twinkle constellation


do the stars
how I shift restlessly
through night’s cover?

they align
to word your name
for me,
they array
so I can see
your face,
they imagine
your form
for me,
and sifting through,
innumerable constellations.

© SoulReserve 2017

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Prompt #12: "Your eyes are like the stars."

Look at how early I’m writing today

Will was a sensible person. He was a dreamer, sure, but he was also a realist. While he dreamed of saving every life that came through the hospital doors, he knew that, realistically, he couldn’t. Some people were just too far gone by time they came through the sliding doors. Will knew that things weren’t always as great as they could be, but he chose to be optimistic. It went with being sensible. Well, maybe it went more with the dreamer portion of his personality, but Will kept an upbeat attitude as often as possible. It was just part of who Will was.

It was the part of Will that Nico often said was his favorite. The part that let Will get his head lost in thought staring up at the clouds, or forcing Nico to go on a walk at the crack of dawn. The part that loved looking up at the sky and dreaming of what it was like to be among the stars.

It would make Nico laugh fondly before smiling at Will with love-sick eyes. Will tried to let that part of him shine through as often as possible if Nico was always going to flash those eyes as him. How Will loved Nico’s eyes.

“Will?” Nico’s frown was evident in his voice as he called out Will’s name, and Will blushed at making his boyfriend worry. He hated worrying Nico, hated to see those lines appear when Nico creased his brow, but he knew that this was more curiosity then worry. Nico must have asked a question, and since Will had zoned out, Will hadn’t answered.

“I’m here, baby,” Nico’s smile at Will’s response lit up the entire sky, causing Will to smile as well. He had never been able to not smile when Nico’s grinned like Will had just answered all of life’s questions. Nico laced their fingers together, letting them rest between their bodies on the cool grass that they were laying on.

“What’re you thinking about?” Nico asked softly. He was more restless tonight then usual, and he sat up before resting his chin on Will’s chest, his brown eyes soft as that grin still played at his lips. Will had to take a moment to calm his beating heart as Nico looked at him. Will felt a laugh bubbling up his throat and he let his head fall back onto the grass, letting the laugh fill the space between them.

When Will closed his eyes, those beautiful brown eyes flecked with gold were staring at him with mirth, and Will felt himself grin. How could anyone ever say no to those eyes? It was no wonder Nico always got whatever he wanted from Will. All he had to do was look at him. When Will opened his eyes, he saw the stars above them, constellations twinkling with secrets whispered to them since the dawn of time. Will often dreamed about the secrets they held. The secrets of the universe whispered into his ears as those eyes looked down at him.

“Your eyes are like the stars,” Will whispered quietly. He didn’t elaborate, because for Nico, it was enough. Warm lips met Will’s own in a soft kiss, and Will dreamed of this.

This time, I come back with fluff


Pairing: Fili x reader

Summary: You and Fili are clearly in love. Everyone knows…except for you two.

(Not my gif)

Your fascination with the stars was almost enough to rival that of the elves. As you sat in the grass a few metres away from the company’s campfire with your knees held against your chest, a small smile allowed itself to play about your lips. Chances to relax were few and far between on the quest to take back Erebor, and you certainly weren’t going to waste this one, choosing to stare up at the twinkling constellations scattered across the velvety black sky rather than joke and sing with the company.
“I saved this for you. Bombur was going to eat it.”
You were caught off guard as Fili sat down beside you, crossing his legs and handing you a bowl of stew, still warm. You smiled shyly.
“Thank you,” you said quietly, starting to eat.
“How come you weren’t sitting with the rest of us? If you don’t mind me asking, that is.”
You paused to finish your mouthful of stew before speaking. “I like watching the stars. It helps me relax. Which I now realise sounds very pathetic,” you added, covering your face in embarrassment. Fili chuckled, moving your hands away gently.
“It’s not pathetic. Everyone is drawn to their beauty,” he told you. You felt your cheeks burning scarlet at the close proximity between the two of you, his hands still holding your wrists. You were grateful for the poor lighting, and that he couldn’t see you blushing.
He seemed to snap out of a reverie, dropping your wrists quickly and clearing his throat. “Anyway, I just thought you might be hungry.”
You smiled softly as he stumbled over his words. His shyness was just one of the things you loved about him. Another one being his kindness. And his good looks. And his eyes and-
You blinked rapidly as Fili waved his hand in front of your face, interrupting your daydream.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?” you asked, mortified that you’d been caught daydreaming.
“I was saying you should probably come join us by the fire. I don’t-I mean, we don’t want you getting cold,” he corrected himself hastily. He was grateful for the poor lighting that prevented you seeing him blush.

