Get Lucky | Open RP

(Ms. Mun: Yeah, this starter was based of the ‘Get Lucky’ picture music video. You don’t have to be in the PMATGA fandom to join this, nor does your muse have to be in the video. Anyone can hop in. I’ve been feeling down recently and I thought making an Open RP would make me feel better since roleplaying usually helps. So yeah, there’s that.)

An excited Twinky looked around the flashy setting around her. The supposedly dark room was now bright with colorful strobe lights, that flickered around the entire room. All around her, she could see the silhouettes of many ghosts. Many of the guys here seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. Some were dancing like it’s the last day of their afterlife, alone or in pairs. Some were eating. Some were getting drunk. Some were singing. Some were chatting, telling jokes, and flirting (perhaps even making out.) Few sat in the corner, probably sulking or watching the party. There were even a few that passed out on the floor.

The whole area was pulsing with activity. The environment out there was wild. It was all an enjoyable experience for the young grey ghost lady. This is how a party should be like; fun, wild, and enjoyable for everybody. Nobody should miss out on something like this! There was nothing that can go wrong here, nothing!