposite is true for females.

Since gender and upbringing both play an important role in how the signs in the chart are expressed, it is not surprising that the soul chooses these carefully before life. Like the chart, the gender is chosen to facilitate the life task and the lessons.

So, the differences between twins can be explained by the fact that the signs in our charts are at varying levels of development. Accepting that we have lived other lifetimes and that they influence the expression of our current chart is important if our understanding of astrology is to advance. The chart is part of a larger plan including the soul’s long-range goals and the lessons of all our past lives. Without this perspective, although we can obtain valid psychological information, we cannot understand the entire person or, moreover, why that personality was chosen.

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