Hanna is the girl from the first secret?

After this mid-season finale, I couldn’t stop thinking about Hanna and the scene where she looked into the knife before cutting noel’s leg. She looked into the knife the same way Alice (the evil blonde twin from the halloween story ali and hanna tell while babysitting) did in that same story!!! This HAS to be foreshadowing. What I also found interesting was how Hanna decided to cut Noel’s leg on his thigh. The same place Ali has a similar cut on her thigh! Maybe Ali and Hanna are the little girls from the halloween story and Hanna is the one who cut Alison’s leg? Maybe Hannah’s real name is actually “Alice” Dilaurentis (AD)? So it would be Alice and Alison?? There has been tons of references to how much they look alike, and Hanna and Ashley Marin are the two who are constantly seeing twins. Ashley specifically sees Alice as a ghost. Foreshadowing??? What do you guys think?


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A moving catalogue of medieval medical horrors opens Dead Ringers (1988).

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madqueenalanna  asked:

Hi Butterfly! A few questions: does Westeros have any "royal only" clothing or colors, like purple in the historical English court? And what would happen in a succession if the heirs were twin boys? Would they share rule or would the one five minutes older be the official heir? Would it be different in a highborn family versus a royal one? Thank you!

Nope, no “royal only” colors. People often wear the colors of their house, especially on formal occasions (Sansa wearing ivory and grey and cloth-of-silver to her wedding, Tyrion wearing crimson velvet to Joffrey’s wedding), but when they’re not wearing their house colors, any color will do. (See Queen Alicent’s famous green gown – green is not a color in House Hightower’s sigil.) The Targaryens would of course wear black and red, and Baratheons black and yellow/gold, but since other houses also have black and red and yellow in their sigils, it wasn’t exclusive to them.

(Interestingly, in Braavos – where the snail that yields purple dye comes from – the sails of the merchant ships are dyed purple, and bravos dress ostentatiously, but keyholders of the Iron Bank only wear drab brown and grey.)

We don’t have any examples of same-sex male twins in the royal family, but in highborn families it’s the older twin that inherits the lordship. See, for example, Tywald and Tion Lannister:

Tywald, the eldest of [Gerold Lannister’s] twin sons, died in battle in 233 AC whilst squiring for Lord Robert Reyne of Castamere during the Peake Uprising. […] Tywald Lannister had long been betrothed to the Red Lion’s spirited young sister, Lady Ellyn. This strong-willed and hot-tempered maiden, who had for years anticipated becoming the Lady of Casterly Rock, was unwilling to forsake that dream. In the aftermath of her betrothed’s death, she persuaded his twin brother, Tion, to set aside his own betrothal to a daughter of Lord Rowan of Goldengrove and espouse her instead. 

–The World of Ice and Fire

So we can see that the older twin Tywald was expected to inherit Casterly Rock, and after he died, the inheritance passed to his younger twin Tion. (And after he died in battle, their younger brother Tytos Lannister became the heir, a position he was incredibly unsuited for.)

Note, apparently the Redwyne twins, Horas and Hobber, argue over who will be the next Lord of the Arbor – but I’d guess they’re arguing who’s the older twin. (Saying things like you only think you’re the older one, a nurse switched us when we were babies, etc, etc.)

Anyway, while there was never a pair of male twins in House Targaryen, I’d still say if there had been (and they were the eldest children of the king), it would be a certainty that the older of the two boys would inherit, even if he were older just by a minute. Hope that helps!


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Lesbian Comedian, Breast Cancer Survivor, & New Mom, Tig Notaro Shares Photo With Twins

Stand-up comedian Tig Notaro is best known for her hilarious comedic bit about being diagnosed with breast cancer which eventually led to a double mastectomy. Since then, she’s been nominated for an Emmy and sometimes performs topless to raise awareness for breast cancer.

With so much success in her past, Notaro can add another life goal to her list — to be a mom. On June 26, Tig Notaro and her wife Stephanie Allynne, became mothers to twins via surrogacy. In a post on Facebook yesterday, Notaro shared a photo of her children for the first time. She also did so in a way that did not hide her mastectomy scars.

With the caption, “This is my life,” it’s clear how happy Notaro is as a mom. Congrats to Notaro and her wife Allynne on their beautiful babies and we wish them all the luck in life.