“Get to sleep. We’ve a long day ahead of us tomorrow. (Y/N), Fili, take the first watch,” ordered Thorin. You nodded absentmindedly, biting your lip. Sitting up with Fili for hours was not going to end well, you were certain to embarrass yourself. Unknown to you, the very dwarf you were worrying about was facing the same trouble as you.
“I can’t do this, Kee. I’ll mess things up,” Fili hissed. Kili grinned.
“No you won’t! No brother of mine could ever be bad at getting girls.”
“You’re not helping.”
“Sure I am! Just tell her how much you love her, and that you want her to bear your children.”
“Kili, get to sleep and leave your brother alone. He’s young and in love, his mind is troubled enough,” Bofur teased, rolling out his sleeping bag. Fili groaned, holding his head in his hands.
“Fili? Are you alright?” you called across the dying fire. He looked up quickly at the sound of your voice, the voice that he loved so much, and his mouth hung open slightly. He’d had a response ready, but all thoughts and words had left his mind at the sight of you. The dying glow of the embers caressed your face, your usually pretty features now beautiful, the firelight dancing in your eyes and bouncing off your soft hair. His jaw hung open uselessly, and he was vaguely aware of Kili chuckling behind him.
“He’s fine!” called Kili, still grinning. “He saw something he liked and got distracted.”
You watched in confusion as Fili clapped a hand over his brother’s smirking mouth, and what looked like a blush dusted across his cheeks. You shook your head slightly; it was probably just a trick of the light.
You sat down on a log by the fire, rubbing your hands together in an effort to warm them up. A few moments later, Fili joined you. The two of you sat in awkward silence, both wracking your brains for something to say.
“Are you cold?” Fili asked eventually, noticing you shiver. You cursed yourself mentally; now you just looked weak to him.
“A little,” you admitted. “I’m fine though.”
He chuckled, holding his open hands out to you questioningly. “May I?” he asked, nodding to your hands. Unable to form words, you nodded slightly. He took your hands, which were considerably smaller than his despite you being a human, in his own, rubbing them gently and blowing warm air onto them. You found yourself staring at his face while he did all this, the corners of your lips twitching slightly in a tiny smile.
The expression of concentration on his face was beautiful, his brow furrowed and the tip of his tongue poking out from between his chapped lips. His golden hair kept falling over his eyes, and he kept tossing his head slightly to fix it. You would have fixed it yourself, if he wasn’t holding your hands in his own, and if you weren’t enjoying it so much.
You were suddenly aware that he’d stopped rubbing your hands, and that his clear blue eyes were staring back into yours. You bit your lip nervously, your cheeks flaring red. You fought the urge to sigh in annoyance; there you went again with the blushing.
Fili glanced briefly down at your lips, his eyes finding yours again as if asking for permission. You gave a tiny nod, holding your breath.
He leaned in agonisingly slowly, pressing his lips cautiously to yours. The cool metal of the beads on the braids of his moustache tickled you a little, but it wasn’t unpleasant. One of his hands still held yours, the other moving to hold your neck gently and pull you closer. You obliged, cupping his warm cheek with your free hand.
You pulled away reluctantly, needing to breathe. Fili’s eyes found yours once more, his forehead resting against yours, his hand still holding your neck gently.
“I suppose this would be a good time to tell you how in love with you I am?” he joked, and you smiled softly.
“Probably,” you answered. “For now though, just kiss me.”


I got really into this Percabeth road trip au, and anyway, here’s that. 


The summer after they graduated, Percy and Annabeth decided to make a “quest-free” cross-country trip to attend college in New Rome. It had been a while since Percy last pissed off Zeus, but they figured it was best to avoid the skies without Jason around. For months, Percy, Annabeth, Paul, and Sally had been saving up to get them a decent vehicle to make it across the country. Paul, of course, had offered to gift them his pegasus-dented Prius, but Percy refused. He couldn’t take the only family car. Besides, he’d already had enough bad luck with that car (#ThanksApollo). Annabeth’s dad wanted to buy them something new, but Annabeth threatened to disown him if he used Uncle Randolph’s shoddy inheritance to help them. 

