Warm days ♡

The last few days it’s been so hot… I don’t know how I survive to be honest. Usually early in the morning when I wake up and if the kids and Jackson are not awake yet, I take my breakfast near the pool. It feels so good and it’s peaceful outside at this time of the morning…

The sun becomes hotter later in the morning, and I can’t leave the house with the kids when it’s too hot. Usually we try to get the kids outside every day if we can… Even if it’s only for a walk around the house with the dog. Lohan loves to hold his leash, no worries his dad is always behind them because he doesn’t has much strength to hold the dog by himself yet !

These days we only leave the house only around 5pm which is a bit late for us since they have diner at 7:30pm… and Aëlys can’t forget she eats at 7:30pm ! I swear, this girl is always hungry and saying “yum yum” every time she sees food. She’s a little cutie, but a way too much obsessed with food now.

I still can’t believe they will be one soon… Only 3 days to go and my little babies will be one year old. Lately I just love to go through their first pictures and it’s crazy to see how much time flies… how much they grew up… the small babies that I carried in my arms a few months ago are now two beautiful little girls with strong and different personalities.

We have planned a small party on their birthday day, which is next monday, with family and a few close friends. I hope they will enjoy it and I’m so excited to show it all… I’ve been planning their party these last days and it’s all about pastel colors, flowers, balloons, cotton candy, pop corn, cupcakes etc… Well I’m probably more excited than them ahah…  

In other news, I took advantage of these hot days and I could work on my online shop. I was able to finish but now I need to design some new products and hopefully it will be launched before the end of the year !

With that, I hope you enjoyed our last pictures and one more time, I’m sorry for posting such long posts lately… I guess I just have too much things to say ?! Ahaha ! See you soon 

In TAB John believes in TJLC, Sherlock does not.  But, John is always right.

Reading this post by @221beestings about twins in TAB vs triplets in TSoT got me to thinking about the triplets as mirrors for the John/Sherock/Mary love triangle.  If the triplets, like the, ‘three people’, this client thinks her husband is, are meant to reference them then who could, ‘twins’, be referencing in TAB?  Well, in the end we see that, ‘there’s always the two of us, don’t you read the Strand?’.  So, twins = John and Sherlock and triplets = John/Sherlock/Mary.  AKA one is Johnlock one is not-Johnlock.

So, John insists that it could be twins in TAB.  John insists that the show could end up with them together.  Sherlock thinks it’s never that.  Maybe it’s never been that, as in, they’ve never done an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes where that officially happened.    

Despite Sherlock’s mockery John insists and further explains, ‘maybe it was a secret twin’.  Not just Johnlock but secret Johnlock.  Sherlock thinks that it’s absurd to think that this would have been planned since, ‘conception’.  Like, it’s absurd to think that the show has been about Johnlock since its conception.  Sherlock is saying that it’s never canon Johnlock, and that TJLC sounds absurd to him,

But, in the end it is always the two of them and furthermore, by his own admission, John is always right.  This means that John is saying, ‘this show will end up with us together, it’s an obvious conclusion’, and Sherlock is mocking the idea because it would’ve required a plan since the beginning.  And yet, John is right, he’s always right.

John believes in TJLC, Sherlock mocks it.  Sherlock realises John is right,

In the end there was a conspiracy and John, Sherlock and Mary must walk through rooms full of fire (symbolising desire) just to arrive at its heart.  In the end it’s Mary who leads us to see that there really was a conspiracy.  Mary being there as John’s romantic false lead is the final obstacle to Johnlock,  

If the answer that solves a case can easily be triplets then it can also easily be twins (the latter being statistically more common). If Sherlock can accept that Mary is in the way of his happiness, maybe he can accept the opposite is an option, too: that he will get what he wants, that he and John will be together.

Seeing Double: Part 1

[Request for Joker x Harley x Reader from @twilight-loveer I hope you enjoy.]

It’s been nearly a month since your sister had been caught by Batman and was thrown in Arkham… Again.

“Harley, you really should be more careful. You’re gonna get yourself hurt. Then what am I supposed to do without my little sister?”

Harley rolled her eyes. You were born an hour before her and would constantly joke you were her big sister. She rolled her eyes at you before slumping over the table trying to adjust her straight jacket.

“[y/n] You know Puddin’ will always keep me safe. I only got caught because I didn’t listen to him and made that damn wrong turn into a dead end ally. Stupid Batsy knew he couldn’t catch Puddin’ so he went for me. A poor defenseless little girl.”

She gave you the most pathetic puppy dog eyes that, if she wasn’t your other half, would have you convinced she really was innocent. Laughing a little at your ridiculous little sister you place a small kiss on her forehead causing her to blush as always.

“ You cause me anxiety Ducky.”

She scowled at her childhood nick name. Her favorite movie when you two were kids as The Land Before Time. She had memorized all of Ducky’s lines and would repeat them through the whole movie. Ever since she jumped into the vat of Ace Chemicals she tried to be big and tough, even with you. Her best attempts just amused you.

“DON’T call me Ducky in front of the other inmates! It’s embarrassing.”

Again blush flushed her amazingly pale cheeks. You had to admit even though her skin had been bleached by the chemicals she was gorgeous, everyone always pinned for her. If she was a barbie doll you would be a Gothic princess. You always wore darker make up and Harley swears she has never seen you wear anything but black. Unlike your sister you had several piercings and many large and intricate tattoos that would put Harley’s little ‘Puddin’ tattoo to shame.

