24 weeks!

6 months pregnant! When does the 3rd tri begin?! I’m so confused about it

Anyways, the babes have grown a lot this week. I’m really getting huge!

Only 9 days till we see them again, and find out the gender of baby A!

This week has been a struggle, anxiety crept in a few times, the hubby is sick (were actually at a minute clinic right now to get him some prescriptions), the dogs have been a pain, and constant crying cause I miss my first pregnancy.

My hands keep going numb when I fall asleep, I guess that’s normal if your having multiples. Something about carpol tunnel syndrome, or so the Internet says. At my next appointment I do plan on asking about it.

Still haven’t bought anything really, not sure when a good time is to buy things. Also wanting to wait and see what the hubby’s aunt can get.


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Why does he say it’s never twins?! 

Remember this scene in TSOT

JOHN: “My husband is three people.” It’s interesting. Says he has three distinct patterns of moles on his skin.
SHERLOCK: Identical triplets – one in half a million births. Solved it without leaving the flat. Now, serviettes.

Okay, okay…It isn’t technically twins, but come on. It’s the same theory! So it makes no sense for him to say it’s never twins. 

Going back to TAB.

The fact that Sherlock thinks (as John) that it could be a secret twin and then quickly tells himself that it’s never twins makes me think there IS a twin.

WATSON: A secret twin? Hmm? You know? A twin that nobody knows about? This whole thing could have been planned.
HOLMES: Since the moment of conception? How breathtakingly prescient of her!

Sherlock is shooting down John’s idea (or his own idea of what John might say) because it isn’t clever enough. It’s like he’s arguing in his mind if this could be a possibility. It isn’t brilliant enough for him. It isn’t the answer he wants to hear.

Yet later in the episode we get confirmation that Sherlock thinks John is pretty damn smart. 

WATSON: So what’s he like? The other me, in the other place?
HOLMES: Smarter than he looks!
WATSON: Pretty damn smart, then!
HOLMES: Pretty damn smart.

We have seen Sherlock miss the obvious before because it’s too simple. What if Sherlock dismissing the twins is just him dismissing the obvious, which although simple is the most likely to be true. 

MORIARTY: I knew you’d fall for it. That’s your weakness. You always want everything to be clever.

So yes, i think twins are going to be involved in series 4!

Moriarty or Sherlock.
One of them has a twin.