In the end, it was actually Camp Half Blood that came to their rescue. Chiron and the campers pooled a donation from the Strawberry sales and the Big House camp fund. Nothing huge, but just enough to get them what they needed. When Sally got the call from camp, she started crying. 

Shortly after the Fourth of July, they loaded up their new battered old Jeep. Percy had never driven stick before, but he liked it because it kept him active. School didn’t start until August 18th, but they wanted enough time to travel and explore the country. They had never really had enough time to sightsee when they were, you know, running for their lives. Sure, Annabeth had insisted on touring a little bit each quest, but their tours had always gotten rudely interrupted by bloodthirsty monsters who didn’t care about the history of the Hoover Dam. 

Sally couldn’t stop crying as they said goodbye. 

“We’ll be back for Christmas,” Percy assured her.

“Do you have your pen?”

He sighed. He did, but he was hoping he wouldn’t need to uncap it during the trip. Finally, they managed to pull apart. Percy kissed his baby sister goodbye, and then hopped in the Jeep with Annabeth. His family watched them drive away.   

And what a trip it was! They had a few encounters, naturally. Nothing too serious. A baby hydra in West Virginia. A few Amish dracanae in Ohio. In Denver, they met up with Thalia and had a romp with a couple of tour guide empousai who were trying to get them to upgrade their groupon pass from whitewater rafting to a premium inflatable kayaking venture. They stuck with the groupon. 

Annabeth was in control of the music. Percy had never really paid attention to her music before, and he was surprised to find that he liked it. She listened to a lot of indie. Lumineers, Vance Joy, that kind of thing. 

“What did you think I listen to?” she asked, amused. 

“I dunno… Death metal beethoven or something.”

“What is death metal beethoven?” 

“I have no idea, but it sounds like something you’d listen to.”

They slept in the back of the Jeep, usually with one keeping watch. Old habits. It was way cheaper than getting a motel every night. On clear nights, they would leave the roof open and Annabeth would name the constellations. They could see Zoë Nightshade’s constellation twinkling in the heavens.  

Once they got to California, they started in Los Angeles and worked their way up the Pacific Coast Highway. Annabeth planned most of the activities. She’d compiled a long list of ideas, then cross-examined them by price, blah, blah, blah. Percy just went with it. He’d gone to hell and back for this girl. If she wanted to go parasailing, that sounded great!

They shared gourmet coffees and underwater kisses. Percy taught Annabeth to surf (that was a blast!).  

Most nights were spent near the beach. The Pacific Ocean had a different feel to it. It called him in a different way than the Atlantic he was used to. In fact, every ocean he’d crossed had borne a different voice. Someday, maybe he would know them all. 

But for today, as they crossed the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco, with their friends from Camp Jupiter in the back, he tuned his ear to Nina Nesbitt blasting from the radio, and the sound of Piper laughing about something. He focused on the loose strands of Annabeth’s hair buffeting in the wind. The way his hands rested on the steering wheel on their miraculous car. The fullness he felt being with them, being with her. They had lived through so much. Would they ever really know how lucky they were?

Someday. Maybe. For now, they were teenagers touring America. For this moment, they were free.        

||❥ luminous vs limerence

w o o z i ! s c e n a r i o

h a c k e r / s p y ! a u

Originally posted by wonnhao

word count: 2,333

includes: hacker/spy woozi + some good ole fluff

synopsis: mingyu is very incompetent when it comes to being a spy, and that makes jihoon just a lil bit frustrated.

✎ after watching woozi’s computer scenes in the boomboom mv, i really wanted to write something surrounding the idea, so enjoy coder/hacker/spy woozi bc i am very confused about how to classify it lol.  

The room holds quilt to a thick silence that splashes along mint tinted walls, every infinitesimal tick lilting like a whispered countdown only Jihoon’s ears can detect. He is more than cognisant that the clock will remain unyielding to his silent pleas, ushering over and over into the recesses of his skull that a few more minutes is all he craves. However time is unyielding to those who dot around it, and with lurid blossoms of light cloaking upon his face can he see how royally screwed the mission has become.

