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I can’t believe in 7 days the girls will be 8 months. How is this possible?! How did this happen?!

I’ve already started to plan their birthday. I really want to take them to that Medieval Times thing. I have a few problems with that though. Either way they’re having a princess themed party.

Anyone know where I can get semi cheap stuff for it? Also I’m still decorating their room princess themed. Where is a cheap place for that stuff?!

The girls are getting better at sitting up supported but still can’t manage 1.5 seconds alone.

Both are amazing on going from back to front with CP rolling around everywhere. CR more or less likes being on her tummy and watching everything. We’re up to 1 serving of oatmeal and 2 purée a day. Once they can sit by themselves it’ll change again.

Finding it hard to make friends. I’ve never been one for people to want to talk to but I feel like being a mom has made it harder. Anyone wanna be mommy friends?