Sonic Adventure DLC - Halloween in Twinkle Park

When Sonic Adventure was released on the Dreamcast, Sega regularly uploaded content onto the in-game site that would unlock already programmed, yet hidden, data.

From October 19, 1999 to December 28, 1999, Sega released Halloween decorations for Twinkle Park. Scattered around the level, graffiti has been tagged on the walls and floors wishing the players a Happy Halloween, while Jack-o-Lanterns in witch’s clothing danced around. “Trick or Treat” would occasionally come up while walking on the graffiti.

Since all of the downloadable features and sites are inaccessible, I figured it’d be nice to rummage through all of my VMUs that had the DLC stored away on them to show those who missed out on said events. Enjoy. :)

So I’ve seen a million Sonic pairings but consider this;


Imagine it tho. Sonic and Amy going to Angel Island to cheer up the grumpy guardian who tries to act like he doesn’t care but is secretly ecstatic. 

Sonic challenging them to keep up with him in races (they can’t but they try).

Amy trying to get Sonic and Knuckles to be more romantic (she fails but doesn’t care because she knows her boyfriends love her anyway).

Kicking Robotnik’s butt together before going out to Twinkle Park.

Tails OT3ing them super hard and basically being their surrogate son, even if he’s the smartest of them all.

Sonic not really being one for romance or kissing, but he loves Knuckles and Amy so much and thinks they’re super cute, and they’re the only ones that can keep up with him, and they all love each other so much and AH.

Just imagine it.