Today was a bit different though. You never liked how Harley’s fellow inmates watched you like you were some desert they wanted to sink their teeth in when you were dressed in one of your many intricate corset tops. So today you dressed simple. A pair of dark jeans, hair up in a shitty bun, and am Arkham ‘certified Insane’ hoodie Harley had sent you a few month back. It has become your favorite since then always giving you a little laugh.

“What am I gonna do with you Harl….”

Before you had a chance to finish your sentence the side wall of the visitation room is blown in with what looked to you like an armored Ice Cream truck parked in the new opening. Leaning out one of the window was none other than the Joker himself. Here to break your little sister out of this dump no doubt.


Haley jumps to her feet one of the largest smiles on her face you have ever seen. ‘Well at least he makes her happy.’ You think to yourself shaking your head.

“ There’s my Baby Doll. Did you miss Daddy?”

Shacking her head furiously she throws her arms still bound in the straight jacket over your head grabbing your shoulders.

“Just go with it.” She whispers in your ear before turning both your backs to the Ice Cream truck so you were staring at the armed guards who had just entered. WAS SHE USING YOU AS A SHIELD!

“ Alright there piggies. Unless you want me to snap her neck you better stay back!”

She almost sounded convincing. Her threats bough you enough time to reach the waiting truck.

“Hey Puddin’ were taking this one with us if it’s ok with you.” She shoots you a wink and you watch The Joker’s eyes widen as he takes you in.

“TWO Harley’s? I must be seeing things. Alright baby doll throw her in and lets blow this joint. I got grape soda and a bear skin rug waiting for us at home.”

With a sly wink he opens fire into the visitation room keeping the approaching guards at bay. Next thing you know Harley is throwing you in the back of the van rolling on top of who as she busts up in hysteria. The truck hits reverse and speeds away from the asylum taking you with it whether you wanted to or not.

“GET OFF ME DUCKY! What the fuck was that???”

Seething you get Harley’s arms off from around your neck before helping her sit upright.

“ Sit still you dumb ass, let me help you out of this straight jacket. You may be a loon but your still my sister.”

As soon as Harley is free from the jacket she turns and tackles you back to the floor of the truck kissing you square on the lips. You quickly kick her off wiping your lips furiously.

“You fucking spaz you know I hate when you do that.”

Its only then do you realize there are 4 other people in the truck including the Joker who was staring at you like you were a mirage. But before he can speak Harley throws himself on him.

“ Puddin’! You came for me!”

Not looking away from you he gives a sweet kiss to Harley’s forehead.

“You know I always come for you Pumpkin.”

“OOH Puddin’ I want you to meet my sister [y/n]! Today just happened to be the day she visits me. I didn’t wanna leave her there in all that mess.”

The Joker gets out of his seat and steadily walks to you still sitting on the floor in the back of the van looking you over. You had to be slightly impressed how smooth his walk was even in this bumpy as Ice Cream truck. He seemed to be in control of his every action despite whatever was going on around him.

“Sister eh. Twins no less.” You looks back and snaps at Harley. “Why did you never tell me you had a sister? Especially one as gorgeous as you?”

With a little guilt in her eyes she answers. “Sorry Puddin’ I guess it never came up…”

Offering you a hand to get up of the floor you finally get your ass up dusting off your jeans before the truck hits a bump that nearly sends you crashing back down again. Luckily The Joker was there to steady you.

“Careful there sweet cheeks, wouldn’t want you getting hurt now would we?”

“ The name’s [y/n] not sweet cheeks. I only let my close friends call me shit like that.”

“hmmm… [y/n] what a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.”

His purr sent shivers down your spine. You could defiantly see what attracted Harley to him so much. His pale skin was smooth and the black tattoos and crimson lips accentuating his color. His green hair was slicked back giving his a distinguished look. You almost couldn’t tell he was a complete psychopath but you knew better than that.

“ Would you like to come home for a visit with your dear sister [y/n]? I think she’d enjoy your company and I would enjoy the chance to get to know you.”

Eyeing him sideways you could feel the sexual energy emanating from him. He was attracted to you sister it really shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise to you that he would find you attractive as well. A bit uncomfortable at how close your sister’s boyfriend was getting you peek around his shoulder to see if Harley truly wanted you to visit. Especially if her man was gonna continue to hit on you. She seemed amused which kinda ticked you off. Quickly jumping up and also gracefully walking through the bumpy van she wraps around the Jokers torso leaning up and giving him a kiss on the cheek before staring at you with a strange look in her eye.

“Please [y/n] It could be really fun having you over for a visit. And if Puddin’ here wants a chance to get to know you it’s easier just to go with it. In the end he always gets what he wants.”

He leans down to kiss her passionately on the lips as you roll your eyes at the pair of them. ‘What has my sister gotten me into this time…’

—————————— To Be Continue —————————————-


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Lesbian Comedian, Breast Cancer Survivor, & New Mom, Tig Notaro Shares Photo With Twins

Stand-up comedian Tig Notaro is best known for her hilarious comedic bit about being diagnosed with breast cancer which eventually led to a double mastectomy. Since then, she’s been nominated for an Emmy and sometimes performs topless to raise awareness for breast cancer.

With so much success in her past, Notaro can add another life goal to her list — to be a mom. On June 26, Tig Notaro and her wife Stephanie Allynne, became mothers to twins via surrogacy. In a post on Facebook yesterday, Notaro shared a photo of her children for the first time. She also did so in a way that did not hide her mastectomy scars.

With the caption, “This is my life,” it’s clear how happy Notaro is as a mom. Congrats to Notaro and her wife Allynne on their beautiful babies and we wish them all the luck in life.