A screen filled with pixels illuminates the image of a boy, his lean legs trudging him down a glossy white hallway. He trots along lethargically; honey palms tucked into pant pockets, tufts of cream blonde hair rumpled along his head as though he had just parted from linen sheets, dewy ginger irises floating around without caution. Jihoon arrives at a luring conviction, that this boy deserves what is impending on his acquiescent soul. His slender fingers work without peace on the keyboard, trying to conjure up a code that might possibly deactivate the trap he’s just discovered. The lanky boy’s words were still swathing along Jihoon’s ears, urging him to punch the keyboard at a multiplied speed.

I swear I can do this, I don’t need any help.

The little brat had even winded down the sound on his earpiece when Jihoon tried to warn him, and now he was paying the price.

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Before you
I lived in monochrome.
Blended in with monotonous shades of gray
and floated through numbing darkness.
I believed that I’d go on
wading through desaturated waters,
gasping for air.

And then you.

You canonballed into my life,
splashing technicolor back into my mind.
A kaleidoscopic array of colors
suddenly came back into view.

First- the piercing blue.
like a thunderous storm
wreaking havoc on the shore,
A magnificent hurricane rages in your eyes.
And I willfully walk along the coast
Allowing the rain to drip onto my skin.
Then- your radiant grin
beaming at me like the twinkling stars.
A fixed constellation in the icy air of night,
guiding me home to you.

And you shine.
Like the silky gold
that encompasses the earth
As the sun dips below the horizon
For the moon and stars to take its place.
You emit a calming warmth
That I thrive upon,
Like spindly trees stretching their limbs
to absorb the ardor you emanate.

—  You are my gravity
The Terminal, Ch. X

Honey, when you kill the lights, and kiss my eyes
I feel like a person for a moment of my life.

Snow came quiet, came like a thief in the night, stealing entire blocks and cars and stoops without anyone noticing the crunch of invisible footsteps through the neighbourhood. The river shivered against the shore while the bridges groaned in soft kinds of yawns in the middle of the night when no one was listening. Before the sun would rise, the plows would pass, like doleful mourners under the flurry of orange snow flakes caught between the streetlights and the pavement.

There were lights that blinked on porches, wrapped around railings and tacked against the roofs, wound intricately into shrubbery and twinkling in windows. The constellations of Christmas decorations turned blocks into galaxies, and as the snow fell, the world took no notice. Reds and blues and cartoon reindeer simply froze outside and watched the world disappear as they knew it, suspended in a frozen diorama.

The quiet of the world outside was not lost on those in bed. The quiet accumulation of snow has a noise to it, if anyone can listen, if anyone is awake in the middle of the night.

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Wanderlust (BBS Space AU)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Far, far above the night sky, beyond the shining stars and twinkling constellations, lay an entire galactic-wide ecosystem filled to the brim with diverse cultures and a myriad of planets that Evan could only dream of visiting. However, he was permanently grounded to the icy rock he called home, and his lifelong dream of exploring the galaxy always felt distressingly too far out of reach.

At least, that was until Captain Lui Calibre and the rest of the crew on board the Millennium Valkyrie (quite literally) fought their way into his life, and flipped it upside-down. Between hostile crewmates, snarky AIs, and a roommate who didn’t seem to want anything to do with him, Evan was beginning to realise that soaring through the Zephyrus Galaxy wasn’t going to be as smooth sailing as he first thought.

(Book One of “The Snowball Effect” - an ongoing series surrounding the Banana Bus Squad in space)”

[Read on Ao3]

Here it is, the first past of the long awaited space au! We started working on this behemoth back in January, and we finally have something to show you guys! We split the first chapter into three parts for easy reading (~10k words a piece) and will post one every week to spread it out a bit.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy what we have so far, and we hope it was worth the wait <3

Fire Meet Gasoline Pt. 5

Click Here to Read Ch. 1

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Click Here to Read Ch. 4

Disclaimer: This story contains cheating. Solangelo cheats with each other not on each other. Please do not read if angst or cheating triggers you. Keep in mind I have a plot and I am not a horrible person, this is all fiction and entertainment. Thank you.

Note: After the line break, it is OPTIONAL to continue reading.

Ch. 5-

It was Wednesday, and Will still hadn’t replied to his texts. Agitated, he took off during his lunch and drove to the clinic Will worked at.

