i see your “post-s&s the ipre all live in one big house together” headcanons AND your “no actually they would enjoy their freedom and live apart but still visit” and i meet you in the middle with this:

everyone totally gets their own houses and they live in different places EXCEPT for taako and lup, who refuse to be separated after being apart for so long. thus, the taakitz-blupjeans household is established

it’s a massive fucking mansion big enough for them to simultaneously have their privacy when they need it but also be together as much as they want

and sometimes kravitz and barry will come home after a long day of work and go “ah can’t wait to lay down with my partner and relax” just to find the twins curled up asleep with each other and the Boyfriends™ have to go sleep alone

“hey krav you uh, you maybe wanna snuggle?”

“abso-fucking-lutely not, barold”

“okay okay, didn’t hurt to try asking just this once”

❄️ FIRE EMBLEM : Felicia & Flora ❄️

I’m so excited to finally be able to share with you my full piece for the amazing Fire Emblem Siblings zine project @FEsibszine (on Twitter)!
Felicia & Flora are two of my favorite characters from Fire Emblem and they both have such amazing designs! I was so happy to be able to draw them for this project <3
This illustration was done in June!
I hope you’ll like it! ♥