lordof-thepies  asked:

Well aren't you a handsome devil...But I don't get it- how is it possible?

[Misha laughs loudly at the compliment. Charlie is trying to stifle her laughter]

Jensen: [in his Dean voice] Ya aint’ looking so bad yourself, Winchester. 

[Misha steps in and stifles his laughter, he stands next to Jensen and proceeds to interact with the fictional character that hopped universes]

Misha: [In his Cas voice] It seems that, to keep you out of Virgil’s reach, you’ve been cast into an alternate reality. A universe, similar to yours in most respects yet dramatically different in others.

Jensen: Wait… Like Bizzaro Earth? Except instead of Bizzaro Superman we get this clown. [gestures to Dean]

Misha: Um… yeah… well… anyway… [In his regular voice to Dean] Does any of that sound familiar to you?