He bit his lip anxiously as he built up the nerve to go inside, contriving a made up reason to ask for Will. But he didn’t need to. When he walked in, Will was at the door calling someone’s name from a clipboard. He glanced up at the sound of the door and his face fell. The expression made Nico want to kick himself.

The person Will had called up walked over to him, and Will put on a kind smile as he led them back for their basic check-up. Nico sat down in one of the grayish blue plastic chairs as he waited. Thankfully unseen by the bored receptionist flipping through her magazine. About ten minutes later, Will came and called for someone else, scowling slightly when he saw Nico sitting down.

The third time Will came out and refused to acknowledge him, Nico went to the receptionist and signed in, slipping her a fifty to get him ahead of the other walk-ins.

The next time Will stepped out, he looked agitated and tense. “Nico di Angelo,” he said, trying to keep the anger out of his voice. Nico walked toward him and followed him inside. “This had better be an actual check-up, you dick.”

“You’re not answering my texts.”

“I shouldn’t be.” He glanced around and nudged him onto a scale. He took his height and weight as Nico kept his eyes steady on him. “Stop looking at me.”

“Talk to me,” Nico pleaded.

“What’s there to talk about? I have a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend. You want to start a family. I won’t be a homewrecker.” He gestured him away and gave him a small plastic patch to cover his eyes. “Read the letters aloud,” he said tiredly.

“Will, I just need you-”

“Read the letters aloud,” he snapped. Nico huffed and did so quickly. Switching to his other eye and doing the same. Will glared at him in frustration for his impatience. He gestured to one of the rooms and Nico followed him, feeling anxious and annoyed. All he wanted to do was reach out and touch him, but Will was keeping his distance. “Sit down.”

He did and Will checked his ears. “Is this really necessary?” Nico muttered. “I just needed a way to talk to you.”

“Well I’m not talking to you. I’m a nurse right now, not your pathetic little side dish.” He grabbed his stethoscope, but Nico gripped his wrist.

“Don’t you ever talk about yourself like that, Will,” he said angrily.

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fic: When The Stars Go Blue

title:when the stars go blue

genre: romance/angst/AU

rating: nc-17 

warnings: mentions of alcohol, cigarettes and swearing

word count: 4500

description: Dan’s a failing musician without a song who struggles to make rent every week, so he sits atop his flat block roof every night and stares out at the city wishing for inspiration. Phil is a dreamer who paints and works part time as a barista; he’s bright, wears lavender and is, in other words, everything Dan needs. And one night, he wanders up to the roof, too.

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Mauna Kea - Cultural Anchor

The Birth of Hawai‘i, the Place

The ka‘ao, or sacred records, of the Hawaiian people inform us that the place and space known as Hawai‘i are themselves island descendants of Wākea (sometimes translated as “Sky Father) and Papahānaumoku (literally, the firmament or wide place who gives birth to islands, also referred to as Papa, the creator goddess of Hawai‘i), who conceived and gave birth to the islands of Hawai‘i.

Wākea has many other meanings, two of which speak to the “immensity of our celestial dome.” Another refers to “the zone of Kea.” Kea refers to “enlightenment” and “progeny.” Kea, in simple terms, translates both as “white,” a color associated with spiritual enlightenment and the white of “male procreative fluids.”

Hawaiian creation chants inform us that Papahānaumoku is an extension of Haumea (the-red-sacrifice). Haumea is the lava itself, which, after spewing into the atmosphere of Wākea becomes the solid foundation for living. This intercourse between Wākea and Papahānaumoku also produced the mountain child we know today as Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea isboth female and male. Mauna Kea’s physical manifestations of rock, soil, water and ice, are female attributes; his elevation establishes his maleness, as it brings him closer to the celestial seat of his father Wākea. The equitability of this female-male distribution establishes Mauna Kea as sacred and creates the piko kapu, or sacred center, of the island.

The Birth of Hawai‘i, the Native Being

The ka‘ao also informs us of the birth of Hawai‘i, the native being. Wākea and Papahānaumoku also gave birth to Komoawa and Ho‘ohōkūkalani. Komoawa is both son and high priest of Wākea. Together with Wākea, Komoawa and Ho‘ohōkūkalani established the ancient kapusystem to regulate human impact on the islands that are the sacred children of Wākea and Papahānaumoku.

