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My BaBiEs are 7 today!!!! When did this happen?!?!? I love their quirky personalities and their beautiful hearts…Kaede with his strong and silent ways….Kessler and his artistic and creative self…They truly are a double blessing…They make every day a little more adventurous than the next 💙💙 #TwinMom #BoyMom #Twins #HappyBirthday #TheyGrowUpFast #TheyMeltMyHeart #MakesMyHeartSmile

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The MAMAS Project: Christa

When you become a mother, life as you know it doesn’t really change until that babe is in your arms and you’re thrown into it in a split second. The transition is easier for some. But the funny (not so funny) thing is, as soon as you feel comfortable, life is working out how you visioned and you’re winning at this whole motherhood gig, some unexplainable force has a way of changing things up for you.

Both hailing from the east coast, Christa met her husband in 2007 in Vancouver, after agreeing to go on a double date with him. At the time, she had no idea that date was the beginning of a relationship with her now husband of four years.

Christa had always wanted two kids, and a year after getting married and they decided to start with the first and see where to go from there. Sweet Tenley was born in April 2013.

“Making the transition to a first time mom was relatively easy for me. From a young age I developed an infatuation with pregnancy and children, and I knew I wanted to be a mom very early on. I spent a lot of my teenage years around babies, learning as much as I could about them. By the time I was ready to have my first, when Tenley was born, I felt like I already knew what to expect. In fact, I remember when Tenley was a day old, our doctor came to the hospital to see us. When he walked in the room my husband and I were relaxing on the hospital bed together, showered, watching the hockey game. He explained…most rooms I come into, the dad has left for a break, or the mom is sitting there crying…needless to say he was surprised to see us so calm and I guess that was the beginning of a natural transition. Obviously I still had my ups and downs, as all mothers do, but it was generally pretty smooth.”

It took some consideration before trying a second time. Christa wanted a sibling for Tenley but she hesitated knowing it would change the time she could spend with her. Nonetheless, not long after Tenley turned one, they decided it was time to try for another. Christa got pregnant right away.  

I had my first ultrasound at eight weeks and I have to admit it was a constant rollercoaster of emotions. Initially, I was excited and looking forward to seeing my baby and hearing their heartbeat for the first time. But then I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. The ultrasound technician was taking an extremely long time and then she explained that she had to leave the room and go check something. I started to panic. At first I thought, maybe she’s checking two babies…and then I thought…Christa you’re crazy!

So, the technician comes back into the room and completes the ultrasound. At this point I was looking in her glasses trying to see the screen. To see if I could see a baby. But what I see instead, is what I think are two black circles. Two amniotic sacs. My heart sank. I had to look away and bring myself back to reality. I had to talk myself out of my crazy head again and understand that I was looking through a pair of glasses and what I was looking at was probably just my bladder or something.

All of a sudden the technician stops. She stops and says are you ready to see the screen? The look on her face caused my heart to start racing again and as I sit up, she says, are you ready for a surprise? *insert tears of joy*. It gives me goosebumps every time I talk about it because I will never forget turning around and looking at the monitor and seeing the twins. I start shaking, bawling my eyes out and all I could say was, how did I know?! I probably said it 50 times over. The tech says, a mother’s intuition, and I followed that with, my husband is going to think I’m crazy.

Meanwhile, my husband is freaking out because he’s been waiting a long time in the waiting room, and he comes in to see me bawling my eyes out, and asks, is everything okay, what’s wrong? And I reply, there’s two.”

At six weeks pregnant, Christa joked about gaining weight so fast. This led to a comment from her mother in law about twins in her husband’s family, not knowing yet, there were twins in her family too. After that conversation, Christa was consumed by it. So, for the two weeks before that ultrasound, Christa obsessed about the chance of twins. Even her husband thought she knew something he didn’t.

“I can’t explain what it feels like to have such a strong sense about something, try to talk yourself out of it, and then have someone tell you you’re right. I thought I was crazy for obsessing over it so much.”

So, it took a little while to sink in, but once they wrapped their heads around it as much as they could, they were excited. They left the condo life in downtown Vancouver and moved to a four bedroom home to accommodate their expanding family. Christa had been so busy getting ready, taking care of Tenley, moving, preparing for her new babies that it wasn’t until her water broke at exactly 38 weeks, that she was finally forced to focus on the present. Without any labour pains to distract, she was given a moment to reflect.

“I remember every ultrasound was a reality check…yup, still two in there. But it wasn’t really until they wheeled me into the operating room that it hit me. That’s when I realized,…I’m having two babies.”

Two healthy baby boys were delivered via c-section. The energy in the delivery room was pure excitement, Christa and Ryan had chosen not to learn the sex of the babies, which is apparently rare, and the staff was just as eager as they were.

