Small update

Very quickly, while I enjoy the effects of the epidural… The amniotic sac cracked this morning at home, so they decided to induce labor because there are risks, so… Here we go…

I’m 33 weeks today and this morning during ultrasound they were estimated at around 1.9kg - 2kg each baby which is good. The doctors are confident about their health (thanks god, I had injections to lung maturation last week just in case) but we are worried and we hope that everything will go well for them.

Well my next post will be to introduce the new babies… I’m so stressed, I can’t believe they will be here soon

anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered that you and your sister are fraternal twins since you are male and she is female? I guess it's a little different because you still have the exact same DNA, but I was just thinking about that and presumed you would find this interesting.

I mean I have thought about that but we are genetically identical so I still view us as identical twins. We were also Monoamniotic / Monochorionic Twins and on extremely rare occasions Monozygotic twins can be different genders so it’s not impossible to identify as such when I’m male and she’s female. To me I’ve always been an identical twin, physically, genetically, and in our personality traits we are so similar so I will continue to identify that way.

I don’t know what it is about the fact Donald O'Connor and Armie Hammer share the same birthday that makes me so unbearably happy.

Not as happy as the fact Donnie and Peggy Ryan were almost twins (she was exactly a year older) but still. Grinning insanely. August 28th is a day for beautiful, talented, adorable and lovely human beings. If it’s your birthday today then I’m especially lucky to have a beautiful, talented, adorable and lovely follower like you.xx


There have been quite a few growing pains this week going from my lower back right around to my abdomen and up the sides of my belly. I am so thankful to have amazing mummy friends who just assured me that the pains around this time were totally normal growing and stretching pains.

I’ve been a little anxious about my 20 week scan on Tuesday, how long will it take with twins, what if something isn’t quite right or is concerning to the midwife/doctors just very general worries I think every mum will have especially at the 20 week scan. But I just keep telling myself they’ll be just fine, all the other scans they’ve been very happy with and haven’t had any cause for concern and I know I’ll feel silly for worrying afterwards.

These two are moving like mad, so much so I have seen very tiny movements outside when I’m paying close attention and laid down on the bed. They seem to be total opposites with positions, little miss is right beneath my rib cage in the mornings and sat very high until I lay down and Doodle is always off to the side and quite a bit lower than its sister. But they both love to kick and wiggle about! Possibly the strangest sensation I’ve felt was this morning when they were kicking each other (I can always feel when one of them pushes or interacts since they seem to cross my belly button and it’s hard to miss) and I could feel them right beneath my belly button but they were not only interacting but kicking upwards at the same time it was actually a little painful at one point when it felt as though they were trying to push my belly button right up. Richard even felt them kicking at each other which he’s not able to feel before just the usual kicks and flips at the top or sides but never in the middle. He was fascinated and couldn’t help but laugh at my strange noises.

Currently we are preparing for my mum and step-dads visit in 4 weeks as well as preparing the nursery and our home. We have already taken care of the living room and made more than enough space for them, we have also cleared out the kitchen as well as our own room and completely re-arranged it since Richard has ordered me a new bed for my birthday next month, ours is not supporting me enough and is aggravating my back pain. We have also decided not to co-sleep since the co-sleeper we were looking at for the twins is upward of £300 and that’s more than half of what their cot bed is costing. So we will have their cot bed next to our bed for 6 months so they are nice and close, I can still keep a very close eye on them and won’t need to make them unsettled when they would need to be moved into the cot bed. It’s just a better solution for the both of us and it keeps Dexter from trying to sleep with them since he regularly curls up next to my head at night and it’s easier to keep him away just incase he does try to sleep with them.