After all this time, it’s finally raining right here.

In an attempt to get better at using drawpile, AND to also crawl out of this rut I’ve been in, I’ve been drawing many skeletons haha. 

Things have been sort of rough recently for me so I wanted to just draw happy skels and barf out a bunch of hearts everywhere for these precious babs so well… here it is LOL~ Enjoy an interested and amused Sans witnessing the rain for the first time on the outside! I kept listening to “It’s raining somewhere else” and how it’s pretty soft and sort of sad, and I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe it was sort of like that because all the monsters were trapped underground.

They never got to see the sun, or the real stars or rain. It was always shining, twinkling, raining somewhere else. But now the monsters have been freed, and they’re finally in that place where it rains. 

Hope everyone is doing well and to take care of yourself c: Lots of love and hearts to you all! 


Your birthday was coming up in a few days and Harry wanted to plan this amazing party for you. He wanted to keep it a surprise because you’ve never had a surprise party before. He knew that he would need help getting things done and ordered so that you wouldn’t find out, so he met with a party planner. 

They meet at his favorite restaurant and he starts telling her what he wants to have. 

“I want lots of her favorite flowers and those white twinkley lights. She loves those.” He says. “I’m also going to get our good friend to perform for her, so there’s going to need to be a stage. I would like to find a place that is outdoors or has an outdoor option. She loves nature and all sorts like that.” 

“Okay, so outdoor venue with an accessible stage, of course we can always bring one in if need be. And her favorite flowers and white lights.” She says writing all of this down. “What about the guest list? Are you wanting a huge number or just a small low key crowd?” 

“She would prefer a smaller crowd of just our families and close friends.” He says. “So maybe between twenty and fifty people.” 

“Excellent, so that helps narrow down some venue options.” She says. “And I’ve got some excellent caters that I can call and a great bakery for the cake.” 

“Awesome. I’ll give you a list of her favorite foods and cake flavors.” He says. 

“Perfect.” She nods. “And one other thing, I’m sure you would like your privacy as much as possible, so would you like to hire a security team?” 

“Yes. I don’t mind if there are some paps across the street or far away, but I will mind if they are near the entrance or exit at all.” He nods. 

“Okay. I have a company that I’ve worked with before that are great.” She says. “Well, it looks like I have everything that I need to make this a perfect surprise for you girlfriend.” 

“Awesome. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.” He smiles. 

“I’ll email you or call you if I have any questions or any verifications on anything.” She says. 

“Great and don’t worry about a budget as long as it’s nothing too outrageous. I do have to save some money for our wedding down the line.” he jokes. 

“Oh! Are you two engaged?” She asks. 

“Not yet, but hopefully soon. That’s why I want to make this such a special party for her. I’m planning on purposing.” He smiles. 


Little did Harry know that paps were taking pictures of the two of them having lunch and the rumor that Harry was cheating on you would be making headlines before he even paid for the check. 


You will cut yourself with your own knife. Have yourself make a face that you like so you resemble yourself in the knife.


Age Sixteen is an awesome band, get the album “open up finders, please” you will not be dissapointed


I love these guys so hard. 

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my crush has got dimples and hair that makes me wanna scream. sometimes in class he holds the tips of it inbetween his teeth and its always slightly curly and messed up. when we make eye contact it feels like we're about to kiss and my heart goes really fast, he always looks into my eyes and i get lost in his, they're so dark and twinkley at the same time. he works in the library and gives me his jacket when it rains. we never run out of things to say and I can't stop thinking

this is so beautiful wow