Then came the fourth trimester, which was a blur for Christa, to say the least. Emotionally numb, she spent her days (and nights) nursing, nursing, changing diapers and nursing some more. Christa’s husband was busy running his business, so he wasn’t able to take much time off, but thankfully Christa had her mom. Her rock for the next 8 months.  

“She started staying with me when I was 34 weeks pregnant, and she stayed with me until the boys were eight months old. She was here four or five days a week and she would go home on the weekends. I couldn’t do it by myself. It was so hard. It wasn’t until the boys grew out of the fussy baby phase and became more independent that I was able to manage them alone.”

So yes, adjusting to the physical demand of three babies surely doesn’t happen overnight, but what Christa struggles with more so is at the root of her being. Her identity. Imagine, how do you unwind, relax, think about your own goals, aspirations, or even the last time you showered, when you have three kids under three hanging off your neck, poking you in the eye, pulling your hair.

“Becoming a mother to one changed me, but nothing compared to how I have changed since I had the boys. I don’t have time to think about me a lot of the time, and I’ve almost lost who I am. I think a big part of it is that I’m home a lot. It’s really hard for me to go out alone with all three kids. It’s really difficult as I just don’t have enough hands and eyes. One of the first times I took all the kids out by myself I ended up losing my wallet at the mall. There was just too much going on. And I thought…this is why I don’t leave the house.”

So discouraging. And the second time, no better, it ended with all three kids crying at the park and Christa feeling like a failure. But she didn’t give up, she came close to her breaking point, but never gave up.

“I always wanted to have kids, I was always one of those girls that just wanted to get married, have babies and stay at home with them. That was my dream. But now that it’s my reality, I realize it’s not all sunshine and lollipops like I thought it was going to be. It’s way harder. Being a mom period is way harder than I ever thought. I am thankful that my husband works as hard as he does so that I can be home with my kids. I love being the one that gets to sing and dance with them, play pretend with them, and teach them their ABCs, but it’s also really hard and I struggle with the mundane dailyness of being home with them all the time. You just don’t think about the details, you just don’t think about everything.”

It’s not until you become a mother, that you truly appreciate other mothers. Society does not put mothers in the hero roles that often. When you are young, it is socially acceptable to aspire to medical school, law school, presidency…but motherhood, that was cool in the 40’s. And then you have a kid, and you realize mothers are the bomb. The strongest, most resilient species around. And then you have a friend who has multiples, and you’re like hot damn, they should be inducted into some kind of hall of fame!

“There are days when I don’t want to get out of bed. I just don’t want to deal with kids. I just want to lay there and do nothing. It’s hard to admit it and I feel guilty for saying it out loud but it’s the truth. Some days I feel like it’s too much and I just want a break.”

It’s that crazy juxtaposition, to yearn for something so hard, so much that you feel it in your core. Then your dreams become a reality, and you feel cheated and you want to crawl away just for a second to recharge. It’s a mind warp. And that’s not being ungrateful, that’s being real. It’s a work in progress.

“But I guess if I was to say one last thing. The part I’m having the hardest time with is knowing that these are my last babies. Our family is complete. The childbearing chapter of my life, that I dreamed of for so long, is over. And while a part of me is glad that those hard days are behind us, and that we have so many great times ahead, I still carry a sadness in my heart. One that I feel will never really go away. This chapter of my life has changed who I am and these pages make up some of the best days of my life. Pregnancy and childbirth have left scars on both my body and my heart and they will always remind me of these days.

So as I sit here and reminisce about the days that Tenley was a baby, and the days that Kai was still nursing, I hold onto a last drop of milk for Shea and share a piece of unsolicited advice to all other mothers. I know you have heard it before, but cherish every single moment with your babies, even the hard ones, because one day they won’t be babies anymore and you will miss it more than you will ever know.”

Written + Photographed by: Sarah + Jena (Pacific North Photography)

PS. If you’ve been following TMP from the beginning, you’ll know it was born out of Pacific North Photography. Christa and her beautiful twin belly just happened to be our first shoot. I must also disclose that she is one of my longest and dearest friends. I feel privileged she has given us the opportunity to document her motherhood experience. 

Baby. Got. Back!

Lol, I know I am a huge geek, but hey - pictures don’t lie!

The first picture is my “after” picture from my first round of 21 day fix. This was 5.5 months after the twins were born. During that pregnancy the ol’ badonkadonk flattened right out (from all that extra sitting)!

I am just starting week 5 of Hammer and Chisel and LOOK AT MY BUTT!!

I ACTUALLY HAVE ONE!!! Yes, she is still small and no I am not at my goal yet, but I am certainly impressed!

I may have cursed out Autumn and Sagi a time or two for all the extra squats and lunges, but I am thankful for each and every one of them!

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An amazing morning at Coronado Beach! Walk on the beach, searched for seashells, coffee & #Udis muffins at @delcoronado and sandcastle building!
Perfect day, lots of memories!
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Beautiful day at beach over drinks 🍸🍼🍼🍷and warm fire pit watching sunset
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