twinkle planet

venusian self-love spell jar ❤️♀

a spell to soothe sadness and increase self-love

Our beloved twilight star, Venus’s powerful light radiates through our light-polluted atmosphere as one of the few celestial beacons that can be seen from even the most populated cities. Despite its beauty and soothing twinkle, the planet’s surface rages with high-powered winds, sulfuric rain, and volcano-induced lightning storms.

Venusian energy may be concerned with relationships and aesthetics, some of magic’s softer elements, but nonetheless is a force to be reckoned with. This spell jar will serve you a powerful dose of self-love, soothing, and grounding energy when you need a fierce love with a gentle touch.


  • Lavender - for a mind full of soothing thoughts
  • Jasmine - for divine love
  • Chamomile - for positive energy
  • Lemon balm - for calming
  • Rosemary - for banishing negative energy
  • Red sandalwood - for strength and cleansing
  • Crystals or rocks - a small piece of rose quartz for self-love or a few rocks for grounding
  • Essential oil of your choice - I used a blend of lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus
  • Small jar

Add each ingredient into the jar while focusing on its intent. You can declare what each element will do out loud if you wish. There are multiple ways to charge this spell jar: You can leave it outside during the evening when Venus is visible, place it next to a Venusian crystal for a few hours, or charge it with a Venusian incense. (rose, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc.)

Whenever you feel lonely, depressed, or in need of a little love, hold onto this jar and feel the soft embrace of Venus around your shoulders, powered by the wild weather on its surface, encircling you with love as fierce as a lightning storm and as soft as a whisper.

This is my personal take on a Venusian spell jar and should not be used in place of medication, therapy, or healthcare of any kind.

It eases me to know that somewhere— light-years away— we are but a twinkle in another planet’s night sky. Our troubles are bound to this small planet in the vastness of space; the worst we can do is destroy it or ourselves.

Okay, so I have no idea what this is and I have no idea where else to put it so here goes nothing.  Sorry about this, I get shit like this in my head all the time and I feel like I need to get it out.  Enjoy. 

The son of time and the son of nature suspended together in a realm of twinkling stars and spinning planets.

The son of nature was a sight of beauty with eyes the color of molten chocolate and hair wild and untamed as the mane of a lion.  He had a smile as bright as the sun and the voice of booming thunder, deep and commanding. Mother Nature had taken precious time and care in forming her son, the one she would allow to walk amongst her creations and let him dazzle silly humans with his ethereality.

Father Time had taken much less time in creating a beauty and more time in creating a son who works-how do the sayings go? - Like clockwork?

His skin was pale and thin as the pages of an ancient scroll and his body was smaller and frailer in comparison to the son of nature.  His short hair was speckled with grey and his eyes were the blue of vast, unending knowledge and patience.  

The two were formed to hate each other, to clash and rage in a battle of dominance.  Whosoever won over the other would inherit the one tiny planet in an insignificant galaxy that held life.

Mother Nature placed her son on the Earth, and the human parents who raised him called him Mark. Far away, in another country, Father Time did the same and the human parents with his son named him Sean.

As the two grew, the two deities began to notice differences in their children.

While Mark was every bit the dancing, singing, free spirit Mother Nature wanted him to be, he was obsessed with the concept of time running out for him, completely oblivious to the fact that it never could.

Sean, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of what Father Time had intended.  Sean preferred to be called Jack and was loud, abrasive, and intelligent.  He never even considered the concept of time and lived life as colorfully and as dangerously as he could.

That was, until he met Mark. Gorgeous Mark, with the soft skin and bright smile and glowing personality.

He was just as hooked on Mark as Mark was hooked on him.  

They were created to hate each other, but instead of a bloody battle of one over the other, the two met and joined together in peace.

Mark could create beautiful, breathtaking flowers and creatures and Jack would help them mature with time and love, eventually bringing them to an end and allowing Mark to create another life from the ashes.

They worked together in a perfect balance.  Time and Nature.

The two elder deities watched as their sons entwined themselves instead of destroying each other, the world growing in beauty and love because of it.