Ho‘ohōkūkalani means the “creator of stars.” She, in union with Wākea, becomes the celestial womb from which Hawai‘i the original native being takes root, gestates, and is born into a sacred landscape. Yes, the Hawai‘i native, is the descendant of the celestial bodies, the stars themselves. And this moekāpi‘o, or coming together, of Ho‘ohōkūkalani and Wākea, is the primordial union that inserts the Hawai‘i native into the sacred parabola of life between the stars and the earth. The kuahuor shrine to this “arching reality” is Mauna Kea. At birth, the native being is born into a system that ensured thelongevity of the reality of environmental kinship we know as Hāloa.

For this reason, Mauna Kea is sacred. Mauna Kea is where heaven, earth and stars find union. Not just any heaven, but Wākea, not just any earth, but Papahānaumoku, and not just any constellation of twinkling lights, but Ho‘ohōkūkalani, whose children descend and return to the stars.

Mauna Kea ka Piko o ka Moku

Mauna Kea is “ka piko o ka moku,” which means “Mauna Kea is the navel of the island.” Understanding the word pikomay give a deeper understanding of why Mauna Kea is the piko, or navel, of the island.

In terms of traditional Hawaiian anatomy, three pikocan be found. The fontanel is the piko through which the spirit enters into the body. During infancy, this piko is sometimes “fed” to ensure that the piko becomes firm against spiritual vulnerability. For this reason, the head is a very sacred part of the anatomy of the Hawai‘i native. To injure the head of someone can mark the beginning of a long feud that may go on for generations, hence the need to refrain from insulting the head of a person.

The second pikois the navel. This pikois the physical reminder that we descend from a very long line of women. The cutting of this pikois done with ceremony. And when the stump of the piko falls from the belly, the piko“relic” is cared for and put in a location that will be beneficial in protecting the future role and function of the child. Should this pikobe lost or eaten by a rat, it is believed the child will become a wanderer or a thief. Therefore, the bellybutton piko was sealed either in rock or sunk to the bottom of the ocean or placed in the lava to protect it. The care of this piko ensured two things: the healthy function of the child and the certification that the child is a product of a particular land base.

The final piko is the genitalia. The genitalia are the physical instruments that enable human life to continue. The health of all piko ensures that the life of the native person will rest on an axis of spirituality, genealogy and progeny. The absence of one or more piko will prevent an entity from becoming whole or complete.

When we understand the three piko of the human anatomy, we may begin to understand how they manifest in Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea as the fontanel requires a pristine environment free of any spiritual obstructions. Mauna Kea as the umbilicus ensures a definite genealogy of indigenous relation and function. Mauna Kea as genitalia ensures that those who descend from Wākea (our heaven), Papahānaumoku (our land-base) and Ho‘ohōkūkalani (the mother of constellations) continue to receive the physical and spiritual benefits entitled to those who descend from sacred origins.

Thus, Mauna Kea can be considered the piko ho‘okahi, the single navel, which ensures spiritual connections, genealogical connections, and the rights to the regenerative powers of all that is Hawai‘i. It is from this “world navel” that the Hawai‘i axis emerges.

Victoire Weasley's hella nail polish game

You cannot convince me otherwise that she can do:

  • Nails the colour of the sky which change. throughout the day, and a sun and moon which rove through your fingers too
  • Shimmering blue which changes shade as you wiggle your fingers, like the movement of the ocean
  • Glitter which shimmers and falls to different fingers according to how you position your hands
  • Tiny flickering flames which dim and flare according to how much air moves around your fingers
  • Or candles - you can blow one out, and touch one finger to another to light it with another flame
  • Drifting snowflakes which still or swirl with the wearer’s breathing
  • A tiny cat who hops from nail to nail
  • Flowers which emit the smell of their image
  • STARS can you imagine shooting stars, twinkling stars, roving constellations all against a midnight purple or blue
  • Music notes which shimmer out sounds at the pitch of the painted note when your finger touches a surface
  • Sunflowers which actually follow the real sun’s trajectory
  • Lettering which changes along with the words underneath whenever your fingers touch a printed surface (banned from exams rooms!)
  • A letter on each finger which you can change by tapping your finger lightly on your palm (imagine instead of giving someone the middle finger you can just spell out an insult of choice on your nails)
  • Smoky nails where if you blow on your fingers it actually releases some sort of scent into the air


All My Love

A little fic I wrote inspired by this beautiful edit by @jell-obeans and after chatting to @letmedieahooker I decided to write from Killian’s perspective. It’s unbeta’d so I hope it doesn’t suck too hard.

