There are actually three “Twinkle Parks” in the world.

The original Twinkle Park was built in Station Square. The much larger “New Twinkle Park” was built near Casino Park later to further reach the family demographic. “INTwinkle Park” was built in Spagonia sometime after to expand entertainment on an international scale.

A fourth of the brand, “Twinkle Park Dynasty”, is currently under construction in Chun-nan.


he just fucking exploded

Pleasure Castle (Cover)
  • Pleasure Castle (Cover)
  • Jonathan Parecki
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Title: Pleasure Castle (Cover)

Artist: Jonathan Parecki ft. MaximumHamburgers

Description: We all know Twinkle Park, but “Pleasure Castle”, the second theme of Twinkle Park, has never been featured on the blog! Another cover by the same artist who did the Green Forest and Azure Blue World ones, but this time it’s a band! There’s some wonderful drums go perfectly with Parecki’s guitar! Enjoy guys!

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Twinkle Park Orchestrated
  • Twinkle Park Orchestrated
  • Cyanblur

Sonic Adventure | “Pleasure Castle” Orchestral mix

I wanted to do an orchestral mix, so I took my old version of this and updated it with some of the new tricks I picked up over the years

Instruments included: trumpet, clarinet, string section, low string section, brass section, french horn, vibraphone, fingered bass, percussion (snare, bass, crash)


Spooky Video Game Music No.10: Fakery Way (Twinkle Park 3) -(Sonic Adventure- Sega Dreamcast/Nintendo Gamecube)

Throughout Amy Rose’s story in Sonic Adventure, she has to rescue a baby bird with a Chaos Emerald and reunited with it’s family while running away from Zero, a robot from Doctor Eggman which tries to take it away from her for the Chaos Emerald. In one mission at Twinkle Park, Amy and the bird has to get through a part of the castle where mirrors are everywhere. She has to use them to get to safety, while avoiding Zero as well.

At first, I never noticed the music when I did this level. Now, listening back to it, it is very disturbing. It sounded very calm and majestic at first (given that you’re in a castle). But then it gets very menacing and scary out of nowhere after it and the level is very small and quiet. Also, given that the fact that a robot is chasing Amy and the bird, it does get pretty scary fast. Plus, what was up with the baby’s laugh during the middle of the song? It adds to the creepiness of the level.


Sonic Adventure DX - Twinkle Park