Perference #5

How you tease him, and walk away as punishment for pissing you off

-Requested by Anonymous 

 Sure thank babes! I hope you guys enjoy!!

Writing Type: Preference

Relationship: You x any of the boys

Warnings/Extra: Mild nudity, mild cussing, teasing


You were wringing out your hair out when you heard the motor of Darry’s truck pull up into the drive way. You smirked as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You tugged down the front of the towel that was wrapped around you, and shook out your hair. 

“Y/N,” he shouted from the living room. You smiled and walked out of the bathroom, still in your towel. You walked to the front room stopping at the end of the hallway, a sweet and innocent expression placed upon your face. 

“Yes, Darry,” you said softly. You heard Darry set down his keys and walk towards your voice. When he spotted you, you saw him gulp and eye you up and down. You could see how hard he was straining to keep his eyes on your face. You walked towards him, slow and deliberate. You breasts jiggling with each malicious step. When you were close enough to where you were pressed up against him, you kissed down his jawline and stopped when you were near his ear. He had his arms wrapped around your waist and his breathing increased. 

“Maybe next time you’ll remember to pick me up from work when you said you would,” you whispered in his ear. He sucked in a breath as you smiled and walked away, being sure to swing your hips as you left.


You crossed your arms and glared up at Soda who was laughing as he walked back to you. He offered you his hand and you frowned, sticking your nose up away from it, making a ‘hmph’ sound in the back of your throat. He smiled down at your pouting face and sat down next to you. He grabbed a strand of your hair and started twirling it around his finger as he looked up at the sky, the stars twinling in the sky. 

You and Soda decided to come out to the park to see the stars, seeing as you haven’t seen him a lot lately. You had been waiting for him to arrive and when he did he snuck up behind you and picked you up, spinning you in circles. However, when he set you down on the ground, he set in a very muddy area and you had slipped and fell on your bum in the dirt. You looked up at Soda and smirked, a filthy (omg I love puns) idea popping into your head. You clambered onto your knees and crawled into Soda’s lap, straddling him. 


You walked into the house, with the gallon of milk which you needed to finish the icing to the cake you had baked. (lol that rhymed). You nearly screamed when you saw the platter in which you had left the cake on, on the coffee table in the front room, completely gone. Your head snapped into the direction of the sound of the bathroom door opening. You watched as your boyfriend walked from the bathroom, crumbs of the cake you had worked so hard on baking, on his face. When he saw you he froze, judging by your outraged expression that he wasn’t supposed to eat it. You sighed and gave him a strained smile. 

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t think you wou-” he began. You stopped him and waved your hands at him, waving off the situation. 

“It’s fine. It’s fine,” you said in an eerily calm voice. He nodded, uneasy by your calmness. And he was right to, because that night, he didn’t get any dinner.


You walked up to your boyfriend, kissing his cheek that wasn’t smeared in grease. He crinkled his nose and rubbed his cheek where you had kissed him as though he was wiping it off, tuning to his friends and rolling his eyes. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion but shrugged it off. 

“So babe. What are you working on,” you asked, rolling up your sleeves. He snickered with his friends and you stepped back, a bit offended. You helped Steve on his cars all the time, so you were confused on why he was acting the way he was.

“No babe, that’s cute. Listen only men should work on cars,” he said amused. You crossed your arms and scowled at him. 

“What the hell is that supposed to mean,” you glared. The boys started oh-ing at the two of you and you could see Steve’s smirk falter at your upset expression. He reaches a hand towards you and you yank your hand back. 

“Come find me when you decide to stop being a dick,” you spat, walking off. 

Later that night, Steve came home to find you pulling your hair into a ponytail. He walked towards and you a wrapped his arms around and nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered When you pulled away, you smiled and ran your hands through his hair. You nodded and smirked as he leaned in to kiss you. You quickly leaned back and he continued to catch your lips with his. You finally allowed him to get closer, brushing your lips against his before slipping out of his arms and walking towards the bed, grabbing a pillow and tossing it towards him. 

“Couch,” you said, pointing out the door as he stared wide-eyed at you. 


You slung your sweaty rag over your shoulder as you stepped off the treadmill. You stretched and did a couple in place exercises, waiting for your boyfriend to come and pick you up. You glanced up, hearing the door close and saw your boyfriend walk in. You decided to get in one more set of push ups before you left, adjusting yourself to the position on the floor. When you finished you, sat on your knees, catching your breath to see Two-Bit ogling the girls who were in the gym with you. You crossed your arms as you waited for your boyfriend to acknowledge you. You stood up, fed up with his consistency to show you no attention and walked towards him. You pulled the front of your shirt up to where it was hardly covering the bottom of your breast. You approached Two-Bit, clearing your throat to grab his attention. 

“Ready to go,” you asked. He nodded, running his hands through his hair. You took the opportunity, as you had his attention to ‘adjust’ your shirt, pulling it up a bit more before pulling it down again. You looked to see that this had clearly caught his attention. He gulped and stared at your chest, waiting for you to repeat the action. You laughed and ruffled his hair before walking passed him. As you passed him you stopped and leaned closer to him.