Killian was lounging on his couch with his best friend Emma listening to his records. This was his happy space, being with her, playing music to her.

Sometimes it was a selection from his treasured collection of vinyl, sometimes - when he was feeling bold - he would take out his guitar and sing to her. Songs of friendship, of support, of love. Even after all this time, his beautiful angel hadn’t realised it was all for her.

And the demons deep down inside whispered that he should never tell her. He was too weak, too wanting. She raised the bar too high, he just didn’t measure up.

No one could.

Not Neal who sent her to prison for his crimes. Not Walsh, whose vanilla exterior was hiding a monster within, intent on destroying his Swan. Not any of those men who were blessed with a night in her bed, they didn’t know how lucky they were.

The problem was, he couldn’t let her go either. Not when she snuggled into his arms, happily sighing like there was nowhere she’d rather be.

He’d tried.

Oh how he’d tried.

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Nalu week 

Day 1: Longing

~Lucy uncovered herself from the blanket and sighed restlessly, sitting up straight to gaze up at the stars. A smile touched her lips when she spotted a familiar twinkling constellation she once gazed up with Natsu. Natsu. She couldn't stop thinking about him, he was on her mind 24/7. With every thought about him, it had her hear fluttering and she couldn't help but think…

“No matter how far…”

-Natsu gazed up at the sky, a small smile forming on his face,spotting a familiar constellation. The stars reminded him of someone, that someone was Lucy. Lucy. He couldn’t help thinking about her, he longed for her, heart thumping wildly by the thought of her.  He couldn’t help but think that no matter how far…

“You’re still in my heart…” 


Ahhh omg I don’t know why I was so nervous about posting this! this is my first time ever participating in Nalu week so AGH maybe it was because of that haha. Hope you guys enjoy!  

-I’m really bad at writing but I wanted to add a little something more so bare with me XD 

My submission for @nalu-week !

A/N: inspired & not edited, lol.

meteor shower //

It was a cold summer night. The frigid air bit through the fabric of the twelve boys that stood outside of a window but that did nothing to dampen their spirit.

“Yah, hyung! Hurry up!” Seungkwan, one of the younger members of the group, whisper-called to the open window above their head. The bedroom’s light was off but they could see the person inside, pulling on an article of clothing. Finally, Joshua’s head popped out of the window.

“Coming!” He grins and proceeds to climb out of his window. The boys watch as their friend strategically jumped from his window to the tree that grew in the backyard. Like a cat, he was stealthy, not making a sound as he swung himself down the branches. With a final leap, Joshua gracefully landed on the grass and walked towards his friends.

“As expected, you look and act like cat.” Jeonghan, a boy with long hair tied back and a kind face, teased playfully as he thumped his friend’s back in greeting. The boys laughed for this was true; Joshua’s lips naturally curved upwards like a kitten smile and his eyes were sweet yet mysterious.

“Alright, let’s go, boys!” Seungcheol, the supposed leader of the group, whispered for they were still next to Joshua’s house. If his neighbors woke up, they’d probably tell Joshua’s parents, who were on a business trip in America. Of course, the consequences would not be a pretty sight to see.

The boys quietly walked across the lawn and just for good measure, they stayed that way until they were completely out of the tranquil street.

“WHOOO!” Hoshi yelled at the busy highway below them. All the boys came to a stop, leaning against the railing and watching the cars swoosh past. Seoul was one of the busiest cities in the world so it was no surprise that people were still driving around at two in the morning.

“Do you guys want to go to 7-11?” Mingyu, a tall boy with a striking face, asked as he causally waved around a wallet.

Behind him, Wonwoo’s eyebrows scrunched in confusion as he looked at the wallet in Mingyu’s hand.

“Sure!” Seungkwan laughs as Wonwoo searches his pockets.

“Hey, that’s my wallet!” Wonwoo laughed, shoving Mingyu. Again, the boys laugh as Mingyu raised his hand upwards to avoid Wonwoo trying to snatch the wallet away. They were often referred to as “the meanie couple” since they were always causing trouble to each other.

“Why don’t we just go to the spot tonight? I filled the cave with snacks yesterday after school ended.” Vernon suggested. Vernon was the third youngest with a love for hip hop and rap. He was mixed, being half Korean and half American.

