The black Crow .

 I love looking at Nature for inspiration especially for my knife blade shapes and have recently been re looking at bird’s beaks .

The Crows beak kiridashi was made from 5mm thick 52100 bearing steel which was jimped in 3 key areas for traction control and I added a top swedge to add a needle like tip to the beak .

 It was then etched in ferric chloride , the mirror polished edge and top swedge have gone a deep  dark color creating a great contrast with the flat of the blade .

The simple handle wrap is black sheathed Kevlar cord from and I will probably add a black kydex neck carry sheath with Kevlar lanyard to complete the package .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail,.com


One possible version of a PSK or personal survival kit .

 All the above items fit into a belt wearable pouch in this case a Kifaru GPS pouch , this can also then be fitted to other kit such as packs or to a larger knife sheath via the malice clip  .

My personal choices for this kit include energy tablets ,small survival tin , a Spyderco Native 5 , TOPS folding saw , Boker Ti VOX tool with bottle opener and tungsten carbide breaker .

A Leatherman PS4 multi- tool , refillable Peizo lighter with fuel window and built in red LED flashlight , Fire steel wrapped in jute tinder with tungsten carbide striker and a silver foil emergency blanket .

 Also included are a Fenix PD20 180 lumen with SOS and strobe with a 66 hour run-time on low 9 lumen setting plus a spare CR123 battery in a Delrin case, a Cyalume 10 hour Visipad , wet fire tinder and several feet of Kevlar sleeved cord from

 The small Tin is 11cm long x 6.5 wide and only 1.3cm deep meaning its compact enough to stash away in clothing if I need more space in the pouch .

It features a basic personal first aid kit compromising of steri-strips ,plasters , disposable gloves and a resuscitation shield and water purification tabs .

The lid features a mirror circle , 3m orange high reflective and a GITD dot , £40.00 in tenners , x3 4hour mini Cyalume light sticks and a micro fire-steel with needle .

Also included are a folding razor /saw , mini tungsten carbide saw , photon freedom with a 12 hour run -time , P38 can opener , surgical blade and a custom made fire spark'er with jute tinder wrap .

All these items can of course be interchanged with other kit depending on the carry needs and environments traveled in and would always carry a more comprehensive first aid kit as standard .

Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from

Technora .

Left to right Technora 200 , 600 and 950 lb breaking strain (same thickness as standard 550 para cord ) great for handle wraps, EDC gear lanyards,survival stash cord and as as friction saw to cut wood if need be .

available in UK from

or in US via


This is my version of the classic hideout SERE/ E&E wire saw .

I know quite a few folks have shown different versions using both diamond and tungsten so apologies if mine are exactly the same as yours .

Made up from tungsten carbide saw blades with a metal loop at one end this can be tethered for neck carry if ever needed like with this sleeved kevlar cord from twinline

One has been chemically blackened, the other sealed with plasti dip rubber compound for a more comfy weather resistant grip and they will fit easy into the CF Go-tubes from Oscar Delta .

 The tungsten carbide particles will cut ceramics , slate , marble, glass cement , cast iron and hardened steel  and in order to get them into small para-cord sheaths similar to the style of Snakedr Ive lined the inside of the gutted para cord with small diameter heat shrink tubes as the coarse tungsten particles snag on the fabric of the cord .


A pair of Gitd kit markers made up for a US customer.

These ones feature double sided highly reflective Cyalume Cyflect with technora tethers and safety break away cord-locks .

Cyflect from lumisafeLtd

 technora from

Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from