“Oh and your sleeping on the couch tonight,” you smirked. He groaned loudly and threw his head back, then turning around to beg you to change your decision. Which you didn’t. 


You walked into the dark room, kicking your shoes off at the door. You were seething, despite your rain soaked appearance. You stomped into your bedroom where Dallas, your boyfriend, was laying comfortably on the bed, a cigarette and lighter in his hands. You loudly dropped your bag on the ground and gritted your teeth. He looked up to see you glaring straight at him, your hair matted to your head. He cussed and sat up. 

“Oh babe was I supposed to -” he started.

“Pick me up from school? Yeah! Did I have to walk here? Yeah,” you scolded. He crinkled his nose as your glare began to make him feel uncomfortable. You smirked as you turn your back to him and began undressing. You slipped off your dress and strutted over towards your closet. You could feel his eyes analyzing you and you felt a surge of power consume you. You reached behind you and unhooked your bra. You slowly slide the straps down your arms and used one of them to cover your breasts as you flung the bra towards him, glancing over your shoulder while doing so. You heard the bed creak as he stood up to approach you. You quickly pulled a shirt from your closet and tugged it over your head and onto your body. You turned just as he approached you and you smiled as you patted his chest.

“Next time, maybe you should think twice about leaving me at school,” you smirked and climbed into bed. Not letting him touch you for the rest of the night. 


You squeezed Johnny’s hand as you tugged him away from the snacks cashier. She whistled at Johnny and blew him a kiss and you felt your face heat with an outraging amount of heat. You pulled him to the side of the building and dropped the bag of candy you had bought. 

“You know that-,” you started. He chuckled and kissed your cheek.

“That I’m yours? Yeah, I know,” he smiled. You smiled, grateful that he knew it before you had to say it. 

He smiled and kissed your cheek. However, as he was pulling away you grabbed the collar of his shirt and began kissing him aggressively. Johnny seemed a but taken back by this force but eventually relaxed into it and pulled you closer. You trailed off his lips and down his neck to his collarbone. When you found his sweet spot you began sucking on it and nipping at it slightly. He sucked in a ragged breath and you smirked, pulling away. You ran your hands down his neck where there was currently a dark purple mark forming. He smirked at you and touched the tender spot as well.

“Better,” he asked. You blushed at your sudden possessiveness and nodded. He kissed the top of your head and intertwined your fingers before walking towards your seats.


You walked away from your friends as waving goodbye to them. Your eyes searched for your girlfriend as you walked up the stairs of the front of the school to for a better look. 

“Excuse me,” a voice said behind you. You turned to see that you were blocking the entrance/exit. You apologized and moved to the side, only to see that it was in fact Cherry. You smiled and stepped towards her to give her a hug. When you saw her flinch back you noticed that she was surrounded her friends. You smiled understandingly and walked down the steps away from her. You waited for her to come back to you, but when you finally looked around you noticed that you were the only remaining one in the lot. You huffed and kicked off your shoes before walking home. 

When you got home, you saw Cherry sitting on the couch, bouncing her leg nervously. You raised an eyebrow at her as she jumped up and ran and hugged you. You gave her a closed smile and she pecked your lips, saying she was sorry. You eventually caved and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around you as the kiss became more heated. Within a matter of minutes both of your shirts were discarded. You kissed her neck as you massaged her breasts. Then suddenly you ripped yourself away from her. She almost squealed in anguish at the abrupt stop. She stepped towards you, to kiss you again and you smiled and kissed her cheek as you walked back to your room. You looked back over your shoulder to see her face red with both disappointment and fluster. 


You paced the room, your fists clenched at your sides. When you heard the back door open quietly and shut you ran into the kitchen to see Tim attempting to sneak back in. You glared at him until he looked up and saw you staring at him. He smiled cheekily at you, feeling the heat of your anger radiating off of you. He stumbled towards you, but tripped over his own two feet and held quick to the table to keep hims sturdy. You pulled out a chair and he slumped into it, his body reeking of alcohol. You shook your head at him and went to go get him some water and asprin.

 When you returned you noticed he had a small  gash on his head, where you assumed he had gotten into another bar fight. You grabbed the first aid kit and patch him up quickly. You hadn’t realized you had been straddling him until you felt him tracing shapes on the small of your back. You blushed as you felt the strain on the front of his lap. Smirking at your advantage you slowly started gyrating your hips on his lap. You watch as his eyes start to flutter shut and deep moan emits from his mouth. You smiled innocently as you jumped off his lap and made your way to your shared bedroom. And laughed to yourself as you heard him curse to himself.


Today we celebrate the day that baby tea made it into the world, and that she made it enough trips around the sun to eventually stumble into the same chat room as me. Since then we have done a lot of dumb things, and even some amazing ones (my love for swanatello is unwavering), but our turtpril!au remains our greatest yet.
So in honour of my twin whose birthday i do not share, i present to her a small token of my love for her and her geepy way of being. May you get all the cake and pet all the dogs today!