The twelve other boys agreed and turned around to start walking towards Seoul Academy, where their clubhouse stood in the thick trees that surrounded the private school they attended. As they walk, one of the boys named Dokyeom snapped his fingers as if recalling something. He was a tall kid with a wide smile and a optimistic personality.

“Isn’t tonight when the meteor shower happens?” Dokyeom pipes as all the boys look at him.

“Oh! That’s right!” Minghao replies, his golden brown eyes widening. Minghao was one of the youngest, being 16.

“What time does it happen?” Vernon questions.

“Uh, 2:30, I think?” Dokyeom answers. Seungcheol looks at his watch.

“It’s 2:07.” Seungcheol says. The school was ten minutes away from where they stood.

“Let’s run!!” Dino, the youngest of the thirteen teenagers, shouted. Filled with energy and excitement, the group of boys began to run, laughing and pushing each other as their sneakers thumped heavily against the concrete.

They made it to the school by 2:19. The school was locked but they walked along the gate until they reached a hole that was big enough to crawl through. It wasn’t very noticeable but the boys had found it one day, three months ago.

The boys ran across the lawn until they reached the trees that was in the back of the school cafeteria. They walk along until they got to their clubhouse that was an abandoned shed that the school previously stored arrows, guns and bows when they had archery classes.

“You first, Hoshi.” Mingyu said as him and Wonwoo stood on the tumbling mat that the boys had placed many months before.

One by one, each boy was helped onto the tin roof. Someone had thought to bring the quilts from inside the shed and spread them out along with the snacks. The friends laid side by side, looking up at the clear night sky decorated with twinkling constellations.

“Incoming!” Wonwoo cried out as he catapulted himself onto the roof with a loud bang that echoed through the woods. Another bang followed as Mingyu also jumped onto the roof.

“Could you be any louder?” Seungkwan questioned sarcastically.

“Sorry,” Mingyu grins then takes his place next to Wonwoo.

There was a silence as the teenage boys continue to observe the sky. They pointed to different star shapes, calling out what they looked like that.

“That looks like a bear.”

“That looks like a spoon.”

“Looks like a dolphin to me.”

“Dokyeom,” Jun, one of the oldest members, says as he sits up on one elbow. “Does the shower come at exactly 2:30?”

“I’m not sure, probably.” Dokyeom answered. Jun nodded then rolled onto his back again.

“I’ve never seen a meteor shower before.” Minghao tells the boys.

“Neither have I.” Wonwoo says. Other boys added that they have never seen one before either.

“Back in America, I saw one. Just once though.” Joshua’s voice floated from the opposite side of Minghao. “They’re really beautiful.”

“Ah, I’m excited then.” Minghao smiled.

The boys begin talking about summer plans, almost forgetting about the meteor shower and the time.

“Look!” Seungkwan suddenly shouted, sitting up and pointing at the sky excitedly. All conversation ceased and was replaced with exclamations as the meteors began falling like a child pouring glitter onto the floor.

“Wow…” They all say as the meteors flew past, reflecting in those thirteen pairs of eyes.

“Don’t people make wishes when they see these?” Wonwoo asked.

“Quick! Before it ends!” Seungcheol said and soon enough, those thirteen pairs of eyes closed with a wish prepared in their mind.

As they opened their eyes, the last falling meteor soared past, leaving a final blazing trail behind it. Still amazed, they stared at the starry sky as if the meteors were still there.

“What did you guys wish for?” Jun finally says in curiosity.

“I wished every day of this summer would be as fun as today.” Seungcheol replied, as meaningful and cheesy as ever. The boys groaned at him, laughing and smiling.

“I wished Woozi hyung would get taller.” Mingyu joked. All the boys laughed again as Woozi threw a Dorito chip at Mingyu’s head. Mingyu grabbed a marshmallow and launched it at Woozi in retaliation but hit Joshua instead. From there, food began flying into the air accented with loud laughter and shouts.

Although they didn’t want to admit it, little did they know that they had casted the same exact wish: to remain brothers forever, making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

I hope our love never gets lost , never in translation I hope it’s as profound in every language , I hope it never gets lost in the dark for your smile is always a guiding light I hope it never gets lost in the after life I hope we shine together as twinkling stars forming constellations in the sky